谐音记忆IQ right → 智商正常,计算就会精准 → accurate adj.准确的,精确的 …………
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原形:accurate比较级:more accurate最高级:most accurate
词根记忆 / 词缀记忆
accurate a 准确的,精确的(ac+cur+ate=一再关心,弄精确为止)
curious a 好奇的(cur+ioys….的=关心的,好奇的)
curiosity n好奇的,奇品(curi+osity多的状态=关 …………
accurate date 准确的日期
accurate weather forecast 准确的天气预报
reasonably accurate 合理准确的
accurate journalism 准确的新闻
keep accurate records 保持准确记录
At any rate, the separation ratio is accurate.
"It is not accurate, I can tell you, " he said.
Have an accurate list of all expenses.
Content should be accurate and current.
The weather forecast is usually accurate, but it can be unpredictable at times.
She hit the target with remarkable accuracy, showing her exceptional skills in archery.
The GPS navigation system provided us with an accurate route to the destination. (GPS导航系统为我们提供了精确的到达目的地路线。
His diagnosis was accurate, and he prescribed the right medication for her condition.
The company's financial reports are always meticulously accurate to ensure transparency.
A good translator maintains accuracy when translating from one language to another.
The scientist's measurements were so accurate that they could detect even the slightest variations.
The satellite imagery provided by Google Earth is highly accurate, helping researchers map terrain with precision.
The test results were 100% accurate, confirming our suspicions about the virus strain.
She writes accurate descriptions of people and places, making her novels feel vivid and real.
Following the approaches with accurate planning and tailored solutions, precise research was conducted in Weifang's villages to provide a "10-minute" charging network that is strategically planned, efficient, fast, user-friendly, and intelligent.
The Zhejiang unit, leveraging various digital solutions such as 5G to collect accurate line operation information, established a digital intelligent distribution network in the county.
Lidar, or light detection and ranging, uses eye-safe laser beams to scan its surroundings in 3D, providing machines and computers with an accurate representation of the surveyed environment.
The work team has overcome a series of challenges, including strong internal waves in the South China Sea, giant sand ripples and sand ridges at the bottom of sea, as well as accurate positioning of giant structures under water.
By 2022, the company's all factories on the Chinese mainland have fully installed and put into operation the Common Energy Monitoring System, which helps to find more accurate energy-saving space, said the company.
Over 100 leading hospitals, and pediatric hospitals in particular, in the country, have already deployed the company's automated platforms to work in different scenarios, including giving efficient and accurate testing results, Polen said.
"Compared with other sleep track bands in the market, using BCI technology is much more accurate," Sun said.
The paper, which describes how to develop a precise and accurate global AI weather forecast system based on deep learning using 43 years of data, appeared in the prestigious journal on July 5.
The paper — Accurate medium-range global weather forecasting with 3D neural networks — provides independent verifications of these capabilities, Huawei said.
"To overcome geological challenges and complete the complex project, our builders used precision analysis software, accurate tower modeling and precision measurements, and managed to finish the six-lane bridge framework ahead of schedule," Yin said, adding that the landmark structure will serve as an emblem of Yudu's ambition to become a regional hub.
As policy incentives have a direct bearing on beefing up investment and SOE assessments, those which prioritize profitability and cash flow tend to be more accurate and listed SOEs will embrace reevaluation.
Both fast and accurate, the platform serves as a sharp "eye" to measure qubits resistance and can identify the quality of quantum chips with almost zero damage, greatly improving development efficiency.
Using digital means, they are gathering more accurate consumer insights and then launching popular products.
Next, it is necessary to continuously promote accurate prevention and control and scientific correction through resource integration, he said.
"Moreover, the platform provides more accurate information on Chinese consumers' preferences through communication among organizations, companies and the government, which helps foreign brands manage expectations and better seize market opportunities," Zhou said.
"Our team overcame a series of challenges including strong internal waves in the South China Sea, giant sand ripples and sand ridges at the bottom of the sea, and accurate positioning of giant structures under water," said Wu, noting many technologies were applied for the first time in this project.
Tencent responded the report was not accurate, and the company is very focused on returning capital to shareholders, given that it believes its share price and investment portfolio are undervalued.
Chinese consumers' ophthalmic demands are more accurate and refined.
In the future, based on advanced technology and real-world data, OrigiMed is committed to providing comprehensive and accurate molecular-level information for each patient, assisting doctors in precise treatment, helping build the ecosystem of precision medicine in China and contributing to the "Healthy China 2030" goal, the company said.
"Going deep into the work site helped the surveyors get accurate data, laying a solid foundation for the job, including formulating and revising construction plans," Miranda said.
"We are ratcheting up efforts in innovation and R&D to better meet market demand for accurate and easily accessible testing solutions," Dai said.
Adoption of technology that improves the accurate identification of people by using more than one physical or behavioral characteristic is expected to grow quickly in the next few years, as demand for biometric verification services soars across the globe, industry experts said.
Legend Holdings failed to file timely, complete and accurate disclosures regarding certain information, the Beijing bureau of the China Securities Regulatory Commission said in a statement on its website.
AI-backed sales forecasting models, which leverage social listening across various platforms, allow accurate prediction of consumer demand so that the company can respond to consumer needs in close to real time.
It also offers free services to farmers, such as remote sensing inspections of land, accurate weather data and warnings about plant diseases and pests.
The company presented for the first time at the CIIE this year its trusted product "carbon footprint accurate calculation and tracking "solution, which can make carbon footprints transparent for the product life cycle.
"I believe our collaboration will help introduce new products and services in the fields of bio-pharmacy, accurate diagnosis and treatment, and scientific research that are tailor-made for the Chinese market.
The company said the product provides a total solution for surgical teams and offers images with greater detail, more accurate color reproduction and enhanced consistent lighting.
Tencent didn't have an accurate response as of Friday afternoon.
Improving situational awareness can quickly and effectively identify and deal with security threats, achieve comprehensive and accurate presentation of a network security situation, and improve the level of enterprise security protection, the report said.
The two companies will open up respective resources based on their cloud computing-based infrastructure needs, dock their data centers, integrate their most competitive overall product solution capabilities, and provide more accurate and effective digital transformation solutions for all walks of life.
For homemaking service providers, they can take accurate marketing strategies and maintain customers by providing them high-quality customized services," he said.
It has an integrated registry of travel requirements to enable passengers to find accurate information on travel and entry requirements at all destinations.
Rapid and accurate diagnosis of COVID-19 is critical to curbing its spread and improving treatment, He Qi Group said.
"Jinnah will be charged with defining and leading Boeing's strategy for software engineering, which includes providing capabilities, technologies, processes and secure and accurate systems to meet the needs of all our customers across the entire product life cycle," said Hyslop.
After a one-time learning, the robots can master the painting techniques, optimize their practices and automatically perform accurate painting in the future, Rui said at the Lenovo Tech World conference, which will end on Thursday in Beijing.
Wu Xin, general manager of UCB China, said that the platform was designed to address key needs such as disease education, fast and accurate diagnosis and long-term disease management for epilepsy patients, who number around 10 million in China.
In addition, it can effectively reduce credit approval time, and provide more accurate risk assessment, OneConnect executives said.
Accurate control of the locomotive is also ensured thanks to the differential positioning of China's Beidou Navigation Satellite System.
Genki case has illustrated that, despite strong dominance by established brands, a new disrupter is able to rise, boosted by quick innovation and accurate positioning to constantly attract consumers and adapt to market changes, she said.
Stressing that the products have undergone strict quality control procedures, Wondfo said that specified guidelines must be followed in terms of the storage, as well as usage of the kits to obtain accurate results.
The AI Cloud solution which leverages the Huawei Cloud that was built in South Africa allows for fast, highly accurate diagnosis of coronavirus pneumonia by analyzing CT scans of a patients' lungs.
Listed companies should strictly obey the laws and regulations to disclose information in a true, accurate and complete manner.
It can perform accurate molecular tests of clinical samples to yield comprehensive genomic data to help monitor mutations of the coronavirus, formulate preventive measures and develop related diagnostic kits, vaccines and drug treatment.
Ma said the outbreak presents "a huge challenge to all humankind in a globalized world," and that he has drawn from his own country's experience that quick and accurate testing as well as protective equipment for medical personnel are most effective in preventing the spread of the virus.
The platform can perform accurate molecular tests of clinical samples to yield comprehensive genomic data, which is of great use in current and future clinical and epidemiology research in battling COVID-19, such as helping monitor mutations of the coronavirus, formulating preventive measures and developing related diagnostic kits, vaccines and drug treatment.
Combined with the company's existing database from more than 20,000 pneumonia cases, the newly labeled data on COVID-19 cases was then processed with deep learning and transfer learning technologies to create accurate modeling on a full-data platform.
During diagnosis and treatment, the system can provide quantitative data on lesion location, size, change in size and degrees of illness severity, among many others, to support efficient and accurate clinical assessment of disease progress and treatment efficacy.
But Chinese newspaper China Business Journal cited a senior executive of HNA Group on Thursday saying that the report was not accurate and he has never known of anything about the group being taken over or restructured.
With its expanded production capacity and supply of rapid, accurate and simple test solutions, it can be used on 200,000 people daily.
According to Wu, three tools will be launched soon, including professional equipment that provides accurate skin color feedback that users can use to find suitable makeup, a hand-held beauty tool which allows users to obtain better skin, and an AI-powered skin measurement platform which helps to improve skin analysis.
AI can now help thousands of users with personalization, automatically presenting their favorite effects and giving them accurate recommendations for cosmetics and skincare products.
To be more accurate, 10 million smartphones in 14 months, which translates to 22,000 units sold per day since its debut.
The company now controls 14.3 percent of the smartphone market in India, according to data from market research company International Data Corp. Wang attributed Realme's rise partly to its accurate product positioning strategy.
"By virtue of big data and artificial intelligence, the offline stores could better capture consumers' shopping habits and preferences, and make accurate recommendations," Chen noted.
"Without an accurate understanding of the operating mechanism and the pricing logic of crude oil futures contracts, such as Brent and WTI, it is easy to lose in the market without knowing why, like what happened to China Aviation Oil (Singapore) Co Ltd," he said, referring to the company's loss of $550 million from oil derivatives trading in 2004.
"I can assure you that in the internet era, every fen is accurate," Ma told the 5th World Zhejiang Entrepreneurs Convention that opened in Zhejiang's provincial capital of Hangzhou Wednesday.
Cai said concentrating on a certain age group has strengthened penetration, made marketing more precise, and pricing more accurate, resulting in more visible financial returns.
Also, the sharp growth in e-commerce has brought CJ Logistics more business from companies looking for fast and accurate transport, storage, sourcing and delivery to consumers.
Zhou Da, who oversees the Baidu Foundation and the company's charitable initiatives, said the company's technology has been efficient and more accurate than humans.
Wang Zhendong, chairman of the consultancy firm Shanghai Feiyue Investment Management, said, in the face of pricing challenges brought by competitors such as Luckin Coffee, Starbucks has to offer more breakthroughs and innovations, as well as more accurate services to please consumers in order to maintain profitability.
"The Markerless Motion Capture and Analysis System provides a highly accurate, real-time assessment of facial features and joint movements, identifying the frequency, range, and intensity of movement.
With the use of technology like AI and big data, we are getting more accurate answers.
The poll shows that the public has a clear and accurate understanding of the intent behind the moves, said Li Haidong, a professor of US studies at China Foreign Affairs University.
Huawei said with the support, Beyond Zero will now be able to use the laptops to register patients, process them at the relevant health provider's service desk, prescribe medication, treatment or follow-up actions, and get accurate reports and data.
"By virtue of big data and artificial intelligence, the offline stores could better capture consumers' shopping habits and preferences, and make accurate recommendations.
Huawei and BT have since stressed that these media reports relating to BT are not an accurate reflection of the real situation, explaining instead that, because BT already uses Huawei equipment extensively for its radio access networks, BT has a policy of not using Huawei equipment for its core networks, in order to achieve diversification of procurement.
And she stressed that media reports relating to BT are "not an accurate reflection of the real situation", explaining instead that, because BT already uses Huawei equipment extensively for its radio access networks, BT has a policy of not using Huawei equipment for its core networks, in order to achieve diversification of procurement.
In addition to internet-connected factories, Chung added the company is also working on robots that can paint at clients' homes and businesses, as such products are able to offer more efficient and accurate services, like working at heights or at depths, where human workers face safety risks.
"I am looking forward to collaborating with Xi'an Jiaotong University to develop and implement critical tools for clinicians in Xi'an, China to help them make more accurate diagnoses of genetic tests as well as accelerate the development and translation of precision medicine solutions for treating human diseases," said Charles Lee, scientific director of Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine.
With internet tools and big data technology used to analyze activity on DXY's medical academic and patient education platforms, the center aims to make surveillance of influenza more timely, comprehensive and accurate as a complement to the national infectious disease surveillance system, said Li Tiantian, founder of DXY.
We hope to address the concern of China to offer more accurate and high-quality health information to the public,” said Zhang.
Once established, both platforms will also be able to offer efficient, accurate translation services to the public.
"And finally, it will form a closed loop where medical data is gradually becoming more and more accurate," noted Guo, adding that the machine can lift the diagnosis accuracy rate to 90 percent.
The new company, named as Avatec ai (S) Pte Ltd, aims to help banks and finance companies to be more efficient and more accurate when assessing credit quality of potential customers, including those who are new to credit, according to a press release from the two parent companies.
But Fonterra's recent moves in China have been accurate in marketing, Song added.
For Mandarin learners, achieving accurate tonal variation and accents can be a great challenge compounded by the fact that people often struggle to hear their own mistakes, so they go uncorrected.
Although the company has yet to disclose the accurate time of its stock trading resumption, industry insiders said Leshi has no reason to continue the suspension of trading, and will resume trading as soon as possible.
"Having the right product, accurate positioning and flexible strategies can get you onto the dance floor, but how a product is displayed can have great impact on consumers' mind," Liu said.
cn]Be it an individual waiting to get his annual health check-up, or a patient wanting to receive the right diagnosis and treatment; fast, accurate and reliable diagnostic testing is required for the right clinical care to be administered.
About 60-70 percent of critical clinical decisions are influenced by diagnostic test results and the need for fast, accurate diagnostic tests has never been greater.
Fast, accurate and reliable diagnostic testing is required for the right clinical care to be administered to everyone, from individuals waiting to get an annual health screening to patients wanting to get the right diagnosis and treatment.
Diagnostic test results influence 60 to70 percent of critical clinical decisions and the need for fast, accurate diagnostic tests has never been greater.
com chooses real estate sellers and sends accurate property information to prospective buyers.
"The new generation drugs to treat Pompe diseases needs to be very accurate in dealing with the disorder.
The service is easier to use and more accurate than inputting characters, it said.
It is also possible the investment figures cited in the Reuters report may not be accurate, he said.
Sapientia analyzes a patient's entire genome, pinpointing mutations and generating rapid and accurate diagnosis of inherited diseases.
Currently, when a doctor suspects a patient has a certain inherited condition, tests will be ordered on a small numbers of genes and an accurate diagnosis may be made in around 5 percent of cases.
Last month, the annual work conference of the Ministry of Finance vowed to maintain a proper fiscal expenditure level, set the scale of government investment smartly to give full play to its effects, and optimize tax and fee policies by making them more accurate and target-oriented.
Besides, the authorities will increase transfer payments to less privileged regions and weak areas, secure people's basic livelihoods, salaries for the public sector and government's operation at the grassroots level, and optimize the tax and fee policies by making them more accurate and target-oriented, the meeting said.
We will continue to create a first-class business environment that is market-oriented, law-based and internationalized, provide accurate, convenient and innovative high-quality services, and work hand in hand with everybody to create an open and prosperous future," said Gong Zheng, mayor of Shanghai.
In addition to offline activities, the online expo will be in place to realize more digitally empowered matchmaking through accurate profiling and intelligent searches, so as to enhance exhibitors' and buyers' sense of gain and satisfaction, Wang said.
The State Administration for Market Regulation, the country's top market regulator, released a guideline on antimonopoly compliance for the concentration of business operators on Monday, as the country strives to offer an accurate and transparent supervision environment for companies.
The event is well positioned to offer accurate and efficient matchmaking services for businesses in China and South Asia, so as to boost trade and investment cooperation, he added.
The meeting aimed to build a connection for accurate docking and opening up business opportunities for both supply and demand for those exhibitors and buyers in the equipment and automotive industries and so on.
It will help obtain scientific and accurate statistical information for improving macroeconomic governance and scientifically formulating medium and long-term development plans.
"We set up an expert team to carry out more delicate measurements on the construction site, as more specific and accurate figures will lead to faster installation of boring and support structures.
Accurate ESG data collection is a common problem for companies globally, and in turn a significant challenge for investors when analyzing patchy data.
Xu Hongcai, deputy director of the China Association of Policy Science's Economic Policy Commission in Beijing, said the Canton Fair is well positioned to serve as an accurate matchmaking platform for suppliers and buyers across sectors, and this can help boost global trade in goods.

高考The simplified version would be checked by a third party and awarded a kitemark if it is an accurate reflection of the original.


2016年高考英语上海卷 阅读理解 阅读C 原文

四级The United States Department of Agriculture and the food industry collect sales statistics and keep accurate records



四级For example, we have quartz crystal clocks and watches accurate to within one minute a year.


2017年12月四级真题(第二套)听力 Section C

四级Recently it was shown that they could be trained to be as accurate as humans at detecting breast cancer in images.


2017年12月四级真题(第一套)阅读 Section A

六级The figures available will not be completely accurate.



六级For example, in research with 3920 college students, Doctor Snyder and his colleagues found that the level of hope among freshmen at the beginning of their first semester was a more accurate predictor of their college grades, than were their SAT scores or their grade point averages in high school, the two measures most commonly used to predict college performance.



六级Algorithms that were right 95% of the time when they were dealing with a 13,000-image database, for example, were accurate about 70% of the time when confronted with 1 million images.


2018年6月六级真题(第一套)阅读 Section C

六级And if the sources don't give you an accurate depiction, your stereotype won't be accurate.


2017年12月六级真题(第二套)听力 Section C

六级For one thing, stereotypes are often accurate.


2017年12月六级真题(第二套)听力 Section C

六级Is this an accurate representation of what you do?


2019年12月六级真题(第一套)听力 Section A

考研I also found that weighing myself daily did not provide an accurate depiction of the hard work and progress I was making in the gym.


2019年考研真题(英语二)完形填空 Section Ⅰ

六级For example, in research with 3920 college students, Doctor Snyder and his colleagues found that the level of hope among freshmen at the beginning of their first semester was a more accurate predictor of their college grades, than were their SAT scores or their grade point averages in high school, the two measures most commonly used to predict college performance



四级If his aim is accurate and he scores a goal, he enjoys the hunter’s triumph of killing his prey.



四级Henry George was accurate in describing the era as one of “progress and poverty.



四级Most children will “obey” spoken instructions some time before they can speak, though the word obey is hardly accurate as a description of the eager and delighted cooperation usually shown by the child.



四级The United States Department of Agriculture and the food industry collect sales statistics and keep accurate records.



考研Still another part is drawing accurate inferences.



考研It is not that the scales in the one case, and the balance in the other, differ in the principles of their construction or manner of working; but that the latter is a much finer apparatus and of course much more accurate in its measurement than the former.



考研Those people who have accurate, reliable up-to-date information to solve the day-to-day problems, the critical problems of their business, social and family life, will survive and succeed.