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seller / buyer / salesman
seller n. 卖方,售货员; n. (Seller)人名;(匈)谢勒;(西)塞列尔
buyer n. 购买货物的人
salesman n. 售货员,推销员
sellers' market 卖方市场
seller's market 卖方市场
best seller 畅销书
a seller's market 卖方市场
the best seller 畅销书
The seller is offering a discount for bulk purchases.
The antique seller described the history behind each item in detail.
The car seller assured us that the vehicle has low mileage.
The online seller provided a tracking number for the shipped package.
The real estate seller is open to negotiation on the property price.
The art seller authenticated the painting before putting it up for sale.
The book seller recommended a bestseller from the current chart.
The clothing seller offers a wide range of sizes for their products.
The electronics seller provides a warranty on all their devices.
The二手车seller disclosed any known issues with the car.
On the same day, Zhejiang province-based Guming, another tea-based beverage seller with more than 9,000 stores, applied for an IPO, also in Hong Kong.
Tai made the remarks during the company's China seller conference, which was held in Shenzhen on Tuesday.
During the conference, Amazon also announced five strategic priorities for 2024, including enabling brand owner success, simplifying global operations, optimizing the global supply chain, supporting global expansion and success, and delivering local seller success programs.
Alongside a host of innovative tools and seller service upgrades centered around these five strategic priorities, Amazon Global Selling aims to promote integrated development between cross-border e-commerce and industries, and provide high-quality export solutions for e-commerce sellers.
During the Double 11 online shopping festival from Oct 31 to Nov 11, the flagship store of The North Face on the e-commerce platform Tmall, together with its branches, was the best seller in the outdoor category of international products.
在10月31日至11月11日的双11网购节期间,the North Face在电子商务平台天猫的旗舰店及其分支机构在国际产品户外类别中取得了最畅销的成绩。
Another Fujian province-based Chinese burger seller Tastien has nearly 4,000 stores.
"Despite short-term challenges, the demand from overseas consumers continues to inject fresh business opportunities into the cross-border e-commerce export sector," Tai said during the 2022 Amazon Global Seller Conference held online on Monday and Tuesday.
Jin Jin, head of Seller Management, Global Selling China, said the company hasxa0helped Chinese sellers build self-owned brands on the global stage, and bolster the digital transformation of traditional foreign trade companies.
Global Selling China卖家管理主管金进表示,该公司帮助中国卖家在全球舞台上建立自主品牌,并支持传统外贸公司的数字化转型。
"The presence of Qeelin's elegantly and gracefully designed jewelry in the hotel's afternoon tea program has become the top seller for the lobby lounge this year," he noted.
"Amazon shut down its third-party seller services on its Chinese online marketplace in July 2019 and has shifted its business focus to cross-border e-commerce and cloud computing services in China.
"In one such case, Kofon Motion Group, a little giant based in Huanggang, Hubei province, has seen one of its products, a crayfish peeling machine, become a fast seller.
“在这样一个案例中,总部位于湖北黄冈的小巨人Kofon Motion Group的一款小龙虾去皮机成为了畅销品。
Amazon shut down its third-party seller services on its Chinese online marketplace in July 2019 and shifted its focus to cross-border e-commerce, cloud services and e-reader devices in China.
"This is because it circumvents the need for the seller to register as a legal entity, requires much more simplified procedures and incurs shorter time frames.
US-based fresh berry grower and seller Driscoll's is planning to triple its business in China over the next five years, as a growing number of affluent families in the country are pursuing nutritious and healthy dining habits, a senior company executive said.
AliExpress' network of domestic storage centers and overseas warehouses help merchants such as computer seller Teclast accelerate delivery to buyers while maintaining relatively low costs, said Shi Enrong, a sales manager for its cross-border e-commerce business.
The company is also a leading toothpaste seller in China, with its market share reaching 22.2 percent by the end of last year.
Xiaomi, the world's third-largest seller of smartphones, denies any military links and sued to lift the ban, which would prohibit US citizens from investing in the company.
Quguangguang, which means "joy of shopping" in Chinese, has been launched by Suning, the country's leading home appliance seller turned omnichannel retailer, so as to integrate livestreaming marketing and livestreaming hosting incubation into their brick-and-mortar stores, offering consumers buying-on-sight shopping experiences.
Among its major products, sales of excavators rose 17.22 percent year-on-year to about 18.65 billion yuan, retaining its position as the top seller in the domestic market for the tenth consecutive year.
NEW YORK -- Huawei Technologies Co has achieved its goal of becoming the world's top seller of smartphones, at least in the second quarter of this year, fueled by the rapid economic recovery in its home market of China, according to research firm Canalys.
Of its major product categories, excavators saw sales rise 43.5 percent year-on-year to 27.6 billion yuan, helping it remain the top seller in the domestic market for the ninth consecutive year, it said.
Luckin Coffee Inc, the Chinese chain in deep crisis for fabricating sales data, disclosed on April 2 that its 2019 revenue was inflated by about 2.2 billion yuan ($310 million), thus admitting to short seller Muddy Water's earlier allegation.
Nasdaq-listed online video platform iQIYI Inc faced a short seller accusation of overstating revenue less than a week after Luckin admitted to issuing falsified statements.
The news comes about three months after short seller Muddy Waters Research released a report on Luckin that said the company was inflating its numbers.
Philip Morris International, the world's largest non-governmental cigarette seller by sales revenue, has set a new course to focus on technologies that eliminate burning or combustion to cut harmful ingredients in cigarette smoke, a senior executive said.
At the Amazon Global Selling summit held in Shanghai on Dec 11, Jiaxing Zichi Trade Co Ltd-the parent company of Orolay-was named the most innovative seller for 2019.
In July, Amazon shut down its third-party seller services on its Chinese online marketplace amid increasingly fierce competition from homegrown e-commerce rivals such as Alibaba Group Holding Ltd and JD, as well as Pinduoduo.
Getting $1.7 billion to go away seems excessive, but that's between buyer and seller.
T, a large seller of baby feeding bottles in Japan, just announced its entry to the Chinese market by opening its first online shop on JD.
In April, Amazon said it plans to shut down its third-party seller services on its Chinese online marketplace in July, but emphasized it will not exit the Chinese market.
Anta Sports Products Limited's share price rose on Friday after the short seller Blue Orca Capital's critical report questioning the Hong Kong-listed company's accounting and corporate governance sent Anta' shares plunging the most in 15 months.
The short seller report "may be intended specifically to undermine confidence in the company and its management, and to harm its reputation," the statement said.
On Friday morning, yoga apparel brand Lululemon Athletica Inc's founder, Dennis Wilson, had subscribed to HK$778 million worth of shares through an investment vehicle, in a vote of confidence likely negotiated before the short seller report.
Hamleys dates back to 1760 and is widely considered to be the world's oldest toy seller.
com Inc plans to shut down its third-party seller services on its Chinese online marketplace in July as it shifts its focus to the more lucrative businesses of cross-border e-commerce, cloud services and e-reader devices in the country.
A Chinese third-party seller who sells books via Amazon China's online marketplace said he hasn't got the notice on closure of the third-party seller service yet, and his sales revenue at Amazon is lower than that from Tmall and JD.
com Inc plans to shut down its third-party seller services on its Chinese online marketplace in July, as it shifts its focus to offering Chinese mainland consumers overseas products rather than goods from local sellers.
In the case, a resident took an electronic bicycle seller and an online shopping service provider to court, claiming the bike he bought on the platform was different from the shopper's online description.
The court finally supported the customer in his request for a refund, "as he provided sufficient evidence to prove the seller misled buyers by fake advertisements," Zhang said, but added the request for compensation from the online shopping platform was rejected.
"We found the platform had taken measures to implement its duty in the case, such as reviewing qualification materials and the business license of the seller, so it didn't need to hold the liability together with the shopper," he explained.
Sales of excavators rose 40.8 percent year-on-year to 19.2 billion yuan in 2018, helping it retain the spot of top seller on the domestic market for the 8th consecutive year.
Among the top five electric cooker makers in the China market, Miji was the No 1 seller, taking the lion's share of 36 percent, according to market research firm CIC.
Just one week before Pinduoduo released its latest fiscal results, activist short seller Blue Orca Capital published a 42-page report claiming that Pinduoduo inflates its reported revenues and understates its staffing costs and net losses.
Vincent Cheung, partner of online securities brokerage Tiger Brokers, said that Pinduoduo's strong performance in the third quarter has forcefully beaten the short seller's opinion.
"We are a seller of a global brand, we are sourcing all over the world and selling all over the world," he said.
NEW YORK - Viomi Technology, a Xiaomi-backed Chinese seller of internet-connected home appliances, debuted on the Nasdaq stock exchange on Tuesday, trading under the ticker symbol of "VIOT.
For Moutai, it has completely transformed from a buyers' market into a seller's market," he said.
"Live lobster is our top seller.
Liu added for JD Logistics, the logistics arm of JD, the orders from third-party seller platforms will surpass JD's self-owned orders in the next five years.
In its transformation from a property seller to a landlord, SOHO encountered shrinking revenue as rents generated this way were incomparable to the sales revenue of properties.
For instance, a seller can only trade on the London Metal Exchange when its metals are already in an LME-regulated warehouse, such as the Henry Bath warehouse.
Due to Henry Bath's relatively higher credibility, compared with newer warehouses, a buyer of commodities can secure better financing terms with banks when they are buying from a seller whose metals are kept in a Henry Bath warehouse.
CRHIC has become the world's second-biggest seller of such machines.
"Another buyer, Ivan Garcia, commented: "Nice item from a great seller.
Wang Zhenhui, CEO of JD Logistics, said in an earlier interview that the division has been profitable, and the orders from third-party seller platforms and outside partners have witnessed rapid growth, which surpassed the growth rate of JD's self-owned orders.
Company says orders from third-party seller platforms show rapid growthJD Logistics, the logistics arm of the country's second-largest e-commerce player JD, said that it has achieved an annual revenue of 30 billion yuan ($4.5 billion) and looks set to scale it up to 100 billion yuan in the next five years, with orders from third-party trading platforms accounting for nearly 50 percent of the revenue.
The orders from third-party seller platforms and outside partners have witnessed rapid growth, which surpassed the growth rate of JD's self-owned orders," said Wang Zhenhui, CEO of JD Logistics.
Pearl River hopes overseas exchanges enhance worldwide reputation, salesGuangzhou Pearl River Piano Group Co Ltd, the world's largest piano producer and seller, is banking on growing bilateral cultural exchanges and cooperation between China and the rest of the world to help further expand its market presence.
[Photo by Tan Qingju/China Daily]Guangzhou Pearl River Piano Group Co Ltd, the world's largest piano producer and seller, is banking on growing bilateral cultural exchanges and cooperation between China and the rest of the world to help further expand its market presence.
If innovation can be compared to an apple, the latest bite taken by Shenyang Machine Tool Group, once the world's largest machine tool seller, was not the sweetest.
As the country's attention turned to the eloquent entrepreneur who founded the world's fastest-growing e-commerce giant, Jane Kimunge, a clothes seller in Nairobi, thought Ma was a Chinese government official who might had come to oversee one of the infrastructure projects funded by China.
As for John Ngetich, a school uniform seller in the northwest Kenyan town of Eldoret, Alibaba is the foundation upon which his business is anchored.
The company also generated revenue of 6.9 billion yuan from excavators, which has made the group China's top seller of excavators for seven consecutive years.
CIMC maintains the world's biggest container manufacturer and seller with 10.05 billion yuan in sales being made over the past six months, including 535,700 of dry TEU (20-foot equivalent unit) containers and TEU 35,100 cold chain containers, more than doubling the number from the same period of 2016.
"The Stockyard Hill project may be particularly interesting because not only is Goldwind investing in a jurisdiction with a high level of transparency, which reduces investment risks, but it also managed to secure a 22-year long term power purchasing agreement, from 2019 to 2030, at A$60 per megawatt-hour with the seller of the wind farm, further lowering Goldwind's investment risks," Jacobelli added.
After a buyer purchases a virtual mosquito, the seller will engage in conversation with any social media account that the buyer designates, using the persona of the mosquito.
China has become a major producer and seller of new energy vehicles in just over two decades, achieving rapid growth in this sector," said Chen, adding the market explosion and the release of production capacity at this moment reflect the effective improvement of China's export quality and the rational growth in quantity, highlighting the forward-looking nature of China's economic development.
"According to our latest data in February this year, the monthly number of new seller registrations from China increased almost tenfold after we established our China office.
In a traffic accident, if the damage is caused by the defects of a vehicle, the driver, the owner or the user of the vehicle, after paying for the bill, can request compensation from the manufacturer or seller of the car in accordance with laws, the regulation said.
What really matters in livestreaming shopping is viewership, where the size of the audience indicates the size of potential customers, and also determines how many sales a seller can close.
"This is because it circumvents the need for the seller to register as a legal entity, requires simplified procedures and incurs shorter time frames. "
International trade offers both seller and buyer economies a better price for the same transaction than traded within their own economies," she said, noting domestic circulation provides the backbone support for the economy when the external side is weak.
The new customs administration model has made it possible that exporters can sell their goods through e-commerce platforms abroad, like Amazon and eBay, and quickly ship the goods to overseas warehouses as long as the seller, the platform and the shipping company register their information with Chinese customs.
The vicissitudes of e-commerce also witnessed the fall of once high-flying players like online supermarket Yihaodian and apparel seller Vancl, which are struggling amid increasingly fevered competition.
In addition, the seller market concentration was high in the initial stage of the pilot project, which means the buyers had the bargaining power, and the lagging product design in a few insurance companies had directly affected customers' experience.
He found on Xianyu, an e-commerce platform under Chinese tech giant Alibaba, a seller who could make the wish come true for the price of 30 yuan ($4.5).
The seller, Li Bingxuan, 28, is a graphic designer from Harbin, capital of China's northernmost province of Heilongjiang.
Despite the plummeting export metrics, in the last year of data, China remained the third-largest market for both US goods and services exports, a testament to the importance of China as buyer of goods, not just a seller, according to the trade association.
AIMING FOR HIGHER GROUNDEarly this month, news of China's BYD becoming the world's leading seller of pure electric vehicles in the fourth quarter of 2023 made headlines, with media reports describing it as a landmark moment in China's fast-growing new energy vehicle (NEV) sector.
Orbis, a Japanese brand, has generated 80 percent of its revenue from its in-house website, some 2 billion yuan ($280 million), Guo said, while a new makeup brand would be able to reach top seller status on Amazon in Japan with annual revenue of under 30 million yuan.
Capitalizing on the upscaling trend, Guvet has become the top seller on Douyin and is actively expanding offline.
If a product becomes a hit at the seller, he would outsource that to external factories for mass production.
"On an average day, hundreds or even thousands of palm fans may be sold, said Liu Yang, an online seller for the company.
"This is a market for all people, where everyone can buy their favorite flowers at the lowest price," said Shi Jinlong, a seller hailing from the northwestern Shaanxi province.
Overall, China's real estate sector has changed to a buyer's market from a seller's market, and corresponding regulation policies have changed from cooling the overheated market to warming the overcooled market.
"European consumers like China's new technologies very much, and this car will become our best seller.
"It was unimaginable in the past," veteran flower seller Yang Yuyong said.
Because the dropping sea cargo rates have helped foreign buyers to cut the transportation costs under trade transactions settled with free on board (FOB) contracts, which relieve the seller of responsibility once the goods are shipped, many exporters in Yiwu found that export orders have increased since August, Ruan said.
Since the global shipping market has turned from a seller's market into a buyer's market, Morten Juul, head of ocean management for the Asia-Pacific region at A. P. Moller-Maersk, a Danish shipping and logistics service provider, said the changes to the macroeconomic environment are accelerating the pace of market normalization and enabling ports to decongest, which in turn will put pressure on the value proposition offered by carriers.
In 2020, Sany Heavy Industry overtook Caterpillar and became the top excavator seller in the world, while Liugong Machinery ranked ninth in terms of sales.
China's LNG imports are mainly based on the seller's onshore delivery, and its orders' transportation schedules are in the hands of global resource suppliers such as US LNG exporter Cheniere Energy LNG Inc, British energy group BP plc and QatarEnergy.
Omar Hsu, owner of the Ommi's Food and Catering, a mooncake seller in Sydney's inner west said his business had more than doubled compared with last year.
Fujing Holdings Co Ltd, the largest retail seller of potted vegetable plants in Shandong province, has seen strong sales in the past few years.
"It is a hot seller," said Shi Jiajia, a local KFC employee.
Also at the fair was Muzaffar Bhat, an Iranian carpet seller, who said that the world is now sharing the fruit of China's tourism recovery, with tourism fairs like CICTF springing up again and business opportunities popping up anywhere.
"We can make orders on Zailouxia's mini-program through WeChat and after half-a-day or one day, we can collect the products we ordered with a verification code from the seller," a Beijing housewife surnamed Li said.
China is the world's largest producer and seller of hyaluronic acid raw materials.
The contents of the love displays, which can include video, pictures and text, will be submitted to the seller for review about 15 days before broadcasting, to make sure content stays positive, healthy and does not violate any national laws or regulations, according to Taobao.
CIF, CNF and FOB are international shipping agreements applied in the transport of goods between a buyer and a seller.
FOB contracts relieve the seller of responsibility once the goods are shipped, said China COSCO Shipping Corp Ltd. "First-half orders increased significantly compared to the same period last year," said Shi, adding that in order to alleviate urgent demand, several of the company's Indian clients temporarily transferred their orders originally scheduled to be produced in India to China, and handed them over to his company for production.

考研In other words, it is up to the buyer, rather than the seller, to decide what to buy.



六级Critics point out that, by giving Google the right to commercially exploit its database, the settlement paves the way for a subtle shift in the company's role from provider of information to seller.



六级Critics point out that, by giving Google the right to commercially exploit its database, the settlement paves the way for a subtle shift in the company's role from provider of information to seller



四级She or he can threaten to take the seller to court or report the seller to a private or public organization responsible for protecting consumers’ rights.



四级Having started out as a peer-to-peer marketplace, it is now dominated by professional “power seller” (many of whom started out as ordinary eBay users).