词根词缀记忆/谐音联想记忆 补充/纠错
词根ab 加强 + brev 短 + iate 使… → …………
词根记忆ab(加强) + brevi(brief简短的) + ate(使) → 缩短,缩写 …………
词性拓展记忆 / 词形拓展记忆
shorten / abbreviate / abridge / cut
shorten → 通常指缩短时间、尺寸或过程。
abbreviate → 指省去应有的或后续的部分,从而使整体缩短。也可指缩短时间 …………
to abbreviate the December to Dec 把December 简写为 Dec
1. We shall abbreviate the "directed graph" to digraph.
2. N You can even abbreviate and put Y or n.
3. And, furthermore, he started to abbreviate.
Chinese game chair maker rolls out targeted efforts to comfort more consumers overseasWork from home, amiably abbreviated as WFH by people working at multinational corporations where such ideas first took off, has evolved from scarcity to a "new normal" as the COVID-19 pandemic reshaped people's lives in many ways.
The company, whose name is abbreviated as LITB, released its April-June quarterly results in late August.
Apple has also been partnering with its suppliers to implement an education initiative called Supplier Employee Education and Development Program, which is often abbreviated as SEED, for more than a decade.
According to Zhao, the company has filed nine new generic drug applications - known as abbreviated new drug applications or ANDAs - to the US Food and Drug Administration, and five have been approved.
The original drug is a best-seller drug for diabetes in the US, and Qingdao Baheal Pharmaceutical's generic medicine received approval from the US Food and Drug Administration's under review of generic drug applications, known as abbreviated new drug applications, in late 2018.
In recent years, an increasing number of Chinese pharmaceuticals have filed abbreviated new drug applications to the US authorities for their generics, because the eye the huge US market, but also because Chinese authorities encourage the development of high-quality generics, and would adopt fast-track review for generics that are made in China and have received US approvals, according to Lei Jifeng, company board member of the company.
In 2019, the United States Food and Drug Administration approved or tentatively approved 86 new generic drug applications-known as abbreviated new drug applications or ANDAs-from Chinese pharmaceutical firms, according to a recent report from the China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Medicines and Health Products.
The two-day forum, abbreviated as IIICF, will be hosted by the China International Contractors Association and Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute.
According to statistics from the Healthcare Executive Institute, a leading healthcare industry think tank based in Beijing, as of Dec 24, 2018, Chinese pharmaceutical companies had received 77 generic drug approvals - known as abbreviated new drug applications or ANDAs - from the US Food and Drug Administration.
In fuel cell vehicles, abbreviated as FCVs, hydrogen mixes with oxygen in the air to produce electricity that powers an electric motor, which then drives the wheels.
Currently, China has about 14,000 enterprises and more than 500,000 people who work on businesses related to satellite-based navigation systems, according to a report from the Global Navigation Satellite System and Location-based Services Association of China (which is abbreviated as the GLAC).
DBS Bank, a multinational banking and financial services corporation, will use funds owned by the bank to buy 1.35 billion new shares of Shenzhen Rural Commercial Bank, abbreviated as SZRCB, at a price of 3.91 yuan per share.
As the first bank in China that announced the adoption of the Equator Principles, a voluntary set of guidelines in the financial industry to determine, assess and manage environmental and social risks in project financing, Industrial Bank Co Ltd, abbreviated as CIB, has developed green finance into an essential feature of its business.
What added to ChiNext's embarrassment is the fact that the country's most well-known tech giants-Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent and JD, which are abbreviated as BATJ-have all listed their shares on overseas markets.