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词根ac 加强 + com 共同 + mod 方式 +  …………
串记记忆听从commander(指挥官)的命令(command)才能accomdate(适应) …………
词性拓展记忆 / 词形拓展记忆
accommodate to 适应
accommodate people 容纳人
accommodate sth. to 使…适应
accommodate more people 容纳更多人
accommodate the interests of all parties 兼顾各方利益
accommodate the actual conditions of all parties concerned 适应有关各方的实际情况
This hotel can accommodate 1500 people.
The guests are well accommodated
She tried to accommodate her way of life to his.
I will accommodate my scheme to yours.
Animals have to accommodate to changes in different weather conditions.
The city is building more roads to accommodate the increasing number of cars.
It is designed to accommodate a diverse range of categories from Amazon China Global Store, including healthcare, beauty care, toys and apparel, the company said.
In November 2021, Airbus revealed its plans to expand the capabilities of FALA in Tianjin to accommodate A321 production, responding to rising market demand for the aircraft type.
In addition to signing a management agreement for its brand Regus with Shanghai-based West Group to better accommodate the soaring demand of flexible working space earlier this month, IWG announced in mid-July a strategic partnership with Wanda Hotels and Resorts, a business unit of Chinese private conglomerate Wanda Group, as the demand for hybrid working solution continues to soar across China.
The 323.6-meter-long and 37.2-meter-wide cruise ship can accommodate a maximum of 5,246 guests.
Based at Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport, the facility has six hangars, which are capable of simultaneously accommodating 12 widebody aircraft and five narrow-body aircraft.
It is capable of accommodating two of the world's largest FSRUs — floating storage and regasification units — or LNG transport ships for berthing and operation at the same time, COOEC said.
As the core project of the Hong Kong LNG project, the LNG receiving terminal is the world's first offshore all-steel structure double-berth receiving terminal, capable of accommodating two of the world's largest FSRUs (floating storage and regasification units) or LNG transport ships for berthing and operation at the same time, said Liu Zhigang, COOEC Hong Kong Offshore LNG Terminal EPC project deputy director.
The 15-meter deepwater port will be able to accommodate vessels weighing up to 100,000 tons and capable of handling 300,000 twenty-foot equivalent units (TEUs) in 2025 and up to 600,000 TEUs in 2030.
The tunnel is designed to accommodate high-speed trains that will run at speeds of up to 350 kilometers per hour, making the journey much faster and more convenient for passengers in cities between Shanghai and Chengdu, Sichuan province, the China Railway Construction Corp unit said.
Its outdoor parking lot can accommodate 2,185 cars and 305 buses.
Apart from a 180-meter premium Grade A office building, where AIA Life Insurance and many other financial and high-tech companies are expected to be based, the complex will also include a theatre able to accommodate 1,700 audience and the reconstructed former residence of Nie Er, the Chinese musician who composed the music for the Chinese national anthem.
The completion of this project will accommodate oil and gas service providers, fabrication companies, exploration companies, and their suppliers for supply-base activities," said the president.
For instance, when the company developed its first-generation electric kickscooter, its size was designed to accommodate Chinese consumers' body types, so it was equipped with only a 300-watt drive motor.
The 690,000 square meter facility will be able to accommodate 125 aircraft at a time.
The Alibandeng comprehensive school project can accommodate about 2,000 primary and middle school students, making it easier for students living nearby to go to school.
The Cap Esterias Middle School program can accommodate about 700 middle school students, making education possible for students in remote forest areas.
Of them, the eight major municipalities and cities are Beijing; Nanjing in Jiangsu province; Wuhan in Hubei province; Sanya in Hainan province; Chongqing; Changchun in Jilin province; Hefei in Anhui province; and Jinan in Shandong province, which will accommodate stations for both passenger and commercial vehicles.
The park, in the booming Zhuhai Hengqin New Area, part of the Guangdong Pilot Free Trade Zone, is able to accommodate more than 50,000 visitors, with an indoor exhibition area of about 500,000 square meters.
By March, there were about 3,375 massage equipment makers in China, with Guangdong province accommodating the majority 27 percent of the country's massage equipment exporters.
"The 660 kilovolt (standard) adopted in Pakistan is not common in China, but would be within the regular range that State Grid can accommodate," he said.
Ghana's new container terminal located in West Africa's Gulf of Guinea has placed Ghana in a more competitive position as it is able to accommodate larger vessels, thus unlocking huge trading opportunities within the region and with the rest of the world.
It can accommodate nearly 600 people at a time.
That has not only meant accommodating for online classes while schools have been closed, but also offering support to businesses preparing to make flexible work a long-term reality internationally.
Shanghai Disneyland will also accommodate social distancing in lines, restaurants, ride vehicles and other facilities throughout the park, and it will increase the frequency of sanitization and disinfection.
According to the corporation, it would enhance efforts to guarantee the power use of hotels accommodating medical workers, as well as key enterprises researching and developing medicines and those producing, purchasing and selling medical equipment.
Demand is surging from airports in China that are keen to upgrade their infrastructure to accommodate wide-body passenger aircraft.
It will have sufficient room to accommodate container ships of up to 18,000 TEU(twenty-foot equivalent units).
As of June 1, the company said it had signed leases for spaces to accommodate about 258,000 workstations where construction had yet to begin.
The theater can accommodate 800 people.
Located in eastern Shanghai's Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park, the 4,400-square-meter JLABS in Shanghai is able to accommodate more than 50 startups.
The incubator "JLABS," located in Shanghai's Zhangjiang High-Tech Park, can accommodate about 50 startups and opened with 31 companies from a range of sectors including therapeutics, medical devices and medical technology.
With more spacious cabin space than its rival models, the aircraft design offers the possibility to accommodate the seating layout of 12-29 seats which can be flexibly configured with relatively independent functional areas according to the individualized requirement from customers, the company said in a press release.
Upon completion in 2021, the facility, whose location is near the Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, can accommodate six wide-body aircraft and five narrow-body aircraft for heavy maintenance simultaneously.
The company will install smart battery-changing facilities across the country accommodating a wide portfolio of e-bikes.
When completed, officials of MPS told Xinhua, the additional berth will bring the total berth capacity to 1.4 km which will enable the port to accommodate and handle vessels up to 16 meters draft.
The theater, located in the core area of the Taizicheng international center, covers an area of 10,000 square meters and can accommodate 800 people.
Production will start with an annual capacity of 18 helicopters, and it could be doubled in the next few years to accommodate growing demand, Airbus Helicopters said.
The production will start with an annual capacity of 18 helicopters, and could be doubled in the next few years to accommodate growing demand, said the European company, considered the largest helicopter manufacturer worldwide.
The sub-center aims to accommodate 1.3 million permanent residents by 2035.
The subsidiary, Wellmei US Inc, plans to lease 20,000 square feet (1,858 square meters) to 40,000 square feet (3,716 square meters) of space to accommodate mold production as it builds plastic injection-molding lines to serve the automotive and medical industries, according to a memo of the Michigan Economic Development Corporation.
Furthermore, Didi Japan's taxi-sharing service will accommodate travelers from the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, who can hail taxis in Osaka, access Chinese-Japanese text translation, and get "bilingual customer support" via their apps.
How do you accommodate the unique needs and preferences of Chinese travelers?
With the help of advanced technologies, the land has been successfully turned into a fertile zone for crops, vegetables and fruit after nine years of developmentWang explained why CP chose Zhejiang to accommodate the project, "The province is an important part of China's Yangtze River Delta which enjoys advantages in its geographical position, cultural resources and business environment. "
Tetsuji Yamashita, president of the Chinese company of Toshiba Carrier, explained why they chose Hangzhou to accommodate the production base.
Finally, it chose Pingyao town of Yuhang district, Hangzhou to accommodate the production base.
The trade zone, according to Hu, will not only accommodate the ever-growing demand in logistics, but also cultivate the export processing manufacturing, thus providing sustainable incentives for Djibouti's development and for the rest of its inland partners.
China Daisy Group has been conducting extensive research to understand key client requirements to better accommodate this target demographic," said Anthony McQuade, managing director of Savills in North China.
At Fed-Ex, we make sure we are dynamic and flexible enough to provide a full range of portfolios, which accommodate multiple customer needs in the rapidly changing world, so that our customers can be more competitive in the global market.
The space, which can accommodate 772 seats, is the largest among the 19 spaces that Distrii currently has in the city.
"The institute is estimated to accommodate 60,000 visits annually, while we offer livestreaming classes to cover a broader area in China," said Kevin Chen, vice-president of Operations and Education Solution at Johnson & Johnson Medical (China) Ltd. "Most of our facilities in the institute are equipped with VR and AR (augmented reality) technologies, and we will team up with local healthcare professionals to better develop both the software and hardware," Chen said.
On the other hand, the traffic volume in Uganda has been increasing over the years and roads that were made for the traffic of the 1970s can no longer accommodate the traffic of today, he said.
Lendlease manages more than 70 senior living communities, containing 12,500 retirement living units accommodating about 16,500 senior residents in Australia.
The new airport, located on the border between southern Daxing district in Beijing and Langfang, a city in Hebei province, has terminal buildings covering an area of 313,000 sq m. Designed to take pressure off the overcrowded Beijing Capital International Airport, it will have four runways and accommodate 620,000 flights per year, according to Xinhua.
By combining Ali's intelligence and our 90 years of experience of accommodating travelers, the joint venture will be an exciting journey with a lot more to come," he added.
A public art plaza, a 10,200-square-foot (about 948 square meters) art gallery and event space plus a 3,300-square-feet (307 square meters) artist-collaborative space known as CoLab will accommodate a vast community of the city's creatives.
"We will be constructing a convention center that can accommodate three to five thousand people.
Feng said Europe is big enough to accommodate two or three major players but Amazon dominates the market because it has a strong local presence and excellent logistics.
Camden Market's management wants to better accommodate those big-spending visitors.
"SafeCharge Chief Executive David Avgi said in general, there is great motivation to accommodate Chinese consumers in Europe, where 50 percent of luxury purchases are made by Asian tourists.
The new subway train can accommodate 1,380 passengers, while existing ones in Victoria can carry only 900 people.
Talking about his recently developed business interest in co-working spaces, Horsfield noted that resorts, as well-designed and popular as they are, could accommodate guests once or twice every year during their vacation.
The 200-square-meter store offering beverages, fast food and snacks can accommodate 50 customers at a time.
China Railway Eryuan Engineering Group Co Ltd, as the prime contractor, said on Wednesday: "Upon completion, it will have the capacity to accommodate 340,000 passengers daily, and reduce traffic time between Cairo and the under-construction new administrative capital, as well as the 10th of Ramadan City, by about 30 percent.
Services and amenities on the campus will accommodate the needs of growing tech startup teams, including offices-as-a-service, a multi-gigabit internet connection, cafes, collaborative workspaces and a large event space.
Western countries need to increase their understanding of China and be more accommodating to the nation's development, Liu added.
During the three years of construction, Nam Tha 1 Lao Power Co, its operator, managed to build 11 resettlement sites that could accommodate 10,000 migrants.
With more loading and unloading points, it can accommodate more gantry cranes in the yard to improve efficiency.
Both sides will support German financial institutions' conducting renminbi business, encourage qualified German entities to issue and invest in renminbi-denominated bonds and accommodate the possibility of listings of depository receipts of domestic shares on each other's stock markets.
In terms of local computing power, China Mobile, a leading telecom operator, has accelerated the construction of a data center in eastern Guangdong province that can accommodate over 20,000 equipment cabinets.
He explained that Shenzhen has mapped out a new model for startup businesses, namely "upstairs-downstairs", which means accommodating industrial research and incubation inside one complex, making for more efficient innovation and talent integration.
He explained that Shenzhen has mapped out a new model for start-up businesses, namely "upstairs-downstairs," which means accommodating industrial research and incubation inside one complex, making for more efficient innovation and talent integration.
China directed more outbound foreign direct investment in Europe toward greenfield projects last year as witnessed by a broader investment agenda for electric vehicle battery factories, which experts said will better accommodate European carmakers and help Chinese firms go global.
The new port is designed to accommodate 800 vessels, costing 10 billion yuan ($1.45 billion).
By 2025, Pudong should accommodate the headquarters of at least 100 consumption companies.
Also known as the Canton Fair, the latest event has broken previous records by accommodating 34,933 companies, compared to 25,000 in the previous edition.
The export section will accommodate around 5,700 firms with leading brands or technologies, and the import section will present 508 companies from 40 countries and regions, such as the United States, Canada, Italy, Germany, and Spain, said Vice-Commerce Minister Wang Shouwen at a press conference.
Xu Bing, a spokesman for the upcoming 133rd China Import and Export Fair, or the Canton Fair, scheduled from Saturday to May 5 in Guangzhou, Guangdong province, said the grand event will accommodate a record number of companies — 34,933, compared with 25,000 last time — from both home and abroad.
The United States came in as the second, accommodating 691 billionaires.
ASEAN member states such as Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines and Cambodia are well-positioned to accommodate China's labor-intensive firms with their low tariffs, abundant labor resources and low costs.
Not only is the District accommodating a large number of digital industry leaders such as iQiyi, it has also built an industrial chain for innovative drug makers, he said.
With a maximum operational water depth of 80 meters, it can accommodate 135 people on board with a top net lifting capacity of 20,000 tons and a deck area of over 7,000 square meters.
It is important that China and Germany respect each other, accommodate each other's core interests, adhere to dialogue and consultation, and jointly resist disturbances from bloc confrontation and attempts to see everything through the prism of ideology, Xi said.
To better optimize medical resources, Shanghai has transformed the National Exhibition and Convention Center into a temporary hospital that can accommodate 50,000 COVID-19 patients.
The guideline highlighted the need to promote the growth in new models of spending to accommodate the measures for containing the pandemic, saying that new business models such as smart products must be given a greater boost.
However, it also creates opportunities for countries that have the absorptive capacity to attract and accommodate firms in search of new markets and economic opportunities.
"This could hold some important lessons for the WTO, which reached an impasse at the Doha Development Agenda to a large extent because it was unable to accommodate the interests of developed and developing economies sufficiently," said Plummer.
China will adopt a prudent and effective macroeconomic policy, and a proactive fiscal policy that is more efficient, tailored and sustainable, Li said, and its prudent monetary policy will be accommodating and appropriate to maintain liquidity at a reasonable and adequate level.
China supports reforming the WTO as needed, yet such reform must adhere to the basic principles and core values of the organization, fully accommodate the interests and concerns of all parties, and help bridge the North-South gap.
The more accommodating monetary situation will lower financing burdens on private, smaller firms, alleviate the intensified pressure on them from costs and help stabilize employment.
Hongqiao CBD will also accommodate headquarters of multinational companies, they said.
A separate listing requirements framework is also suggested to be set up to accommodate funding demand from the infrastructure project companies by launching a special listing board, said Rebecca Chan, leader of national capital market group, partner at auditing firm Deloitte China.
Healthier urbanization is another aspect of China's productivity push: China recognizes that greater city aggregations, which can accommodate specialized labor and interwoven supply chains, are typically extra productive.
A national financial leasing center accommodating companies' headquarters and sufficient talent supply should be another highlight of Lujiazui in the following years.
While accommodating Lujiazui, Shanghai's financial center, Pudong will step up efforts to attract more industry leaders and enrich the financial product portfolio, said Zhang Hong, head of the Pudong financial bureau.
As such, various merchants are tailoring their unique festival offerings to accommodate a growing number of consumers as they celebrate an unusual year away from hometown.
The district, which aims to accommodate 1.3 million permanent residents by 2035, has witnessed the settlement of headquarters of centrally-administered state-owned enterprises, branches of state-owned commercial banks, high-tech companies, a national cybersecurity industrial park, and a human resource service park.
Notable for accommodating very different economies and political systems, the pact members include industrialized Western economies such as Canada and Australia, and emerging markets such as Vietnam in Asia and Latin America.
Modern transportation infrastructure facilities can help African countries ship their agricultural and industrial products to other parts of the country as well as neighboring countries efficiently, and accommodate imports such as medical materials, daily necessities, machine tools, chemicals, factory equipment and construction machinery at lower costs from ports either within their country or in surrounding nations, said Luo Renjian, a researcher at the National Development and Reform Commission's Institute of Transportation Research.
As an international trade and financial hub, the district had to accommodate overseas investors.
The vessel, built by China State Shipbuilding Corp Ltd, is capable of accommodating up to 7,600 vehicles.

四级"You'll want an iPad just so you can wear this " is the slogan for one of the new lab coats designed with large pockets to accommodate tablet computers.


2016年6月四级真题(第二套)阅读 Section A

四级with many Asian-American children attending supplementary instructional programs, there is a perception among some white families that the elementary school curriculum is being sped up to accommodate them.


2018年6月四级真题(第一套)阅读 Section B

六级Harvard Business School professor Leslie Perlow explains that when people feel the pressure to be always on, they find ways to accommodate that pressure, including altering their schedules, work habits and interactions with family and friends.

哈佛商学院教授Leslie Perlow解释说,当人们感到压力时,他们会想方设法适应这种压力,包括改变日程安排、工作习惯以及与家人和朋友的互动。


六级Swedish family policies, by accommodating women's preferences effectively, are reducing the number of women in elite competitive positions.



六级Harvard Business School professor Leslie Perlow explains that when people feel the pressure to be always "on,"they find ways to accommodate that pressure, including altering their schedules, work habits and interactions with family and friends.

哈佛商学院教授Leslie Perlow解释说,当人们感到压力时,他们会想方设法适应这种压力,包括改变日程安排、工作习惯以及与家人和朋友的互动。

2016年12月六级真题(第一套)阅读 Section B

考研Accommodating this new world of people in motion will require new attitudes on both sides of the immigration battle.


2013年考研真题(英语二)阅读理解 Section Ⅱ

六级Swedish family policies, by accommodating women's preferences effectively, are reducing the number of women in elite competitive positions



六级It was the need to accommodate employees with young children that motivated accountancy firm Wright Vigar to begin promoting teleworking recently.


四级Britain almost more than any other country in the world must seriously face the problem of building upwards, that is to say, of accommodating a considerable proportion of its population in high blocks of flats.


四级Built for horse, carriage, and foot traffic, they were usually poorly cared for and too narrow to accommodate (容纳) automobiles.