词根词缀记忆/谐音联想记忆 补充/纠错
谐音逃啊 → 敌人来了 快逃到塔上去啊 → to …………
串记记忆塔(tower)里有很多电 ( power)
词性拓展记忆 / 词形拓展记忆
two / tow / towel / toward / tower
Yellow Crane Tower黄鹤楼
Eiffel Tower 埃菲尔铁塔
Tokyo Tower 东京铁塔
Ivory Tower 象牙塔
bell tower 钟楼
drum tower鼓楼
control tower塔台
a tower of strength主心骨 可以依赖的人
tower over (above) sb./sth. 胜过 超过 高于
the Eiffel Tower 埃菲尔铁塔
Tower Bridge 塔桥
the CN Tower CN塔
cooling tower 冷却塔,冷却塔
ivory tower 象牙塔
the Drum Tower 鼓楼
control tower 控制塔
Leaning Tower of Pisa 比萨斜塔
Eiffel Tower 埃菲尔铁塔
twin towers 双塔
tower over 塔式起重机
Sydney Tower 悉尼塔
Tower of London 伦敦塔
CN Tower CN塔
the Oriental Pearl Tower 东方明珠塔
tower view 塔视图
beacon tower 烽火台
diving tower 潜水塔
drum tower 鼓形塔
live in an ivory tower 住在象牙塔里
the Leaning Tower of Pisa 比萨斜塔
viewing tower 观景塔
Twin Towers of the World Trade Center 世贸中心双塔
My boy towered over his father.
Don't climb the tower, it's too dangerous.
Foreign tourists are very interested in bell tower and drum tower in China.
The Eiffel Tower is a famous landmark in Paris, France.
She climbed to the top of the clock tower to get a better view.
The ancient tower still stands tall despite the passing of centuries.
The city's skyline is dominated by the towering skyscrapers.
The lighthouse tower guides ships safely through the treacherous waters.
The bell in the tower tolls every hour on the hour.
He climbed the tower steps, his heart pounding with excitement.
The radio tower transmitted signals across the entire country.
The medieval castle had a tower where the royal family resided.
After the storm, the damaged TV tower was a stark reminder of its power.
On the ground, inspection personnel from State Grid Taizhou Power Supply Co-designed the autonomous detection angles and return flight routes through terminal software, completed modeling, and achieved high-precision automatic driving inspection from station to station and tower to tower for the Zhejiang Energy Taizhou No 1 Offshore Wind Power 220 kV (kilo-volt) transmission line.
It requires the construction and relocation of 230 tower foundations and the installation of 68.4 kilometers of lines.
By establishing a daily-reporting work mechanism, it closely monitors key jobs such as layout design, material supply, tower construction and progress control, ensuring that the quantity, quality and schedule all meet the standards.
According to Liu, a souvenir gift set jointly developed by Leiyunshang and Shanghai's landmark Oriental Pearl Tower was launched ahead of the Mid-Autumn Festival and the National Day holiday that fell between Sept 29 and Oct 6 this year.
Containing a scented bead in the shape of the Oriental Pearl Tower and a Chinese-style fan, it proved to be a very popular tourist memento.
The fuel used in the primary cauldron tower was carbon-zero methanol.
CO2 from the emissions would bond with the amine chemicals at low temperatures in a tower, and the carbon would be released when re-heated in another.
"To overcome geological challenges and complete the complex project, our builders used precision analysis software, accurate tower modeling and precision measurements, and managed to finish the six-lane bridge framework ahead of schedule," Yin said, adding that the landmark structure will serve as an emblem of Yudu's ambition to become a regional hub.
Construction of the $10 billion ExxonMobil Huizhou Ethylene Project has achieved significant progress in Huizhou, Guangdong province, especially with the completion of the hoisting of the heavy tower, local authorities said.
According to data from analytics company Sensor Tower, as of Jan 31, Temu was downloaded nearly 20 million times globally, with shoppers from North America accounting for more than 90 percent.
根据分析公司Sensor Tower的数据,截至1月31日,Temu在全球的下载量接近2000万次,其中来自北美的购物者占90%以上。
Temu, an online shopping platform that sells goods made in China, has racked up 10.8 million sales in the US since its launch in September, making it the most downloaded free app on both App Store and Google Play for much of the past two months, according to data from analytics company Sensor Tower.
根据分析公司Sensor Tower的数据,Temu是一个销售中国制造商品的在线购物平台,自9月推出以来,它在美国的销售额已达1080万,成为过去两个月大部分时间app Store和Google Play上下载量最大的免费应用。
Known for its ultralow prices and a vast selection of fashionable clothing, Shein surpassed Amazon in app downloads on US mobile platforms for the first time in the second quarter, said mobile app data analytics firm Sensor Tower.
移动应用数据分析公司Sensor Tower表示,Shein以其超低的价格和大量时尚服装而闻名,第二季度在美国移动平台上的应用下载量首次超过亚马逊。
For the past nine years, he has worked on making toy bricks based on mortise-and-tenon construction methods used in the Forbidden City in Beijing, and Fougang Temple, Nanchan Temple and the Yingxian Wooden Tower — all located in Shanxi.
The current INDIGO project encompasses a shopping mall containing nearly 200 shops, a 25-story Grade-A office tower, and EAST Beijing, Swire Hotels' first EAST-branded business hotel in the Chinese mainland.
Chinese machinery giant Sany Group launched its new-generation tower crane, part of the group's latest efforts to enhance its competitive advantage in the field.
Tower cranes are one of three main pillars of the heavy lifting division, along with truck cranes and crawler cranes.
Tower cranes work high above the ground, and the advancement of tower cranes reflects the development level of a country's crane industry.
According to Sany, the new-generation tower crane features 15 patented technologies and has undergone upgrades in safety, convenience, comfort and intelligence.
Aerial work can be controlled on the ground, and artificial intelligence automatically sets up an operation network to delineate the safe range of tower crane operations and prevent collisions.
Yu Hongfu, director of Sany Group, also chairman of Sany Heavy Machinery, said: "As one of three major products of the heavy lifting division, in recent years the development of Sany's tower cranes has attracted attention from the industry.
Our internal deployment and development of the tower crane business is strategic, where the group has reached a higher position than ever.
""In the future, the tower crane will be built into an important sector to support the development curve of the heavy lifting business unit," he said.
Industry experts noted in recent years, the domestic market has had strong demand for flat-top tower cranes.
With the development of prefabricated buildings, construction methods have changed, which has promoted changes in the demand structure of tower cranes, and the trend of high-end and high value-added tower crane products has been deepened.
According to the company, it has invested 1 billion yuan ($148 billion) in its tower crane light factory in Ningxiang, Hunan province, which has a production capacity of 8,000 tower cranes every year, and 70 percent of production is performed by robots.
In the future, Sany will enhance its research and development and manufacturing capability, utilizing existing advantages and R&D strengths to turn the tower crane sector into a new track of growth.
The first batch of tourist locations includes The Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Century Park, Fengjing Ancient Town and Sheshan National Forest Park.
It is located in the suburbs of Luzhou and its double-column V-shaped bridge tower on its two main piers is the first of its kind to be built in China, Zhang said.
Users spent approximately $266 million in January alone in the star apps owned by China's ByteDance, data from digital intelligence firm Sensor Tower showed.
数字智能公司Sensor Tower的数据显示,仅在1月份,用户就在中国字节跳动旗下的明星应用上花费了约2.66亿美元。
Sensor Tower data revealed earlier that TikTok had surpassed 3 billion installs globally.
Sensor Tower早些时候的数据显示,TikTok在全球的安装量已超过30亿。
Based on worldwide installs from the App Store and Google Play and excluding pre-installed apps, the four other apps that have accrued more than 3 billion installs since January 2014 include WhatsApp, Messenger, Facebook and Instagram, Sensor Tower data showed.
Sensor Tower的数据显示,根据App Store和Google Play在全球的安装量(不包括预装应用程序),自2014年1月以来,其他四款安装量超过30亿的应用程序包括WhatsApp、Messenger、Facebook和Instagram。
TikTok's global influence continues to spread, as it is more commonly coming from sources beyond China's App Store, said Stephanie Chan, mobile insights strategist at Sensor Tower.
Sensor Tower的移动洞察策略师Stephanie Chan表示,TikTok的全球影响力继续蔓延,因为它更常见的来源是中国应用商店以外的来源。
During the 2021 China International Fire Protection Equipment Technology Conference & Exposition, Sany Group demonstrated a series of cutting-edge products, including large-span firefighting trucks, water tower firetrucks, remote controlled firefighting trucks, trailblazers, multifunction emergency rescue vehicles, transport robots, firefighting reconnaissance robots, and rescue robot dogs.
According to the company, its water tower fire truck won the first prize for innovation presented by the China Fire Protection Association.
Besides completing the first mass concrete pouring of the main tower bearing platform of Cocodi Bridge project in Cote d'Ivoire, and opening the Estrella-Pantaleon Bridge to traffic in the Philippines, CRBC has also constructed the Peljesac Bridge in Croatia.
TikTok has become the first non-Facebook app to record three billion downloads worldwide across iOS and Android, according to Sensor Tower, a mobile app data analysis firm.
Tiktok, including its Chinese iOS version Douyin, was the most downloaded and highest-grossing non-game app globally in the first half of 2021, reaching 383 million first-time installs and an estimated $919.2 million in consumer spending, said Sensor Tower.
The company has completed more than 310 overseas projects across the globeFrom the world's tallest tower, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, to The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, a hotel in the United States, Chinese glass curtain walls are gaining ground in the global market.
Between 2003 and 2011, the company undertook various overseas glass curtain wall projects, including Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest tower, and Torre Costanera in Chile, the highest building in South America.
The glass curtain walls of the tower needed to withstand wind speeds of 342 kilometers per hour, and that near the spire was faster than the velocity of sound at 1,224 km/h.
- Douyin, with its overseas version called TikTok, remained the top grossing non-gaming app worldwide in January, according to Sensor Tower, a mobile app data analysis firm.
The app has been the top grossing non-gaming app worldwide since April last year, according to Sensor Tower.
As a developer with expertise in urban operations, China Jinmao has accumulated a wealth of experience during the construction of Shanghai's Jinmao Tower, Jinmao North Bund, and Changsha Meixi Lake, and formed a unique operation pattern which can be applied to the construction of Yazhou Bay.
The main length will be a cable-stayed bridge whose key tower will rise 205 meters with a maximum span of 450 meters, and undersea depth of up to 60 meters.
He said construction will present challenges rarely seen globally, especially in building the deep-water foundation and the 30-centimeter thin-wall hollow pier for the shuttle-shaped main tower.
Its warehousing facilities are made up of large house granaries, shallow bins, tower silos and various oil storage tankers, with main varieties of reserves including wheat, rice, corn, soybeans, cotton and edible oils.
The 385-meter-tall skyscraper Iconic Tower, which has been under the spotlight on social media platforms as it is expected to be a new landmark of Egypt as well as the tallest building in Africa, will also be displayed during the event.
The app has been downloaded more than 165 million times on app stores, according to mobile app analytics firm Sensor Tower's data.
During the event, Beverly, a local employee at the company, ushered viewers around different parts of the De Aar wind farm, including the substation, the central control room, wind turbine tower and nacelle, informing them about the electric-generation principle, the structure of the wind turbine and layout of the wind farm, as well as the wind farm's operation and pandemic prevention measures.
Shanghai Electric Group, a locally administered SOE, also announced last month that it completed the Molten Salt Receiver tower in the UAE, the tallest such structure in the world, in a record 240 days.
The equipment is about 40 meters high and is mounted on top of the heat tower body, which is about 222 meters high.
Having first entered the Russian market in 2005, the unit has played a major role in the construction of several important projects, including a tower of the Federation Tower, a complex of two skyscrapers at the Moscow International Business Center in the nation's capital.
Glass-maker CSG Holding's stress on quality, transparency brings success abroadBe it the 30th Street of New York's central business district of Manhattan, the Tower Hamlets in London, the International Financial Center and the Royal Atlantis Resort in Dubai, or the Dream Tower in Jeju Island, South Korea, one common feature is the Chinese-made glass used in the architectural marvels there.
It held a special listing day event at Shanghai Tower, the tallest building in China and the second-tallest in the world, to commemorate this corporate milestone.
In the future, tourists visiting Guangzhou will not only travel around landmarks such as the Canton Tower, Beijing Road and the Pearl River, but can also ride in an air taxi, the passenger-grade AAV, to enjoy the scenery of Guangzhou city from the air.
China Mobile, China Telecom and China Tower provided Huoshenshan Hospital with communication facilities and expertise.
Chang's remarks came after his reception of Egyptian Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly and Chinese Ambassador to Egypt Liao Liqiang at the construction site, where he accompanied them in a tour at the Iconic Tower, one of the CBD's 20 towers all of which are currently under construction.
"The Egyptian prime minister also witnessed the mass concrete pouring of the Iconic Tower base in late February 2019.
He attentively follows up the progress of the Iconic Tower erection and he has full confidence in our company's completion of the project successfully," Chang told Xinhua.
The would-be 385-meter high 80-floor Iconic Tower is expected to be the tallest skyscraper in Egypt and Africa upon completion.
"In the Iconic Tower, we have finished constructing 16 floors with a 100-merter height.
The construction speed rate at the tower has reached 5.5 or six days per floor.
The tower is expected to be 385 meters high by the end of 2020," Chang pointed out.
It can be equipped with four tower cranes, shortening construction time by 20 percent comparing with traditional construction methods, according to the website of Chinese Construction.
CITIC Tower, the tallest landmark in Beijing, has successfully passed the final acceptance of construction last week, according to the CITIC Group official website.
The construction of CITIC Tower began on July 29, 2013, and was completed on December 28, 2018, since then it has entered the process of final acceptance of construction.
CITIC Group said passing the final acceptance of construction is a milestone for CITIC Tower, marking a successful completion of the project and bridging "the last mile" from development and construction to operation and maintenance management.
Designed by international design firm Gensler, the 632-meter-tall, 132-story skyscraper Shanghai Tower is the tallest building in China, also the second-tallest building in the world.
Till February this year, its global downloads hit 1 billion, according to app analytics site Sensor Tower.
China Tower, China's telecoms tower infrastructure services provider, saw its net profit surge 110.6 percent year-on-year in the first half of 2019, amid 5G market opportunities.
Specifically, the revenue from tower business increased 5.1 percent year-on-year to 35.81 billion yuan, while that of non-tower business accounted for 5.7 percent of the total, up 2.1 percentage points from one year earlier.
As of the end of June, the company managed a total of 1.95 million tower sites, up 4 percent year-on-year, according to the report.
China Tower Corp, which manages most of the nation's telecom towers, is working to reduce the construction cost of 5G networks across China by sharing existing public resources as much as possible.
Gu Xiaomin, general manager of China Tower, said with provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities across China scrambling to build the network for the fifth-generation mobile communication technology, it becomes a key issue how to quicken the roll-out while not putting too much financial pressure on telecom carriers.
"Our solution is to partner with railways, real estate, power grid, transportation and other sectors to leverage their existing tower resources, to cut the construction costs," Gu said.
China Tower Corp is finding ways to place base stations on electric poles and light poles among others to reduce unnecessary construction of new telecom towers.
Established in 2014, China Tower handles the tower assets of the nation's top three telecom carriers - China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom.
Fu Liang, an independent analyst who has been following the telecom industry for more than a decade, said the sector demands huge capital support to build out 5G and China Tower's solutions can ease the financial burden on telecom operators.
The city, a major shopping destination for merchants, also features popular tourist attractions such as the iconic Canton Tower and Guangzhou Chimelong Tourist Resort.
He pointed out that while domestic turbine makers including Goldwind and Envision are also speeding up in development and research on the high tower and long blade development, China's wind market will experience rapid development in the near future.
"They're filling a number of needs within the marketplace" that remained unmet until now, said Don Heimstaedt, principal at Tower Enterprises of NY & NJ LLC, who has been in the air conditioning industry for more than 40 years.
Tower serves as one of the exclusive manufacturer representatives of Y & N-Gree Commercial USA — the master distributor for Gree commercial VRF.
It's just past noon and 40-year-old Zhao Hongwei is getting ready to climb a 40-meter power tower to carry out routine maintenance work, shortly after finishing a seven-kilometer patrol on foot 2,600 meters above sea level.
China Mobile, the country's largest mobile operator by number of subscribers, said on Thursday that it posted a 3.1 percent rise in 2018 net profit, beating market expectations on a one-time windfall from the listing of mobile-tower builder China Tower Corp in August.
The Beijing-based company said the August listing of China Tower helped add 13.86 billion yuan in income from investments.
Latest data from app intelligence firm Sensor Tower showed that total downloads of Douyin (the Chinese mainland version) and TikTok on App Store and Google Play have topped 1 billion, including 663 million downloads in 2018.
For instance, she helped shape the trendsetting underground space along the central axis of Guangzhou Zhujiang New Town and Guangzhou TV Tower.
It’s very important for them to be at the Eiffel Tower and it’s very important for them to be in the Burj Al Arab Hotel.
The Palace Museum in Beijing opened a coffee shop named Corner Tower Cafe on Dec 1, attracting visitors to enjoy the drinks with "royal" flavor.
Its landmark projects in China include those in the Shanghai Tower, the 2010 Expo China Pavilion, China World Trade Center Tower 3 and the National Stadium, also known as the Bird's Nest.
"Property developer Patrick Kennedy, owner of the tower block, said he is highly satisfied with the project's quality.
Once completed, the base will have a high-end laboratory and a 120-meter-high testing tower.
At the top end, the fundraising value could reach $963 million, making it the fifth-largest IPO in Hong Kong this year, after China Tower, Xiaomi, Meituan Dianping, and Ping An Good Doctor, according to a previous report of SCMP.
The Chinese State-owned China Tower, together with the Lao government and local firm Click Lao Marketing and Consultancy, signed an agreement in the Lao capital to jointly establish Southeast Asia Tower company.
The Southeast Asia Tower Company will mainly be engaged in the construction, maintenance and operation of communication towers, base stations, power supplies and other supporting facilities, as well as that of indoor distribution systems and transmission systems in Laos.
The chairman and general manager of Southeast Asia Tower will be appointed by China Tower, the controlling shareholder, which will also lead the operation and management of the joint venture.
Officials from China Tower told Xinhua that the Southeast Asia Tower company is its first overseas investment project, and has received strong support from the Lao government.
The joint venture will rely on the experience and capabilities of China Tower in technology, operation management, and industrial chain integration to further explore the synergies between the two markets of China and Laos and improve the communication infrastructure construction and operation level in Laos.
China Tower, established on July 15, 2014, is mainly engaged in construction, maintenance, and operation of base station supporting facilities such as communication towers and large indoor distribution systems.
As of the end of June 2018, the China Tower runs about 1.9 million base stations, ranked as the world's largest provider of communication tower infrastructure services.

考研A string of accidents, including the partial collapse of a cooling tower in 207 and the discovery of an underground pipe system leakage, raised serious questions about both Vermont Yankee’s safety and Entergy’s management- especially after the company made misleading statements about the pipe.



考研A string of accidents, including the partial collapse of a cooling tower in 2007 and the discovery of an underground pipe system leakage, raised serious questions about both Vermont Yankee's safety and Entergy's management– especially after the company ma


2012年考研真题(英语一)阅读理解 Section Ⅱ

六级Devils Tower, the first national monument in America, could almost be mistaken for the stump of an enormous tree.



四级It's about an hour outside Seoul, built on reclaimed tidal flats along the Yellow Sea, There's a Coast Guard building and a tall trade tower, as well as a park, golf course and university.


2019年12月四级真题(第一套)阅读 Section B

四级The brown animal was spotted stuck on a narrow window edge of the office tower.


2019年12月四级真题(第二套)听力 Section A

六级Small wonder that an Indian legend described Devils Tower as being formed by supernatural powers.


2016年12月六级真题(第二套)听力 Section B

六级Born in fire and fury, Devils Tower was then shaped by the slow, gentle work of wind and water.



六级The main building is topped with a Georgian tower with four sculptures of the mythical winged horse, the magazine's corporate logo.


2018年6月六级真题(第一套)听力 Section C

高考Look over the "city of dreaming spires" from St Mary's church tower.


2015年高考英语全国卷2 阅读理解 阅读D 原文

四级In 2004, the completed CIS tower became Europe's largest collection of vertical solar panels.


2018年6月四级真题(第三套)阅读 Section A

六级Devils Tower is a relic of the past.



四级The officers ask you “How do you get from Birmingham palace to the Tower of London?



四级When you get to the tower, they won’t say “well done”.



四级There’s a Coast Guard building and a tall trade tower, as well as a park, golf course and university.