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词根tunn 声音 + el 地点,场所 → 声音从隧道 …………
对比记忆channel (船的道 → 航道)
tunnel (土的道 → 隧道) …………
词性拓展记忆 / 词形拓展记忆
词根记忆 / 词缀记忆
tunnel n 隧道(tunn管道+el)
-el表名词,”人 或物”
personnel n 全体人员(person人)
colonel n 上校(colon=column柱子…像柱子…样站着的人…上校)
wastrel n 浪费者 (was …………
wind tunnel 风洞
light at the end of the tunnel 苦尽甘来 一线希望
undersea tunnel 海底隧道
cable tunnel 缆道
the light at the end of the tunnel 隧道尽头的灯光
running tunnel 行车隧道
wind tunnel 风洞
wind tunnels 风洞
see the light at the end of the tunnel 看到隧道尽头的亮光
Down the tunnel,we saw someone hide in the dark.
The workers had to tunnel through the montain.
They tunnelled out of a maximum security jail.
The train entered the tunnel, disappearing from view.
They dug a secret tunnel between the two buildings.
The car emerged from the tunnel into bright sunlight.
The tunnel is narrow and winding, so drive with caution.
The construction of the tunnel took three years to complete.
The cyclists rode through the tunnel, their headlights piercing the darkness.
A ventilation system keeps fresh air circulating in the tunnel.
The children discovered an old tunnel beneath the castle ruins.
The tunnel connects the city's two main railway stations.
During World War II, a secret escape tunnel was built under the prison.
The Jakarta-Bandung High-Speed Railway, the cross-sea underwater tunnel between the cities of Shenzhen and Zhongshan, the main project of a grid that significantly uplifted the power supply in the Greater Bay Area have been included in the list.
One of the builders engaging in the urban rail project in Hefei, Anhui province, CR24 said its workers dug through a two-way tunnel on a section under construction on Hefei Metro's Line 6 over the weekend.
Located in the section between Science Avenue and Huaining Road, the underground tunnel went through many high-risk areas in the provincial capital, such as under office buildings, expressways and a railway station.
One of the SOEs participating in the building of the high-speed rail line, CR24 said that with the supply of construction workers being adequate thanks to the optimization of the COVID-19 control measures, the team managed to gain back its pace on the project of which 84.8 percent of works are bridge and tunnel construction.
As the first tunnel over one kilometer long that has been dug on the railway, the maximum burial depth of the two-rail Dangyang Tunnel reaches 86 meters, going through many fault areas in the mountainous region of Hubei province.
Construction of the 1.4 km tunnel was a massive undertaking that required the use of some of the most advanced tunneling technology available, said the project manager with CR24, who declined to be named.
The construction team used a combination of tunnel-boring machines and traditional drilling methods to excavate the tunnel and managed to complete the work 40 days ahead of schedule, the manager said.
The tunnel is designed to accommodate high-speed trains that will run at speeds of up to 350 kilometers per hour, making the journey much faster and more convenient for passengers in cities between Shanghai and Chengdu, Sichuan province, the China Railway Construction Corp unit said.
The undersea tunnel section, a part of the extension project of the Hengqin Line, a light rapid transit route connecting China's Macao Special Administrative Region and the neighboring Hengqin island in Guangdong province, was completed on Friday, said its developers.
Jointly built by State-owned Namkwong Real Estate Co, China Civil Engineering Construction Corp (CCECC), China Railway Siyuan Survey and Design Group and China Railway 16th Bureau Group Corp, the completion of this project marks a breakthrough in Macao's first undersea tunnel project constructed by a tunnel boring machine, or TBM.
In comparison with traditional tunnel-boring methods like rock drilling, blasting and hand mining in soil, the use of such equipment can minimize the impact on the surrounding ground and produce a smooth tunnel wall, helping certain tunnel projects run through unstable geological conditions.
The total length of this project is about 2.2 kilometers and the shield tunnel section accounts for 906 meters.
It runs along the Lotus Bridge and crosses the Shizimen Waterway before entering Hengqin island in Zhuhai, Guangdong province, through an underwater tunnel, and then arrives at the underground HE2 station located in front of Hengqin Port.
In the shield tunnel section there are many challenges to overcome, such as river tributaries, workshops, highways and the Wutong River-all located at the underpass in sections of the project, the company said.
China Railway 24th Bureau Group Corp Ltd, a unit of China Railway Construction Corp, the nation's largest contractor, said its builders have recently achieved smooth entry into the Foling Tunnel, the longest tunnel of the Fuzhou East Ring Expressway project, a key livelihood infrastructure project in Jiangxi province.
With a total length of 1,138 meters and a maximum buried depth of about 115 meters, the Foling Tunnel is located in complicated surrounding rock conditions in need of many additional safety guarantees and strict environmental protection requirements.
The tunneling project is located near a living community, and the geological conditions are also tough and complicated, especially for the tunnel entrance, which features mostly shallow buried sections-meaning the part of the tunnel is easily prone to collapsing, roof falls and other accidents, said Li Xiaofei, project manager with the China Railway 24th Bureau Group.
"After running through simulations with data accumulated through on-site research, we started the tunneling work inch-by-inch, steadily, with safety check equipment along the whole tunneling process, until we dug out the very first part of the tunnel entrance," Li added.
There are 27 bridges planned in the project, which have a total length of 37.7 km and six tunnels at 6.4 km, including the 1,353-meter Dangyang tunnel, which became a "hard nut to crack" throughout the whole construction project.
"Digging through the 1,353-meter-long tunnel is indeed a great success for us," said Qin Bing, a project manager with CR24.
There are 27 bridges planned in the project, which have a total length of 37.7 km, and six tunnels, 6.4 km, including the 1,353-meter-long Dangyang tunnel, a 'hard nut to crack' over the whole construction project.
In March, Shanyang tunnel of the Dali-Baoshan Railway in Yunnan province-a major portion of the Dali-Ruili Railway also undertaken by CRCC-was completed.
The company will enhance localization strategy and accelerate development of overseas operations over the next five yearsThere is something in common about projects like the West Gate tunnel in Melbourne, the tunneling work for the Red Line of Tel Aviv's light rail service, the Sydhavn Metro Line's extension space in Copenhagen and the drainage tunnel project in Doha.
All of the tunnel boring machines were built by China Railway Engineering Equipment Group Co Ltd, one of the country's major underground solutions providers by sales revenue.
Compared with traditional tunnel boring methods like drill and blasting for manual excavation, the use of such giant TBMs could minimize the impact on the surroundings and produce a smooth tunnel wall, helping certain tunnel projects manage unstable geologic conditions.
CREG shipped two earth pressure balance TBMs for the construction of a 12.8-kilometer tunnel of the Naples-Bari High-Speed Railway in early September.
Zhao Hua, president of CREG, said a number of opportunities were seen both at home and abroad, especially in economies participating in the Belt and Road Initiative, amid growing demand for special construction machinery and tunnel boring equipment.
The Chinese firm successfully completed the boring work for a road tunnel under the Swina River, connecting the islands of Uznam and Wolin on the Baltic Sea, in early September.
The tunnel is 1,780 meters long and CREG's TBM drilled 1,483 meters of the new road under the river, shortening the commute time from 40 minutes by ferry to 4 minutes by vehicles in the future.
The tunnel features a crown overburden of about 26 meters and a minimum horizontal turning radius of 300 meters.
The tunnel alignment crosses fine sand and fine-medium sand with gravel in the Uznam and Wolin sides.
Once the tunnel project is completed, it will provide a direct connection between Uznam and the Polish mainland.
In France, a TBM manufactured and supplied by CREG broke through at Aulnay station in mid-August for the metro tunnel project of Line 16 of the Grand Paris Express Lot 2.
While competing with other domestic and foreign rivals in the global rail and infrastructure construction markets, the group said it will add investment in research and development of its non-construction businesses, such as steel structures, large-scale railway construction machinery and tunnel boring machines to expand its business scope.
In Italy, the high-speed railway tunnel will be 12.8 kilometers long.
The machine was designed with the tunnel's curvature limitations in mind, as well as the challenge of combustible gases underground, such as methane.
Now that we're beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to COVID-19, we can focus on opportunities in China.
The project will hold records as the world's longest single excavation, the deepest tunnel, the highest water pressure, and the largest diameter tunnel of its kind, said the company.
It is expected that in 2025, Russian natural gas will pass directly through the tunnel to Shanghai.
Results of wind tunnel testing also proved that the train's front is advanced, and it greatly reduces the running resistance compared with existing models.
CCCC Tianhe Mechanical Equipment Manufacturing Co plans to export more tunnel boring machines, or TBMs, and provide related services to the ASEAN market over the next 10 years, as it believes that demand for such products will surge as many countries are seeking to create jobs and stimulate trade flows via mega infrastructure and transportation projects, which require tunnels.
The No 1 tunnel on the Jakarta-Bandung high-speed railway line in Indonesia was completed in late November using the company's TBM.
Zhang Boyang, chairman of the Jiangsu province-based company, said the 1,469-meter tunnel is being built through a mixture of cohesive soil, gravel, sandy soil and fine gravel that has a high underground water level and abundant surface water.
The new bridge is a gigantic structure featuring variable-cross-sectioned steel box girders and integrating bridge and tunnel functions, said Lin Junke, chairman of the Hebei province-based State-owned enterprise.
In addition to construction projects, the group is also able to produce and export machinery including rail track, shield and tunnel boring machines, bridge erecting equipment, cranes and catenary installation equipment for building electrified railways to the global markets.
This year, CSG aims to step up efforts promoting AI use in the grid network, including intelligent image recognition, automatic drone inspection, cable tunnel robot inspections and fiber optic monitoring.
Du Bo, a project manager with State-owned Bridge and Tunnel Engineering Co Ltd, said the company has been undertaking more projects in pipeline construction, sewage treatment and wetland parks in recent years.
The Boring Company, which was founded by Musk in December 2016 to address the traffic jams in Los Angeles, unveiled its first test tunnel in Hawthorne, California, last December.
The 1.14-mile-long (about 1.8-km-long) tunnel starts in a parking lot near the headquarters of SpaceX, another of Musk's properties.
The other end of the tunnel is in a neighborhood about a mile away in Hawthorne.
By successfully completing the 200-meter drive tunnel required for the Moscow subway tunnel, the shield machine officially got international acceptance.
LOS ANGELES -- Elon Musk, founder and CEO of The Boring Company, announced that the first tunnel of a proposed underground transportation network across Los Angeles County would open in December.
"The first tunnel is almost done," Musk tweeted on Sunday.
Electric skates will carry between 8 and 16 passengers (mass transit), or a single passenger vehicle," the infrastructure and tunnel construction company says on its website.
Workers have been building the tunnel for more than a year.
Speaking during the groundbreaking ceremony for the project at the exit of the tunnel, the deputy general manager of CCCC Kenya, Guo Qing, said his company is committed to investing in community development in areas affected by the SGR project.
The 760-meter New Muttuwal Tunnel will lead through some of the most populated areas in Colombo, which are at a heavy risk of floods, and will successfully lead the rain waters into the sea.
The 1.1-kilometers Torrington Tunnel will also lead the rain waters into the ocean, preventing future flooding.
The New Muttuwal and Torrington Tunnel projects are part of the Colombo Development Project which is funded by the World Bank.
It will be used for opening a 3,500-meter road tunnel under Karnaphuli River.
"The tunnel construction has been a dream for Bangladesh people, as we want to develop Chittagong Port as good as China's Shanghai," said Kabir Ahmed, chief engineer of the Bangladesh Bridge Authority.
The upcoming tunnel is expected to shorten the ride between Chittagong Airport to a planned industrial park, from 4 hours to 20 minutes.
The nontoxic colorant is red cerium sulphide, produced by making rare-earth sulfide synthetics in a tunnel kiln.
SHA LANG / FOR CHINA DAILYChina Railway Engineering Equipment Group Co, the country's biggest manufacturer of tunnel boring machines by both production capacity and revenue, will ship eight sets of the giant machines to international markets including Israel and Singapore in the second half of this year, its chairman said.
CREG, a unit of State-owned China Railway Group Ltd, focuses on the development and production of shield tunneling machines and tunnel boring machines.
The Zhengzhou-based company has so far produced some 592 tunnel boring machines for both the domestic and international markets, including 25 sets for international destinations such as Vietnam, Lebanon, India and Malaysia.
Somewhat discouragingly to investors, some experts even said bluntly there may not be light at the end of the tunnel of political uncertainties in the near term.
Spanning the Lanjiang River in Jinhua's Lanxi, Zhejiang, the 1.27-kilometer-long project is a key bridge construction mission on the building blueprint of the railway, of which over 91 percent of the construction work is related to bridge and tunnel projects.
Additionally, in Sri Lanka, the first highway was completed while in Bangladesh, a tunnel under the Karnaphuli River was built.
On the Jinhua-Jiande High-speed Railway in Zhejiang province, workers with China Railway 24th Bureau Group Corp Ltd (CR24), a unit of China Railway Construction Corp (CRCC), successfully bored a tunnel earlier this month — a major construction target in the HSR blueprint.
The two-lane Tangshawu Tunnel, located in Jiande, Hangzhou in Zhejiang province, stretches 202.9 meters through complex geological conditions.
It turned out to be the right move as we managed to bore the tunnel on schedule," said the CR24 project manager, who declined to be named.
Construction of the Xi'an-Chongqing High-speed Railway, which is expected to be a major vertical branch in the country's railway network, is also progressing fast, with the boring of Banshantian Tunnel, a key project located in mountainous Sichuan province, being the latest milestone reached.
After completion, the section where the 4.14-km two-rail tunnel is located will be the first railway passing through the Daba Mountains, and facilitate rail trips between the provinces of Shaanxi and Sichuan, and will ultimately integrate development of the Yangtze River region and western China, CR24 said.
In terms of railway projects, the company said its workers are sweating it out in mountainous Sichuan province boring the Banshantian Tunnel, a key project for the Xi'an-Chongqing High-speed Railway.
With a length of 4.14 kilometers, the two-rail tunnel cuts through complicated fault zones in Dazhou, Sichuan, and is the first railway to be laid under Daba Mountains.
China Railway 24th Bureau Group Corp Ltd (CR24), a unit of China Railway Construction Corp, said its workers, after two years of "tough tunneling work", have dug the Maguling Tunnel on the Hangzhou-Wenzhou High-speed Railway on April 3.
The completion of the tunnel project also marks the full completion of all tunneling work of the Yongjia section on the railway, laying a solid foundation for the full line to open for traffic by June 2024.
Located in Yongjia county in Wenzhou, Zhejiang province, the tunnel is a single-hole double-track undertaking with a total length of 6.09 kilometers and is designed for bullet trains running at 350 kilometers per hour.
The tunnel was constructed using an excavation method from both ends.
Digging through the tunnel was faced with several challenges, including a maximum burial depth of 496.2 meters, fragmented rock formations, fault zones and other complex geological conditions.
With a length of 1.66 kilometers, the tunnel is the latest milestone achieved on Hefei Metro Line 6 — a key urban rail project in the provincial capital, CR24 said.
In Zhejiang province, another rail project partially undertaken by CR24 — the Jinhua-Jiande High-speed Railway — also reported a big leap forward, as the builders managed to dig through both lanes of the Mache Tunnel on the railway.
China's infrastructure upgrade sees works progressing rapidly amid recovery hopesDuring the weeklong Spring Festival holiday in late January, when hundreds of millions of Chinese crisscrossed the vast country to head home from their places of work for customary family reunions, Wang Ao and his team of four construction workers toiled away inside a tunnel, helping build a new railway line in eastern Zhejiang province.
On the eve of the Chinese Lunar New Year on Jan 21, as they stepped out of the noisy tunnel, more noise — of the joyful kind — greeted them.
From Lijiashan Tunnel site along the future Wenling-Yuhuan Railway line, they could see colorful and loud fireworks afar.
A partial builder of the line, CR24 made special arrangements to bring family members of the team to the tunnel site.
Lijiashan Tunnel is a tough and urgent project.
"The 5.56-kilometer tunnel runs through four fracture zones, and the stability of surrounding rocks is poor.
In recent years, the company has taken part in construction, such as the tunnel for Algeria's North-South Highway and the expansion of Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
The light at the end of the tunnel can be seen as long as the transition period is well-managed.
The fruits, which were loaded in Vientiane, the capital of Laos, passed through the Friendship Tunnel on the China-Laos border on Dec 1 before arriving at the Mohan railway port for inspection and quarantine.
"Chinese and French people have developed a long-standing friendship over the years, and I hope that we can defend our friendship and reach the end of the tunnel together," Raffarin said.
The "Friendship Tunnel" in Mohan land port on China-Laos Railway is the first cross-border railway tunnel between China and neighboring countries, with a total length of 9.6 km, measuring 7.2 km on the Chinese side and 2.4 km on the Laos section.
Connecting China's Mohan and Boten in Laos, the tunnel plays a significant role in promoting the economic cooperation between China and ASEAN countries, and further deepens the Belt and Road Initiative in Southeastern Asia.
Nowadays, about 5 to 6 pairs of cargo trains pass through the "Friendship Tunnel", transporting fresh vegetables, daily electronics and fertilizers.
Mohan land port adopts strict COVID-19 pandemic prevention and control measures, such as automatic disinfection system, and every cargo train gets sterilized after entering the tunnel.
The Wuyi section, 51.87 km long, has 27 bridges planned in the project blueprint, which have a total length of 37.7 km and six tunnels totaling 6.4 km, including the Dangyang tunnel, a major challenge amid the whole construction process due to tunneling through hard rock.
"Digging through the 1,353-meter tunnel is indeed a great success for us," said Qin Bing, a project manager with CR24.
The Shanyang tunnel of the Darui Railway, a major part of the Yunnan-Burma Railway, has been completed recently.

四级They not only cleaned the whole tunnel but every tunnel in Sao Paulo.



考研Historians, especially those so blinded by their research interests that they have been accused of “tunnel method,” frequently fall victim to the “technical fallacy.