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词根ac 加强 + celer 快,迅速 + ate 使 …………
联想记忆ac表加强 + cele赛了 + rate速度比率 → 不断在比赛中加速 → accelerate v.( …………
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accelerate progress 加快进度
accelerate rapidly 快速加速
accelerate the informationization process 加快信息化进程
He decided to accelerate his output.
When a person rides a bicycle, the bicycle does not accelerate or decelerate much with each turn of the petal.
Organic acids produced by vegetation accelerate the weathering process.
This will enable Honeywell to realize synergies that will accelerate innovation, providing actionable solutions to partners and customers and helping make the world smarter, safer and more sustainable, he added.
Zhu Yonggang, president of Huawei's device cloud business, said that the HarmonyOS application ecosystem is entering its second phase, and expressed hope for collaboration with more developers to accelerate the integration of diverse industries into the ecosystem.
Both parties believe and anticipate the comprehensive cooperation will accelerate the application of proton therapy, drive coordinated development of the proton therapy industry chain, reduce equipment costs and benefit more cancer patients in China and around the world.
For example, Arc'teryx's loyalty program included over 1.7 million members in China as of September, having grown from only 14,000 in 2018 on the back of the brand's ability to leverage tools such as WeChat to accelerate loyalty member enrollment.
Yang said more efforts should be made to establish applicable rules and standards to better regulate the fast-developing sector, as well as accelerate construction of low-altitude infrastructure, intelligent management and operating platforms.
"Recognizing the importance of the Chinese market, International SOS is intensifying its efforts to better serve Chinese clients by increasing investments in these regions and deploying dedicated resources worldwide to accelerate specialized services for Chinese customers," he said.
Moreover, the country is also striving to diversify its energy mix for winter heating to accelerate the energy sector's low-carbon shift, including nuclear energy, which has already been applied as an alternative energy resource for heating in China.
In addition to announcing that it will build its second factory in Hungary in September, the company said last month it would accelerate its overseas expansion by building a fourth plant in Europe.
Chen Xuedong, an academician at the Chinese Academy of Engineering, said China's endorsement of global supply chain cooperation will accelerate the digital and green transformation for domestic and international businesses.
"By integrating resources from Amazon, industry organizations, experts and scholars and third-party service providers, the center is expected to accelerate innovation among sellers for new product introductions, brand building, digital operations, green development and new business models, helping to tangibly improve innovation capabilities in the cross-border e-commerce sector in Asia," Tai said.
"As we accelerate our 'In China, for China' strategy, we are excited to embark on this new chapter of mutually-beneficial collaboration with Hainan province, and together take advantage of the many opportunities provided by Hainan Free Trade Port.
Compared with third-generation nuclear power technology, the fourth-generation one will improve safety and help reduce construction and operating costs, which in turn will help accelerate the large-scale application of nuclear energy, according to the East China Electric Power Design Institute Co Ltd under the China Power Engineering Consulting Group.
To ensure the efficient and orderly grid connection and power generation of photovoltaic projects, the State Grid's Binzhou unit optimized the grid connection process for photovoltaic power generation projects and provided high-quality services in project design, operation, and grid connection, to accelerate the overall completion progress.
"SF will accelerate the speed of its overseas business expansion and build an international brand image.
With an aim to accelerate the construction of a smarter platform that combines operation and inspection of electricity transmission, transformation and distribution, State Grid Qihe Power Supply Co has been ramping up its efforts in high-tech, reflected by the success of its drone system.
Multinational pharmaceutical company Novartis said on Friday it would invest more than 600 million yuan ($84 million) in a new radiopharmaceutical production site to accelerate the introduction of innovative radioligand therapy that will benefit cancer patients in China.
Noting that compliance is becoming increasingly important as Chinese enterprises accelerate steps to expand their overseas footprint, Pan said these enterprises should learn more about relevant laws and regulations, and strengthen user information and data protection.
com Group plans to invest in platform technology, marketing and promotion, and product integration to accelerate the development of inbound tourism in China.
Also, it will continue to accelerate digital transformation and the development of cross-border e-commerce, improve digital infrastructure, establish pilot zones for Silk Road e-commerce cooperation and set up Belt and Road e-commerce markets with partners.
"As China spearheads the world in innovation, we are determined to accelerate the introduction of global innovation achievements and make China the first market for cutting-edge innovation," he added.
Contemporary Amperex Technology Co Ltd, the world's largest maker of electric vehicle batteries, said it will accelerate its overseas expansion by building its fourth plant in Europe.
The company will focus on four segments to accelerate the application of its personalized healthcare solutions in China, including lab insights, clinical workflow optimization, clinical decision support and patient monitoring, she said.
The launch of the new flight between Shanghai and the Egyptian capital of Cairo is the Shanghai Airport Authority's latest effort to accelerate international flight recovery to support the Belt and Road initiative.
Currently, Comvita owns a regional product development center in Shenzhen, Guangdong province, and a branch in Hainan province, where it takes advantage of local preferential free-trade policies to accelerate the introduction of its medical-grade products to the Chinese market.
He added that this is how Elkem is working with players in various industries to accelerate green and low-carbon transformation and build a zero-carbon future.
"ADI's business strategy in China revolves around harnessing edge intelligence technology to drive digital transformation and accelerate sustainable development across multiple sectors, including industry, automotive, consumer electronics, communication, and medical and health," Zhao said.
Sportswear producer Nike Inc vows to further accelerate its investment and innovation in China by opening a Nike Sport Research Lab next year in Shanghai to drive new product solutions unique for local athletes and consumers, a top executive said on the sidelines of the 6th China International Import Expo (CIIE).
一位高管在第六届中国国际进口博览会(CIIE)间隙表示,运动服装制造商耐克公司(Nike Inc)承诺将于明年在上海开设耐克运动研究实验室,为当地运动员和消费者提供独特的新产品解决方案,从而进一步加快在中国的投资和创新。
Japanese tech company Panasonic Holdings Corp will accelerate steps to expand its presence in China, with a key focus on healthy and intelligent living space, new electric vehicle components, and intelligent manufacturing, said a top executive of the company.
"After a remarkable decade, we're entering a new chapter as we will not only accelerate global product introductions into China but also forge a wide range of innovative partnerships in China to empower local healthcare industry and contribute to Healthy China 2030 Initiative," she added.
In an era where more business processes are becoming digital, paired with the workforce moving away from traditional workspaces, the need to accelerate and scale talent is driving a global trend of the augmented-connected workforce, a strategy for optimizing employee value that uses intelligent online applications and workforce platforms to provide guidance and support the workforce's experience, well-being and performance, US market research consultancy Gartner Inc said in its latest report on the Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2024.
在一个越来越多的业务流程正在数字化的时代,再加上劳动力从传统工作场所转移,加速和扩大人才规模的需求正在推动全球增强互联劳动力的趋势,这是一种优化员工价值的战略,使用智能在线应用程序和劳动力平台来提供指导和支持劳动力的体验,美国市场研究咨询公司高德纳公司(Gartner Inc)在其关于2024年十大战略技术趋势的最新报告中表示。
Zhao Xiuchi, head of the Department of Land Resources and Real Estate Management at the Capital University of Economics and Business, said she expects China to accelerate the establishment of a virtuous cycle in the real estate sector by introducing more policies and exploring possible methods, as many Chinese property developers are facing liquidity stress due to the recent adjustments in China's property market policies.
World-leading pharmaceutical and healthcare companies will display their latest innovations at the upcoming sixth China International Import Expo, showing their continuous strong confidence in the Chinese market and hoping the CIIE platform to accelerate bringing new solutions to help patients with unmet needs.
Considering China's population, the continuously improved business environment, the country's demand for high-quality development and the levels of new technologies, we'll continue to accelerate innovations in the Chinese market," said Cecilia Qi, vice-president and general manager of GSK China.
考虑到中国的人口、持续改善的商业环境、国家对高质量发展的需求和新技术的水平,我们将继续加快中国市场的创新,”葛兰素史克中国副总裁兼总经理Cecilia Qi表示。
Peggy Fung, vice-president and head of GSK China Vaccines, said the spillover effect of CIIE is quite obvious as it is of great help to accelerate the introduction, approval, and market launch of innovative products.
At least one-third of the company's growth capital expenditure goes to China and it is believed the trend will only accelerate this year and in the years to come, it said.
"To further contribute to the Healthy China 2030 initiative, a national guideline aimed at promoting overall health, she said Kyowa Kirin will accelerate the introduction of innovative drugs.
“为了进一步促进健康中国2030倡议,这是一项旨在促进整体健康的国家指导方针,她说Kyowa Kirin将加快创新药物的推出。
Takeda announced an exclusive agreement last week with Shanghai-based Belief BioMed Inc to accelerate the commercialization of an innovative gene therapy for hemophilia type B in the Chinese market.
武田上周宣布与总部位于上海的Believe BioMed Inc达成独家协议,以加快B型血友病创新基因疗法在中国市场的商业化。
The company said it will accelerate the construction of the D line of the China-Central Asia Gas Pipeline.
To accelerate the green transition, China Energy has increased its input in the development of new energy, the company said, noting that its installed new energy capacity has hit 82.73 million kilowatts.
SOE plans to step up efforts in renewable sector at home, abroad, vows bigger role in carbon reductionChina Energy Investment Corp vows to further accelerate overseas investments in the renewable energy sector, as it speeds up the green transition at home and abroad.
The autonomous driving unit of Didi Global Inc on Thursday announced an investment from Guangzhou Automobile Group Co Ltd, which is expected to help the company accelerate research and development and the commercialization of its services.
Didi Autonomous Driving said it will continue to invest deeply in research and development, accelerate the implementation of related products, pursue open collaborations in the industry chain, build a sustainable and open industry ecosystem, and expedite the widespread commercial use of autonomous driving technology.
""The strong support from GAC Group will help us accelerate the construction of an open, sustainable, and mixed dispatching network for shared mobility, providing users with safe, convenient, and cost-effective autonomous driving services," Zhang said.
The quick-service restaurant group Yum China recently said it has plans to accelerate its expansion by opening 1,000 Lavazza coffee shops across the country in the next three to five years.
"To ensure the efficient and orderly grid connection and power generation of photovoltaic projects, we optimized the grid connection process for photovoltaic power generation projects and provide high-quality services in project application, design and construction, and grid connection acceptance in order to accelerate the grid connection of such projects. "
Wang Hongzhi, vice-chairman of SASAC, said, "SOEs are willing to work with enterprises of all ownership types to seize the opportunity from accelerated global industrial chain restructuring, expedite the construction of a modern industrial system, vigorously develop strategic emerging industries, actively nurture future industries, promote the deep integration of the digital economy with the real economy, accelerate the formation of new productive forces, and jointly enhance the resilience and competitiveness of China's supply chains.
国资委副主席王洪志说:, “国有企业愿与各类所有制企业一道,抓住全球产业链加速重组的机遇,加快构建现代产业体系,大力发展战略性新兴产业,积极培育未来产业,推动数字经济与实体经济深度融合,加快形成新型公共服务体系生产力,共同提升中国供应链的韧性和竞争力。
At present, SASAC is rolling out initiatives to accelerate the development of emerging industries, with a focus on 15 key sectors, including next-generation mobile communications, artificial intelligence, biotechnology and new materials.
Chumo stressed that investing in digital skills for women and girls would accelerate progress toward attaining gender equality, poverty eradication, and shared prosperity.
According to Meng, the goal of Huawei's all-intelligence strategy is to accelerate the intelligent transformation of thousands of industries, making all things interconnected, all applications modelable, and all decisions computable.
Shell and BYD signed a strategic cooperation agreement last year to help accelerate the energy transition and improve charging experiences for EV customers.
"The Coffee Innovation Park highlights Starbucks foresight in elevating the supply chain through digitalization and advancing our sustainability agenda, enhancing our unique competitive advantage as we accelerate our global growth.
The added the move to accelerate the construction of warehouses and enhance logistics capabilities overseas is of significance in helping cross-border e-commerce platforms reduce logistics costs and improve user experience, as well as allowing global consumers access to high-quality Chinese brands and products.
The company said it will first develop domestic air cargo to cover major cities nationwide and gradually accelerate its operations in international air cargo markets such as North America, Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Japan and South Korea by the end of 2025.
Technology to help China reduce 1 bln tons of emissions annually by 2050Domestic oil and gas companies should accelerate moves to develop carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS), an essential safeguard technology for helping achieve carbon peak and carbon neutrality in China, as the country sees vast potential in carbon dioxide-enhanced oil recovery, according to a think tank.
"It is projected that by 2050, the annual emissions reduction achieved through CCUS could reach approximately 1 billion tons in China and technology will further accelerate domestic oil and gas companies' transition to an integrated energy corporation and promote industrial growth.
With a total area of 11,000 square meters and a combined investment of 100 million yuan ($13.73 million), the fully operational facility is designed to help advance and accelerate the development of novel therapeutics.
According to the company, the opening of the center reflects its intention to increase investments in China and accelerate its development in the Asia Pacific.
In addition, guidelines were launched to accelerate the landing of foreign-invested pharmaceutical projects and to optimize the drug review and approval process for MNCs in the country.
The potential of the Chinese economy — the main driver of global demand for industrial chemicals — has encouraged the company to accelerate its presence here and it is willing to expand investments, from utilizing renewable energy to petrochemical plants, in the country, Abdulrahman Al-Fageeh, CEO of SABIC, told China Daily in an exclusive interview.
沙特基础工业公司首席执行官Abdulrahman Al Fageeh在接受《中国日报》专访时表示,中国经济的潜力——全球工业化学品需求的主要驱动力——鼓励该公司加快在中国的业务发展,并愿意扩大在中国的投资,从利用可再生能源到石化厂。
United States-based pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly will continue to pour research and development investments in China to accelerate local pharmaceutical innovations and benefit the patients, said a senior executive of the company.
The Lego Group, the global toy maker, will continue to accelerate its expansion in China in brick-and-mortar stores and online, as its consumer sales globally outperformed the global toy market in the first half year, an executive said.
The company continued to accelerate spending in long-term strategic initiatives including manufacturing, digital and sustainability.
To utilize its opportunities, Yonyou unveiled the latest version of its BIP 3, a new generation of enterprise service product set that can help its enterprise customers accelerate digital and intelligent transformation.
为了利用机遇,用友推出了最新版本的BIP 3,这是新一代企业服务产品集,可以帮助其企业客户加速数字化和智能化转型。
Liu Jun, executive vice-president of Lenovo Group and president of Lenovo China, said the company will continue to fully embrace AI, accelerate the implementation of inclusive computing power, and help Chinese enterprises accelerate their intelligent transformation.
Shandong province, an economic power in East China, vows to accelerate efforts to build a world-class port cluster within the province as a way to promote its high-quality development and enhance its opening-up process, officials said on Friday.
Chinese tech company Lenovo Group Ltd said it will invest an additional $1 billion over three years to accelerate artificial intelligence deployment for businesses around the world, - specifically AI devices, AI infrastructure, and AI solutions.
A cross-country comparison suggests that China's demand for steel and iron ore may plateau and stay at decent levels in the next few years, a process that will also accelerate the global green transition, he added.
McDonald's China will accelerate the localization process in the country over the next five years, ThePaper reported on Tuesday.
The company has also continued to accelerate its digitalization by adding new products, unlocking new drinking scenarios and developing more digital experiences for consumers, said Craps.
"We will effectively utilize both global and local resources, increase investment in the Chinese market continuously, enhance local core R&D capabilities and technological applications, strengthen software development capacity and systems integration, accelerate the localization process of the supply chain, especially critical components, to meet local market demand and contribute to the transformation of the Chinese automotive industry," she added.
Rogers Yongqing Luo, CEO of Everest Medicines, said that the company will accelerate patient access to the medicine following the commercial launch.
Everest Medicines首席执行官罗永清(Rogers Yongqing Luo)表示,该公司将在商业上市后加快患者获得该药物的速度。
"Our goal is to expand our reach and cover a wider range of geographic areas, including not just first-tier cities and provincial capitals, but also lower-tier cities," said Hu, adding that IWG plans to accelerate the opening of new centers, primarily via its partnership program.
The partnership between the two companies will accelerate the growth of the IWG network across China which already has more than 120 locations, said the Swiss company.
FII, which currently has six lighthouse factories, said it will continue to increase investment and accelerate its presence in the high-end intelligent manufacturing segment.
As a partner of BASF, Mingyang will provide its expertise in clean energy equipment and solutions to help create more green lighthouse projects, promote sustainable development in the chemical industry, and accelerate eco-friendly, green and low-carbon development. "
Together with the company's innovative design center and multifunctional laboratory in Shanghai and laboratory project center in Suzhou, Jiangsu province, all the facilities will work together to further empower BD and its partners' R&D capability and accelerate localized innovation, he said.
"We are willing to help the Chinese government accelerate its ambitious carbon peak and carbon neutrality goals with our expertise and technologies, and we are looking forward to more cooperation with local players to accelerate the green transition," he added.
"China is already developing carbon capture and storage and we want to be part of the journey, helping the government to accelerate the progress," he said.
To achieve the goal, Kuaikan aims to leverage new technologies to help create high-quality comic content more efficiently in the market and accelerate the birth of the world-class Chinese comic intellectual properties.
The initiative will accelerate the green transition of energy system of the shipping industry along the Yangtze River," said Arthur Xu, president of Danfoss China.
丹佛斯中国总裁Arthur Xu表示:“该倡议将加速长江沿岸航运业能源系统的绿色转型。
To accelerate the introduction of its innovative medicines to the country, Bayer has been in discussions and collaboration with the Chinese government and local partners.
David Chao, Invesco's global market strategist for the Asia-Pacific, excluding Japan, said Chinese equities provide very attractive valuations and the government has abundant policy tools available to accelerate the economy as domestic inflation remains low.
景顺亚太地区(不包括日本)全球市场策略师David Chao表示,中国股市提供了非常有吸引力的估值,在国内通胀保持低位的情况下,政府有充足的政策工具可以加速经济发展。
It has vowed to continuously accelerate the construction of large-scale wind power and photovoltaic bases, and projects that use wind and photovoltaic power for hydrogen production this year, eyeing to increase its grid-connected installed capacity of new-energy power generation by more than 25 million kilowatts in 2023, Wang said earlier in a government work report.
During the visit of New Zealand Prime Minister Chris Hipkins to China in late June, Comvita and Ole, a premium supermarket chain owned by State-owned China Resources (Holdings) Co Ltd, signed an agreement in Beijing to accelerate the localization and commercialization of Comvita's Harmony Plan within the Chinese market.
In 2022, Comvita established a branch in Hainan Free Trade Port whose preferential free-trade policies help accelerate the pace of introduction of its medical-grade products like olive leaf extract in the country.
Greater efforts are needed to promote technological innovation and increase capital input in research and development so as to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing industry, said Li Dongsheng, founder and chairman of consumer electronics maker TCL Technology Group Corp.
Zhao Dachun, deputy general manager of China Mobile, said as a typical scene in the era of intelligent interconnection of everything, the metaverse is a trillion-yuan level new market and an important carrier to accelerate the construction of digital China and realize the digital economy.
Michael Han, head of APM Terminals in China, a branch of Danish shipping and logistics services provider AP Moller-Maersk, said that in the decarbonization process of the shipping and port sectors, Chinese enterprises have already set an example for the global community, and the company has scaled up cooperation with Chinese companies to accelerate its green transformation.
丹麦航运和物流服务提供商AP Moller Maersk旗下APM Terminals中国区负责人Michael Han表示,在航运和港口行业的脱碳过程中,中国企业已经为国际社会树立了榜样,该公司已扩大与中国公司的合作,加快其绿色转型。
Xin said that to promote green energy transformation, State Grid has made an action plan to achieve its decarbonization goals and accelerate the construction of a new type of power system in China.
Firm keen to ride China's innovation, tech drive as its product facility in Xi'an starts operationsHitachi Energy vows to continuously accelerate investment in grid network innovation and digitalization in China to further facilitate the country's construction of a digital power grid with increasing renewable power penetration, said a top company official.
Alan Chan, general manager of Beaufort-Ipsen, said: "The cooperation will accelerate the launch of the product in China, better meet the medical needs of Chinese patients in the field of intestinal preparation, and contribute to the 'Healthy China 2030' initiative.
博富益普森总经理Alan Chan表示:“此次合作将加速该产品在中国的推出,更好地满足中国患者在肠道准备领域的医疗需求,并为‘健康中国2030’倡议做出贡献。
"We'll further cooperate with the regional advantages of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and favorable policies to accelerate the introduction of more cutting-edge, high-quality innovative products to the Chinese mainland," Ye said.
Finnish telecom giant hopes to help firms speed up industrial digitalizationFinnish telecom company Nokia Corp will step up its push to tap into enterprise business opportunities in China, with the aim of helping local companies accelerate industrial digitalization, a senior executive said.
US firm's official entry into segment to motivate more Chinese peers to join inApple Inc's augmented reality headset will help accelerate the development of the AR industrial chain in China, and push the product not only for entertainment but also as a productive tool for work, experts said.
""In the future, we will keep our promise to the Chinese market, accelerate the process of launching more products that better meet consumer needs, promote industrial revolution and contribute to the Healthy China 2030 initiative," he said.
The company has linked the project with efforts to promote supply-side structural reform and accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the refining and chemical business in China.
French pharmaceutical company Sanofi will accelerate the modernization of its manufacturing sites and research network in China to better integrate these into its global industrial system, a senior company executive said.
The company has also established strategic partnerships with various China-based biotech and tech companies such as Innovent Biologic, Insilico Medicine, Adagene and Baidu, to accelerate its pace in fields including oncology, AI drug discovery and antibody development technology.
该公司还与Innovent Biologic、Insilico Medicine、Adagene和百度等多家中国生物技术公司建立了战略合作伙伴关系,以加快其在肿瘤学、人工智能药物发现和抗体开发技术等领域的步伐。
Despite the chip decision, Oppo is still beefing up push to hone its research and development prowess, and accelerate its transformation from a smartphone vendor to a tech company amid intensified global competition.
It is expected that infrastructure projects will continue to accelerate within the year," said Guan Tao, global chief economist of BOC International.

高考More efforts, as reported, will be made in the years ahead to accelerate the supply-side structural reform.


2016年高考英语江苏卷 单项填空 原文

四级But we're waiting for a good driver to accelerate.


2019年12月四级真题(第一套)阅读 Section B

六级Although many researchers broadly agree that public access to raw data would accelerate science, most are reluctant to post the results of their own labors online.



六级Is surgery, radiation or careful monitoring best for prostate ( ' , 前列腺) cancer? Is the latest and most expensive cholesterol-lowering drug any better than its common competitors? The pending bills would spend additional money to accelerate this effort.

手术、放疗或仔细监测对前列腺最有效吗,前列腺) 巨蟹座最新最昂贵的降胆固醇药物是否比其普通竞争对手更好?悬而未决的法案将花费额外的资金来加速这一努力。


六级Efforts to accelerate the current energy transitions didn't succeed as expected.



六级further accelerate the ageing process



六级On the other hand, scientists disagree about how much and when they should share data, and they debate whether sharing it is more likely to accelerate science and make it more robust, or to introduce vulnerabilities and problems.


2017年12月六级真题(第二套)阅读 Section B

六级The pending bills would spend additional money to accelerate this effort.


2016年6月六级真题(第二套)阅读 Section B

六级This is troubling as climbing Arctic temperatures combined with rapid sea ice loss are creating a new type of climate feedback loop, which could accelerate Arctic warming.


2018年12月六级真题(第二套)听力 Section B

考研“Figuring out a way to accelerate that transition would make sense for them,” he said, “but if you discontinue it, you’re going to have your most loyal customers really upset with you.



六级Efforts to accelerate the current energy transitions didn’t succeed as expected, To change the light source is costly because you have to change the whole fixture.



四级But we’re waiting for a good driver to accelerate.



考研According to BT’s futurologist, Ian Pearson, these are among the developments scheduled for the first few decades of the new millennium(a period of 1,000 years), when supercomputers will dramatically accelerate progress in all areas of life.