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n 声学(研究声音的产生,传播和接收的学科);音响效果(尤其 …………
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The Beolab 8 is a prime speaker that features advanced acoustics, high-quality materials and various stand options, Bang & Olufsen said.
Bang&Olufsen表示,Beolab 8是一款顶级扬声器,具有先进的声学效果、高质量的材料和多种支架选择。
"We clearly see the rapidly rising trend of Chinese consumers wanting more high-quality constructions and caring about comfort, aesthetics, acoustics, insulation, and indoor air quality.
Set up in 2001, Goertek has been developing and producing high-precision components such as acoustics equipment and sensors before branching into the wireless earphone sector in 2003.
Franck Lebouchard shapes Devialet's strategy to offer high-end acoustics to consumersFranck Lebouchard, 53, CEO of Devialet, a French acoustic engineering technology specialist that is known for its audio products like high-end speakers, sometimes feels overwhelmed by the sheer size of the China market.
"The noise is relevant to many factors, including structure, weight and decoration," said Breard, who had worked as an acoustics scientist for product development and technology at Boeing before he joined COMAC.
TVS has two factories in Japan and hundreds of R&D employees, and has a significant IP portfolio related to TV business, including patents related to TV image quality and acoustics.
Martin Ku, Asia-Pacific regional general manager of Devialet, a French acoustics engineering technology company and a first-time participant in the expo, said it hopes to expand its influence in China and globally, secure more partnerships and further unlock the potential of China's high-quality consumer market.
Cinemas are also embracing the latest technologies in conventional projection systems and acoustics, besides investing in upgrades of revolutionary viewing experiences like Imax.
A vehicle sits in an acoustics testing laboratory at BYD's headquarters in Shenzhen, Guangdong province.
In 1984, Shanghai Feilo Acoustics Co issued 10,000 shares at 50 yuan (about $7.8) per share.
A honorable professionIn 1984, Shanghai Feilo Acoustics Co issued 10,000 shares at 50 yuan (about $7.8) per share.