谐音记忆俺(a) + 得(de) + 夸(qua) + 他(te) → 因为他做得足够的(adequate)好,俺 …………
adequate / enough / sufficient
adequate → 指数量上足够,质量上适当。
enough → 最普通用词,口语、书面语可用,较侧重分量或数量的足够,多指希望的满足。
sufficient → 正式用词,侧重数目或数量或 …………
be adequate for 足以
adequate sleep 充足的睡眠
adequate for 足以
adequate preparation 充分的准备
a state with an adequate legal system 法制完备的国家
adequate responses 充分的反应
adequate stocks of safe blood 充足的安全血液储备
Qualified quality and adequate quantity are equally important.
We should take adequate food for the holiday.
I hope he will prove adequate to the job.
We took adequate food for the holiday.
It delivers an adequate dose to the target tumor while sparing healthy tissues and organs at risk around the tumor.
Combining both above-ground and underground wiring solutions, its approach has ensured adequate power supply while at the same time preserving the town's scenic streetscape.
Recent cold wave, snowfalls prompt energy suppliers to stock up on feedstocksChina's State-owned enterprises are making all-out efforts to ensure adequate and stable heating in the country in response to the ongoing cold snap and heavy snowfall across regions over the past week.
"We encourage adequate communication between doctors and the individuals seeking medical beauty treatment through HIT and help the individuals realize personalized beauty with our professional knowledge and product portfolio," said Lainey Lei, general manager of Galderma China.
China's real estate sector has not yet rebounded, but it is probable it is touching bottom, he said, adding confidence is needed to recover aggregate demand, so that the different components of consumption and investment will make adequate contribution to economic growth.
Energy firms ensure adequate power supplies this summer amid higher average temperaturesEnergy companies, guided by the authorities and striving to boost reliance on renewable sources, are rallying to ensure stable power supplies as heat waves continue to affect multiple regions in China.
Officials and experts said China is capable of ensuring stable and adequate power supplies despite the challenges posed by persistently high temperatures and frequent extreme weather, as well as higher electricity demand due to the country's ongoing economic recovery.
"We now have adequate power for economic activities in the country as there is no load-shedding, but we still have other projects that we are designing to increase the production or generation of power in Zimbabwe," said Mnangagwa soon after commissioning the expansion project of the Hwange Power Station last week.
"The colonoscopy is the gold standard for colorectal cancer screening, and adequate bowel preparation is the foundation of a high-quality colonoscopy.
Projects such as JD Youth City can address shortage of adequate housing demand in hot-spot cities and effectively meet the demand for high-quality rental as well as self-owned housing from non-local residents and the younger generation.
"With adequate labor supply and smoother logistics since the beginning of this year, we are confident in accomplishing the project on time," he said.
One of the SOEs participating in the building of the high-speed rail line, CR24 said that with the supply of construction workers being adequate thanks to the optimization of the COVID-19 control measures, the team managed to gain back its pace on the project of which 84.8 percent of works are bridge and tunnel construction.
Also, with the supply of construction workers being adequate due to the optimization of the COVID-19 control measures, we are confident the whole project will be completed on schedule," Tang said.
To manage the transition, China has to focus on building a cost-effective healthcare system while ensuring adequate financing tools to secure the system's sustainability.
The company has been demanded to take measures immediately to coordinate adequate gas supply to meet the needs of households, it said.
Thanks to supportive government policies, complete industrial chain facilities and adequate talent in the area, the factory is expected to become a major innovation and production hub for the company, with an annual production capacity of up to 12 billion yuan ($1.68 billion).
The circular said the central bank will make comprehensive use of its monetary policy toolkits to maintain reasonably adequate liquidity in the banking system, and financial regulators should implement differentiated policies on the tolerance of non-performing loans for small and micro businesses.
"Such institutional opening-up policies first landed in Shanghai mainly thanks to the city's well-built infrastructure, complete industrial chains, as well as the adequate supply of talents," said Lei.
China's steel mills have been investing in overseas iron ore mines to ensure adequate supply of raw materials.
To ensure a successful commencement of tunneling, CR24, together with the future operator of the metro-Shenzhen Metro-completed adequate preparation work, such as arranging high-quality building resources, transportation plans.
"With many countries such as Egypt, Algeria and Indonesia taking measures to import more grains to mitigate the impact of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, and prices of many agricultural products soaring this year, the company's planned IPO will strengthen both the company and China as Syngenta will be able to ensure efficiency in farming as well as adequate grain reserves amid a challenging global environment," said Ding Lixin, a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences in Beijing.
Infineon said in a statement to China Daily that it has been included on a "white list" which permits companies to resume work in Shanghai, and it has provided adequate accommodation support and subsidies for its employees resuming work under closed-loop management.
The company, also known as Sinopec Group and the country's largest oil refiner, said it was its latest effort-including maximizing production at domestic gas fields while ensuring adequate gas imports-to ensure sufficient supplies for the heating season.
He added that it will also enhance the development of new energies and clean utilization of coal through technical innovation and cooperation, and try to achieve green and low-carbon development while ensuring adequate supply of electricity.
For smaller companies with fewer employees, flexible workspaces give them adequate tools to respond to the markets' demand," Hu said.
The 21 projects were selected after adequate evaluation, and they are focused on a variety of sectors related to the steel industry, including new materials, intelligent services, industrial finance, environmental resources, supply chain services, clean energy and renewable resources.
There remain listed companies that have not paid adequate attention to investor relations management and never held meetings to present their financial results.
An analyst said the discovery will not only ensure adequate gas supplies for the country's energy-consuming eastern regions, but also underpin the company's vision to increase oil and gas production.
It has further ensured adequate gas and oil supplies for the country‘s energy-consuming eastern regions, ensuring the bright exploration and exploitation prospects of the gas and oilfield, the company said.
The company, which is better known as PetroChina, vows to continue maximizing production at domestic gas fields while ensuring adequate gas imports to guarantee supply.
The bank will ramp up nonperforming loan clearance and disposal, adopt a multilayered approach to refine the management of clients whose loans turn sour, continuously improve risk offset capacity by setting aside adequate allowances for impairment losses on loans, and accelerate digital transformation of credit risk management," he said.
Analysts said the Shunbei oil and gas field, Sinopec's new frontier for reserves, will ensure adequate gas and oil supplies for the country's energy-consuming eastern regions.
"Currently, while ensuring adequate supplies of vaccine for the domestic market, the company is exporting some quantities to countries like Brazil, Turkey, Indonesia and Chile.
Our employees worked round the clock in three shifts to ensure adequate vaccine supply domestically as well as keep our commitment of offering vaccines as a global public good to the rest of the world.
- An online platform of Didi Chuxing, a Chinese ride-hailing giant, was fined 340,000 yuan ($52,700) for not taking adequate epidemic prevention and control measures, according to a press conference held Sunday in Beijing.
The city's transportation law enforcement department also investigated 96 cases related to the drivers of the company's platforms who have not taken adequate measures, while fining them 1.07 million yuan.
Thanks to quick and effective containment of the spread of the novel coronavirus, and availability of adequate personal protective equipment, the industry recovered sooner than expected.
Moreover, financial regulators required Ant Group to set up a financial holding company, with adequate capital and compliance of related party transactions.
"This is one of the latest efforts the company has made to ensure energy security and adequate storage, as the government has pledged to make energy security a key priority in the country's 14th Five-Year Plan (2021-25), with focus on diversifying supplies, developing sufficient storage capacity and infrastructure.
This is ample proof that the NMPA is intent on giving adequate opportunities to private businesses to play their part in society, said Shao Junbin, chairman of Liferiver, a Shanghai-based diagnostics solution provider.
Besides ensuring energy security and adequate storage, the project is key to several production breakthroughs.
Village officials wanted to have all the villagers migrated but did not have adequate funds to undertake the necessary works," said Cao.
Global food traders and their investment in China's agriculture business can help the nation ease the pressure on natural resources and ensure the country's food supplies are adequate, said Ding Lixin, a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences in Beijing.
China National Petroleum Corporation, the country's largest oil and gas producer by annual output, said it will continue to maximize production at domestic gas fields while ensuring adequate gas imports to ensure sufficient supplies for the upcoming heating season.
He added that while the country has made a lot of achievements in the field of COVID-19 research, it is more necessary to strengthen technology innovation to provide adequate technical support for improving public health emergency mechanisms and dealing with the new normal of fighting against the COVID-19 pandemic.
Analysts said the park will ensure adequate energy supply in Yunnan as well as meet demand from the southern parts of China.
Having adequate number of active users in overseas markets has helped the company to win over local dealers.
In the future, more adequate treatment for patients will be offered, letting them lead a normal life.
Given the large number of international flights Shanghai is receiving, the city doesn't have adequate receiving capacity for additional international flights, the administration said.
While global mobile-phone shipments in 2020 will likely weaken from 2019, both companies have adequate buffers to navigate the downturn, the report stressed.
A study published in the Journal of American Medical Association showed that among people with diabetes in China, 32.2 percent were treated and 49.2 percent of patients treated had adequate glycemic control.
According to him, currently, the Xi'an plant has adequate supplies of raw materials and component s, but as the novel coronavirus makes inroads into more countries, there is a concern about possible short supply.
Tang said efforts will be made to facilitate a more efficient government administrative service system, and ensure that water, power and gas are in adequate supply.
Peng Huagang, secretary-general of the State-Owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, said though the coronavirus outbreak has caused certain difficulties for central SOEs to invest and carry out their projects in overseas markets, they have resumed production with adequate protective materials and emergency plans.
A group of reform pioneers will be fostered to lead and set an example for SOE reform across the country, he said, adding the government will take adequate measures to maintain the smooth operation of SOEs in 2020 due to their key roles in economic and social development.
State-owned healthcare and pharmaceutical enterprises are stepping up efforts to stem the novel coronavirus outbreak by providing adequate medical supplies, ensuring timely financial assistance and deploying trained medical personnel to work in the severely affected areas.
A research conducted with 2,000 executives found that only 20 percent of them were getting adequate returns on the data analytics they did.
But in this case, Innovax won the production of vaccine antigens after adequate research and evaluations by GSK," said Zhong, who is also chairman of Innovax.
Supported by adequate funding, large market scale and the adoption of technology, the Chinese artificial intelligence industry is one area to churn out global market players, he said.
To ensure adequate gas supply for the biggest gas-consuming nation worldwide, PetroChina, as CNPC is known sometimes, has been diversifying its channels to import more gas from abroad, including conventional gas, shale gas, tight gas and coal bed gas.
To ensure adequate gas supply in domestic market, CNPC has been diversifying its channels to import more gas from abroad, including conventional gas, shale gas, tight gas and coal bed gas.
To ensure adequate gas supply for the biggest gas-consuming nation worldwide, PetroChina has been diversifying its channels to import more gas from abroad, including conventional gas, shale gas, tight gas and coal bed gas.
To further facilitate the trade, it is necessary to upgrade the country's pipelines, storage facilities and transportation networks to ensure adequate and timely gas supply, she said.
Zhongtai has a reason to be confident in its growth, considering that a suitable climate with adequate light and heat enables Khatlon to produce one of the best cotton varieties in the world, and its potential has yet to be fully tapped.
The homeless are mostly seniors or people with special educational needs who failed to offer adequate information and ended up stranded in the facilities.
KPMG and Andrew Walker both admitted that their conduct was significantly short of the standards in two area, which included "failures to obtain sufficient appropriate audit evidence; failures to exercise sufficient professional skepticism and a failure to inform Co-op Bank that the disclosure of the expected lives of the Leek Notes in the financial statements was not adequate," the regulator said.
"The city failed to do an adequate job of really understanding and assessing what the community's reaction was going to be," he said.
As for the affordability of water, many utility companies or governments do not have adequate funding to invest in new water infrastructure, which is traditionally very expensive.
Such activities were so popular for a while in 2013 that most British supermarkets restricted milk formula sales to two tins per customer, to ensure an adequate supply for the domestic market.
After adequate preparation, the corporation is about to let the strategies start getting traction.
Company beefs up facilities to ensure adequate stocks for northern regions this winterChina National Offshore Oil Corp (CNOOC) said on Friday that it would bolster its liquefied natural gas storage facilities to ensure adequate supplies of the clean fuel to northern parts of the country this winter.
Under the direct procurement agreement, all Atlantic salmon from Norway are transported by air to China within 72 hours, during which they have adequate protection and refrigerant to maintain a refrigerator environment, or between 0 to 4 degrees, said Huang Ling, global direct procurement director for fresh produce at Hema.
Besides fierce competition, challenges include securing adequate overseas orders, Lan said.
The amniocentesis test alone could work because it has been in clinical application for a long time and the data provided are more adequate, Cheung said.
Xu also praised the legal system in Finland that guarantees the adequate forest resources.
To help people living with diabetes access adequate medical resources and disease-prevention education, Lilly, together with Tencent, the internet giant in China, and DXY, the largest medical education platform in China, initiated Lilly Connected Care Program, or LCCP.
This has become necessary as China's aging society struggles to find adequate number of high-quality medical facilities.
Similarly, demand for toys and plastic food containers can be met only with adequate supply of raw materials like petrochemicals.
"The technologies of new green buildings and smart-city solutions can effectively test and identify the sources of pollution or resource inefficiency in cities, and could help governments create adequate measures to tackle the issues, such as high power and maintenance costs," said Chai Yongzhi, a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Science and Technology for Development in Beijing.
"The bottom line is, China still matters a great deal to MNCs, and companies equipped with adequate preparation, renewed knowledge, objective risk assessment, and sound competitive strategies can seize the rich opportunities the China market has to offer," said Lannes.
"Even if the debt-to-GDP ratio next year reaches 3.8 percent, we can hardly view that as 'stimulus', because that's what we need minimally to let households, enterprises and local governments have adequate funds and boost market confidence," Zhang added.
In China's central and eastern areas, generally, infrastructure is already adequate.
He said consumers have often complained on social media that the shop lacks adequate staff to cater to its steady stream of visitors.
The government can offer better support to exporters and address their pressing concerns, with a special focus on lowering their overall costs, ensuring adequate cash flow and helping them explore new markets, Xu said.
On top of boosting consumption and private investment, dedicated efforts should be made to ensure more adequate employment, a key indicator gauging economic viability.
In the case of land use for private enterprises, the draft will require government departments to make reasonable use of existing land stocks, unused State-owned factories, professional markets and other places to provide adequate space for the operation of the private economy.
Despite a slight year-on-year rise in CPI in the coming period due to the recovery in consumption, CPI growth is unlikely to breach the 3 percent control target this year, as monetary policy remains sound and domestic goods and services are in adequate supply, Feng added.
As mounting external uncertainties could dampen China's export growth and roil investor sentiment, it is necessary for policymakers to maintain adequate support for domestic demand and take preemptive steps to strengthen the domestic financial safety net with smaller banks, real estate enterprises and local government debts in focus, they said.
Third, in terms of external demand, despite sluggish global growth, countries are likely to fine-tune their fiscal and monetary policies to achieve a balance between curbing inflation and maintaining adequate economic growth.
"We will improve SOEs' ability to ensure adequate supplies of energy and important resources to the national economy, and contribute to the growth of China's dual-circulation development paradigm," said Peng.
So far, coal stockpiles at the country's major power plants reached 175 million tons, which is adequate for 22 days of consumption.
I miss dining out with friends on weekends," said a local resident surnamed Song, adding that she will take adequate protection such as wearing a mask when in public.
Given that the window to prevent climate catastrophe is closing fast, living costs are high, interest rates are rising and a recession is looming, a sustainable development goals, or SDG, stimulus package can provide developing countries with adequate liquidity, a wider reallocation of Special Drawing Rights, and create effective mechanisms for debt relief and restructuring.
While overall consumption remains stable and strong, 39 percent of all surveyed consumers said they pay more attention to product quality and will only spend when they have adequate product information.
"The newly opened complex provides adequate stocks of Kweichow Moutai and Apple's latest products.
That is why the meeting said utilization of special local government bonds should be optimized and local governments should be encouraged to make adequate and good use of special debt quotas.
Utilization of special local government bonds should be optimized and local governments should be encouraged to make adequate and good use of the special debt quota.
The monetary policy should help maintain a proper and adequate liquidity supply, increase credit support for enterprises, and make good use of new loans from policy banks as well as their funding for infrastructure projects.
While presiding over the meeting, Xi said the long-term positive fundamentals of the Chinese economy, which has strong resilience, immense potential and adequate vitality, remain unchanged.
The output of aquatic products reported slight growth, and the vegetable and fruit markets had adequate supplies during the period, the official said.

高考However, a pocket dictionary doesn't contain enough entries to be adequate for college reference homework.


2015年高考英语湖南卷 任务型读写 原文

高考They were not provided with adequate equipment.


2018年高考英语江苏卷 阅读理解 阅读D 原文

四级The lighter rules that typically govern bed-and-breakfasts are more than adequate.



六级They may have trouble getting adequate food.



六级A few years later, a large defense buildup finally provided a fiscal stimulus adequate to the economy's needs—and suddenly industry was eager to employ those unadaptable and untrained workers.



六级They fail to give adequate help to the needy students.



六级Recently, the UK National Stem Cell Network warned the UK could lose its place among the world leaders in stem cell research unless adequate funding and legislation could be assured.

最近,英国国家干细胞网络(National Stem Cell Network)警告说,除非能够确保足够的资金和立法,否则英国可能会失去其在干细胞研究领域的世界领先地位。


六级A few years later, a large defense buildup finally provided a fiscal stimulus adequate to the economy's needs—and suddenly industry was eager to employ those "unadaptable and untrained" workers.


2016年6月六级真题(第三套)阅读 Section C

六级Every family situation is different, but it is important that each family give adequate thought to planning its financial future.


2017年12月六级真题(第二套)听力 Section C

六级If you're trying to build resilience at work, you need adequate internal and external recovery periods.


2018年12月六级真题(第一套)阅读 Section B

考研This is an adequate amount so long as it is aimed in the right direction.



六级” A few years later, a large defense buildup finally provided a fiscal stimulus adequate to the economy’s needs—and suddenly industry was eager to employ those “unadaptable and untrained” workers.



六级Adequate rest not only helps one recover, but also increases one’s work efficiency.



四级In almost every case of 'cross-border’ job hunting, just stating the title of your degree will not bean adequate description.



四级Many were built using specifications of 19th century Scottish engineers Thomas Telford and John MacAdam (for whom the macadam surface is named), whose specifications stressed the importance of adequate drainage.



四级Without a base of people working in industry, these cities cannot pay for their growth; There is not enough money to build adequate houses for the people that live there, let alone the new arrivals.



考研That may change fast: lots of proposed data-security legislation is now doing the rounds in Washington, D. C. Meanwhile, the theft of information about some 40 million credit-card accounts in America, disclosed on June 17th, overshadowed a hugely important decision a day earlier by America’s Federal Trade Commission (FTC) that puts corporate America on notice that regulators will act if firms fail to provide adequate data security.