词根词缀记忆/谐音联想记忆 补充/纠错
词根a + vail 价值 + able 能…的 → 有 …………
谐音记忆a 我 vailable 为了宝 → 这个宝找到就能利用
词根记忆 / 词缀记忆
available a 有用的,有效的(avail+able)
uail,ual = strong,表示”强壮”
avail v 利用n.利益(a使+ail=使….强壮=利用[力量])
available a 有用的,有效的(avail+able) …………
be available to 可用于
available for 可用于
be available for 可用于
social facilities available on the campus 校园内的社交设施
be available to sb. 对某人可用
become available 变得可用
not available 无法使用的
be widely available 广泛可用
make ... available to sb. 使…可供某人使用
become widely available 变得广泛可用
sth. be made available 提供某物
be available to everyone 每个人都可以使用
sth. is available to sb. 某人可以得到某物
only available for travel after 9 a.m. 仅限上午9点以后的旅行
plan all the available time 计划所有可用时间
keep sth. available 保持某物可用
He is not available for the job.
This book is not available here.
Karen said she was available as a backup.
We must utilize all available resources.

考研Today we live in a world where GPS systems, digital maps, and other navigation apps are available on our smart phones.


六级She says she is aware that plenty of people do not want to eat genetically modified crops, but she is pushing ahead with every available tool until one works.


四级Online programs to fight depression are already commercially available.


六级An investigation found that many of the super-rich were baffled by the infinite choices their money made available


高考It's important that you let them know when you'll be available.


考研More than 60,000 people have purchased the PTKs since they first become available without prescriptions last years, according to Doug Fog, chief operating officer of Identigene, which makes the over-the-counter kits.

据生产非处方药包的Identigene首席运营官道格·福格(Doug Fog)介绍,自去年首次在没有处方的情况下提供PTK以来,已有6万多人购买了PTK。

六级Karen said she was available as a backup.


高考TV Ears patented technology includes a revolutionary noise reduction ear tip, not used in any other commercially available headset.


考研One possible response is for classical performers to program attractive new music that is not yet available on record.


高考That's because there are a number of powerful voice manipulation 处理 and automation technologies that are about to become widely available for anyone to use.

这是因为有许多强大的语音操纵处理 以及自动化技术,这些技术将被广泛应用于任何人。

四级They celebrate the cultural heritage of the country and will be available to view until Sunday.


六级The figures available will not be completely accurate.


四级People and homes are showing great change as more and more unique handcrafted items become available.


六级Still, there's a huge disconnect between the way we currently train scientists and the actual employment opportunities available for them, and an urgent need for dramatic improvements in training programs to help close the gap.


考研More than three million doses were to be made available in early October 2009, though most of those initial doses were of the Flumist nasal spray type, which is not recommended for pregnant women, people over 50 or those with breathing difficulties, hear


六级The first year it was available, Coca-Cola averaged nine servings a day across all the Atlanta soda fountains where it was sold.


六级And it's true that there are currently more people applying for each available job opening, regardless of whether it's a new one or not.


高考Thanks to digital technology and the widely available Internet, Turin notes, the endangered languages can be saved and reconnected with speech communities.


六级If we could figure out how to improve the efficiency with which we use energy, we can do a lot of work with the energy that is available.


四级Nor is it for lack of available information.


四级It seems that the information society expands the quantity of information available to the members of a society by revolutionizing the ways of using and exchanging information.


四级Details about what led to the workers' being trapped in the elevator weren't immediately available.


考研Local officials are using the levers that are available to them to safeguard residents'health in the face of a serious threat.


高考Pushchairs and wheelchairs are available to rent at the information desk and Denny Way entrance.


考研But the remaining trees draw a greater share of the available moisture, so they grow and thrive, restoring the forest's capacity to pull carbon from the air.


考研The new vaccine, which is different from the annual flu vaccine, is available ahead of expectations.


四级Such books, which only rarely end up in permanent collections, either private or public, will probably only be available as e-books within a few years.


高考Lockers are available to store any belongings during your visit.


六级The reason why employers are unwilling to keep older workers is that younger workers are readily available.


六级As careers and vocations become less available during times of recession, adolescents may be especially hard hit.


高考In contrast, when individuals are involved in deliberate practice, they exhibit behavior focused on improving performance by the most effective means available.


考研More than 60,000 people have purchased the PTKs since they first became available without prescriptions last year, according to Doug Fogg, chief operating officer of Identigene, which makes the over-the-counter kits.

据生产非处方药包的Identigene首席运营官道格·福格(Doug Fogg)介绍,自去年首次在没有处方的情况下提供PTK以来,已有6万多人购买了PTK。

六级MegaFace's creators say it's the largest publicly available facial-recognition dataset out there.


四级I want my students to search out the answers to questions by using all the resources available to them.


考研The problem is not necessarily the amount of available funding.


考研It has been available even in the most mundane of life situations to show you right from wrong,good from bad,friend from foe.


高考However, if this is not available, students sit the exam on the first Monday of their course.


高考A free schedule of events for each term is available by calling the box office at 556-4183.


四级There is a wide selection of food available.


六级"The state's facilities management project team is still in the process of developing its business justification and expects to have that completed and available to the public at the end of February," Martin said.


四级"Snow White" is available for everyone to use, but the "dwarfs" are still under copyright, so Cornetti invented sound-alike characters Grumpy Gus, Dopey Da to illustrate specific pay roll law principles.


四级The two patients aboard will be transported to a medical facility that can provide a level of care that is not available at Amundsen-Scott.


六级This continued through 2016, the most recent year for which data is available.


六级Just make use of whatever information is available.


四级There are plenty of recipes ( ' , 食谱 ), how-to videos and cooking classes available to anyone who has a computer, smartphone or television.

有很多食谱(',食谱 ), 任何拥有电脑、智能手机或电视的人都可以观看指导视频和烹饪课程。

四级Modern techniques for producing and shipping food led to greater variety and quantity, including a tremendous increase in the amount of animal protein and dairy products available, making us more vigorous than our ancestorsYet plenty has been lost too, even in cultures that still live to eat.


六级Generous parental leave policies and readily available part-time options have unintended consequences:instead of strengthening women's attachment to the workplace,they appear to weaken it.


六级"Make mathematics more available," Draujlcova says.


六级For that, we have a robust informal learning system that gives no grades, takes all comers, and is available even on holidays and weekends.


四级And it's true that there are currently more people applying for each available job opening, regardless of whether it's a new one or not.


四级For example, but for the savings and loan debacle, there might be funds available to reduce the national debt and pay for education.


四级The ability to draw upon every available tool and insight—picked up from science, arts, and technology—to solve the problems of the future, and take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves, will be helpful to them and the United States


高考There's nothing that ticks off a professor more than making him-or herself available for a custom office hour only to find that you don't care enough to come on time.


六级The apartment is still available


六级has become available this week


高考Now, through the two organizations that he has founded--the digital himalaya project and the world oral literature project--Turin has started a campaign to make such documents, for the world available not just to scholars but to the younger generation.


六级Do you by any chance have a car available?


四级Abundant information about cooking is available either online or on TV.


高考The trend, then, was toward the "penny paper"--a term referring to papers made widely available to the public.

当时的趋势是“便士纸”(penny paper)——这个词指的是向公众广泛提供的文件。

高考A desktop computer, screen, projector, and loudspeakers will be available.


四级million people who wanted and were available for work hadn't looked within the last four weeks and were no longer even classified as unemployed


四级Very few of them are available in the market


六级The reason for constructing the buildings from wood is probably that ideally proportioned straight and slender timber was available in large quantities in Scandinavia's vast pine forests.


四级New materials became available by that time.


四级After Hurricane Florence and Hurricane Michael last fall, USPS worked with state and local election boards to make sure that absentee ballots were available and received or time.


考研As you will come to see ,knowing that mental heath is always available and knowing to trust it allow us to slow down to the moment and live life happily.


四级She is not available until the end of next week.


六级They did so though while doing little to stop the erosion of available aid.


六级younger workers are readily available


六级The music service This Is My Jam helps people navigate the tens of millions of tracks now available instantly via Spotify and iTunes.

音乐服务This Is My Jam帮助人们浏览现在通过Spotify和iTunes即时提供的数千万首曲目。

考研The widespread availability of such recordings has thus brought about a crisis in the institution of the traditional classical concert.


六级However, the relatively inexpensive computer technology that is readily available today is causing some to challenge the notion that home schooling is in any way inferior to more highly structured classroom education.


高考We have only two double rooms available.


四级When people care for an elderly relative, they often do not use available community services such as adult daycare centers.


六级It's a product he believes could help solve future global food crises resulting from shrinking amounts of land available for growing meat the old-fashioned way.


考研This can make them feel happier, which lets them be more available to their child the rest of the time.


四级Burger King, the nation's second-largest fast food chain, for instance, will stop automatically including French fries and soda in its kids' meals starting this month, although they will still be available

例如,美国第二大快餐连锁店汉堡王(Burger King)将从本月起自动停止在儿童餐中添加薯条和苏打水,尽管这些食品仍将供应

四级I know they have at least two temporary positions available, and I don't think they have anyone else yet.


高考By the time these "solutions" become widely available, scammers will have moved onto cleverer means.


考研There recordings are cheap, available everywhere, and very often much higher in artistic quality than today’s live performances; moreover, they can be “consumed” at a time and place of the listener’s choosing.


高考In modern times, when food is available in grocery stores, finding love is more central to people's lives.


考研More than half of all British scientific research is now published under open access terms: either freely available from the moment of publication, or paywalled for a year or more so that the publishers can make a profit before being placed on general rel

现在,英国一半以上的科研成果都是以开放获取的方式发表的:要么从发表之日起免费提供,要么支付一年或更长时间的费用,以便出版商在进入general rel之前获利

六级It is a movement building steady momentua call to make research data, software code and experimental methods publicly available and transparent.


六级When we were children, we barely had any junk food available and we turned out just fine.


高考A build-it-yourself solar still is one of the best ways to obtain drinking water in areas where the liquid is not readily available.


六级A few psychology journals have created incentives to increase interest in reproducible science—for example,by affixing an ‘open-data' badge to articles that clearly state where data are available.


四级Here's where things get interesting, though: If a particularly important passage is highlighted by multiple Inkling users, that information is stored on the cloud and is available for anyone reading the same textbook to come across.


六级A lot of cool stuff will be available online tomorrow.


高考There is a lot more material available, which means you may be overwhelmed with the amount of information.


四级There are plenty of recipes, how-to videos and cooking classes available to anyone who has a computer, smartphone or television.


高考I chose a red rubber ball-simple, universally available.


六级A new effort led by Canoe Ventures, a coalition of leading cable providers, aims to make interactive advertising available across America later this year.

由领先的有线电视提供商组成的联盟Canoe Ventures领导的一项新努力旨在今年晚些时候在美国各地推出互动广告。

四级Snow White is available for everyone to use, but the dwarfs are still under copyright, so Cornetti invented sound-alike characters ( ' , Grumpy Gus, Dopey Dan) to illustrate specific pay roll law principles.


高考Leave it open when you're available to talk and close it when you're not.


六级The state's facilities management project team is still in the process of developing its business justification and expects to have that completed and available to the public at the end of February, Martin said.


四级Making is available to ordinary people who aren't tied to big companies, big defense labs or research universities.


高考Forms will be available in school and online for them to indicate their choices and return to school.


六级"Make mathematics more available," Draujlcova says. Redesign it so it's more accessible to more kinds of people: young children, adults who worry about it, adults who may have had bad experiences."


高考All this fun is available for ages 9 to 18.


四级Details about what led to the workers’ being trapped in the elevator weren’t immediately available.