词根词缀记忆/谐音联想记忆 补充/纠错
词根in 向内;进入 + clud 关 + e → 关在 …………
include 关在里面就是包括
exclude 关在外面就是排除在外 拒 …………
词性拓展记忆 / 词形拓展记忆
词根记忆 / 词缀记忆
include v 包括(in进入+clude=关进去=包括)
clos, clud, clus=close,表示”关闭”
closure n 关闭,停止(clos+ure;close的名词)
closet n 壁橱,秘室(clos+et小东西=关的 …………
not include 不包括在内
include everything 包含所有内容
must include a Saturday night away 必须包括周六晚上
We all went, her included.
He should include some examples in your essay.
These works are included among the great Chinese novels.
She included a note of gratitude at the end of her email.
The ingredients list includes milk, sugar, and eggs.
He decided to include his son in the business decision-making process.
The package includes a free software update.
In her speech, she purposely excluded any mention of politics.
The report includes a detailed analysis of market trends.
Please remember to include your contact information when applying for the job.
The team's success is largely due to their inclusion of diverse perspectives.
The menu includes a variety of vegetarian options.
He forgot to include his homework in his backpack, so he had to stay after school.
All of us, including me,must conclude our experience and lessons.
These include bags, watches, clothing, shoes and jewelry, with several designs in red — a color associated with happiness and prosperity in China.
The facilities include new energy reach stackers, fork lift trucks, container trucks, heavy lift trucks, unmanned flat cars and charging cars.
The Zhanjiang site will include a steam cracker with an annual capacity of 1 million tons of ethylene, which is targeted to start up late next year, said Haryono Lim, president, mega projects, Asia, BASF.
巴斯夫亚洲大型项目总裁Haryono Lim表示,湛江工厂将包括一个年产能为100万吨乙烯的蒸汽裂解器,计划于明年年底启动。
The site will include a steam cracker with an annual capacity of 1 million metric tons of ethylene and is set to start up late next year, said Haryono Lim, president, mega projects, Asia, BASF.
巴斯夫亚洲大型项目总裁Haryono Lim表示,该工厂将包括一个年产能为100万公吨乙烯的蒸汽裂解器,并将于明年年底启动。
Other initiators include Huang Ronghuai, a professor from Beijing Normal University, Gu Xiaoqing, a professor from East China Normal University and Xu Bin, a professor from Tsinghua University.
The company aims to form a main power grid network, which will include seven circle lines for power supply within the region and six lines to transport power out of Xinjiang by 2025. zhengxin@chinadaily.
According to the UBS website, UBS' key businesses in China include wealth management, investment bank and asset management enterprises.
Regular additional ingredients include milk, coconut, cream milk and oat milk, reflecting the diversity and evolving preferences in China's burgeoning coffee culture, according to Kamen's report.
Huang Lingli, deputy director of the General Administration of Customs' commodity inspection department, said these goods include industrial parts, chemicals, yarns, cables and electronic components.
They are sent to a diverse range of economies that include developed and developing nations such as Vietnam, India, South Korea, Mexico and Hungary.
These include the wide range of mobility services, vocational education, and marketing projects covered by this agreement," said Liu Yunfeng, executive vice-president of Volkswagen Group China, responsible for corporate and joint venture affairs.
Abbott said it will expand the scope of donated medical devices and include heart valves in the upcoming year to allow more of such children to lead healthy and fruitful lives.
They would include 8,020 single-aisle planes and 1,420 wide-body models.
The fundamental reasons why time-honored brands launch crossover products include rejuvenating brand recognition, expanding the range of target consumers and enhancing influence, said marketing experts.
Those include biotechnology companies and startups with carbon cycling and carbon capture technologies.
"Looking ahead, our plans include investment in a second R&D center in China," he said.
These include technologies and solutions for medical implants, personal care and consumer products, construction, new energy and 3D printing, as well as next-generation electronics and new energy vehicles.
The deals include the purchase of intelligent equipment, global minerals and productive resources, as well as global mineral resources.
Main buyers of microscopes in China include universities and scientific institutions, and medical institutions in major cities.
PepsiCo is advancing industry-leading goals for 2030 that include spreading regenerative practices across more than 2.8 million hectares of agricultural footprint, building a circular and inclusive value chain and net-zero emissions and net water positive activities, along with incorporating sustainable packaging.
The exhibits include both China-approved treatment options and products awaiting approval, reflecting Organon's commitment to providing comprehensive healthcare solutions.
These include investments in private hospitals, the consumer healthcare market and retail channels.
Other pillars for the company, which has a complete portfolio covering prevention to treatment and will preside over the CIIE Pharma Committee this year, include improving accessibility and affordability for patients and consumers, sustaining long-term partnerships with customers and strengthening capabilities in data analysis, digitalization, and lifecycle management of products at different stages so they have greater value for patients, Van Acker said.
该公司的其他支柱包括提高患者和消费者的可及性和可负担性,与客户保持长期合作伙伴关系,以及加强数据分析、数字化、,以及不同阶段产品的生命周期管理,因此它们对患者有更大的价值,Van Acker说。
Key exhibits include the first complete long-acting HIV-1 injectable treatment, which has just been approved for market in China.
Hsu said that this partnership with the China Women's Federation was later expanded to include screening for post menopausal women with high risk of fractures.
The company's vaccine plans involving such technology transfer and localized production cooperation mainly include those for hepatitis A, polio, influenza and COVID-19.
The new investments, which are all major existing businesses of RGE, include a new paper production line, a natural gas-fueled power plant, new liquefied natural gas capacity expansion and a new palm oil processing facility.
The domestic flights include routes connecting Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and second-tier cities.
Established in 2001 in Shenzhen, BAK’s products include power, digital and energy storage battery cells, battery packs and battery solutions.
Established in 2001 in Shenzhen, BAK Battery's traditional products include power, digital and energy storage battery cells, battery packs and battery solutions.
The company's exhibits this year will include several intelligent and personalized products that address people's growing concerns about diabetes care and cardiovascular healthcare.
The EMUs include 20 train cars divided into five sets.
Its operations include dairy cattle breeding, supplying fresh milk, and the production of dairy products and white sugar.
Large cities need solutions that include energy, water, solid waste treatment, municipal transportation and other livelihood services, said Andre Salcedo, CEO of Sabesp, a water and wastewater management company serving the state of Sao Paulo.
为圣保罗州服务的水和废水管理公司Sabesp的首席执行官Andre Salcedo表示,大城市需要包括能源、水、固体废物处理、城市交通和其他民生服务在内的解决方案。
These include continuously expanding network coverage, enhancing user experience, and exploring more flexible pricing models.
Integrated communications, which can include traditional media, social media, digital content and owned media, have become more prevalent.
The company has extended its business portfolio in recent years to include toys in IP incubating, exhibitions, games and visual content with an aim to create entertainment synergy.
With a total indoor and outdoor exhibition area of more than 1,800 square meters, the Caterpillar displays at the BICES include machines, interactive multimedia systems, scale models, and a sand table of work fields.
Across luxury categories, the top-performing ones include watches, with iconic models of a few giant brands driving growth, and jewelry, according to the consultancy.
Supported by 2,500 employees at more than 30 locations across the world, the services provided by Messe Frankfurt include renting exhibition grounds, trade fair construction and marketing, personnel and food services.
"Trends coming from China include digital and data-driven manufacturing technology and digital selling, Faber said.
They include Chinese tech heavyweight Baidu Inc and ByteDance; AI firms Baichuan Intelligent Technology, SenseTime, Zhipu AI, MiniMax; as well as research institutes the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Shanghai Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.
The project pledges to preserve the time-honored architectural styles of Jinling Road, and include a flagship shopping street nearly one kilometer long accented by unique arcade buildings that line its sides.
In addition to attracting customers, The Bicester Collection provides services that include creating settings that meet the standards of the brands' flagship stores, visual merchandizing, conducting staff meetings, developing price strategies, providing staff training and maximizing sales.
除了吸引客户,The Bicester Collection还提供服务,包括创造符合品牌旗舰店标准的环境、视觉商品、召开员工会议、制定价格策略、提供员工培训和最大限度地提高销售额。
The measures include improving financing support policies and systems, protecting private firms' property rights as well as the rights and interests of entrepreneurs in accordance with the law.
These initiatives include the upgrade of the industrial internet lighthouse factory and the establishment of the world's largest beer manufacturing base, boasting an impressive annual production capacity of 1 million metric tons of draft beer.
Joint shareholders of the new firm include the new energy subsidiary of CATL, Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China Ltd, and Shanghai Jiao Tong University Enterprise Development Group Co Ltd. None of the three companies confirmed the news as of publishing time.
As staffing services include labor contracts, recruitment, talent management and payroll, it can truly help clients lower costs and increase efficiency," said Machuel.
Some of its partners include major Chinese brands such as Xiaomi, TCL and iQiyi.
Other examples include our 'Cheese Pro' products, which are a mix of cream and cheese, and help customers to save time when making tea macchiatos," Chow said.
其他例子包括我们的‘Cheese Pro’产品,它是奶油和奶酪的混合物,可以帮助顾客在制作茶玛奇朵时节省时间,”周说。
"Talents that are the top of priority for us to seek include those that can contribute to the company's decarbonization transformation.
We have expanded our sales channels to include major e-commerce platforms such as Taobao, Douyin and Kuaishou," said Zhang Huazi, general manager of Jinjiang Aiqinghai Clothing Manufacturing.
To enhance operations and maintenance, the CRL trains will include condition monitoring and diagnostic systems for early detection of potential equipment problems.
The projects include a pilot-scale electric melter at one of Baowu's steel mills in China, the optimization of pelletization technology for Australian ore as a feedstock for low-carbon shaft furnace-based direct reduction and the expanded development of China Baowu's HyCROF technology, as well as study opportunities for producing low-carbon iron in Western Australia.
Apart from achieving business growth and optimizing the team, this year's goals for ClearTV include establishing a subsidiary in Southeast Asia, Chen said.
Primary applications for the captured CO2 include dry-ice manufacturing and the production of shielding gases for welding.
Our businesses in China include Amazon Global Selling, Amazon Global Store, Amazon Advertising, Amazon Global Logistics, Amazon Web Services, and Amazon Devices and Services," it said.
Lenovo's Shenzhen factory has an annual production capacity of over 16 million units, which include PCs, computer servers and smart wearable devices.
Supported by 2,500 employees at more than 30 locations across the world, the services provided by the Frankfurt-based group include renting exhibition grounds, trade fair construction and marketing, personnel and food services.
Other examples of how the growing focus on sustainability in China has been a boon to Covestro's business include the company's deal to supply Shanghai-based electric vehicle startup HiPhi with low-carbon material solutions.
The COSCO Shipping Specialized Carriers Co Ltd, headquartered in Guangzhou, said on Saturday that the high-speed electric multiple units (EMUs) include 11 trains and one train for comprehensive railway testing.
"Therefore, PGI has put forth three concrete ways to support the industry's innovation path, which include drawing in younger consumers, establishing branded platinum collections, and creating a seamless omnichannel experience that integrates online and offline shopping.
It has also expanded its team and has been working with four ports in China, which include Ningbo, Zhejiang province and Shanghai, to shorten the transportation time for products from Oman to China.
The technologies include those in the fields of diagnostics, cardiovascular care, nutrition, diabetes care and established pharmaceuticals businesses.
The research will include manufacturing innovation, hydrogen infrastructure and cabin experience, such as introducing 5G technologies into the cabin.
"The company's innovation strategy will include in-depth research to match the differentiated needs of different consumption groups.
The strategy will include various programs like building ICT academies, different ICT and startup competitions, online course enrollment and fresh employee recruitment.
Challenges include existing gaps shown during different companies' processes of digitalization.
His previous positions include vice-chairman and president of BOC, vice-chairman and president of the Export-Import Bank of China, and director of the African Export-Import Bank.
The project is also the company's first integrated clean energy facility to include hydropower, solar power and energy storage.
The new measures include further enhancing controls on access to user's data, by introducing security gateways that will determine employee access to European TikTok user data and data transfers outside of Europe.
The report said that key priorities in this year's work include to pool quality resources and make concerted efforts to achieve breakthroughs in core technologies and key fields, with a focus on key industrial chains in the manufacturing sector.
Areas of focus will include hematology, nephrology, neurology, metabolic disorders and ophthalmology, she said.
Its next-generation connectivity solutions include more robust and flexible processing power and increased network capacity for lower latency, launched with the support of Chinese partners such as Rolling Wireless and Quectel.
在Rolling Wireless和Quectel等中国合作伙伴的支持下,其下一代连接解决方案包括更强大、更灵活的处理能力和更大的网络容量,以降低延迟。
Products produced include petroleum, diesel, aviation kerosene, high density polyethylene, low density polyethylene, polypropylene, styrene and butadiene.
They include the China Development Forum scheduled for late March as well as the Boao Forum for Asia in the southern Hainan province.
Top executives weighing a visit to the China Development Forum in Beijing include Apple CEO Tim Cook and Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla, people familiar with the matterxa0told the journal.
Examples include a men's quartz watch for $3.59, a magnetic wireless charger goes for $5.49 and an eyeliner sets you back just 71 cents.
Other investors participating in this round include Highlight Capital, Bayland Capital and HM Capital.
参与本轮投资的其他投资者包括Highlight Capital、Bayland Capital和HM Capital。
Apart from a 180-meter premium Grade A office building, where AIA Life Insurance and many other financial and high-tech companies are expected to be based, the complex will also include a theatre able to accommodate 1,700 audience and the reconstructed former residence of Nie Er, the Chinese musician who composed the music for the Chinese national anthem.
Other investors in the deal include Nanyang Commercial Bank, Sunny Optical Technology Group Co Ltd and Hangzhou-based Transfar Zhilian Co Ltd. Alibaba shares in Hong Kong jumped 8.74 percent to close at HK$96.4 ($12.3) on Wednesday.
这笔交易的其他投资者包括南洋商业银行(Nanyang Commercial Bank)、阳光光学科技集团有限公司(Sunny Optical Technology Group Co Ltd)和总部位于杭州的传达智联有限公司。阿里巴巴在香港的股价周三上涨8.74%,收于96.4港元(合12.3美元)。
Huawei's efforts include forays into smart car technologies, cloud computing, digital energy solutions and enterprise-oriented businesses.
Her orders include household items and $9 Lenovo headphones, more than 11,000 pairs of which have sold on Temu.
These include developing the capacity to capture, utilize or store 11 million metric tons of CO2 equivalent (CO2e) annually by 2035, and renewables investment that aims to generate 12GW of solar and wind power by 2030.
Those companies include State Grid, Agricultural Bank of China, China National Nuclear Corp, and Chinese white spirit brand Kweichow Moutai.
The Chinese and Thai parties involved in the smart autonomous driving mining project include Thailand Siam Cement Group, Thailand Advanced Info Services Public Co Ltd, Huawei operator in Thailand and Zhengzhou Yutong Mining Equipment Co Ltd.
Baker Hughes will continuously expand its supply chain capability in China while striving to complete one-stop services for customers, which include product manufacturing, processing and talent cultivation, he added.
In two years, KFC has attracted countless customers with its new packaged products, which include steak, fried rice and chicken soup, as well as microwaved dumplings, coffee and snacks.
Its diversified investments include those in emerging industries such as food and beverage business-to-business e-commerce, chocolates, alcohol new retail, robotics and fitness service platforms.
The games to be suspended include "World of Warcraft", "Hearthstone" and "Warcraft III: Reforged, Overwatch".
The firm's existing Asian portfolio of healthcare and consumer companies include Novotech, One Health Asia, Pathology Asia, Greencross, CrownX, Sai Life, Kangji and Dingdang Health.
该公司现有的亚洲医疗保健和消费公司组合包括Novotech、One Health Asia、Pathology Asia、Greencross、CrownX、Sai Life、Kangji和叮当健康。
"China's new groups of consumers include young people who were born in the 1990s.
Other products being showcased to Chinese consumers for the first time include Ikea's two electric fabric sofas, which were specially designed based on Chinese consumers' preferences.
Other notable firms from China at the expo include the Turkish branches of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and Bank of China, China Ocean Shipping Company, China Telecom, China Tianchen Engineering Corporation, train car manufacturer CRRC, and Sinovac.
A set of aloe vera products from South Africa, which include 4,000 bottles of aloe vera capsules for healthcare and 1,000 units of aloe vera gum for skincare will be on display at the CIIE at the National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai.
As part of its efforts to improve R&D capability in China, the company is planning to recruit more talent and include more Chinese patients in its global clinical trials.
They include the world's first oral targeted drug for psoriasis Otezla, the third-generation COMT inhibitor Ongentys to treat Parkinson's disease, and a home beauty instrument, LMNT one, which was developed with Israel's energy source technology, according to Yi Jinyuan, general manager of public relations at Fosun Pharma.
复星医药公共关系总经理易金元表示,其中包括世界上第一种治疗银屑病的口服靶向药物Otezla,治疗帕金森病的第三代COMT抑制剂Ongentys,以及使用以色列能源技术开发的家用美容仪LMNT one。
Over the past four years, several innovative products that Fosun Pharma had exhibited at the CIIE - they include cutting-edge medical devices like the da Vinci Surgical robot, a magnetic resonance guided radiation therapy system, and the CAR-T cell therapy - have gone on to enter the Chinese market.
The organization expanded in 2017 to include India and Pakistan.
TPG's existing portfolio of fast-growing healthcare and consumer companies include Novotech, Greencross, Made and Funlab in Australia, and One Health Asia, Pathology Asia, Sai Life and Kangji in Asia.
TPG现有的快速增长的医疗保健和消费公司组合包括澳大利亚的Novotech、Greencross、Made和Funlab,以及亚洲的One Health Asia、Pathology Asia、Sai Life和Kangji。

四级Later, in his cook books, he would often include a sketch of himself, so that people on the street would be able to recognize—and admire—him.


2018年12月四级真题(第二套)阅读 Section B

高考Every college discussion about community values, social climate and behavior should include recognition of the developmental importance of student autonomy and self-regulation, of the necessary tension between safety and self-discovery.


2016年高考英语北京卷 阅读理解 阅读D 原文

高考Documenting the Thangmi language and culture is just a starting point for Turin, who seeks to include other languages and oral traditions across the himalayan reaches of India, Nepal, Bhutan, and China.


2014年高考英语全国卷1 阅读理解 阅读D 原文

六级Other efforts to increase the use of electric vehicles include plans to build over 1 million hybrid and electric car battery charging stations across the country.


2017年12月六级真题(第三套)阅读 Section A

考研They often include a certain amount of digging to test for buried materials at selected points across a landscape.



六级The action should beconsistent with the firm's guidelines and may include reassigning the employees to new jobs, suspending them temporarily, or firing them.



四级On the demand side, those trends include the ongoing addition of more than 70 million people a year, a growing number of people wanting to move up the food chain to consume -72- highly grain-intensive meat products, and the massive diversion ( ' , 转向) of U.S. grain to the production of bio-fuel.

在需求方面,这些趋势包括每年增加7000多万人,越来越多的人希望进入食物链,消费-72-高谷物密集型肉制品,以及大规模转移(“,转向) 将美国粮食用于生产生物燃料。


四级On the demand side, those trends include the ongoing addition of more than 70 million people a year, a growing number of people wanting to move up the food chain to consume highly grain-intensive meat products, and the massive diversion of U.S. grain to t


2016年6月四级真题(第一套)阅读 Section B

六级Since 1976 the act has been amended to include computer software and guidelines have been adopted for fair use of television broadcasts.



六级Effectively, the ban will include the registration of new cars in the country as they will not allow any gasoline powered vehicle to be registered after 2030.


2017年12月六级真题(第三套)阅读 Section A

六级a basis for explaining human genetic diversityan aid to understanding different populationsan explanation for social and cultural differencesa term to describe individual human characteristicsmodern genetics research is likely to fuel racial conflictsrace is a poorly defined marker of human genetic diversityrace as a biological term can explain human genetic diversitygenetics research should consider social and cultural variablesit is absolutely necessary to put race aside in making diagnosisit is important to include social variables in genetics researchracial categories for genetic diversity could lead to wrong clinical predictionsdiscrimination against black people may cause negligence in clinical treatmentThey be more precise with the language they use.



六级The wireless age is expanding to include not just our phones, tablets, and laptops, but also our cars, homes, and even whole communities.



六级The wireless age is expanding to include not just our phones, tablets, and laptops, but also our cars, homes, and even whole communities.


2016年12月六级真题(第一套)阅读 Section C

四级The figures include a number of costs associated with air pollution.


2018年12月四级真题(第一套)阅读 Section A

高考The floors of all campus buildings are equipped with manual fire alarm systems which include fire alarm pull stations and pipes.


2018年高考英语天津卷 阅读理解 阅读A 原文

六级They include such measures as accountable care organizations to take charge of a patient's needs with an eye on both cost and quality, and chronic disease management to make sure the seriously ill, who are responsible for the bulk of all health care costs, are treated properly.



考研It does not include important factors such as environmental quality or education outcomes – all things that contribute to a person’s sense of well-being.



高考Items that are not allowed in student rooms include: candles, ceiling fans, fireworks, waterbeds, sun lamps and wireless routers.


2015年高考英语天津卷 阅读理解 阅读A 原文

四级Initiatives also include efforts to reduce its environmental impact, water consumption and materials used in packaging by 2025.


2018年12月四级真题(第二套)阅读 Section C

六级But there is also a place in a young life for noble purposes that include a dedication to the broader society, a love of country and an aspiration to make their own leadership contributions.



考研The system also failed to regularly include women on juries until the mid-20th century.


2010年考研真题(英语二)阅读理解 Section Ⅱ

六级The materials from e-waste include iron, copper gold, silver, and aluminum—materials that could be reused, resold, salvaged, or recycled.


2019年6月六级真题(第二套)阅读 Section B

高考May Day is a traditional day for celebrations, but the 2, 000 english villagers of stilton must be the only people in the world who include cheese rolling in their annual plans.


2015年高考英语福建卷 阅读理解 阅读A 原文

六级Here's where there needs to be a much wider public conversation that extends beyond government agencies and scientific communities to include students, hobbyists, and anyone who may potentially stand to be affected by the use of CubeSat technology.


2019年6月六级真题(第三套)阅读 Section B

六级The most powerful influences occur during early childhood and include both what happened to you directly, and what those around you did and said in your presence.


2019年12月六级真题(第二套)阅读 Section C

六级Rather than merely asking about something they wanted to try, they tended to include both cause and effect in their question.



高考At that moment, I remembered that my father once said, " the classroom is a place for learning and that include leaning from textbooks, and mistake as well."


2018年高考英语全国卷3 语法填空 原文

四级Responsibilities generally include supervising study spaces to ensure that a quiet atmosphere is maintained.



高考Symptoms of it include a headache that is constant but not severe, and a pain at the back of your head and the neck.


2015年高考英语湖北卷 听力 原文

六级Let us hope these do not include banning gender pronouns,policing children's play, implementing more gender quotas, or treating women's special attachment to home and family as a social injustice.



四级finally, she addresses self-respect and the notion that a person's sense of beauty must include more than how much a person weighs.


2016年6月四级真题(第二套)听力 Section C

六级Some of these images include figures never seen before in France, such as a woman playing a stringed instrument, possibly a character from mythology.


2019年6月六级真题(第二套)听力 Section B

考研Stephenson suggested potential restrictions could include banning TV advertisements for foods high in fat, salt or sugar before 9 pm and limiting them on billboards or in cinemas.


2011年考研真题(英语二)阅读理解 Section Ⅱ

四级They include the Center for Internet Addiction Recovery and the Center for Internet Behavior.



六级They include such measures as accountable care organizations to take charge of a patient's needs with an eye on both cost and quality, and chronic disease management to make sure the seriously ill, who are responsible for the bulk of all health care costs


2016年6月六级真题(第二套)阅读 Section B

四级Broader definitions of the sharing economy include peer-to-peer lending or putting a solar panel on your roof and selling power back to the gr/d ( 电网)



六级These include the centuries-old custom of "bul", where leaders would call a temporary stop to fishing for key species in order to give fish stocks an opportunity to replenish.


2017年12月六级真题(第二套)阅读 Section A

考研The key messages that have been put together for World Environment Day do include a call for governments to enact legislation to curb single-use plastics.


2019年考研真题(英语二)阅读理解 Section Ⅱ

四级The consequences of getting caught are serious and may include a "O" on a test or assignment, an "F" in the class, suspension (暂令停学) or dismissal from school and a ruined reputation.

被抓到的后果很严重,可能包括考试或作业中的“O”,课堂上的“F”,停课(暂令停学) 或者被学校开除,名誉扫地。


六级Other role models include caregivers, teachers, friends, and celebrities.



四级Cities that get more rainfall than Seattle include Huston, Memphis, Nashville, and pretty much every major city on the eastern coast, such as New York, Boston, and Miami.


2019年12月四级真题(第一套)听力 Section C

六级Products which are usually considered unsuitable for selling online include those that have a taste or smell component.


2015年12月六级真题(第一套)听力 Section C

六级Those service contracts include unlimited data use.



考研It does not include important factors such as environmental quality or education outcomes一all things that contribute to a person's sense of well-being.


2017年考研真题(英语一)阅读理解 Section Ⅱ

四级When a group of craftsmen expands to include more members, a small craft organization is formed.



六级Include collaborative inquiry in the curriculum.



高考These include custom-made navigation tools, night vision systems and intelligent speed adaptations.


2017年高考英语全国卷3 阅读理解 阅读D 原文

六级The dataset they used did not include economic data, so instead the researchers looked at whether the 2013-16 well-being decline was tracking economic indicators.


2019年12月六级真题(第一套)阅读 Section B

考研Digital services include everything from providing a platform for selling goods and services online to targeting advertising based on user data, and the tax applies to gross revenue from such services.


2020年考研真题(英语一)阅读理解 Section Ⅱ

四级The other measures include restricting portion sizes, taxing and prohibiting special price deals for junk foods, and placing warning labels on the products.



六级Google will be able to display up to 20% of orphan works for free, include them in its subscription deals to libraries and sell them to individual buyers under the consumer licence.



四级He can't decide whether to include the effort part of skiing.



六级They include photos repurposed for inappropriate or illegal means, identity theft, embarrassment, bullying by peers or digital kidnapping.


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四级These traditional dishes include fish and chips, steak and kidney pie and large pieces of roasted meats



四级Physical symptoms listed include dry eyes, backaches, skipping meals, poor personal hygiene (卫生) and sleep disturbances.

列出的身体症状包括眼睛干燥、背痛、不吃饭、个人卫生不良(卫生) 还有睡眠障碍。


高考My ambassadorial duties will include introducing British visitors to the 120-plus pandas at Chengdu and others at a research in the misty mountains of Bifengxia.


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高考A pie graph might include a legend, or it might use icons or labels within each slice.


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六级Higher education institutions are, under federal law, required to report graduation rates, but these reports typically only include Pell recipient number—not necessarily rates specific to first-generation students.



六级higher education institutions are, under federal law, required to report graduation rates, but these reports typically only include Pell recipient number — not necessarily rates specific to first-generation students.


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六级I think she is to be commended for making an effort to include anecdotes about little known female scientist.


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六级Typical users of online supermarkets include the elderly, people who work long hours and those without their own transport.


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六级These practices include grazing animals on grasses grown from the pastureland's natural seed bunk, and fertilized by the cows' own fertilizer.


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六级a basis for explaining human genetic diversity an aid to understanding different populations an explanation for social and cultural differences a term to describe individual human characteristics The example of the disease cystic fibrosis underdiagnosed in people of African ancestry demonstrates that it is absolutely necessary to put race aside in making diagnosis it is important to include social variables in genetics research.



六级Effective Friday, Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTR has declared a strike against 11 video game publishers over games that went into production after Feb. 17, 20 The companies include some of the heavyweights of the industry, like Electronic Arts Productions, Insomniac Games, Activision and Disney.



六级Other American companies profiting from this trend include McDonald’s and IBM.



六级Strategies to motivate students in a high school include rewarding academic excellence by designating scholars of the month, or by issuing articles of clothing, such as school letter jackets formerly given only to athletes.



六级The plan can include researching industries and occupations, talking to people who are in your desired area of work, taking classes, or accepting volunteer work in your targeted field.



六级They include slipping notes saying “Love your body the way it is” into dieting books at stores like Borders and writing letters to Mattel, makers of the impossibly proportioned Barbie doll.



六级Its overall mission, after all, is to "organise the world's information", so it would be odd if that information did not include books.



六级It can include them in subscription deals sold to libraries or sell them individually under a consumer licence.



四级The current opinion seems to be that this should include a general knowledge of what computers are, plus a little of their history and something of how they operate.



四级A recent survey found that more than half of all British companies include PR as part of their corporate (公司的) planning activities, compared to about one-third of U. S. companies.

最近的一项调查发现,超过一半的英国公司将公关作为其公司的一部分(公司的) 计划活动,相比之下,约三分之一的美国公司。


四级But when it comes to getting ahead, experts say, the ABCs of business should include a P, for politics, as in office politics.



四级Two years ago Francis worked with the Conservancy to include his farm in a county farmland protection program.



四级These could include cooking equipment or new clothing.



四级The first round-trip ticket to the moon is going to cost at least 10 billion dollars if you include research and development.



四级According to an article in The Street Journal, some of the more shameless tactics include placing attractive bottles on the table for a visual sell, listing brands on the menu without prices, and pouring bottled water without even asking the diners if they want it.



四级In a few years, she successfully expanded the company to include newspaper, magazine, broadcast and cable companies.



四级The most common complaints include filled parking lots, cluttered (塞满了的) shelves, overloaded racks, out-of-stock items, long check-out lines, and rude salespeople.

最常见的投诉包括停车场爆满、杂乱(塞满了的) 货架、超负荷的货架、缺货的商品、长长的结账队伍和粗鲁的销售人员。


四级Several have since made pledges to include organic fabrics in their lines.



四级Motivators, in contrast, include things such as having a challenging and interesting job, recognition and responsibility.



四级They will include plenty of names no one has yet heard of.



四级Broader definitions of the sharing economy include peer-to-peer lending or putting a solar panel on your roof and selling power back to the grid (电网).



四级Broader definitions of the sharing economy include peer-to- peer lending (though cash is hardly a spare fixed asset) or putting a solar panel on your roof and selling power back to the grid (电网).



四级These offerings are not necessarily loss-leaders, as they broaden the appeal of outlets to groups of diners that include some people who don’t want to eat a burger.



四级These include government financing for scientific research, national policies to support emerging industries, educational achievement, engineers and scientists graduated, even the speeds of Internet broadband service.



四级On the demand side, those trends include the ongoing addition of more than 70 million people a year, a growing number of people wanting to move up the food chain to consume highly grain-intensive meat products, and the massive diversion(转向) of U. S. grain to the production of bio-fuel.

在需求方面,这些趋势包括每年持续增加7000多万人,越来越多的人希望向食物链上游转移,消费高谷物密集型肉类产品,以及大规模转移(转向) 美国粮食的大部分用于生产生物燃料。


四级Bacteria are carried by various “media”, which can include raw food, moist surfaces where bacteria have been left, our hands or skin and from coughing or sneezing(打喷嚏).



四级His creations include glasses, innovative stoves and more.



四级The academy’s guidance does not include specific recommendations for the dosing of play.



四级Since employers’ perception of weight is what matters in the labor market, changing discrimination laws to include body type as a category would also help.



四级Those extemal factors include the difficulties accompanying low-wage work or structural discrimina-tion based on race,gender, or ability.



考研Your reasons will vary; they will include reading or studying “to find out more about”, “to understand the reasons for”, “to find out how”.



考研In primitive societies adolescence is frequently a relatively short period of time, while in industrial societies with patterns of prolonged education coupled with laws against child labor, the period of adolescence is much longer and may include most of the second decade of one’s life.



考研This account of yourself is actually a sketch of your working life and should include education, experience and references.



考研Include a few casual and apparently off-the-cuff remarks which you can deliver in a relaxed and unforced manner.



考研Social science disciplines include geography, economics, political, science, psychology, and sociology.