词根词缀记忆/谐音联想记忆 补充/纠错
谐音黑肉 → 英雄的肉是黑的 → hero  …………
联想记忆her 她 + o = OK → 英雄救美her,引来了别人的惊叹,哇哦,想象发声的口型 → hero  …………
词性拓展记忆 / 词形拓展记忆
fabulous heroes 神话般的英雄
local hero 当地英雄
combat hero 战斗英雄
local heroes 当地英雄
Monument to the People's Heroes 人民英雄纪念碑
Heroes of the Marshes 水浒传
typical action hero movie 典型的动作英雄电影
Eric is a tragic hero.
Tom left a name in history as a national hero.
He is a true hero, risking his life to save others in the burning building.
She is a heroine to many, known for her selflessness and dedication to charity work.
The hero of the story, John, always stood up for what was right, even when it was difficult.
The firefighter's quick thinking and bravery saved numerous lives; he is a local hero.
In ancient mythology, Achilles was considered a mighty hero for his incredible strength and valor in battle.
The young astronaut became a national hero after completing a record-breaking spacewalk.
Harry Potter, the fictional hero, captured the hearts of readers worldwide with his courage and magical adventures.
After years of hard work, she finally achieved her dream, making her a role model and a hero to aspiring athletes everywhere.
The humble teacher, who dedicated her life to educating underprivileged children, is a hero in our community.
The everyday heroes, like healthcare workers and essential workers, played a crucial role during the pandemic, putting their own safety at risk for others' welfare.
"To remain relevant in the long run, brands will need to continue to channel an insurgent mindset, championing hero products and their founders' vision, while also tooling up to sustain long-term growth by getting the business fundamentals right," said Federica Levato, partner at Bain & Co. Sells agreed and said: "We are working with a number of luxury brands who are already in the market and those planning to enter the market in the near future. "
贝恩公司合伙人Federica Levato表示:“从长远来看,为了保持相关性,品牌需要继续引导反叛思维,支持英雄产品及其创始人的愿景,同时也要做好准备,通过正确的商业基础来维持长期增长。”。Sells对此表示赞同,并表示:“我们正在与一些已经进入市场的奢侈品牌以及计划在不久的将来进入市场的品牌合作。”
Hero products such as AMBPOMIAL yogurt, Youngfun, Cremo and Joyday ice cream, and Westgold butter are gaining popularity among global consumers.
One who cannot reach the Great Wall can still be a hero, if they contribute their fair share online for the cultural heritage's protection and repair.
The US bike maker also decided to hand over the maintenance work to local bike-manufacturer Hero MotoCorp.
On Saturday the bike-maker had said that it was working with its new partner Hero MotoCorp to ensure a "smooth transition" for Indian customers, including after-sales services and warranty.
The Indian two-wheelers company will also sell parts and accessories and general merchandise riding gear and apparel through a network of brand-exclusive Harley-Davidson dealers and Hero's existing dealership network in India.
The newspaper quoted a Delhi-based HOG rider Harveen Bali as saying that "Harley is passing the brand to Hero which has a different biking culture.
Two new flavors of Ferrero's hero product Kinder Bueno have been introduced to the Chinese market via the CIIE for the first time, which is in line with the company's "global to local" innovation strategy.
It has also provided free Didi Food deliveries and discounts in conjunction with restaurants and launched the "Didi Hero" program, which offers certified healthcare workers rides at half price.
Didi Mexico also has launched a special program called "Didi Hero," which shares coupons and food offers with the nation's "tireless" healthcare personnel.
The new game, dubbed Top Hero, will pose 12 questions.
Following the Marvel hero series last year, Anta Kids collaborated with Disney's iconic hit animation movie Frozen.
In meal delivery, Uber competes with GrubHub, DoorDash, Deliveroo, Swiggy, Delivery Hero, Just Eat, Takeaway.
Chinese alcopop beverage brand Rio will soon release an ink-themed cocktail through a tie-up with Shanghai-based pen and ink producer Hero.
The interesting yet vintage design aims to pique the interests of those born in the 1990s and after, which aligns with Hero's predilection to tap into a younger generation of customers who aspire to be trendsetters, said Dong Wenbin, general manager of Shanghai Hero Pen Co.
Meanwhile, the must-buy list features brands such as Hero Pen, rice wine and Shanghai Watch, all of which are examples of Shanghai’s craftsmanship.
Some of the most well-known local brands include the city’s first taxi company Qiangsheng, bicycle makers Phoenix and Forever, stationery company Hero Pen and the Wing On Department Store.
The move follows Douyin's advertisement on the Sougou search engine, which insulted Qiu Shaoyun, a war hero in the Korean War (1950-53) who let himself burn alive while he laid perfectly still so his platoon wouldn't be exposed.
Chinese pen brand Hero also recorded a rise in sales.
During a publicity tour through China for "Big Hero 6," Lasseter was repeatedly asked whether Disney would open a facility in China to help take Chinese animation to the next level.
A still of Garfield: A Tale of Two Kitties [Photo/VCG]The president of Six Flags International Development Co, a US-based theme park company, has announced Garfield, the orange cartoon cat from the Garfield comic strip, will be the face and hero of China's first Six Flags theme park.
Among the newly crowned time-honored brands are Guangmingcun Restaurants, pen and ink producer Hero, Sanyang Grocery Store and Chengyuxin Tea.
Yuan Yun'er, a Beijing-based film critic, said the changing preferences of Chinese audiences can be attributed to the staleness of the common Hollywood formula of stunning action sequences and a plotline where the hero saves the day.
The latest approvals include the games from Perfect World, Hero Entertainment and Migu Interactive Entertainment, but games from tech behemoths Tencent Holdings Ltd and NetEase Inc were not on the list.
"I love collecting various types of pens with unique designs and excellent workmanship, such as Lamy, Montblanc, Parker, Sailor, Duke and Hero.
"Film-related derivatives' development is on the rise in China with the success of animation hit Monkey King: Hero is Back and Ne Zha.
Loosely based on the tale of Nezha, a beloved Chinese mythological figure, the film features a daring overhaul of Nezha's appearance and depicts him more as a mischievous boy than the hero kid in previous cinematic works.
It is followed by domestic comedy Coward Hero, which generated about 18.49 million yuan on Saturday.
They typically focus on one or two "hero" stock keeping units that serves one specific market niche.
Local brands typically focus on one or two "hero" stock-keeping units that target one specific market niche, he said.
The meeting, chaired by India's Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, was attended by senior executives from automakers including Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai Motor, Toyota Motor, Skoda, Mahindra &Mahindra, Tata Motors and Hero MotoCorp and auto parts makers Minda Industries and India Pistons.
"Investors want to see a hero, and this hero isn't the central bank in the US cutting interest rates.
The hero they want to see is the good news that this virus has now been controlled," Ahmad said.
- A ceremony was held Sunday to commemorate the 157th anniversary of the birth of Sun Yat-sen, a great national hero, a great patriot, and a great forerunner of China's democratic revolution.

六级Our subject this evening is James Dean, actor and hero for the young people of his time



六级When we ask teens to choose a hero, they usually select an older family member rather than a remote public figure.



考研There were Pickwick coats and Pickwick cigars, and the plump, spectacled hero, Samuel Pickwick, became a national figure.



六级Our subject this evening is James Dean, actor and hero for the young people of his time.



六级Instead of one big narrative, a story of unexpected rescue by a larger-than-life hero, we need multiple stories: we need stories, not only of what Rob Nixon of Princeton University has called the 'slow violence’ of environmental degradation (that is, the damage that is often invisible at first and develops slowly and gradually), but also stories of what I call 'slow hope’.

我们需要多个故事,而不是一个大叙事,一个伟大英雄的意外救援故事:我们需要的不仅是普林斯顿大学的Rob Nixon所说的环境退化的“缓慢暴力”(即最初往往看不见的缓慢发展的破坏)的故事,还有我所说的“缓慢希望”的故事。


六级Mr. Leifeng lived a simple life dedicated to doing good deeds without expecting any reward and helping people from all walks of life, yet he was remembered as one of the most successful hero of our time.



四级Actors in early Greek drama wore masks to show the audience whether they played the villain’s (坏人) or the hero’s role.

早期希腊戏剧中的演员戴着面具向观众展示他们是否扮演了反派(坏人) 或者英雄的角色。


四级Like many of my generation, I have a weakness for hero worship.



四级This leads us to ask: What is a hero?



四级A hero does something worth talking about.



四级A hero has a story of adventure to tell and a community who will listen.



四级But a hero goes beyond mere fame.



四级The hero lives a life worthy of imitation.



四级Those who imitate a genuine hero experience life with new depth, enthusiasm, and meaning.



考研There is a well-known incident in one of Motiere’s plays, where the author makes the hero express unbounded delight on being told that he had been talking prose (散文) during the whole of his life.

莫蒂尔的一部戏剧中有一个众所周知的事件,作者让主人公在被告知他一直在谈论散文时表达出无限的喜悦(散文) 在他的一生中。


考研But the real hero of the story, according to the new school of scientists, was the long evolution in the improvement of machinery for making eye-glasses.



考研Its hero avoids being civilized—going to school and learning to read—so he can preserve his innate goodness.