词根词缀记忆/谐音联想记忆 补充/纠错
词根broad(宽阔的)+cast(投掷)→broadc …………
谐音记忆播的卡死它 → broadcast vt.(无线电或电视)广播,播送;播撒(种子) vi. 广播,播送;播 …………
词性拓展记忆 / 词形拓展记忆
forecast / webcast / broadcast
news broadcast 新闻广播
BBC: British Broadcasting Company 英国广播公司
live broadcast 现场直播
broadcast news 广播新闻
broadcast dialect programs 广播方言节目
broadcast media 广播媒介
broadcast commentary 广播解说词
video broadcasts 视频广播
television and broadcast media 电视和广播媒体
start trial broadcasts 开始试播
to be broadcast over the whole area 将在整个地区广播
The shuttle flight will be broadcast live worldwide.
They began broadcasting in 1922.
他们于 1922 年开播。
The concert will be broadcast live by the BBC.
The radio station will be broadcasting their top hits this evening.
The news anchor announced the breaking broadcast live from the scene.
I'm tuning in to your broadcast, it's crystal clear.
The television network broadcasts news programs 24 hours a day.
The weather forecast will be broadcast on the local TV channel at 6 PM.
She launched a new radio show, which has been a hit with listeners.
The satellite broadcast allowed people in remote areas to watch the soccer match.
The school will be broadcasting the talent show live online for parents to watch.
The teacher used a microphone to amplify her voice during the broadcast lesson.
They've decided to broadcast the opera performance worldwide via streaming.
Since 2022, to enrich the cultural life of local residents, the city has welcomed China Central Television (CCTV) under China Media Group to broadcast a New Year's Eve party for three consecutive years in Taizhou to help usher in the New Year.
It provided support for diverse products and solutions services, such as cameras, lenses, video recorders and broadcast equipment.
Feiyu's products have gone on to win industry praise at home and abroad, including acclaim among photography and broadcast media professionals who use its camera equipment, Wei said.
In addition to traditional supermarket channels, the Chongqing brewer has also accelerated development of online stores on mainstream e-commerce platforms, and through O2O, livestreaming broadcast, takeout platforms, and other channels to attract consumers to place orders.
Some netizens broadcast their enjoyable afternoon tea moments on streaming platforms including Douyin, whose international version is known as TikTok.
The first livestreaming session was a popular science broadcast on indoor pollutants, which include not only visible particulate matter, but invisible ones such as mites, dander, bacteria and mold.
Launched by AIG in 2016, Uplive, a live video social platform, allows viewers to broadcast and view real-time videos via their smartphones, with more than 200 million registered users, making it the largest independent video social entertainment platform in the world outside of China.
"Tencent's abandonment of exclusive rights to music labels will be good news for music creators, whose compositions will be broadcast and disseminated via more platforms," Dong said.
Based on passenger needs, we launched on-demand services and voice broadcast services during bus transfers.
In the field of sports, the integration of broadcast television and sports events has given rise to new forms and new models such as 5G plus ultra-high-definition content and cloud stadiums, which brings a high-quality audience experience and puts forward new requirements for how the audio-visual industry can adapt to technological advancements, said Tan Lilin, deputy director of the network audiovisual program management department at the National Radio and Television Administration.
In this year's 3-15 Evening Gala — which is produced by China Central Television and broadcast annually on March 15, International Consumer Rights Day — 360 Search was found to have illegally posted fake medical advertisements.
To upgrade the infrastructure, Zuoyebang has continued to upgrade its technology, changing from its original single cloud service to multiple cloud services and from mostly using third-party live broadcast systems to now relying on an independent system.
It is impossible to achieve such outcomes through recorded and broadcast lessons," he added.
For instance, automaker Geely unveiled a new vehicle model in a livestreamed session via Channels in November, and smartphone maker Huawei used its Channels vehicle to broadcast a new phone launch event last month.
CAF Interim President Constant Omari expressed delight with the partnership and said the broadcast of the matches will facilitate access for the largest number of football fans in Africa to images of one of its top competitions.
"Under the agreement, the operating license issued by CAF grants StarTimes the right to broadcast all 32 matches of the competition in the territories of sub-Saharan Africa from Jan 16 to Feb 7.
In 2020, the live broadcast boom has become the focus of strategic innovation in digital transformation.
Integrated advertising of communication and sales, such as content marketing, e-commerce live broadcast, and short video marketing, is favored by many companies.
The plan came after China Unicom launched a 5G live broadcast platform at the end of 2019.
Baidu has attracted a large variety of knowledge and information-based videos to its platform, including live and short videos, and over 800 sessions of topical live streaming were broadcast in the second quarter.
Teh-han Chow, interim CEO Greater China of Fonterra, which is the global leader as a dairy exporter and retailer, entered a broadcast studio last week at the brand's online store on JD.
The company stated on its Weibo account that the company called police after noticing the online live broadcast, "DiDi Driver Sexually Assaulting a Woman" on Wednesday.
The company said that the couple's behavior and the live-streaming platform Xinglian Live Broadcast have hurt the company's reputation and that of its driver community.
The opening ceremony was broadcast live on Taobao.
Organized by China Daily, the event, titled "Fighting COVID-19: The Corporate Response" was broadcast online to a global audience on Friday.
His three-hour live broadcast attracted over 1 million viewers and received more than 5.27 million likes.
Zong gave 3 million yuan worth of products free of charge to viewers of the live broadcast.
Shanghai's vice-mayor Xu Kunlin, among other government representatives, made the half-hour launch event that was broadcast via social media platforms.
Consumers can also get the vouchers through some new retail live broadcast platforms, online takeaway platforms, and e-commerce platforms that have partnerships with the company.
The drones fly around the city center and areas prone to mass gatherings to broadcast standard precautions like keeping a safe distance or traveling only when purchasing necessities.
The online broadcast via its Tmall official store has greatly boosted online orders for all Volvo Cars models, with the XC40 accounting for half of all the sales, the company said, without disclosing any figures.
As the exclusive short video app partner of the 2020 Spring Festival Gala aired Friday on Chinese New Year's Eve, Kuaishou Technology announced that 63.9 billion user engagements were made during the live broadcast, which is the highest amount in the history of the gala.
During the live broadcast, Kuaishou handed out five rounds of virtual "red envelopes," totaling a record-breaking 1 billion yuan ($144 million).
In 2019, 1.17 billion viewers watched the gala via television, the internet and other outlets during the live broadcast.
It has been six years since CCTV first adopted the "red envelope" campaign in partnership with internet companies to give out virtual red envelopes during the live broadcast, making interaction via mobile devices an essential supplement to the gala.
In 2019, the Baidu app saw 20.8 billion user engagements during the live broadcast.
A new virtual gift called Wuhan, go go go was added to the live broadcast on Kuaishou.
Malaysian online influencer Jia Ling, who is known under the avatar "Southeast Asian Darling" on Taobao, debuted in a 100-minute broadcast last week with her Chinese counterpart, "Pink Grandpa", for promoting nine Malaysian local products.
The modular design of the entire process allows complex litigation processes to be understood at a glance," said Pfeiffer, adding the court has employed a variety of methods, such as online broadcast and promotion through WeChat accounts to make the process linear and transparent.
Mengniu was one of the sponsors of last year's FIFA World Cup in Russia, which allowed the firm to broadcast a commercial during each of the 64 soccer matches in the tournament.
First broadcast in the UK in 2004 and formally introduced in China in 2015, the cartoon chronicles the adventures of Peppa, her family and friends.
Live broadcast, algorithm-backed advertisements and customized influencer recommendations have formed a strong matrix in Alibaba's ecosystem to draw in customers and predict their shopping patterns.
In each village, 20 recipient families with television will be provided with 20 sets of direct broadcast satellite terminal system free of charge.
Yusuf Dio, the prince of Kpaduma and a beneficiary of the direct broadcast satellite terminal system, described the innovative project as "the talk of the town".
"The move came shortly after Migu announced a strategic partnership in October with the Chinese Basketball Association League (Beijing) Sports Co to broadcast CBA games in the coming 2018-2019 season and the 2019-2020 season.
The app provides various knowledge products for users including audio, video, live broadcast, games, animation and picture books.
Migu Co Ltd, a subsidiary of China Mobile Communications Corp, on Monday announced a strategic partnership with the Chinese Basketball Association League (Beijing) Sports Co to broadcast CBA games in the coming 2018-2019 season and the 2019-2020 season.
Mengniu, based in the Inner Mongolia autonomous region, is currently a second-tier sponsor of the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, giving it the right to broadcast a commercial during each of the 64 soccer matches.
Mengniu, the Inner Mongolia-based company, is currently a second-tier sponsor at the 2018 Russia World Cup, giving it the right to broadcast a commercial during each of the 64 soccer matches.
"Besides being aired on major Chinese mobile audio sharing platforms, Hu's video programs are also broadcast on nine Chinese TV stations.
Absolut vodka, meanwhile, has sponsored Chinese hip-hop show Rap China, which is broadcast on the popular video-streaming site iQiyi.
Meanwhile, Leshi's right of speech in New Leshi Smart Home will be lowered greatly in the future," said Shen Meng, a director of boutique investment bank Chanson& Co. Shen said Leshi has some value in TV design and manufacturing, and the new investors such as Tencent, JD and Suning have mastered abundant content resources, they need more terminal devices to broadcast their contents.
For instance, its LED display products, which are used in various fields such as broadcast, sports arenas, stadiums, advertisement networks, retail digital signage, control rooms and exhibitions, took up 14 percent in the global market last year, earning the top rank.
Alpha's animations, movies and other entertainment products have been broadcast and sold in more than 100 nations and regions in five continents.
"China ranks first in publications, production and broadcast of television dramas, and movie screenings.
Alpha's animations are broadcast in more than 100 countries and regions around the world.
It was not until Monday morning that they were all officially informed of the shutdown by the chairman through a company broadcast.
"One of the most important things we've done in broadcast with surround sound is The Voice of China, a popular Chinese reality talent show," he said.
For one, cooperation agreements with media were forged to broadcast news, information and other forms of content about the club.
Earlier this year, she hired anchors to broadcast the team's games live.
"The business value of the animations would be limited if they were broadcast in China only, but would be doubled and redoubled if they are broadcast globally.
"Alpha's going-global efforts started in 2009, when its flagship cartoon series Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf was broadcast in 13 Asian countries and regions.
"Alisports places an emphasis on the operation of sports events and the related business of sports media, but not in purchasing the broadcast rights of events, which is different from its rival LeSports," said Sun Zheng, an analyst at Beijing-based internet consultancy Analysis.
Since it launched a cross-border livestreaming service two years ago, more than 40,000 businesses have tried the new approach, with an average of 5,000 to 6,000 broadcast sessions held each day, according to Zhang Kuo, president of Alibaba.
Economists believe that live broadcast e-commerce has bolstered the recovery of China's trade during its digitalization wave.
Since it launched the cross-border livestreaming service two years ago, more than 40,000 businesses have tried the new approach, with an average of 5,000 to 6,000 broadcast sessions held each day, according to Zhang Kuo, President of Alibaba.
Economists believe that live broadcast e-commerce has bolstered the recovery of trade in China during its digitalization wave.
Ke Xiandong, deputy director of the Guangzhou bureau of culture, broadcast, television and tourism, said a series of cultural, sports, tourism, singing, dancing and theatrical performing events will be organized to help attract tourists and spur consumption later this month.
Ke Xiandong, deputy director of the Guangzhou bureau of culture, broadcast, television and tourism, said a series of cultural, sports, tourism, singing, dancing and theatrical events will be organized to help attract tourists and spur consumption later this month.
Their creation will be broadcast on a channel owned by TVR, the Eastern European country's public television service, in the fourth quarter of this year.
Livestreaming largely refers to the practice of sales personnel promoting products in real-time broadcast sessions that people can easily access via smartphones, thanks to the prevalence of fast internet connections in China.
In April last year, TusInnovation Cross-border E-commerce Co held a special live broadcast on the Southeast Asian e-commerce platform Lazada, aimed at selling anti-pandemic products such as face masks and goggles.
The broadcast was watched by nearly 10,000 people.
The campaigns will be broadcast on a variety of social media platforms such as Bilibili and Kuaishou.
Originating from China's bustling digital media landscape, livestreaming has moved quickly from the periphery to the mainstream, with businesses engaging with customers in smartphone-based broadcast shows in which they market products and often offer steep discounts.
"With that goal in mind, beef tail and hoof, highly desired by Chinese consumers, were some of the products featured during the launch of Uruguayan Beef at stores, which was broadcast live to 1.5 million people.
In an online speech broadcast live, Ban said innovation and technology is the driving force for social progress.
"On every National Day we watch the live broadcast of the flag-raising ceremony at Tian'anmen Square, drawing strength to better devote ourselves to the construction work," Song said.
Wang Hongxin, head of the Harbin bureau of culture, broadcast, television and tourism, even interacted with tourism officials from Switzerland, inviting foreign visitors to the snow world.
The event garnered more than 200 people onsite and an additional 12,000 people tuned in to the forum via an online broadcast.
The multichannel campaign includes G'day, a short film, new broadcast advertisements, print and outdoor advertising placements, as well as social, digital and content marketing initiatives in China.
Japanese skincare brand IPSA of the Shiseido Group cosmetics company produced a weather broadcast last year to announce qiufen — the fall equinox — when the sun is exactly above the equator.
Taishun county, located in East China's Zhejiang province, received over 280,000 tourists during the holiday after a dance performance inspired by the county's special-shaped bridges was broadcast nationwide at this year's China Central Television Spring Festival Gala.
The fair will be broadcast live in real time.
The robot can track and record surgical images in real time, compile information and broadcast it remotely through a 5G network.
On Aug 25, Xiaohongshu announced strategic partnership with the American Ultimate Disc League, a world-class frisbee league, becoming AUDL's exclusive event broadcast platform and official content community partner.
The company said that it will broadcast three semi-finals and a final of AUDL game since Aug 27, and broadcast a total of 160 games by the end of 2023.
Airlines' strengths in the retail sector include the availability of flight attendants as high-quality broadcast hosts, and an existing customer pool among their passengers, he said.
As Dong and Oriental Selection become increasingly popular, Yu disclosed in his live broadcast on June 20 that the Beijing-based education company is planning to open an e-commerce academy to train livestreamers.
In addition, China Media Group has launched CCTV-8K, an 8K UHD TV channel, to broadcast the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics to audiences.
As the exclusive all-media rights-holding broadcasting agency for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics in the Chinese mainland and Macao, China Media Group has authorized Migu, Tencent, Kuaishou and three TV channels to broadcast the sports events.
For instance, in South Korea, Grandpas over Flowers, which features elderly film stars traveling in different countries, has been quite popular among Asian audiences for several seasons broadcast over years.
Jointly organized by China Daily and the Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China Tianjin Municipal Committee, the event, titled "New Era of Intelligence: Empowering New Development, Fostering New Pattern", was broadcast online to a global audience on Thursday night.
During the actual Games, a cloud broadcast platform will enable journalists to interview athletes contactless through audio and video systems, edit, distribute and store all materials remotely on the cloud and livestream events with their program directors back in their own countries.
For instance, a two-hour livestream tour of London's Natural History Museum broadcast this January attracted 100,000 Chinese viewers within the first minute, as participants were shown exhibits that highlight the importance of biodiversity and the public's role in maintaining it.
The movie was released in cinemas in Hong Kong on April 22 and broadcast on online streaming platform iQiyi on May 4.
The session, which was broadcast on video portal Bilibili, recreated the cockpit details of a commercial flight from Shanghai Pudong International Airport to Beijing Daxing International Airport.
This was Juneyao Air's first public service live broadcast of simulated flying.
It has also set up dozens of live broadcast rooms in some 10 key cities across the country, with nearly 60 self-operated livestreaming anchors, of which more than half have monthly sales of 1 million yuan, the company said.

高考The concert was broadcast live and attracted the largest one night audience in the history of television up to that time.


2019年高考英语浙江卷 阅读理解 七选五 原文

四级Security devices are required to list the frequencies they broadcast on—that means that a potential thief can find what they need to know with minimal Googling.



四级Chris Koch, who teaches "History of Broadcast Journalism" at Montgomery Community College in Rockville, Maryland, points out that reporting is about investigation rather than the memorization of minute details.


2017年12月四级真题(第一套)阅读 Section B

六级The shuttle flight will be broadcast live worldwide.



四级Her appearance on a talk show was broadcast three times, transmitting her message to over 40 million people.



四级In a few years, she successfully expanded the company to include newspaper, magazine, broadcast and cable companies.



四级A broadcast medium such as network television attracts all types of audience members, but magazine audiences are more homogeneous, if you read sports illustrated, for example, you have much in common with the magazine’s other readers.



四级Chris Koch, who teaches “History of Broadcast Journalism” at Montgomery Community College in Rockville, Maryland, points out that reporting is about investigation rather than the memorization of minute details.