词根词缀记忆/谐音联想记忆 补充/纠错
谐音晒 → 晒幸福 分享幸福 → share v …………
词性拓展记忆 / 词形拓展记忆
share capital 股本
shared values 共同的价值观
share and share alike 有福同享 有难同当
a trouble shared is a trouble halved 烦恼可以分担
the lion's share 最大份额
hold share 持股
do one's share 尽某人的本分
market share 市场占有率
do one's share 做自己的一份
A share A股
bank shares 银行股份
share in a common life 共同生活
share in 股份
share price 股价
share sth. with sb. 与某人分享某物
share ideas 分享想法
share with 和…分享
share option 股票期权
share in sth. 分享某物
a share of 一份
share the view on 分享关于
share ... with ... 和…分享
share weal and woe 同甘共苦
share feelings and ideas with 与他人分享感受和想法
share with friends 与朋友共享
dividend per share 每股股息
extend the market share 扩大市场份额
quoted share 已报价股份
withdraw shares 撤回股份
share ... with 和…分享
share a common interest 有共同利益
share sth. with 与…分享
lion's share 最大的份额
fair share 公平份额
share ... with sb. 与某人分享
share the cake 分享蛋糕
share fridge 共享冰箱
share same interest 享有相同权益
take the lion's share 占最大份额
share the feeling 分享这种感觉
share happiness and sadness 分享快乐和悲伤
share the beauty 分享美丽
share their experience 分享他们的经验
share the profits 分享利润
do your share 做你的那份
listed share 上市股票
share the values of one's society 分享自己社会的价值观
share the values of one's community 分享社区的价值观
disseminate and share information 传播和分享信息
treat each other with all sincerity and share weal and woe 真诚相待,患难与共
hold the state-held shares 持有国有股份
reform of listing non-tradable shares of listed companies 上市公司非流通股上市改革
does not share this opinion 不同意这一观点
share a common goal 有共同的目标
share an apartment with friends 与朋友共享公寓
share ideas and opinions 分享想法和意见
institutional shares 机构股份
consumption's share of output 消费占产出的份额
share her knowledge 分享她的知识
share the same interests 拥有相同的利益
gain a large share of the market 获得市场的很大份额
share the happiness 分享快乐
share the domestic chores 分担家务
share the joy 分享快乐
share the dividend brought by the development of information and cyber technology 分享信息和网络技术发展带来的红利
share the same hobbies 有相同的爱好
share and share alike 分享和分享
China's share of world exports 中国在世界出口中的份额
online share trading 网上股票交易
He always share his story to us.
We shared a common interest in music.
The said they all did their share of the work.