谐音记忆a 一个 + chi 起 + eve舞 → 一个人chieve起舞,起舞,庆祝目标“完成”。 …………
词性拓展记忆 / 词形拓展记忆
attain / reach / achieve / arrive
attain → 侧重指在抱负或雄心的激励下,以最大的努力去达到一般所不及或不敢追求的目的。
reach → 常用词,指到达某一空间、时间、目标或 …………
achieve success 取得成功
achieve objectives 实现目标
achieve one's goal 达到目的
achieve fame 成名
achieve creative potential 实现创造潜力
achieve happiness 获得幸福
achieve one's dreams 实现梦想
achieve personal best 实现个人最佳成绩
achieve a work-life balance 实现工作与生活的平衡
achieve longevity or immortality 实现长寿或不朽
achieve one's aim 达到目的
achieve one's dream 实现梦想
achieve one's ideal 实现自己的理想
achieve further success 取得进一步的成功
achieve one's goals 实现目标
achieve victory 取得胜利
achieve nothing 一事无成
achieve one's ambition 实现自己的抱负
achieve a balance 达到平衡
achieve a leapfrog 实现跨越
achieve modernization 实现现代化
achieve the untapped potential of ... 实现…的未开发潜力...
achieve one's purpose 达到目的
achieve fame and wealth 名利双收
impressive but difficult to achieve 令人印象深刻但难以实现
achieve international recognition 获得国际认可
achieve the invention 实现本发明
It takes hard work to achieve success.
This is what we have to achieve.
What do you hope to achieve?
But how to achieve this?

高考However, we can achieve meaning only if we have made a commitment to something larger than our own little egos, whether to loved ones, or to some moral concept.


四级Graduation requirements specify the number of credits you must earn, the minimum grade point average you must achieve and the distribution of credits you must have from among different departments or fields of study.


高考He was offering a way for us to change our lives and achieve our dreams.


六级To achieve a desired vision for your business, it is vital that you have a personal vision of where you are headed and what you value.


六级In order to achieve a successful outcome or reward, some level of risk is almost always essential.


四级Many of the reductions over the past 30 years have been achieved either by reducing the amount of sugar, salt or fat in a product, or by finding an alternative ingredient.


六级help employees make the best use of their abilities to achieve their career goals


六级There must urgently be a meaningful mobilisation of the policies outlined in the agreement if we are to achieve national emissions reductions while helping the most vulnerable countries adapt to climate change.


六级Interactive television advertising has not achieved the anticipated results.


六级It cannot be achieved without a good knowledge of the other worlds.


六级But it's said to no longer contain kola nut extract, relying instead on artificial imitations to achieve the flavour.


考研Alongside that,many countries are introducing English into the primary-school curriculum but British schoolchildren and students do not appear to be gaining greater encouragement to achieve fluency in other languages.


考研When you are struggling to achieve something important you should believe in yourself and be sure that your decision is the best.


六级If a team manager exemplifies such qualities, then the team as a whole would be better able to realize their potential and achieve their objectives.


高考Norbert Wiener, who founded the field of cybernetics, put it this way: if we use, to achieve our purposes, a mechanical agency with whose operation we cannot effectively interfere.

控制论领域的创始人诺伯特·维纳(Norbert Wiener)是这样说的:如果我们为了达到我们的目的而使用一个我们无法有效干预其运作的机械机构。

六级She achieved her fame through persistent advocacy of fake science


四级The teachers must be free to teach in their own way—the curriculum should be flexible enough so that they can use their individual talents to achieve the goals of the course.


四级How to achieve mental calmness and contentment is well worth our consideration today.


六级This can create unnecessary delays as you hold meetings trying to achieve consensus.


考研The findings of a research institution have consistently shown that workers in all countries can be trained on the job to achieve radical higher productivity and, as a result, radically higher standards of living.


六级We cannot predict what we might achieve when our own minds are amplified by AI.


六级According to Stephen Covey, leaders who hope to achieve outstanding success need first of all to manage themselves

据斯蒂芬·科维(Stephen Covey)说,希望取得卓越成功的领导者首先需要自我管理

六级Americans should look past the gender rhetoric and consider what these Scandinavians have achieved.


四级In critique, however, we are forced to depart, to give up the perfection we thought we had achieved for the chance of being even a little bit better.


六级Engineers, scientists and agriculturalists have the knowledge, tools and systems that will assist in achieving productivity increases.


六级It is achieved through hard struggle


高考The journey was intended to achieve more than what captain Robert Falcon Scott had done.


六级It might be tempting, therefore, to think that the old barriers have been broken down and equal opportunity achieved.


高考And because the process of recycling steel is less polluting than making new steel, we've also achieved the following significant savings; in energy use—47% to 74%; in air pollution—85%; in water pollution—35%; in water use—40%.


四级I do not think that we spend nearly enough time trying to concentrate on achieving a sort of calmness, a sort of contentment in a mental and spiritual way, which was identified by these people as the highest form of happiness and pleasure.


高考The real problem relates to the possibility that artificial intelligence(AI) may become extremely good at achieving something other than what we really want.


高考Too many to achieve any level of organization.


四级The general consensus is that the best ones avoid mindless violence, and instead focus on strategy and challenge us to solve problems and achieve broad goals.


高考The passage starts with the story of cervantes to show that age is not a barrier to achieving one's goal.


高考For the machine, this quality is not in-born, nor is it something introduced by humans; it is a logical consequence of the simple fact that the machine cannot achieve its original purpose if it is dead.


四级This is hard to achieve when, as is now the case in many big firms, a large proportion of staff are temporary contractors.


四级Overconcern with being perfect can damage our confidence if we never achieve it.


四级He says men are more likely to see money as a way of buying status and of showing their parents that they've achieved something.


高考It's an amazing accomplishment and one we cannot achieve without generous support from individuals, corporations, and other social organizations.


六级We have to basically achieve there— the commitment to deal with the problem now.


考研We have a deep-seated need to feel good about ourselves and we naturally employ a number of self-enhancing strategies to achieve this.


考研Later this year, we will publish a white paper setting out exactly how we will achieve this.


六级That's partially because it appears people who set realistic goals actually work more efficiently, and exert more effort, to achieve those goals.


六级To get grants and jobs,you have to be relevant and achieve some level of public recognition.


四级The teachers must be free to teach in their own way— the curriculum should be flexible enough so that they can use their individual talents to achieve the goals of the course.


高考From the earliest ages, they desire to help others, to share information and to participate in achieving common goals.


高考We can achieve a lot when we learn to let our differences unite, rather than divide us.


四级Who wants to be told that there are limitations to what you can achieve based on something that is beyond your control, such as your genes?


六级For example, universities could incorporate IDPs into their graduate curricula to help students discuss, plan, prepare for, and achieve their long-term career goals.


高考Reading her biography, I was lost in admiration for what doris lessing had achieved in literature.


考研When the competitive environment pushed our ancestors to achieve that potential, they could in turn afford more education.


四级The most recent National Journal poll asked respondents about the American dream, what it takes to achieve their goals, and whether or not they felt a significant amount of control over their ability to be successful.


四级Overwhelmingly, the results show that today, the idea of the American dream—and what it takes to achieve it—looks quite different than it did in the late 20th century.


六级The fundamental fix—reshaping how care is delivered and how doctors are paid in a wasteful, abnormal system—is likely to be achieved only through trial and error and incremental ( ' , 渐进的) gains.

在一个浪费、不正常的系统中,重塑医疗服务提供方式和医生报酬方式的根本解决方案很可能只能通过反复试验和渐进式(“,渐进的) 利润。

四级Focusing on effort is effective in helping children overcome frustration and achieve success.


六级Well, amazingly enough, the dolphins achieved a 100 % success rate.


六级The more evidence we collect that our species is capable of greatness, the more we will actually achieve it.


六级IDPs have long been used by government agencies and the private sector to achieve specific goals for the employee and the organization


六级The resulting steel appears to achieve a combination of strength and toughness that is comparable to that of modern steels that are very rich in alloy content and, therefore, very expensive.


考研factories of Honda Nissan, and Toyota achieved about 95 percent of the productivity of their Japanese countere pants a result of the training that U.


四级The more horrible the school circumstances, the more important pleasure is to achieving any educational success.


高考It is time you considered that if there were no stress in your life, you would achieve a little.


高考Even more amazing is how they achieve this level of organization.


四级miguel Maeda, 42, who has a master's degree and works in public health,was the first in his family to go to college, which has allowed him to achieve a sense of financial stability his parents and grandparents never did.

42岁的miguel Maeda拥有硕士学位,从事公共卫生工作,他是家里第一个上大学的人,这让他获得了父母和祖父母从未有过的经济稳定感。

高考Leaving aside the birth rate issue, India's economy may take off when the country achieves of educational opportunity.


六级However, once China began embracing free-market reforms in the 1980s, followed by India in the 1990s, both countries achieved rapid growth.


考研However, Allen believed that the unconscious mind generates as much action as the conscious mind, and while we may be able to sustain the illusion of control through the conscious mind alone, in reality we are continually faced with a question: “Why cannot I make myself do this or achieve that? ”Since desire and will are damaged by the presence of thoughts that do not accord with desire, Allen concluded : “ We do not attract what we want, but what we are.


高考It is important to remember that success is a sum of small efforts made each day and often takes years of achieve.


四级Of course, I had heard that genius could show itself at an early age, so I was only slightly taken aback that I had achieved perfection at the tender age of 14.