词根词缀记忆/谐音联想记忆 补充/纠错
词根ob 逆 + sta 站 + acle 物和抽象的概 …………
谐音记忆偶不是太抠了 → 不会妨碍、干扰你借东西
词性拓展记忆 / 词形拓展记忆
obstacle / barrier / obstruction / bar / hindrance
obstacle → 指在 …………
词根记忆 / 词缀记忆
obstacle n 障碍(ob在+sta{=stand 站}+acle=站在中间的物品=障碍)
-acle 表名词,”…物品,状态”
receptacle n 容器(recept接受)
manacle n 手铐(man手,参考:manuscript手 …………
obstacle to 障碍
the obstacle to 障碍
unusual obstacle 异常障碍物
obstacle race 障碍赛跑
structural obstacle 结构障碍物
persevere despite obstacles and setbacks 尽管有障碍和挫折,但要坚持不懈
overcome an obstacle 克服障碍
road full of detours and obstacles 充满弯路和障碍的道路
put obstacles in the way of 阻止
Parents' opposition is an obstacle to Mary's marriage.
Lack of perseverance is an obstacle of success.
Hegemonism is the chief obstacle to world peace.
The biggest obstacle to peace negotiations is the lack of trust between the parties.
She had to overcome numerous obstacles to achieve her dream of becoming a doctor.
The steep terrain posed a significant obstacle for the firefighters trying to reach the burning forest.
Financial constraints often stand as an obstacle to further education.
Language barriers can be a significant obstacle when working with international teams.
The outdated regulations proved to be an obstacle to innovation in the industry.
Fear of failure is often the greatest obstacle to personal growth.
The company's inflexible bureaucracy was seen as a major obstacle to productivity improvements.
Her shyness was a significant obstacle in her public speaking engagements.
The ongoing pandemic has become an unexpected obstacle for many businesses worldwide.
The CPC has never been an obstacle in the nearly half-century of China-US interaction, and on the contrary, the CPC has been the leading and driving force for mutually beneficial cooperation, he added.
While demand for weather information seems universal, the biggest obstacle to reaching overseas users is inadequate insights into local markets, Song said.
Wu noted that the biggest obstacle for TCM going global is the cultural differences between East and West.
However, poverty-returning has always been a difficult obstacle to overcome.
To avoid accidents, the unmanned self-driving system considers not only the safety of the running train to prevent tailgating, front and side collisions, derailment, and obstacle collision.
Another obstacle for developing low-cost air transportation in Kazakhstan is tighter government regulation of air transportation and the inability of setting the tariffs by the airlines.
It’s a place that anybody can come and achieve a marvelous accomplishment, no obstacle, wide open, while it is now more difficult in New York.
Britain finally cleared Rupert Murdoch to buy Sky on Thursday, removing the final obstacle to a head-to-head battle between Murdoch's Twenty-First Century Fox and US rival Comcast for the European pay-TV prize.
"Asked whether the plan would meet with an obstacle from the US administration, Chen said the viable way is to transform and upgrade its GE Appliances factory.
"The frequent and fierce typhoons in the deep-water area of the South China Sea are the biggest obstacle to oil exploration.
The real obstacle for China in joining CPTPP lies in geopolitical interference.
Recovery in the property sector still faces a key obstacle, as many presold housing projects are not delivered on time, which has discouraged families from buying properties, and made it even harder for real estate developers to secure sufficient funding to deliver such homes, Lu said.
With communication between Chinese and Indonesian builders a major obstacle, Swandaru used his training and skill to serve as a go-between in helping them settle into their work.
However, size is no obstacle for owner Master Ye, who can tailor a variety of garments from opera costumes to vendors' work uniforms.
While data collection remains the key obstacle to progress on ESG disclosures, many companies are already looking to commit more resources to tackle the challenge.
However, political and security risks in the Arab region remain a significant obstacle to investment cooperation between China and Arab states, while highly concentrated China-Arab trade and investment and lack of sufficient understanding of the Arab market on Chinese enterprises' side also pose challenges for China-Arab trade and economic cooperation, according to the report.
"The main obstacle the company faces, however, is guaranteeing a smooth supply chain for imported materials and export orders.
Therefore, the obstacle China needs to address now is the incompatibility between the slowdowns in real estate, infrastructure and exports and the potential for consumption and innovation to drive growth forward.
The challenge is not about whether we should surmount this obstacle but rather how and when we will overcome it.
However, logistics will continue to be the largest obstacle for cross-border e-commerce, as the global supply chain has suffered from the unprecedented pressure exerted by COVID-19, resulting in product shortages, lack of efficiency, disruption and so on, according to Diane Wang.
And we must be vigilant against the risk of turning sustainable finance into a compliance exercise or a significant obstacle to cross-border capital flows, precisely at a time when such flows are so critical.
Up to 86 percent of sovereigns point to Beijing's rising political tensions with Washington as a major barrier to investing, and political risk was the top obstacle cited as having changed for the worse in the past two years.
"The relatively slow pace of demand recovery is still a prominent obstacle that restricts the acceleration of the domestic economy's development.
"One major retail obstacle for airlines is deciding what to sell," Qu said.
The intelligent picking of parcels and automatic obstacle avoidance could be realized by the intelligent warehousing system, and overall operating efficiency has been enhanced by more than three times, the company said.
But Kang Lu, a senior manager at Sichuan Changhong Electric Co Ltd's multimedia subsidiary, said the biggest obstacle in the process of promoting 8K TVs lies in the lack of 8K content.
He added that public healthcare insurance is another obstacle hindering the development of the sector.
Zhao Heng, founder of consulting company Latitude Health, said that short supply of specialists remains a major obstacle to the expansion of private eye care.
Getting qubits to move between quantum chips fast and accurately has always been a major obstacle.
"Before using, many smart home appliances need to be connected to WiFi, which is already a technical obstacle for many elderly people.
Unveiled at the event, the E1 is equipped with two radar sensors, two cameras and eight ultrasonic sensors for obstacle detection.
"For the sector, mileage anxiety remains the biggest obstacle," Ying said.
The trolleybuses fit Mexico City's plan to change its transportation network, as "they consume less electricity, they have obstacle detectors and special alarms that alert the driver to cyclists," he said.
A lack of refueling stations, which are costly to build, is usually cited as the biggest obstacle to widespread adoption of FCVs.
Apolong, which is outfitted with Baidu's Apollo autonomous driving system, can complete self-driving operations such as obstacle avoidance, swerving and automatic transshipment.
The ride showed a series of eyes-off and hands-off technologies, including lane keeping, automatic positioning, automatic brake, obstacle and pedestrian detection, automatic steering and position calibration, under assistance of relevant equipment and systems, such as radars, lidars, sensors, cameras, GPS positioning, base stations, real-time maps.
"We will have to act much more professionally on the supervisory board," he said, adding that investors, who have long criticized the close collaboration between Lower Saxony and the unions as an obstacle to structural change, should not expect miracles from a possible CDU-led government.
"The lack of quality content remains a major obstacle to the popularity of VR.
However, Pan Helin, executive director of the Digital Economy Academy of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, said that the biggest obstacle to the popularization of digital humans is still the technology.
Pan Helin, executive dean of the Digital Economy Research Institute at the Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, said the biggest obstacle to the large-scale application of virtual humans is the technology, because it is difficult for virtual humans to effectively complete tasks in complicated scenes, and also the cost of intelligent applications is high.
"Our technology is more mature and stable and our obstacle avoidance technology makes them very safe and reliable," said Senior Overseas Sales Manager Tracy Yan.
"Wang believes when taking the first step toward digital transformation, the biggest obstacle is the lack of talents rather than technologies or money.
Foldable smartphones are becoming a new trend among major handset brands, but industry experts believe their high price remains the biggest obstacle to their popularity in the short term.
The Chinese mainland is likely to continue its efforts to introduce favorable monetary policy adjustments to strengthen investor confidence, particularly against the backdrop of the current lackluster investor sentiment, which is seen as a major obstacle impeding the development of the stock market, Hung added.
They will continue to affect the stickiness of inflation and grow into a major obstacle in fighting inflation in various countries.
The new policies will remove this obstacle and introduce more foreign capital inflow into the A-share market, he said.
But now it appears that the pandemic is no longer an obstacle to a tighter monetary policy," said Zhang, who expects the January-February macroeconomic data that will be released in March, to be strong, especially for retail sales.
"I always believe that there is no obstacle to cooperation under the current laws and regulations, and we can certainly find a path for cooperation.
But this obstacle has largely eased as capital market reforms deepened, said analysts.
A key obstacle preventing capitals flowing to private enterprises somehow relates to credit clerks who are reluctant to lend out of fear of bad loans, as private enterprises, especially the smaller ones, are less capable to withstand risks, Gu said.
Now the top regulators will clear the largest obstacle that has hindered the development of the internet small loan sector for years, Wang noted.
The only obstacle to overcome is the pre-approval requirement.
Meng Wei, a spokesperson for the commission, told a news conference on May 17 that a lack of charging facilities remained the largest obstacle to the growth of the domestic NEV industry, especially in rural areas.
Gao said that the timing of the guideline is significant because weakening domestic demand has been a major obstacle to China's economic recovery since the second half of last year.

四级Increasing water shortages prove to be the biggest obstacle to boosting the world's grain production.



四级Time, I realize, is the biggest obstacle to cooking for most people.



六级The biggest obstacle to energy transition is that the present energy system is too expensive to replace.



六级It is the biggest obstacle to social mobility.



六级Take another common obstacle: lack of money