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词根settle(解决;安排;使定居) + me …………
词根记忆settle 解决 + ment 名词后缀 → 解决殖民问题,首先要将殖民安置,然后签协议与他们结算清楚,最 …………
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international settlement 国际结算
cash settlement 现金结算
settlement price 结算价格
settlement agreement 调解书
foreign exchange settlement 结汇
settlement of the dispute 纠纷的解决
reach a settlement 达成和解
settlement of a debt 债务的偿还
divorce settlement 离婚协议
account settlement 帐户结算
reach a settlement 达成和解
cross-border settlement 人民币跨境结算
divorce settlement 离婚和解
cross-border trade settlement 跨境贸易结算
colonial settlement 殖民地定居
settlement site 定居点
prompt settlement of disputes 迅速解决争端
political settlement of the Syrian crisis 叙利亚危机的政治解决
stop building settlements 停止修建定居点
We have reached a settlement with our competitor.
This village was the largest human settlements in this area.
The company delayed the settlement of its debts.
The dispute between the two companies was finally settled out of court.
They reached a settlement after months of negotiation.
The settlers established a small village in the heart of the forest.
The government agreed to a financial settlement with the striking workers.
A peaceful settlement of the conflict is essential for regional stability.
The indigenous people signed a treaty with the colonial government, establishing a settlement.
The divorce settlement granted her custody of the children and a substantial alimony.
Archaeologists discovered an ancient settlement dating back to the Bronze Age.
The dispute over the border territory was resolved through diplomatic settlement.
After a long legal battle, a settlement was reached, and both parties agreed to drop all claims.
The US chip company Micron Technology Inc said it has settled an intellectual property theft lawsuit with Chinese company Fujian Jinhua Integrated Circuit Co. Micron said in a statement that it has reached a global settlement agreement with the Chinese company.
美国芯片公司美光科技(Micron Technology Inc)表示,已与中国福建金华集成电路有限公司(Fujian Jinhua Integrated Circuit Co.)就知识产权盗窃案达成和解。美光在一份声明中表示,已同这家中国公司达成全球和解协议。
Located in a typhoon-prone area amid rough sea conditions, the Haiji-2 has overcome challenges such as foundation settlement, large-scale lifting and precision control, CNOOC said.
Buyankheshig, the head of Rashaant village, said the settlement earned about 1 million yuan last year by breeding livestock, including sheep, cows, horses and camels, and more than 200,000 yuan from raising camels.
The company said its LNG carrier Marweh, carrying some 65,000 tons of LNG from the United Arab Emirates, finished unloading at the CNOOC Guangdong Dapeng LNG receiving station on Tuesday, marking a substantial step forward in China's exploration of cross-border yuan settlement transactions in oil and gas.
Construction workers paid extra attention as tunneling work runs the risk of leading to the settlement of nearby buildings and foundations, CR24 said.
The Tencent Cloud platform employs a large number of software development tools to unite Tencent Cloud storage, account access and cost settlement, and coordinate monitoring and logging among other modules, thus paving the way for efficient software development.
It supports autonomous vehicle positioning, intelligent charging, and automatic payment and settlement to meet current charging demands in closed scenes and layout the future unmanned intelligent energy replenishment and storage market.
The volume of international settlement at its domestic branches increased by 8 percent year-on-year, while the volume of its cross-border renminbi settlement grew by 5 percent.
In terms of expanding drivers of growth, ICBC was approved as one of the first pilot institutions for Southbound Trading under China's Bond Connect program and gained the qualifications for providing foreign exchange payment and settlement for parties to a cross-border e-commerce transaction.
Industry experts suggested the settlement of Evergrande's debt crisis will set a template for other indebted enterprises in the real estate sector, and the Chinese property market as a whole.
MetaERP has passed the practical test of application in Huawei's various departments around the world and the annual settlement test of the company's ledger.
The settlement of the front-end bonded warehouse of Amazon in Ningbo will boost the cross-border export business of Ningbo, said Chen Lizhen, deputy director of Ningbo Commerce Bureau.
In addition to drawing up plans for expanding settlement in national currencies to provide better financial services for collaboration on major projects, SCO members should continue to work together to advance collaboration in logistics, education and green and smart infrastructure development, Zhou said.
This year, we became one of the first foreign banks to provide clearing and settlement on the nascent Beijing Stock Exchange.
"Examples include technical collaboration to support our customers' decarbonization aspirations, expanded iron ore sales to ports in China, sales of iron ore via a WeChat app and leading the industry in completing fully paperless end-to-end transactions using blockchain technology, some of which include yuan settlement," said a Rio Tinto spokesperson.
The World Bank's new trial standards to evaluate the satisfaction in a country's business environment for foreign companies include 10 aspects: Market access, business premise acquisition, labor employment, access to financial services, cross-border trade, tax payment, settlement of commercial disputes and promotion of market competition.
after deducting settlement payments.
The three other companies agreed to a settlement, while the one from Shijiazhuang lost its first trial and lodged an appeal.
The transaction is valued at HK$15.4 billion ($1.98 billion) and settlement of the transaction will take place on Monday.
The ticket was purchased by a Shenzhen resident surnamed Shui during Spring Airlines' business trial for digital currency settlement, and it has become the first air ticket bought with digital yuan.
As the nation's first aviation company to launch digital yuan payment and settlement, Spring Airlines looks to further explore the application of digital yuan into more air travel scenarios.
Among them, 97.4 percent of the cases did not require mailing of materials, and the claims were completed in time through the direct connection service of claim settlement, online upload of materials and online review functions.
"This settlement with the SEC reflects our cooperation and remediation efforts, and enables the company to continue with the execution of its business strategy," Guo Jinyi, chairman and chief executive officer of Luckin Coffee, said in a statement.
The settlement with the SEC reflects the company's cooperation and remediation efforts, and enables the company to continue with the execution of its business strategy, said Luckin Chairman and CEO Guo Jingyi in a regulatory filing.
Wang said the branch will continue to attract more outstanding enterprises, related institutions and individuals and build the resource gathering, technical standards, technological innovation, consulting services, testing and certification, information services, transaction settlement and international cooperation platforms.
"Apparently Washington won't give a nod to a settlement until it gets everything-the operation right of the company, its core technologies, and even a considerable amount of 'kickback'," Liu said, referring to the potential $5 billion payment to fund education in the US that surfaced in some reports about the deal.
ByteDance clarified on Monday it would still hold a majority stake in short video app TikTok and keep indigenous technologies, such as algorithms, amid speculation on the company's fate in the light of a multiparty settlement in the United States.
Should the White House approve the deal, he said, the settlement could be seen as a pullback from the US president's executive order issued in August requiring either a total sale or a total ban.
As long as the consumer buys the newly-released policy, he can get protection for 20 years in a row, even if the product suspends selling or the consumer makes settlement of claims.
During the 20-year period, the policy holder can claim a maximum 2 million yuan ($292,117) in settlement every year, which can cover up to 120 diseases.
The maximum settlement of the 20-year policy tops at 8 million yuan.
Li Hao, deputy general manager of Ping An Health Insurance Company of China Ltd, said most of the medical insurance policies that promise 1 million yuan of settlement only have a one-year maturity.
The lender will leverage its financial technologies to support the fair organization, offering exhibitors and buyers exclusive products in the sectors of financing and settlement, creating financing green channels, as well as enhancing online services to further reduce financing costs for enterprises.
Baoshan Iron and Steel Co Ltd (Baosteel), a subsidiary of China Baowu Steel Group, completed a 100 million yuan ($14.1 million) iron ore settlement deal via blockchain technology with mining giant Rio Tinto Plc, after inking yuan purchase deals with Brazil's Vale in January and Australia's BHP Group in April.
Exploring the possibilities of yuan-denominated settlement via blockchain is a new proof," said Zhang.
Since 2019, Baosteel has been actively promoting yuan-denominated settlement of iron ore trade with foreign suppliers.
Rents are temporarily scrapped or lowered for businesses selling these products, with shortened settlement cycle in place to mitigate their capital stretch.
Crucially, the settlement of the case by paying a heavy fine would mean that Airbus will not face a potential criminal prosecution over the matter, which could have prevented it from bidding for future public contracts in both the US and the European Union.
SMEs thus stand to benefit from a one-stop solution for online customs clearance, settlement exchange, tax refunds, as well as logistics and financial services.
Citi China received the Type-A license to act as a bond settlement agent in China's interbank bond market in 2017.
In addition, a treatment account should be established, a system of physician accountability should be set up, and 'one-stop' settlement services should be implemented.
The department of financial institutions she worked for was basically focused on providing Chinese banks with a US dollar clearing service and settlement network for international trade.
The corporate demands evolved from domestic borrowing to international financing through bond issuance, syndicated loans, initial public offerings, and mergers and acquisitions, and from settlement of import and export transactions to setting up plants abroad and using local services.
The FTC voted 3-2 along party lines to adopt the settlement, which requires court approval.
Under the settlement, Facebook's board will create an independent privacy committee that removes "unfettered control by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg over decisions affecting user privacy.
The FTC Republican majority argued the settlement "significantly diminishes Mr. Zuckerberg's power — something no government agency, anywhere in the world, has thus far accomplished.
"They called the settlement — in light of what the FTC might have been able to win in a court fight — "a complete home run.
Senator Richard Blumenthal, a Democrat from Connecticut, called the settlement "a fig leaf" that offers "no accountability for top executives.
The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) approved a settlement involving about $5 billion with Facebook over its probe into the tech giant's privacy violations, The Wall Street Journal reported Friday.
It is still unclear what restrictions are on Facebook's handling of user privacy in the settlement.
US conglomerate gives RT-Mart more than 20,000 mobile computersUS-based conglomerate Honeywell will continue to promote the development of new retail solutions from procurement, commodity production and processing, and commodity settlement and operation of an entire supply chain as part of its broader drive to bolster digital and intelligent transformation of Chinese companies.
China approved the preparation application by a joint venture with American Express for setting up a bank card clearing and settlement institution last November, a step forward in the country's financial opening-up.
The decision followed Qualcomm's April 16 settlement of a long-running legal battle with Apple Inc, where Apple agreed once again to use Qualcomm chips in its iPhones, displacing Intel Corp.
"The FTC must set a resounding precedent that is heard by Facebook and any other tech company that disregards the law in a rapacious quest for growth, Blumenthal and Republican Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri wrote in a May 6 letter to the FTC, in regard to a privacy settlement with the company.
China's technology giant Huawei and Samsung China have reached a settlement in a series of infringement disputes involving standard essential patents through mediation from the court, which concluded on Tuesday.
Huawei and Samsung finally reached a mediated settlement after many rounds of mediation from the provincial court, and both sides agreed to implement relevant agreements in accordance with the Patent Licensing Agreement and properly settle disputes.
The peaceful settlement of the case has helped boost cooperation and development in the global communication industry between the two companies, and achieved positive legal and social effects, the statement read.
The regulator said that KPMG was fined 5 million pounds, discounted for a settlement to 4 million pounds (5.2 million dollars), and was reprimanded.
Meanwhile, KPMG's audit partner Andrew Walker was also fined 125,000 pounds (163,000 dollars), discounted for a settlement to 100,000 pounds and was reprimanded.
"Liu has to appear in a US court and respond to the lawsuit if there's no settlement before proceeding to trial," attorney Hugh H. Mo told China Daily.
The settlement also includes a payment from Apple to Qualcomm, whose size the two companies did not disclose.
As part of the settlement, Qualcomm will also end litigation with Apple's contract manufacturers.
CNBC had earlier reported about the settlement.
The program, which utilizes the resource advantages of Chongqing municipality and Istanbul, the capital of Turkey, provides online trading, payment, financial services, overseas marketing, as well as logistics, customs declaration, inspection declaration, tax refund, settlement of exchange and other integrated services of foreign trades, according to DHgate.
Zeng Hongqing, the automaker's chairman, said the company is going to start a trading company in Hong Kong, where the cycle of foreign exchange settlement is shorter than in the Chinese mainland.
Since 2015 it has formed nine strategic partnerships with local partners outside the Chinese mainland, extending its own technologies and experience to incubate local payment solutions and allow for settlement using local currencies.
As a leading fixed income house globally, we have quickly become one of the leading players facilitating Bond Connect trading volume, and one of the top foreign settlement agents on the China Interbank Bond Market.
"With the current settlement, we have the green light to expand our business scope.
The industrial giant also announced it had reached a settlement with the US Department of Justice regarding its former subprime-mortgage business for $1.5 billion, a figure that matches the amount the company set aside for liability in the probe last April.
To achieve this, Sinosure will provide Wison with "one-stop" expressxa0services and "green channel for claims settlement" to help them expand financing avenues and enhance their resistance to risks.
“We are preparing to launch bond index products such as bond ETFs, promote interconnectivity among central depository institutions, and extend the settlement cycle for bond trading,” said Pan.
American Express was notified on Friday that the People's Bank of China, the central bank, has granted preparatory approval to a joint venture established by the multinational financial services corporation in the Chinese mainland for its application for a clearing and settlement license in the mainland.
The news comes a month after Tesla and Musk agreed to pay $20 million each as part of a settlement with the US Securities and Exchange Commission following a Twitter post by Musk saying Tesla had secured funding to be taken private.
The release of the Q3 2018 Vehicle Safety Report came less than a week after Tesla CEO Elon Musk agreed to quit his chairman role with the company in a settlement reached with the US Securities and Exchange Commission last Saturday on Musk's controversial tweets about the automaker's future.
The settlement will require Musk to relinquish his role as chairman for at least three years, but he will able to remain as CEO.
The Securities and Exchange Commission announced the settlement Saturday, just two days after filing a case seeking to oust Musk as CEO.
The digital platform will be linked to UnionPay for fund transfers to ensure the finance and settlement process of each wallet complies with regulations in a transparent and secure way, according to the firm.
Topics encompassed investment opportunities, trade and e-commerce and infrastructure construction as well as risk prevention and dispute settlement.
Over the same period, we have added many new product offerings in China for our clients including: government bond underwriting; cross-border sweeping; Money Market Fund Auto transfer; Virtual Branch; and corporate bond underwriting and bond settlement in China's interbank bond market.
Wilson announced Fonterra's first half results on the same day, showing hefty loss blamed on one-off Danone settlement in a lawsuit in relation to a Fonterra's precautionary recall of whey protein in August 2013.
The settlement did not require an admission of liability, Attorney General Lori Swanson said.
"We're pleased with the settlement.
We think the settlement will help solve a problem in Minnesota.
And we are very hopeful the settlement can help fix that.
"The settlement was announced Tuesday after jury selection was halted as the trial was set to begin.
The company said it would continue the construction of an e-commerce operation and settlement center in Jilin, which is expected to create 9,000 jobs.
"The settlement of these projects helps highlight Guangzhou's new strategy of industrial development, which is focusing on the construction of industrial parks production integration, living and good ecology and development of an emerging industrial cluster," said Feng.
"Using the renminbi as a settlement currency, as well as providing more convenient tax and visa facilities, can prompt more Chinese companies to invest in BRICS," Huang said.
According to the memorandum, both sides will strengthen cooperation in settlement and clearing, project financing, bond underwriting and investment, trading services of interbank bond and forex markets, internet finance and informatization construction, to provide high-quality services for infrastructure projects of countries involved in the Belt and Road Initiative, as well as other emerging economies and developing nations.
Another product, intelligent quick claim settlement, mainly used in auto insurance sector, can recognize the type of car and degree of damage by reading photos of the scene.
The insurer, for instance, just launched two new claim settlement services for auto insurance based on the intelligent cloud platform and technical tools.
Bi Xin, general manager of the claim settlement department of the property insurance branch of the company, said the technology mainly utilized tools including digital endoscopes, thermodetectors and cloud diagnosis platform.
The technology aims to help simplify the settlement process in a more transparent, standardized and intelligent way, he added.
The bank kept its leading position in the clearing and settlement of the yuan, and established a presence in more countries, including Serbia, Angola and Ireland.
Ant Financial plans to promote this cashier-free experience to more merchants, providing identify verification, risk control and payment and settlement services.
It is also expanding to in-store offline payments both inside and outside of China, which now are covering more than 200,000 retail stores overseas and support settlement of 18 currencies.
It provides both corporate and personal services, including credit facility, account services, international settlement, exchange services and Chinese currency services.
Last year, SunEdison paid $28.5 million to reach a settlement.
[Photo/Agencies]China National Chemical Corp, known as ChemChina, has completed the second settlement of its tender offers for Basel-based Syngenta AG, increasing its stake to 94.7 percent, the group announced on Thursday.
Based on preliminary numbers, 80.7 percent of shares were tendered in favor of the acquisition, higher than the minimum acceptance rate of 67 percent needed for the deal to go through, ChemChina said in a statementThe first payment settlement is scheduled for May 18.

六级In 2005, the Authors Guild of America, together with a group of US publishers, launched a class action suit (集团诉讼) against Google that, after more than two years of negotiation, ended with an announcement last October that Google and the claimants had reached an out-of-court settlement.

2005年,美国作家协会(Authors Guild of America)与一群美国出版商共同发起了一场集体诉讼suitxa0(集团诉讼) 针对谷歌,经过两年多的谈判,去年10月谷歌与索赔人达成庭外和解。


六级This settlement hands Google the power - but only with the agreement of individual rights holders – to exploit its database of out-of-print books.



考研The resulting settlement maps show how the distribution and density of the rural population around the city changed dramatically between AD500 and 850, when Copán collapsed.



六级It is these commercial provisions that are proving the settlement's most controversial aspect.



六级Interest in this aspect of the settlement has focused on "orphan" works, where there is no known copyright holder – these make up an estimated 5-10% of the books Google has scanned



六级Its practice of burning forests for settlement and development.



考研Surveys can cover a single large settlement or entire landscapes.



六级It is by no means certain that the settlement will be enacted (执行) – it is the subject of afairness hearing in the US courts.



六级It is these commercial provisions that are proving the settlement's most controversial aspect



六级Under the settlement, when no rights holders come forward and register their interest in a work, commercial control automatically reverts to Google.



六级The commercial provisions of the settlement



六级Under the settlement, when no rights holders come forward and register their interest in a work, commercial control automatically reverts to Google



六级Interest in this aspect of the settlement has focused on "orphan" works, where there is no known copyright holder – these make up an estimated 5-10% of the books Google has scanned.



六级Rather than pay up or work out a settlement, Bowman decided to appeal—all the way to the Supreme Court



六级The Supreme Court is likely to persuade the parties concerned to work out a settlement



六级Part of the problem is that it is basically incomprehensible," says Blofeld, one of the settlement's most vocal British critics



六级Critics point out that, by giving Google the right to commercially exploit its database, the settlement paves the way for a subtle shift in the company's role from provider of information to seller.



六级Rather than pay up or work out a settlement, Bowman decided to appeal—all the way to the Supreme Court.



六级Critics point out that, by giving Google the right to commercially exploit its database, the settlement paves the way for a subtle shift in the company's role from provider of information to seller



六级"Part of the problem is that it is basically incomprehensible," says Blofeld, one of the settlement's most vocal British critics.



六级Now, he says, because of the settlement's provisions, Google could become a significant force in bookselling.



六级Interest in this aspect of the settlement has focused on "orphan" works, where there is noknown copyright holder – these make up an estimated 5-10% of the books Google has scanned.



六级It is by no means certain that the settlement will be enacted (执行) – it is the subject of a fairness hearing in the US courts.

决不能确定和解是否会被颁布(执行) – 这是美国法院公平听证的主题。


四级A raped means of long-distance transportation became a necessity for the United States as settlement (新拓居地) spread ever farther westward.

被强奸的长途运输工具成为美国定居的必需品(新拓居地) 向西传播得更远。


考研Apart from a handful of weather stations, within the same distance of the South Pole there is not a single tree, industry, or settlement.



考研Someone traveling alone, if hungry, injured, or ill, often had nowhere to turn except to the nearest cabin or settlement.