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词根accelerate的名词 → accelerati …………
谐音记忆我可赛(过)了水声 → 因为用了加速度 → acceleration n.加速;加速度 …………
词性拓展记忆 / 词形拓展记忆
with the acceleration of ... 随着…的加速...
acceleration of gravity 重力加速度
absolute acceleration 绝对加速度
centripetal acceleration 向心加速度
angular acceleration 角加速度
maximum acceleration 最大加速度
rectilinear motion with constant acceleration 恒定加速度直线运动
acceleration lag 加速度滞后
resultant acceleration 合成加速度
These cheetah excels acceleration.
The bus has good acceleration.
The car's acceleration from 0 to 60 mph is impressive.
The spacecraft experienced a sudden acceleration as it entered the gravitational field.
The athlete's training focuses on improving his acceleration and speed.
The new software update significantly improves system performance and acceleration.
The bike has an electric motor that provides smooth acceleration.
The plane reached its cruising altitude after a brief period of acceleration.
The experiment measures the acceleration due to gravity using a free-falling object.
With a flick of the wrist, the skateboarder achieved rapid acceleration.
The sports car boasts a remarkable acceleration time of just 3 seconds to reach 100 km/h.
The physicist calculated the average acceleration over the given distance.
An analyst said acceleration of investment in grid construction by State Grid, the largest power provider in the country, will not only guarantee sufficient energy supply, but also provide more green power in the country's energy mix.
Xiaomi said the model, which is expected to hit the market early this year, outperforms Porsche's electric vehicle Taycan and Tesla's Model S in aspects such as acceleration and mileage on one charge.
小米表示,该车型预计将于今年年初上市,在加速和一次充电里程等方面优于保时捷的电动汽车Taycan和特斯拉的model s。
Recent high-frequency data on trade and prices are showing signs of stabilization; the acceleration of credit in August was also encouraging.
Overcoming the low inflation problem will require material improvement in the labor market and acceleration in wage growth.
Meanwhile, among its key projects, the second phase of "rural mother acceleration project" has, in the past three years, empowered 1,250 village women to make a living through their embroidery skills and further carry on the legacy of intangible cultural heritages, and the "inclusion enabler project" has also offered support to 1,500 mentally challenged youth in employment.
COSCO Shipping Bulk said the use of electronic bills of lading reduces the need for letters of indemnity, thereby mitigating legal and commercial risks, expediting delivery, streamlining processing procedures, contributing to reduced carbon emissions through diminished reliance on paper documents, saving trade costs, promoting trade acceleration and supporting environmentally friendly low-carbon trade practices.
The conference is crucial for expanding the power industry's worldwide impact and carrying out the Belt and Road Initiative in light of the world's acceleration of decarbonization and the transition to green energy, he said.
"Calvin McDonald, CEO of Lululemon, said, "In China, we experienced a significant sequential acceleration with revenue increased 79 percent in the first quarter.
Lululemon首席执行官Calvin McDonald表示:“在中国,我们经历了显著的连续加速,第一季度收入增长了79%。
"In addition to ensuring the legitimate rights and interests of global companies, China will create a better business environment for foreign companies this year," said Bai Ming, deputy director at the Institute of International Market of Beijing-based Chinese Academy of International Trade and Economic Cooperation, noting that such measure is the acceleration of the establishment of a unified national market.
With the acceleration of "zero carbon" efforts and the digital transformation, Nike will serve consumers better and faster and achieve long-term business growth in the market, Dong said.
Besides acceleration in bringing new therapies, Hu said the company will also contribute to building a more complete diagnosis and treatment system regarding rare diseases.
To overcome travel barriers presented by COVID-19, the Guangdong provincial government has arranged a series of "Cantonese Business Go Global" (CBGG) charter flights, operated by China Southern, to transport entrepreneurs and business representatives overseas for important exhibitions and trade events in an effort to clinch more new deals and expand foreign trade, contributing to the acceleration of the development in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, it said.
Its acceleration of its business scale has focused on penetration to new markets in first and second-tier cities.
Wang Weizhong, Guangdong governor, met Brudermuller to further discuss the promotion and acceleration of construction of the Zhanjiang project during the meeting held in the city on Monday.
The double pledge to peak and to neutralize greenhouse gases emissions by 2030 and 2060 is key to maintain China's new competitiveness, and it will drive further acceleration of the modernization progress.
"However, along with the acceleration of industries' digitalization and iteration of technologies, there are some bottlenecks that hinder the development of biometric identification technology.
"We hope to enhance cooperation with clinical research centers in Shanghai and see the acceleration of the enrollment and research process of new drug clinical trial projects of local innovative pharma companies.
Wei Hanyang, a power market analyst at Bloomberg New Energy Finance, said China has been moving away from imports of nuclear power technology in recent years to the acceleration of local adoption, which in turn will help export Hualong One to more countries.
Compared with the previous generations of commercial maglev trains, the new model shows significantly improved traction efficiency, hill-climbing ability, and acceleration performance, according to the company.
For instance, a digital transformation acceleration platform could be built to provide digital evaluation consulting, training and funding solutions for SMEs, and an index system could also be developed to better gauge SMEs' digitalization levels so as to offer more targeted help.
"Baidu concluded a solid 2021 evidenced by a strong growth in our non-advertising business, particularly the acceleration of Baidu AI Cloud.
In the second stage, AppsFlyer will collaborate with Intel to leverage the hardware-enhanced crypto acceleration in the latter's third-generation Intel Xeon Scalable platform.
在第二阶段,AppsFlyer将与英特尔合作,利用英特尔第三代Intel Xeon可扩展平台中的硬件增强加密加速功能。
The country's carbon goals urge acceleration in carbon reduction and industrial upgrades, Xiao said, adding digitalization is a way to achieve that.
These partnerships will help promote the acceleration of our openings in the coming years, he said, adding that, with guest demand becoming more refined and the market more mature, the group is keen to tap into the immense potential of focused service travelers.
"With the acceleration of vaccine innovation worldwide, we hope to build a bridge between China and the world for vaccine innovation cooperation in the Greater Bay Area, while increasing investment in innovation," Zhang said.
"With the acceleration of vaccine innovation worldwide, we hope to build a bridge between China and the world for vaccine innovation cooperation in the Greater Bay Area, while increasing investment in innovation," said Mike Zhang, head of Sanofi Pasteur (Greater) China.
赛诺菲巴斯德(大)中国区负责人Mike Zhang表示:“随着全球疫苗创新的加速,我们希望在加大创新投资的同时,在大湾区建立中国与世界疫苗创新合作的桥梁。”。
Experts noted that as the competition is fierce in auto industry, these moves represent an acceleration of Geely's goal of becoming a technology-led global auto group and aims to boost its sales to 3.65 million units per starting from 2025.
CBRE has also helped with the acceleration of the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta by offering solutions for transportation network construction for Suzhou, Wuxi, and Changzhou, Jiangsu province.
"Here at the expo, we are seeing this acceleration of turning more 'exhibits' into 'products', and more 'exhibitors' into 'investors'", said Fabrice Megarbane, the company's president for the North Asia Zone and CEO of L'Oreal China.
Speaking of its five-year strategic targets and a 24-month acceleration plan, Anta said annual growth of online retail sales will exceed 30 percent, with online business taking up 40 percent of total retail sales by 2025.
Sales mostly came from retail, but e-commerce had a very phenomenal acceleration, especially through our flagship store on Tmall, which had fantastic results," he said.
The acceleration in introducing brick-and-mortar stores in China is part of the shift that Coty started in 2019 by transitioning from a full wholesale to a retail model.
The updated commitment to the acceleration of its production and research capacities has shown the company's strong confidence in growth opportunities in the Chinese market.
Acceleration of vaccination, however, has created a window of opportunity to press ahead with infrastructure projects that could usher in long-term benefits.
The company has long been accused by customers of responding in an irresponsible manner to complaints about incidents such as battery fires, unexpected acceleration and failure to provide software updates.
The new plan, named SSI (Schneider Electric Sustainability Impact), initiated in 2005, will span from 2021 to 2025 and amounts to a significant acceleration of previous targets.
It coincides with acceleration in Chinese companies adopting digital solutions to innovate their businesses in response to the economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.
It has launched 18 new products in the country this year, with acceleration in product launches in China since the second half of 2019.
Located in Shanghai's Pudong New Area, the base is a venture undertaken with Zhangjiang Group and will be used for the incubation, acceleration and investment of innovation projects.
The facility will measure over 2,000 square meters and will cover incubation and acceleration zones, exhibition centers and workshop areas.
Leading ophthalmologists have also called for greater innovation in integrating clinical guidelines, scientific research and technology, policy acceleration, andxa0doctor training at a dialogue themed "innovation for eye" at the booth of United States-based biopharmaceutical company AbbVie.
"We remain focused on our three long-term growth engines -- domestic consumption, cloud computing and data intelligence, and globalization -- to effectively capture opportunities from the ongoing changes in consumer demand and acceleration of digitalization of businesses across our digital economy," said Daniel Zhang, chairman and CEO of Alibaba Group.
Considering the growing competitiveness of Chinese construction machinery manufacturers and their comparatively low market share in the global market, Lyu sees an acceleration of XCMG's overseas development in the future.
The acceleration of drug approvals and favorable policies launched in the Boao Lecheng International Medical Tourism Pilot Zone in Hainan will spur more pharmaceutical product launches, said experts.
The Xunxi showcase comes at a time when the COVID-19 pandemic is catalyzing an acceleration in the digital transformation of different industries, said Zhang Zhouping, analyst at Hangzhou-based consultancy Internet Economy Institute.
"Since 2007, the continued acceleration by Adidas in building out its logistic networks have had a profound impact on the brand's business in China.
Its global e-commerce revenues have shown significant acceleration from the 55 percent growth recorded in March.
So (we have witnessed the) acceleration (of internet-oriented business), and the next phase of growth of the digital economy is coming because the coronavirus gave people a way to change their behavior," Xiao said.
In Q1, we helped companies focus on immediate acceleration of recovery by managing supply-side constraints in the form of labor, material and logistics.
Meantime, several new opportunities have emerged, such as the acceleration of omni-channel transformation and e-commerce, which are expected to generate new engagement with consumers," De Felip said.
At a meeting of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China Central Committee in early March, President Xi Jinping urged the acceleration of the construction of new infrastructure such as 5G network and data centers.
In 2014, it launched the "mass entrepreneurship and innovation" projects, followed by an acceleration in its transformation.
To fuel business acceleration, Tiffany launched its own Chinese language e-commerce platform several months ago to expand the reach of clients on top of its 34 physical stores on the Chinese mainland.
The top model, E200P, is able to achieve a maximum speed of 62 mph and acceleration from 0-25 mph within 3 seconds, with a range of 125 miles under dual-battery mode.
As part of this acceleration, it continues to deepen its localization strategy in China by creating collaborative spaces and communities designed to power businesses.
With the acceleration of urbanization and expansion of the middle class, the size of the consumption group and their needs have been continuously increasing," he said.
We look forward to the further acceleration of opening-up in this area.
Buoyed by the strong economic prospects in China, German science and technology firm Merck Group is planning to set up a slew of innovation hubs and acceleration projects for grooming startups in China, a top company official said.
China Pacific Insurance's planned landing on London Stock Exchange showcases the acceleration of China's capital market's opening-up.
During the landmark trip, Deng urged further emancipation of the mind and acceleration of reform, opening up and economic development.
It also comes with a Vivo Computation Acceleration Platform, which can function as an AI-enabled telephone assistant to help users answer calls from strangers.
Bright Scholar, a major operator of international and bilingual K-12 schools in China, called the deal a significant acceleration in the expansion of its overseas portfolio.
"We confirm our full-year outlook and remain confident about the top-line acceleration in the second half of the year.
As one of the platform's series products, the Atlas 200 AI acceleration module, which is half the size of a credit card, enables real-time analysis of 16-channel high-definition video.
Sun Fuquan, a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Science and Technology for Development in Beijing, said Chinese companies still have more options to further diversify their market channels overseas, given globalization's acceleration.
Shen said he enjoys the 200 km ride as the car has no engine noise and boasts powerful acceleration.
After listening to briefings from company representatives and checking on popular models, the officials encouraged the acceleration of the plant's construction on the premise of ensuring production safety and project quality, the post said.
Kuai added JD Daojia will adopt in-depth empowerment, channel expansion and commodity development as core strategies to promote the integration of online and offline in the retail area and push forward the acceleration of one-hour O2O development.
China's acceleration has been dramatic.
As a professional working in the aviation industry, the experience that amazed me the most was the acceleration of the aviation industry in China.
"Because a lot of these platforms are more coordinated, I think we are going to see faster acceleration around how to take advantage of that coordination, and hopefully it can create some of the best practices for global businesses," Dunn said.
“We want to build a technology focused eco-system to enable innovation acceleration,” said Cheng.
Public sector consolidation and reform, support for the private economy, and the acceleration of restructuring based on innovation and digitization, will be critical to sustaining China's development in the next five years.
The joint venture will focus on creating technology innovation acceleration services in China and will be fully connected to similar RocketSpace centers of excellence around the globe.
HNA Tech Group is a hi-technology industry holding group that aims to build a technology focused eco-system to enable innovation acceleration.
The planned measures will include acceleration of the legislative process to enact a law on promoting the development of the private sector and revision to the negative list for foreign investment access.
With the support of many positive factors, including the steady and strong growth of industrial output, consumption becoming the main growth momentum, and the acceleration and effectiveness of investment, China's industrial transformation and upgrading have been speed-up, the driving force of economic development has been enhanced, and high-quality development has been steadily promoted.
Supporting the continued recovery in consumer spending would be the acceleration of new forms of consumption, including in the digital economy, green industries, healthcare and smart homes, said Wang, who is also a member of the Monetary Policy Committee of the People's Bank of China, the country's central bank.
It also called for acceleration of the opening up of the bond markets.
By emphasizing the acceleration of manufacturing transformation and upgrading to enhance core competitiveness, the rapid establishment of a modern industrial system is driving the development of new industrialization in Changyi, a county-level city in Weifang, Shandong province.
First, there will be a further upswing in the economy from a reversal of cyclical forces and a further acceleration in structural forces.
Zhou Maohua, an analyst at China Everbright Bank, said while it may still take some time for the property sector to recover, the fixed-asset investment will likely pick up gradually, especially as the approval of a fresh 1 trillion yuan ($139 billion) in central government bonds suggests future acceleration in the implementation of key projects.
Zhou Maohua, an analyst at China Everbright Bank, said that while it may still take some time for the property sector to recover, the fixed-asset investment will likely pick up, especially as the approval of a fresh 1 trillion yuan ($138 billion) in central government bonds suggests future acceleration in the implementation of key projects.
Commodity consumption also showed signs of recovery, with retail sales of commodities in August increasing by 3.7 percent compared with the previous year, an acceleration of 2.7 percentage points from July's growth rate.
Moreover, it will continue to promote the acceleration of new growth drivers for foreign trade.
Within the BRI, it has been China that steadfastly upholds the role of pushing forward economic globalization, promoting trade and investment liberalization, facilitating bilateral, regional and multilateral cooperation, enhancing international policy coordination, collectively creating an international environment conducive to development, nurturing new engines of global growth, and actively supporting the acceleration of development in developing countries.
With activity in services and construction sectors accelerating, the composite PMI, which includes both manufacturing and nonmanufacturing activities, came in at 52 in September, up from 51.3 in August, indicating an acceleration in overall business activity, according to the NBS.
Heading into the second half of 2022 and the third quarter of this year, service consumption and residential property investment continued to support another acceleration of the US economy.
Pang Xingjian, senior vice-president of Schneider Electric, said the interdependence of digital acceleration and sustainable development as long-term strategies is good for industrial businesses.
Zhu Haibin, JPMorgan's chief China economist, said he has revised up his forecast for China's economic growth in the second half of the year, given August's better-than-expected economic numbers and a gradual feed-through of policy support, including the recent acceleration in special local government bond issuance that could boost infrastructure activity.
"Recent high-frequency data on trade and prices are showing signs of stabilizing, while the acceleration of credit (expansion) in August was also encouraging.
As China embarks on an era of innovation-led growth, the acceleration of technological progress becomes increasingly vital in sustaining a prolonged period of robust economic expansion, Guan said.
Acceleration of special local government bonds keeps economy stable and sound in past three yearsWith businesses in China widely and actively rebounding since January, China's growth is speeding up from the pandemic impact felt since early 2020.
and the consequence of this is the acceleration and economic development that no one expected," said Erno Peto in an interview with Xinhua during the China-Central and Eastern European countries industrial cooperation forum held in Budapest.
Zhou Maohua, a macroeconomic analyst at China Everbright Bank, said industrial output continued to recover last month, with a significant acceleration in growth rate, mainly due to the steady recovery of domestic economic activity and a rebound in market demand.
Sun Xingjie, a professor of international relations at Sun Yat-sen University in Guangdong province, said China's diplomatic activities with other countries are expected to open up new prospects, as China has pressed the "acceleration button" on its diplomacy.
China's recovery will be gradual with a slow acceleration of consumer spending and investment expected to lead the way.
Hopes rise as new administration seen tackling macro issues, driving growthChina's growth target of "around 5 percent" this year shows steady acceleration is preferred to exuberant growth, said multinational institutions providing financial services and financial intelligence in the country.
HUNG: We see several structural trends in China over the next few years, including the acceleration of global assets shifting toward renminbi assets, shifts in supply chain flows, continued strong growth in wealth creation and the need for offshore diversification, and further domestic and offshore growth of Chinese corporates.

考研The trouble is that part of the recent acceleration is due to the usual rebound that occurs at this point in a business cycle, and so is not conclusive evidence of a revival in the underlying trend.



考研From the middle-class family perspective, much of this, understandably, looks far less like an opportunity to exercise more financial responsibility, and a good deal more like a frightening acceleration of the wholesale shift of financial risk onto their already overburdened shoulders.