n.同 adaptation,适应,改编本
词性拓展记忆 / 词形拓展记忆
For instance, Starbucks China has recently teamed up with the Shanghai Animation Film Studio to produce two beverages with peachy flavors featuring the classic Chinese animation The Monkey King: Uproar in Heaven, an adaption from the classic Chinese tale Journey to the West.
例如,星巴克中国(Starbucks China)最近与上海动画电影制片厂(Shanghai Animation Film Studio)合作,生产了两种桃红色饮料,以中国经典动画《大闹天宫》(the Monkey King:Uproad in Heaven)为特色,该片改编自中国经典故事《西游记》(Journey to the West)。
Chinese enterprises have entered a breakthrough period of expanding their business overseas, yet companies should pay more attention to organizational strategy, management capability, human resources risk prevention and HR-related compliance adaption to better achieve success overseas, said a recent report.
Xue attributed the earlier completion of the installation to "perfectly coordinating the work between construction and adaption", and the flexible arrangements in accordance with changes on the construction site.
This year, Airbus will train its employees and perform adaption work to make the final assembly line in Tianjin A321-ready.
Only minor changes such as the language of the operating system and local behaviors adaption are required when companies localize their products.
Regarding copyrights, Edward Cheng, the newly-appointed CEO, affirmed that China Literature will by no means share or obtain the 'moral rights' of the authors, and should grant creators their due rights based on consensual agreements in 'property rights', which includes the adaption for artistic works.
The revision of the Code is a reflection not only of the industry's adaption to change, but also of the vitality and future of the pharmaceutical industry," Liang said.
Increasing steel demand from downstream industries is shoring up the healthy development of China's steel industry, and adaption to ultra-low emissions also plays an important role in the industry's high-quality development, according to industry experts and officials.
"The Wandering Earth," a film adaption of a Chinese science fiction novel by the Hugo Award-winning author Liu Cixin, came in second on the chart with 4.68 billion yuan, followed immediately by Disney and Marvel Studios' "Avengers: Endgame," which grossed around 4.25 billion yuan.
The Wandering Earth, a film adaption of a Chinese science fiction novel by Hugo Award-winning author Liu Cixin, came second on the chart with 4.68 billion yuan, followed immediately by Disney and Marvel's Avengers: Endgame with around 4.25 billion yuan.
Over this period, the bank will expand operations with the private sector, multiply development impact and direct 40 percent of its approvals to climate change mitigation and adaption.