词根词缀记忆/谐音联想记忆 补充/纠错
词根advert 广告 + ise 使…,…化 → =  …………
谐音记忆俺 + 得 + 为他死 → 哗众取宠,宣传,做广告 → advertise vt.做广告,宣传;公告 vi …………
词性拓展记忆 / 词形拓展记忆
adversity / university / advertising
advertising exposure 广告曝光
advertising agency 广告代理商
Digital Advertising Alliance 数字广告联盟
advertising endorser 广告代言人
Advertising Topic 广告主题
deceptive advertising 欺骗性广告
advertise sth. 宣传某事
advertising agent 广告代理商
public service advertising 公共服务广告
advertising film 广告宣传片
advertise for 为…做广告
outdoor advertising 户外广告
enforce control over advertising 对广告实施控制
direct-to-consumer advertising 直接面向消费者的广告
through ruthless advertising 通过无情的广告
advertising company 广告公司
shrewd advertising and public health campaign 精明的广告和公共卫生运动
good advertising 好的广告
create an advertising campaign 创建广告活动
advertising revenue 广告收入
advertising slot 广告时段
advertise for sth. 为某事做广告
an advertising company 广告公司
advertising slots 广告时段
an advertising campaign 广告活动
Advertising Department 广告部
pop-up advertising 弹出式广告
pop-up advertising windows 弹出式广告窗口
the advertising slot 广告时段
The company advertised for a secretary.
I need to advertise for a roommate for next term.
We could advertise our products on the Internet.
我们可以在网上为产品做广告。Eric used to work in advertising.
Tom found a job in advertising.
The company has been cooperating with and supporting Chinese smartphone maker Huawei to become a global high-end brand since 2015, and during its five-year cooperation with Tsingtao Beer, Havas also created a series of impressive advertising videos.
"The increasingly diversified and fragmented media environment alongside the continuous innovation and iteration of advertising technology around the world have brought unprecedented changes to the advertising and marketing industry.
The company has invested in Starrank, a leading Douyin partner offering integrated solutions to brands including livestreaming and KOL (key opinion leader) sourcing, and Tikin Media, an elevator advertising company with a network covering more than 100,000 elevators in over 50 cities.
该公司投资了抖音领先的合作伙伴Starrank,为包括直播和KOL(关键意见领袖)采购在内的品牌提供集成解决方案,以及电梯广告公司Tikin Media,其网络覆盖了50多个城市的10多万部电梯。
Tencent Holdings reported a revenue growth of 10 percent year-on-year in the third quarter, as online advertising and large model-related business became fresh growth drivers.
In particular, the company's online advertising business reported a 20 percent year-on-year revenue jump, attributed to the application of a large model in improving precise recommendations.
In contrast to trade in goods, trade in services refers to the sale and delivery of intangible services such as transportation, finance, tourism, telecommunications, construction, advertising, computing and accounting.
Also, its online advertising revenue increased 25 percent year-on-year to 1.5 billion yuan.
Online advertising is expected to grow at 35 percent year-on-year, thanks to the fast growth momentum of performance-based ads, he added.
This is a 'clean electron' route, where oil and gas companies investing in electric charging and battery swapping have a natural advantage in asset management, operations, and combining retail and advertising businesses.
According to the company, its revenue is mainly from subscription fees, advertising and its Duolingo English Test, which gained a huge following among Chinese students.
The latest model has, he said, been already connected to more than 50 of Tencent's own products and services, such as WeChat search, cloud, advertising, gaming, financial technology, online meeting and documents.
Hunyuan, with a strong Mandarin comprehension and creation capabilities, has already been integrated into the company's various business lines such as WeChat, cloud, advertising, gaming, financial technology, online conferences and documents, Tong said at Tencent Global Digital Ecosystem Summit on Thursday.
Inspired by global consumer insights, Hilton is dedicated to proving the stay is the crucial element that can make or break any trip through its "It Matters Where You Stay" advertising campaign and global brand platform: "Hilton.
Amazon Ads: Active Chinese advertiser accounts soar 13-fold compared to 2017As an increasing number of Chinese enterprises expand their presence in overseas markets to seek new growth drivers, advertising has become an important driving force in helping going-global enterprises achieve revenue growth and build their brands, said US tech company Amazon.
It noted that advertising empowers brands in launching new products, increasing brand exposure and establishing meaningful connections with local customers.
These brand owners are also active advertisers with a strong sense of brand-building, making full use of the multiple advertising products provided by Amazon Ads to improve brand awareness and boost product sales.
In addition, more and more brands are using video advertising as an important means to attract consumers.
Tencent has already been testing this model internally across different parts of the business, including advertising and fintech.
PubMatic, a California, United States-based advertising technology firm, is bullish on China's growth potential and its development in the digital economy, expecting to see a rising number of Chinese companies ramping up efforts to expand their global presence.
"PubMatic, a sell-side advertising platform that runs real-time automatic advertising transactions, allows app developers and publishers to sell ad inventory to advertisers across media, including connected TV and mobile apps.
For Chinese companies seeking global expansion, he said becoming familiar with global digital advertising standards is also important.
WPP, the largest marketing services company in the world, is betting on e-commerce, digital advertising and generative AI to propel its growth in China going forward, according to its top executive.
Market research company Reportlinker said that the social media advertising market in China is forecast to touch $119.4 billion by 2030 despite volatile global financial markets and growing trade tensions worldwide.
GroupM, a leading media investment company globally, also expects China's total advertising revenue to increase by 7.9 percent to $150.6 billion this year, the second fastest top 10 market globally.
The company believes China will play a crucial role in the global advertising market and the growth strategies of many of the world's leading marketers, while its economic momentum will present global and local marketers with important opportunities for growth.
GroupM expects China's advertising revenue to grow by 6.4 percent next year.
"WPP will also continue to benefit from a rise in e-commerce and growth in digital advertising in the country, which accounted for nearly 90 percent of China's total advertising spending in 2022," he said.
Last year, Meitu's revenue from VIP subscriptions rose more than 57 percent year-on-year to 782 million yuan ($109 million), surpassing online advertising for the first time and becoming the largest revenue contributor.
Last year, the revenue of its VIP subscription business increased 57.4 percent year-on-year to 782 million yuan ($109 million), surpassing the online advertising business for the first time and becoming the largest revenue contributor for the company.
Our team collected contacts from potential customers we met at overseas exhibitions or through advertising and reached out to them both online and offline to understand their needs precisely.
Our businesses in China include Amazon Global Selling, Amazon Global Store, Amazon Advertising, Amazon Global Logistics, Amazon Web Services, and Amazon Devices and Services," it said.
Pony Ma, chairman and CEO of Tencent, said in a statement, "During the first quarter of 2023, we achieved solid revenue growth as our payment volumes benefitted from, and facilitated, domestic consumption recovery, our games revenue improved, and our advertising revenue sustained rapid growth.
Gong recently shared at the 2023 iQiyi World Conference in Beijing that the focus of the company's future development efforts will be content, the above fundamental building blocks, as well as monetization capabilities such as membership services and advertising services.
They also do a lot of paid advertising and I think they're doing better quality control", Rui Ma, a tech analyst and founder of Tech Buzz China, told China Daily.
他们也做了很多付费广告,我认为他们在质量控制方面做得更好”,科技分析师、tech Buzz China创始人马睿告诉《中国日报》。
It had an advertising budget of 1 billion yuan ($147.6 million) in September, and the company has reportedly earmarked more than 7 billion yuan to help push the Temu brand this year, according to Tech-Node.
据Tech Node报道,该公司9月份的广告预算为10亿元人民币(1.476亿美元),据报道,今年该公司已拨款70多亿元人民币帮助推广特木品牌。
TikTok, a short-video app under Chinese tech firm ByteDance, is expected to ride out the global advertising slowdown, with the social media platform likely to double its advertising revenue in 2022, a new report said.
China's advertising sector is dominated by the internet, the report said, estimating that more policies aimed at boosting the economy are expected going forward and ad revenue growth in China will stand at 6.3 percent next year.
TikTok generated nearly $4 billion in revenue in 2021, mostly from advertising, and its revenue is expected to reach $12 billion this year, according to research firm eMarketer.
A pullback in advertising spending cramped YouTube's revenue in the third quarter, with Google's video platform notching $7.07 billion in ad sales, a decline of 1.9 percent from a year earlier, representing its first year-on-year drop in at least two years.
After a strong start in 2022, worldwide advertising spending growth slowed significantly in the second half amid global economic uncertainty.
TikTok is the only social media owner to post advertising growth, while incumbent social networks are suffering flat or declining ad sales, especially in Europe and North America.
China is the world's second-largest ad market, accounting for 15 percent of global advertising revenue, and ad revenue from China is expected to rise 7 percent on a yearly basis to $128 billion in 2023, Magna said.
Wu Xinhong, founder and CEO of Meitu, said the membership paid subscription service based on its core technological capacities in computer vision and image processing has surpassed the online advertising business for the first time and become Meitu's largest revenue contributor.
"It is likely that Tencent will continue to pare its asset-heavy companies and gradually turn to its main business, including media and the internet, gaming, social networking, advertising and finance," Pan said.
"We generate approximately half of our revenues from fintech and business services as well as online advertising that directly contribute to, and benefit from, overall economic activity, which should position us for revenue growth as China's economy expands," he added.
Revenue from the media business, including publishing and advertising units, stood at HK$376 million in the first six months of 2022, while revenue from technology platform and investments reached HK$26 million.
Tencent will continue to provide primary and secondary access points for JD on its social messaging platform WeChat to generate data traffic, and the two parties intend to cooperate in a number of areas, including telecommunication, technology services, marketing and advertising, and membership services, said the announcement.
Feng Dagang, CEO of 36Kr Holdings Inc, said in addition to traditional advertising services, the company has been offering enterprises-oriented services for five years.
For enterprises, they have many needs that cannot be met through simply advertising.
In an attempt to reach more potential customers, companies are relying on marketing via short-video social platforms and other social media as well as mainstream advertising services.
Comper officials say they have prioritized mainstream advertising to boost their reputation and build brand awareness among the public.
The company has started to work with Focus Media, which has strengths in advertising in elevators in office and residential buildings, officials said.
"With our portfolio of businesses in China, we will continue to innovate and invest where we can provide value to our customers, including Amazon Global Selling, Amazon Global Store, Amazon Advertising, Amazon Global Logistics, Amazon Devices and Services Asia and Amazon Web Services.
Miaozhen Systems, a martech company, is going to further explore the opportunities in the online advertising and social media marketing sectors by upgrading two business lines.
As Chinese companies expand their overseas influence, some of them are pushing into the competitive platforms of global advertising networks, according to AppsFlyer's 14th edition of its Performance Index, an industry report that ranks the top media sources in mobile advertising.
Chinese advertising platforms Bigo Ads, Transsion and Simeji, for instance, have grown rapidly, occupying the top three spots on the global Android growth index, according to the AppsFlyer report.
根据AppsFlyer的报告,例如,中国的广告平台Bigo Ads、Transsion和Simeji增长迅速,占据了全球安卓增长指数的前三位。
"The three Chinese advertising platforms climbed the ranks rapidly, partly because it is convenient for Chinese advertisers to communicate with them.
TikTok For Business, an advertising service of Chinese short-video company TikTok, performed extremely well this year, placing second in the power and volume rankings in engagement for non-gaming apps, as well as second in the in-app purchases power ranking in gaming.
Wang said he has witnessed the rise of TikTok as a globally attractive advertising platform.
Traditional media investments, notably in television and out-of-home (OOH) advertising, are likely to triple this year, thanks to a "rebalancing" effort for what is perceived as overheating in digital channel investment, Totem said in its study titled 2022 China Marketing and Media Review.
Chris Baker, founder of Totem and key author of the report, said that unlike in many other countries, the digital medium already sits at the center of all advertising planning in China.
Totem创始人、该报告的主要作者Chris Baker表示,与许多其他国家不同,数字媒体已经成为中国所有广告规划的中心。
"As a result, brands need to build and maintain large investments in advertising and e-commerce across multiple platforms concurrently.
Stand-alone stores serve as advertising tools for the company.
"One such growth engine is advertising, logging about 1.59 billion yuan in the fourth quarter, representing a 120 percent increase from the same period in 2020.
The company will offer premium and special boxes and advertise heavily one-commerce.
Tech outfits banking on KOLs, better trend-tracking for smarter marketingAfter years of hype, China's online spending on advertising has hit a slowdown that is not unexpected.
E-commerce powerhouse Alibaba reported that its customer management segment, which includes advertising, posted a mere 3 percent year-on-year gain in the quarter ended September 2021.
Tencent, which runs an all-in-one app WeChat, fared no better, registering just 5 percent growth year-on-year in terms of online advertising during the same period.
Over two-thirds of the brands surveyed by the China Advertising Association and data marketing technology firm Miaozhen Systems said they would prioritize KOL promotion in their digital marketing efforts.
In 2012, after graduation from senior high school in Hong Kong, Kwok declined the offers of National Taiwan University and Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and chose to continue to study business administration and advertising at Jinan University.
The company reported its online advertising services revenue decreased 10 percent to 1.7 billion yuan in the third quarter, primarily due to less premium content launched during the quarter and challenging macroeconomic environment in China.
Advertising revenue growth also slowed to 5 percent, with Tencent expecting weak momentum to continue in the months to come, citing macro challenges and regulations affecting certain key advertising sectors.
Chinese platforms are surging into the lead of global advertising networks, as recent shakeups in the mobile ecosystem and the COVID-19 pandemic changed the industry significantly, according to a new report.
Per this year's AppsFlyer's Performance Index, Mintegral, a Chinese leading mobile advertising platform, received top position for a number of regional gaming categories.
"As smartphone manufacturers like Xiaomi and Vivo beef up their overseas efforts, their advertising investments also rose rapidly.
The company, based in Guangzhou, the capital of South China's Guangdong province, will integrate marketing resources using big data and cloud computing technologies to provide tailored services for Chinese companies in their advertising and overseas marketing, according to Li.
The primary means of audio monetization in China include membership subscription, paid on-demand content, advertising, livestreaming and education, according to Huo Zhongyan, a partner at Whales Capital.
The company attributed the increase in interim profit to services enhancement and healthy growth rates across its business lines, particularly business services and advertising, and said its game revenue benefited from international growth.
Among the biggest drivers include revenue from advertising, which witnessed an increase of 201 percent year-on-year to reach 1.05 billion yuan.
This represented growing recognition of the Bilibili brand in China's online advertising landscape.
In contrast to merchandise trade, trade in services refers to the sale and delivery of intangible products such as transportation, tourism, telecommunications, construction, advertising, computing and accounting.
Among the entire quarterly revenue of $61.88 billion, a total of $57.07 billion came from Google Services total including YouTube advertising, according to the company's financial report.
"For Hisense, sponsoring the world's top sports events is not just an advertising and marketing activity.
"Temporal said sports sponsorships offer "an advantage over normal advertising and promotion" because they offer "a better chance of standing out among cluttered communications and addressing huge, targeted markets in a specific way".
Miaofei Food Company on Monday signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the world's leading elevator advertising group Focus Media, in a deal valued at hundreds of millions of yuan.
Compared with other time-honored brands, Wufangzhai has made some attempts in advertising and marketing.
The State Administration for Market Regulation slapped fines amounting to 36.5 million yuan ($5.73 million) on 15 tutoring firms on Tuesday for false advertising and pricing frauds, as the government continued its efforts to crack down on irregularities in the private education sector.
The inspection found that 15 institutions had indulged in false advertising, while 13 resorted to pricing frauds.
Wall Street English, one of the English training institutes fined, said on its official Weibo account, that it will accept the penalty and correct its irregular pricing, false promotion and advertising.
Revenues from advertising reached 714.7 million yuan, representing a year-on-year increase of 234 percent, and revenues from e-commerce and other businesses hit 519.2 million yuan, up 230 percent.
Besides pointing out that the company had violated the Chinese Advertising Law, the administration has also forwarded evidence of the agent's suspected violations to the local market regulator for further investigation, it added.
Winners will receive cash prizes of up to $20,000, as well as advertising resources to present their works on Times Square screens in New York.
Chinese short video giant TikTok showed significant growth in iOS gaming with increased advertising investment, as global technology companies continue to beef up their presence in mobile advertising, a new report by global attribution leader AppsFlyer said.
According to the 12th edition of AppsFlyer's Performance Index, which ranks the top media sources in mobile advertising, TikTok for Business showed significant growth in iOS gaming and maintained its position in Index 12 at the 6th position in global volume ranking.
360 Security Tech said in an announcement that it is actively cooperating with the authorities concerned on the issue and has set up an investigation group to probe the third-party advertising agencies and related accounts involved.
According to the company, the advertising agencies involved in the issue are not their main clients and revenue realized accounts for only a small proportion of the total operating income.
"We will further strengthen the oversight of the advertising agencies and review of ad content to take on our (social) responsibility," the company said in the announcement.
An across-the-board surge was witnessed in key business sectors from mobile games, value-added services including livestreaming as well as advertising and e-commerce.
Video streamer Bilibili Inc announced on Thursday total revenue jumped 91 percent in the quarter ending Dec 31, fueled by robust growth across its mobile games, value-added services, advertising and e-commerce businesses.
According to Xiang, Duolingo's revenues are mainly from subscription fees, advertising and its Duolingo English Test, which gained huge following among Chinese students.

六级Magna, an advertising agency, reckons it will be worth about $138 million this year.



六级The Wallaces didn't accept advertising in the US edition until 1955 and even then they didn't allow any ads for cigarettes, liquor or drugs.


2018年6月六级真题(第一套)听力 Section C

六级It is also easier for a dissatisfied company to give its account to another agency than it would be to fire their own advertising staff.



六级Interactive television advertising has not achieved the anticipated results.



六级A new effort led by Canoe Ventures, a coalition of leading cable providers, aims to make interactive advertising available across America later this year.

由领先的有线电视提供商组成的联盟Canoe Ventures领导的一项新努力旨在今年晚些时候在美国各地推出互动广告。


六级A lot of the government advertising has been about individual responsibility, but actually understanding that drinking is very much about the social activity and finding ways to help young people get home safely and not end up in hospital is one of the th


2017年6月六级真题(第二套)听力 Section C

六级About a year ago, I flew to Singapore to join the writer Malcolm Gladwell, the fashion designer Marc Ecko and the graphic designer Stefan Sagmeister in addressing a group of advertising people on "Marketing to the Child of Tomorrow".



高考These advertise the presence of chicks to adults; they might also encourage our chick to start calling as well.


2017年高考英语全国卷1 阅读理解 阅读B 原文

六级It proves the advantage of TV advertising.



高考Google initially used the data collected from users to target advertising better.


2017年高考英语江苏卷 阅读理解 阅读C 原文

四级Setting guidelines for advertising on websites.



四级Someone having a college degree in advertising.



四级But I advertise a lot on radio and in local newspapers.



四级Angeleno say about advertising his business.



四级He hardly needs to do any advertising nowadays



六级With the launch of interactive advertising, many of the dollars that went to the Internet will come back to the TV, says David Kline of Cablevision.

Cablevision的大卫·克莱恩(David Kline)表示,随着互动广告的推出,互联网上的许多资金将回到电视上。


六级They signify the popularity of interactive advertising.



六级They may be due to the novel way of advertising.



六级The amount spent on interactive advertising on television is still small.



六级Television advertising could do with a boost.



六级It's been the year of interactive television advertising for the last ten or twelve years, says Colin Dixon of a digital-media consultancy.

一家数字媒体咨询公司的科林·迪克森(Colin Dixon)说,在过去的十年或十二年里,这是互动电视广告的一年。


六级It has placed TV advertising at a great disadvantage.



六级It has made TV advertising easily accessible to viewers.



六级It has boosted the TV advertising industry.



六级Interactive television advertising, which allows viewers to use their remote controls to click on advertisements, has been pushed for years.



六级Interactive television advertising will become popular in 10-12 years.



六级Interactive television advertising is successful when incorporated into situation comedies.



六级Interactive television advertising has been under debate for the last decade or so.



六级In theory, interactive advertising can engage viewers in a way that 30-second spots do not.



六级That is why government has historically intervened, banning advertising, imposing health warnings and punitive ( ' , 惩罚性的) duties.

这就是为什么政府历来进行干预,禁止广告,实施健康警告和惩罚性(',惩罚性的) 职责。


六级Yet virtually no providers of goods or services rely on this alone, butuse paid advertising instead.



六级These are likely to have more resources andmore knowledge about all aspects of advertising and advertising media than single company.



六级The client company generallygives the advertising agency an agreed budget, a statement of theobjective of the advertising campaign known as a brief and an overall advertising strategy concerning the message to be communicated to the target customers.



六级The best form of advertising is probably word-of-mouth advertising which occurs when people tell their friends about the benefits of products or services that they have purchased.



六级Indeed many organizations also useinstitutional or prestige advertising which is designed to build uptheir reputation rather than to sell particular products.



六级Although large companies could easily set up their own advertising departments, write their own advertisements andbuy media space themselves, they tend to use the services of largeadvertising agencies.



六级Advertising informs consumers about the existence and benefits ofproducts and services and attempts to persuade them to buy them.



六级Google's business model has always been to provide information for free, and sell advertising on the basis of the traffic this generates," points out James Grimmelmann, associate professor at New York Law School.

谷歌的商业模式一直是免费提供信息,并根据由此产生的流量销售广告,”纽约法学院副教授詹姆斯·格里曼(James Grimmelmann)指出。


六级While providing information for free, Google makes money by selling advertising



六级She has just graduated from college and got a job at an advertising agency when she began to sense that something strange was going on inside her body.



六级So what I suggest is not that we just give them a sum of money, but that we offer to pay for something specific like travel or something, and that in return, we ask for our name to be printed prominently in the program, and that they give us free advertising space in it.



六级But why don't we offer to pay for the printing of the programs ourselves on condition that on the front cover there's something like This program is presented with the compliments of Norland Electronics, and free advertising of course



六级It is advertising electronic products.



考研These labels encourage style-conscious consumers to see clothes as disposable-meant to last only a wash or two, although they don’t advertise that –and to renew their wardrobe every few weeks.



考研An old saying has it that half of all advertising budgets are wasted-the trouble is, no one knows which half.



考研For someone moving from finance to advertising, maybe they want to look more “SoHo”.



考研These labels encourage style-conscious consumers to see clothes as disposable一meant to last only a wash or two, although they don't advertise that一and to renew their wardrobe every few weeks.


2013年考研真题(英语一)阅读理解 Section Ⅱ

考研In February the FTC and the digital Advertising Alliance agreed that the industry would get cracking on responding to DNT requests.


2013年考研真题(英语一)阅读理解 Section Ⅱ

考研If it is trying to upset Google, which relies almost wholly on advertising, it has chosen an indirect method: there is no guarantee that DNT by default will become the norm.


2013年考研真题(英语一)阅读理解 Section Ⅱ

考研The recession threatened to remove the advertising and readers that had not already fled to the Internet.


2011年考研真题(英语二)阅读理解 Section Ⅱ

六级with the launch of interactive advertising, "many of the dollars that went to the Internet will come back to the TV," says David Kline of Cablevision.


2016年6月六级真题(第三套)阅读 Section C

考研Today, because of shrewd advertising and public health campaigns, many Americans habitually give their pearly whites a cavity-preventing scrub twice a day, often with Colgate, Crest or one of the other brands.


2010年考研真题(英语二)阅读理解 Section Ⅱ

考研"If we were really bold, we might even begin to think of high-calorie fast food in the same way as cigarettes—by setting strict limits on advertising, product placement and sponsorship of sport events," he said.


2011年考研真题(英语二)阅读理解 Section Ⅱ

考研That would be the people who buy advertising from them-and Facebook and Google, the two virtual giants, dominate digital advertising to the disadvantage of all other media and entertainment companies.


2018年考研真题(英语二)阅读理解 Section Ⅱ

考研Through experiments and observation, social scientists like Dr. Berning have learned that there is power in tying certain behaviors to habitual cues through ruthless advertising.


2010年考研真题(英语二)阅读理解 Section Ⅱ

六级But why don't we offer to pay for the printing of the programs ourselves on condition that on the front cover there's something like This program is presented with the compliments of Norland Electronics, and free advertising of course.



四级The government pays about $900 for old ones to be discarded and advertising on the new vehicles helps cover repayments.


2015年12月四级真题(第一套)听力 Section A

考研Digital services include everything from providing a platform for selling goods and services online to targeting advertising based on user data, and the tax applies to gross revenue from such services.


2020年考研真题(英语一)阅读理解 Section Ⅱ

四级Someone having a college degree in advertising



考研Fully 87% of their revenues came from advertising in 2008, according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development .

据经济合作与发展组织(Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development)统计,2008年,他们87%的收入来自广告。

2011年考研真题(英语二)阅读理解 Section Ⅱ

六级It is advertising electronic products



考研But senior medical figures want to stop fast-food outlets opening near schools, restrict advertising of products high in fat, salt or sugar, and limit sponsorship of sports events by fast-food producers such as McDonald's.


2011年考研真题(英语二)阅读理解 Section Ⅱ

六级since these services rely on advertising revenue, the more frequently you use them, the more money they make.


2017年12月六级真题(第一套)阅读 Section B

六级The solution turned out to be advertising, and it’s not an exaggeration to say that Google is now essentially an advertising company, given that that’s the source of nearly all its revenue.



六级Today it is a giant advertising company, worth $100 billion.



六级Through advertising, companies conditioned consumers to buy things they didn’t really want or need.



六级I sat several feet away from an advertising sales representative with a similar name.



六级Struggling 64 an evaporation of advertising and a downward drift in street corner sales, The New York Times 65 to introduce a “metered” model at the beginning of 2011.



六级"Google's business model has always been to provide information for free, and sell advertising on the basis of the traffic this generates," points out James Grimmelmann, associate professor at New York Law School.

纽约法学院副教授James Grimmelmann指出:“谷歌的商业模式一直是免费提供信息,并根据由此产生的流量销售广告。”。


六级About a year ago, I flew to Singapore to join the writer Malcolm Gladwell, the fashion designer Marc Ecko and the graphic designer Stefan Sagmeister in addressing a group of advertising people on “Marketing to the Child of Tomorrow.

大约一年前,我飞往新加坡,与作家Malcolm Gladwell、时装设计师Marc Ecko和平面设计师Stefan Sagmeister一起,就“面向明日之子的营销”向一群广告人发表演讲。


四级The appeal of advertising to buying motives can have both negative and positive effects consumers may be convinced to buy a product of poor quality or high price because of an advertisement.



四级For example, some advertisers have appealed to people’s desire for better fuel economy for their cars by advertising automotive products that improve gasoline mileage.



四级Sometimes advertising is intentionally misleading.



四级If consumers consider the quality of the insurance plans as well as the message in the ads, they will benefit from the advertising.



四级Advertising is intended to appeal to consumers, but it does not force them to buy the product.



四级Of major concern to Amtrak and its advertising agency DDB Needham, were the long-distance western routes where ridership had been declining significantly. ]

美铁及其广告公司DDB Needham主要关注的是乘客量大幅下降的西部长途线路。]


四级The advertising world is very competitive.



四级After determining the target audience for a product or service, advertising agencies must select the appropriate media for the advertisement.



四级We discuss here the major types of media used in advertising.



四级We focus our attention on seven types of advertising: television, newspapers, radio, magazines, out-of-home.



四级Television is an attractive medium for advertising because it delivers mass audiences to advertisers.



四级Television's influence on advertising is fourfold.



四级Locally, newspapers are the largest advertising medium.



四级Newspapers are a less expensive advertising medium than television and provide a way for advertisers to communicate a longer.



四级Advertising on radio continues to grow Radio is often used in conjunction with outdoor bill-boards (广告牌) and ihe Internet to reach even more customers than television.

无线电广告持续增长无线电经常与户外广告牌结合使用(广告牌) 互联网的用户数量甚至超过了电视。


四级Internet companies are also turning 10 radio advertising.



四级Newsweeklies, women’s titles, and business magazines have all seen increases in advertising because they attract the high-end market, magazines are popular with advertisers because of the narrow market that they deliver.



四级Also called place-based advertising, has become an increasingly effective way of reaching consumers, who are more active than ever before.



四级Using billboards, newsstands, and bus shelters for advertising is an effective way of reaching these on-the-go consumers.



四级More consumers travel longer distances to and from work, which also makes out-of-home advertising effective, technology has changed the nature of the billboard business, making it a more effective medium than in the past.



四级Internet advertising will play a more prominent role in organizations' advertising in the near ftuture.



四级A final advertising medium is direct mail, which uses mailings to consumers to communicate a client's message Direct mail includes newsletters.



四级direct mail is the most effective from of advertising.



四级David Palmer,an analyst at UBS,a bank,says smaller fast- food chains in America,such as Jack in the Box and Carl’s Jr. ,have been hit particularly hard in this downturn because they are competing with the global giant McDonald^, which increased spending on advertising by more than 7% last year as others cut back.

瑞银(UBS)分析师戴维·帕尔默(David Palmer)表示,美国较小的快餐连锁店,如Jack in the Box和Carl's Jr.,在这场经济衰退中受到的打击尤其严重,因为它们正在与全球巨头麦当劳竞争。去年,随着其他公司的削减,麦当劳在广告上的支出增加了7%以上。


四级We view this kind of advertising as environmental damage and will take strong action against it.



考研Neon lighting used in advertising has become part of the character of every modern city.



考研Money spent on advertising is money spent as well as any I know of.



考研And perhaps most important of all, advertising provides a guarantee of reasonable value in the products and services you buy.



考研Apart from the fact that twenty-seven Acts of Parliament govern the terms of advertising, no regular advertiser dare promote a product that fails to live up to the promise of his advertisements.



考研He might fool some people for a little while through misleading advertising.