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词根act 做;驱使 + ivity 表状态 → 活动  …………
串记记忆开拍就要喊action,actor开始演act,想要在acting中接到很多activity。 …………
词性拓展记忆 / 词形拓展记忆
Everybody likes to join in this activity.
The activity had us tied up for a whole week.
However, for other banks this activity should be disabled.

考研So they compared U.S. cities' average happiness measured by Gallup Polling with the investment activity of publicly traded firms in those areas.


高考You will be able to take part in a number of activities from canoeing to wild camping on Dartmoor.


六级At the crack of dawn, he would run up the slopes with his skis on, an unbelievably back-breaking activity.


考研There is one and only one social responsibility of business,” wrote Milton Friedman, a Nobel prize-winning economist, “That is, to use its resources and engage in activities designed to increase its profits.”

诺贝尔经济学奖获得者米尔顿·弗里德曼(Milton Friedman)写道:“企业有一个也是唯一一个社会责任,那就是利用其资源,从事旨在增加利润的活动。”

高考When coaches develop activities for youth practices and when sport organizations design youth-sport programs, they must consider the implication of deliberate play and deliberate practice.


高考Buxton open house & pavilion arts centre is special because it offers artistic and cultural activities.


六级Laura Hamilton, the author of a study on parents who pay for college, will argue in a forthcoming book that college administrations arc overly concerned with the social and athletic activities of their students.

劳拉·汉密尔顿(Laura Hamilton)是一项关于为大学买单的父母的研究报告的作者,她将在即将出版的一本书中指出,大学管理部门过于关注学生的社交和体育活动。

六级Because of their smaller size, most keep hours that allow people to enjoy themselves, then have some quiet after midnight, as opposed to large major cities like New York, where the buzz of activity is ongoing.


高考I told him about the many activities in which I was involved.


六级More than a century has passed since explorers raced to plant their flags at the bottom of the world, and for decades to come this continent is supposed to be protected as a scientific preserve, shielded from intrusions like military activities and mining.


高考If you desire physical activities, you can choose activities from swimming to horse riding.


高考A study shows the students who are engaged in after-school activities are happier than those who are not.


高考She says these activities at bedtime can get kids all excited and make it hard for them to calm down and sleep.


高考No matter what you like to do, there is a way to get involved in various activities on earth day.


考研Far less certain, however, is how successfully experts and bureaucrats can select our peer groups and steer their activities in virtuous directions.


高考It was a popular activity for couples to leisurely walk through town to view the temporary works of chilly art.


高考Reading can be a social activity.


高考Now that you know why you want to wake up, consider re-arranging your morning activities.


六级Scholars warn that Antarctica's political drift could blur the distinction between military and civilian activities long before the continent's treaties come up for renegotiation, especially in parts of Antarctica that are ideal for intercepting ( ' , 拦截) signals from satellites or retasking satellite systems, potentially enhancing global electronic intelligence operations.

学者警告说,南极洲的政治漂移可能会在该大陆条约重新谈判之前很久就模糊军事和民事活动之间的区别,特别是在南极洲最适合拦截的地区(“,拦截) 来自卫星的信号或重新屏蔽卫星系统,有可能加强全球电子情报行动。

高考So they have a "god's eye view" of activities in their own markets and beyond.


六级Over the past two years, the figures on imports and exports seem not to signal a double-dip recession – a renewed decline in the broad level of economic activity in the United States – but an economic expansion.


考研To realize how great was the dramatic activity, we must remember further that hosts of plays have been lost, and that probably there is no author of note whose entire work has survived.


考研In people who score high in a test of neuroticism, a personality dimension associated with self-consciousness and anxiety, eye contact triggered more activity associated with avoidance, according to the finnish researcher Jari hietanen and colleagues.

芬兰研究人员Jari hietanen及其同事表示,在神经质测试中得分较高的人(神经质是一种与自我意识和焦虑相关的人格维度),眼神接触会引发更多与回避相关的活动。

六级Ms.Lareau doesn't believe participating in fewer after-class activities will negatively affect children's development.


六级Schools or teachers who sign up for the National Math Club receive a kit full of activities and resources, but there's no special teacher training and no competition attached.


六级A lot of the government advertising has been about individual responsibility, but actually understanding that drinking is very much about the social activity and finding ways to help young people get home safely and not end up in hospital is one of the th


六级The most recent comparative data on the performance of universities and research institutions in Australia, Canada, USA and UK shows that, from a relatively weak starting position, the UK now leads on many indicators of commercialisation activity


六级Researchers have already begun to use smartphones in social scientific research, either to query people regularly as they engage in their normal lives or to record activity using the device's built-in sensors.


高考These activities are regulated by flexible rules adapted from standardized sport rules and are set up by the children or by an involved adult.


高考If children often participate in deliberate play or deliberate practice activities, they are more likely to participate in sports during adulthood.


六级You can imagine similar kinds of interactive activities along historical lines," like following the Freedom Trail in Boston, Professor Dede said.


六级When you reach your top height, do light activities rather than sleep too much.


六级nick Perks, project director for Climate Solidarity, believes this sort of activity is where the future of environmental action lies.


六级The interracial roommates spent less time together, and had fewer joint activities than the white pairs.


高考Now, I'll talk about some of the activities for this term.


六级When people uttered a falsehood, the scientists noticed a burst of activity in their amygdala.


高考Ways of arts' promoting our economy arts activity demands an joint/collective effort.


六级They encounter boys all the time socially out of school, and through debating societies and things like that, some school activities as well.


高考Don't forget to stop by pacific science center's store while you are here to pick up a wonderful science activity or remember your visit.


六级For example, in the case of young people's drinking, one of the things that I've identified is that drinking for people, say, between the ages of 18 and 24, is all about the social activity.


六级Will parents be damaging children if they have one fewer organized activity? No, I really doubt it.


六级The researchers conclude that electronic communication was the only adolescent activity that increased at the same time psychological well-being declined.


高考Ask about today's activities at the great hall information desk.


四级Physical activity does the body good, and there's growing evidence that it helps the brain too.


六级They prioritize non-academic activities.


六级After the first pair of tasks was completed, one group of participants was assigned an undemanding activity intended to cause their minds to wander.


高考Industrial activities help keep food webs stable.


考研In contrast, only five of the 30 children paired with the "unreliable" tester participated in a follow-up activity.


高考Those who had done the most boyhood activities were twice as likely to have warm relations with a wide variety of people, five times as likely to be well paid and 16 times less likely to have been unemployed.


四级A recent study of people with HSAM reveals that they are liable to fantasy and full absorption in an activity.


高考Childhood activities help a child develop responsibility, independence, confidence and competence - the underpinnings of emotional health.


六级But others opted to lie, and they showed increased activity in their frontal parietal (颅腔壁的) control network, which is involved in difficult or complex thinking.

但其他人选择说谎,他们的额叶顶叶活动增加(颅腔壁的) 控制网络,涉及到困难或复杂的思维。

考研So what Kennedy was referring to was that while GDP has been the most common method for measuring the economic activity of nations, as a measure, it is no longer enough.


四级A part-time job is a good way to balance costs while ensuring there is enough time left over for both academic subjects and after-class activities.


六级He points to a classic 2004 study in which psychologists at Dartmouth College and Harvard University used functional MRI to track brain activity in 17 young men as they listened to descriptions of people while concentrating on either socially relevant cue


六级Design more interactive classroom activities.


高考This makes a fun activity for a children's party; they love feeding the fruit and frozen bananas into the top of the machine and watching the ice cream come out below.


考研Shakespeare’s life time was coincident with a period of extraordinary activity and achievement in the drama.


六级Sadly, the data also showed face-to-face socializing and sports activity had declined over the period covered by the survey.


高考When involved in deliberate play activities, children are less concerned with the outcome of their behavior whether they win or lose than with the behavior having fun.


六级In the Pew survey, middle-class families earning between $30,000 and $75,000 a year fell right between working-class and high-earning parents on issues like the quality of their neighborhood for raising children, participation in extracurricular activities and involvement in their children's education.


六级So, while there may be insights to be gained from matching behavior to brain activity, those insights will I not necessarily lead to justice in a court of law.


四级After tough workout or a day full of physical activity, it's common to find your muscles aching, but where do these pains come from?


高考For busy librarians and educators, finding instructions for projects, activities, sports, and games that children and teens will find interesting is a constant challenge, this guide is a time-saving, one-stop....


高考Some of us enjoy activities that would surprise and scare the rest of us.


六级Grazing herds stimulate microbial activity in the soil, helping to capture water and separate carbon.


高考First, it's the dead line for after class activity application.


高考Not until recently did they encourage the development of tourist-related activities in the rural areas.


四级Though Chasin says the focus of the work is on the activity of writing, rather than the text that ends up getting written, some of the work that comes out of the sessions has stuck with her.


考研But in late September 2009, officials reported there was significant flu activity in almost every state and that virtually all the samples tested are the new swine flu, also known as A H1N1, not seasonal flu.


高考In the more than five years since Hannah began her activities, she has received a lot of praises.


四级No one is asking you to give up activities you like, but if you're watching food shows on TV, try cooking instead.


高考As a general rule, all forms of activity lead to boredom when they are performed on a routine basis.


高考People must be sensitive to this possibility when they make volunteer activities a must.


六级You understand the health benefits that the activity can bring.


四级Physical activity can improve blood flow to the brain, fueling memory, attention and creativity, which are essential to learning.


六级If our economies are to flourish, if global poverty is to be eliminated and if the well-being of the world's people enhanced—not just in this generation but in succeeding generations—we must make sure we take care of the natural environment and resources on which our economic activity depends.


高考Uncontrolled human activities greatly upset ecosystems.


六级Extracurricular activities reflect the differences in child rearing in the Pew survey, which was of a nationally representative sample of 1,807 parents.


六级More activities to fill in their leisure time.


六级It indicates that economic activities in the U.S. have increased.


六级They started doing similar activities


高考Such activities fill the spaces that used to be dead time such as waiting for somebody to arrive for a lunch meeting.


高考The most obvious thing is that there is much more activity in the streets than in a typical US city.


六级They try to develop their skills through close supervision and organized activities, and teach children to question authority figures and navigate elite institutions.


六级Nick Perks, project director for Climate Solidarity, believes this sort of activity is where the future of environmental action lies.


六级According to Chinese officials, their activities in Antarctica lay greater emphasis on scientific research.


六级They make an active part in more extracurricular activities.


高考Deliberate practice activities require effort, produce no immediate rewards, and are motivated by the goal of improving performance rather than the goal of enjoyment.


六级But thinking about or remembering descriptions in terms of their social meaning activated the dorsomedial prefrontal cortex—part of the brain's social network—even as traditional memory regions registered low levels of activity.


四级It might mean monitoring employee productivity on a digital leaderboard and offering prizes to the winners, or giving employees digital badges or stars for completing certain activities.


六级In a 2011 study, Steinberg and his colleagues turned to functional MRI to investigate how the presence of peers affects the activity in the adolescent brain.


高考It's very likely that you'll want to have volunteers to help with the organization's activities.


六级If in these activities the physical features of the planet are damaged, if the environment is made inhospitable for a multitude of living species,then so be it


四级Digital technology also makes it easier for people to co-ordinate their activities without resorting to hierarchy.


高考Ideally, the system would tell us when to adapt human activities that are pushing an ecosystem toward a breakdown.


六级The boring classroom activities.


四级Fantasy proneness could be considered a tendency to imagine and daydream, whereas absorption is the tendency to allow your mind to become absorbed in an activity – to pay complete attention to the sensations ( ' , 感受) and the experiences.

幻想倾向可以被认为是一种想象和白日梦的倾向,而专注则是一种让你的大脑专注于某项活动的倾向,即完全关注感觉(“,感受) 还有经验。

高考In deliberate play activities, what do children do to maximize enjoyment?


高考And unplanned human activities have proved the idea of top-down control by top predators to be true.