词根词缀记忆/谐音联想记忆 补充/纠错
词根con 加强 + clud 关闭 + e → 强行关 …………
include 关在里面就是包括
exclude 关在外面就是排除在外 拒 …………
词性拓展记忆 / 词形拓展记忆
词根记忆 / 词缀记忆
compatrio …………
conclude sth. from... 从……中得出结论
conclude with 以…结束
conclude…with/by doing 以(做)……(来)结束
conclude an agreement 达成协议
conclude A with B 用B结束A
in conclusion 最后,得出结论
As concluded, ...做为结论...
Draw a conclude 得出结论
conclude from 从中得出结论
hence we can conclude that ... 因此我们可以得出结论...
conclude with 以结束
to conclude 结束
conclude a deal with 与…达成交易
conclude a transaction with 与…达成交易
1. What do you conclude from that?
2.I should say that, conclude my speech by reminding all of you that, we should use our voices and to speak out with passion and conviction, for that is right and our right.
3.With this, we conclude our series of articles on this subject.
4.We will conclude our concert with the National Anthem.
5.After three months of extensive investigations they conclude that rabbits do not exist.

高考It can be concluded from the passage that "patty poem" leads the writer to discover the power of poetry.


考研Rather than concluding that children make parents either happy or miserable, Senior suggests we need to redefine happiness: instead of thinking of it as something that can be measured by moment-to-moment joy, we should consider being happy as a past-tense condition.


四级The researchers conclude that cats hunting style may have developed based on their common-sense abilities to infer where prey is, using their hearing.


高考Although Dr Dominoni has only studied light pollution, other research concluded that robins living in noisy cities have started to sing at night to make themselves heard over loud noise.


考研As the hacking trial concludes – finding guilty ones-editor of the News of the World, Andy Coulson, for conspiring to hack phones ,and finding his predecessor, Rebekah Brooks, innocent of the same charge –the winder issue of dearth of integrity still standstill, Journalists are known to have hacked the phones of up to 5,500 people.

随着黑客审判的结束——《世界新闻报》编辑安迪·库尔森(Andy Coulson)因密谋窃听手机而被判有罪,而他的前任丽贝卡·布鲁克斯(Rebekah Brooks)也因同样的指控无罪——缺乏诚信这一更为棘手的问题仍然停滞不前,众所周知,记者已经窃听了多达5500人的手机。

六级When those were finished, she concluded the session with a brief restatement of how the new system would improve security and peace of mind in the municipal building.


四级Animal experiments by psychologists at the University of Pennsylvania had shown that after repeated failures, most animals conclude that a situation is hopeless and beyond their control.


考研David Graddol concludes that monoglot English graduates face a bleak economic future as qualified multilingual youngsters from other countries are proving to have a competitive advantage over their British counterparts in global companies and organizations.

David Graddol总结说,由于来自其他国家的合格多语种年轻人被证明在全球公司和组织中比英国同行具有竞争优势,单语英语毕业生面临着暗淡的经济前景。

四级I concluded that the profit from burgers is more than offset ( ' , 抵消 ) by the damage they cause in health problems and environmental harm.

我得出的结论是,汉堡的利润远远超过了抵消(“,抵消 ) 由它们造成的健康问题和环境损害。

六级Researchers studying teenagers in Israel concluded that, in that hazardous environment, mobile phones were regarded as "security objects" in parent-teen relationships―important because they provided the possibility ofcontact and communication at all times.


高考The American-born architect robert venturi concluded that if simplicity is done badly, the result is soulless design.

美国出生的建筑师罗伯特·文图里(robert venturi)总结说,如果简单性做得不好,结果就是没有灵魂的设计。

六级As a report in The New England Journal of Medicine concluded, Pretty much every proposed innovation found in the health policy literature these days is contained in these measures.


四级A review of 54 studies found that there is no consensus yet on what type of breakfast is healthier, and conclude that the type of breakfast doesn't matter as much as simply eating something.


四级We can conclude from the passage that romantic love is becoming increasingly important in family relationships.


四级Our continuing failure to deal with the environmental declines that are undermining the world food economy forces me to conclude that such a collapse is possible.


考研However, Allen believed that the unconscious mind generates as much action as the conscious mind, and while we may be able to sustain the illusion of control through the conscious mind alone, in reality we are continually faced with a question: “Why cannot I make myself do this or achieve that? ”Since desire and will are damaged by the presence of thoughts that do not accord with desire, Allen concluded : “ We do not attract what we want, but what we are.


高考They conclude that when task interdependence is high, team performance will suffer when there is too much talent, while individual talent will have positive effects on team performance when task interdependence is lower.


考研In all, the study concludes that whereas prosecutors should only evaluate a case based on its merits, they do seem to be influenced by a company’s record in CSR.


考研The key to reforming higher education, concludes Mr.


六级The researchers conclude that electronic communication was the only adolescent activity that increased at the same time psychological well-being declined.


考研According to several studies concluding that parents are less happy than childless couples, single parents are the least happy of all.


高考The fascination with the ict information and communication technology revolution, represented by the Internet, has made some rich countries wrongly conclude that making things is so " yesterday " that they should try to live on ideas.


考研The company seems to have concluded that its reputation in Vermont is already so damaged that it has noting left to lose by going to war with the state.


高考It can be concluded that restaurant keepers need not "be overly concerned about ‘bad' tables," given that they're profitable.


六级The researchers concluded that role model selection can have a positive or negative outcome on a teenager's psychosocial development.


四级The least that can be concluded from this research is that companies need to think harder about managing teams.