词根词缀记忆/谐音联想记忆 补充/纠错
词根advert 广告 + ise 使…,…化 → =  …………
谐音记忆俺 + 得 + 为他死 → 哗众取宠,宣传,做广告 → advertise vt.做广告,宣传;公告 vi …………
词性拓展记忆 / 词形拓展记忆
advertise sth. 宣传某事
advertise for 为…做广告
be intensively advertised 密集宣传
advertised product 广告产品
advertise for sth. 为某事做广告
The company advertised for a secretary.
I need to advertise for a roommate for next term.
We could advertise our products on the Internet.
In Kweichow Moutai's case, the coffee drink is advertised to contain no more than 0.5 percent alcohol volume.
The company will offer premium and special boxes and advertise heavily one-commerce.
Li Jiaqi, known as China's lipstick king for his feat of selling 15,000 lipsticks in just five minutes through livestreaming sessions, said L'Oreal Paris had advertised that customers stand to secure the steepest discount for a facial mask if they tuned in to Li's livestreaming sessions during a pre-sale for the Nov 11 campaign, China's largest shopping spree.
On April 1, JD kicked off a special campaign called "Buy Hubei Goods" on its online and offline channels, partnering with the media to advertise local produce.
On April 1, JD kicked off a special campaign, "Buy Hubei Goods", across its online and offline channels, partnering with the media to fully advertise local produce.
'""When they advertised the job and I applied and I got the job.
Many Apple products were advertised with discounted prices after device trade-ins.
Xiaomi advertised its new handsets for just one pound ($1.30) last week in an online "flash sale" that left thousands of potential buyers disappointed when its website told them it had "sold out" soon after it had opened.
A majority of merchandise advertised on the homepage are priced between 6 yuan (95 cents) and 30 yuan.
In Nepal, popular outdoor products and equipment retailers, such as The North Face and Marmot, advertise their UnionPay facilities in clearly visible places to catch the attention of Chinese travelers.
"They may not advertise it, but most have experienced similar emotions, which makes you feel that you aren't alone," she said.
Chinese ride-hailing company Didi Chuxing has advertised online for a range of jobs in Mexico as it prepares to break into the country, one of rival Uber’s regional strongholds.
Over the past two weeks, Didi has advertised on LinkedIn for eight jobs based in the Mexico City area, postings on the social network show.
When you advertise on those points, you can get more efficiency and be more effective in your advertising.
Because of the size of the project and special requirements of the bridge's concrete and steel, the Norwegian Public Roads Administration (NPRA) was obliged to advertise the main contracts worldwide, not only in the European Union (EU) area.
"In a similar vein, credible landlords can enjoy perks such as being advertised to prospective tenants based on their location and level of consumption, among other factors, said Lin Xuetao, an Ant Financial director overseeing rental services.
All we need to do is advertise them around the world.
"For example, goods promoted by KOLs are usually sold at deep discounts and require commissions as high as 30 percent as well as a listing fee to advertise," Deng said.
The company's mass market marque L'Oreal Paris had advertised that customers stand to secure the steepest discount for a facial mask if they tuned into Li's livestreaming sessions during a pre-sale for the Nov 11-Singles Day or Double-Eleven-campaign, China's largest shopping spree.
For example, goods promoted by key opinion leaders are usually sold at deep discounts and require commissions as high as 30 percent as well as listing fees to advertise, the report said.
In this way, they advertise everything from clothing and pets to furniture, and sell cost-effective Chinese merchandise to the United States, Europe and Japan.
Digital infrastructureShopping festivals have also given rise to new conundrums: super quick sales of newly advertised products, often with seconds of a sale or promotion opening, present a huge test to computer servers to handle numerous payment requests, and parcels keep piling due to a sudden surge in orders.
We think it was a way to advertise and promote our products.
The new cross-border train service has been widely advertised internationally as part of integrated passenger transport services to promote tourism in Laos.
The marketing campaign centered around the novel has advertised on social media networks and livestreamed its IP package to promote the products.
In one such case, using lixia — the beginning of summer — a solar term that indicates that temperatures are expected to rise, many brands advertise skincare tips and promote the use of their products, industry observers said.
In Changsha, the glitzy capital of Hunan, tea shops mix dark tea with light cream and pecans and advertise its health-enhancing effects, such as lowering cholesterol levels.
The fair will advertise modern farming equipment, manufactured farm produce and emerging business models such as livestreaming sales promotion sessions and e-commerce.
By the end of this year, some 3,500 people will work simultaneously throughout the vessel, equipping the 40,000 square meters of public space with various functions as well as trying to make the guest rooms as cozy as advertised.
Some sellers falsely advertised their goods, even by slandering their competitors.
Moreover, some brands including French luxury brand Louis Vuitton and Chinese smartphone maker Oppo have already cooperated with some influential vloggers to promote and advertise their products.
Forming partnerships with animation companies in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Tokyo, Seoul and Los Angeles can help advertise their brands and sell related toy products, he said.
In addition, the report said travel companies should learn to use social media, such as WeChat and Weibo, to advertise, thereby reaching more people under 35 years of age.
Besides, over 50 percent of advertisers will employ KOLs, or key opinion leaders, to advertise through short-form videos or livestreaming channels for social marketing.
"Many of the movies that are coming out of China now that are really popular are co-productions, but they are not advertised as such," she added.
The association reported a case in which a Shanghai customer surnamed Yan purchased an NEV advertised with a 400-kilometer range.
Range is exaggerated or not consistent with actual performance, while advertised features may not be included or activated in purchased vehicles.
After Dongfeng Motor cut prices by up to 90,000 yuan ($13,091) and BMW reduced prices by 100,000 yuan, Toyota even advertised "buy one get one free" to promote auto sales.
It also advertised on social media for battery-related production and software system engineers in Shanghai, and delivery managers in big Chinese cities.
Bid to tackle electric vehicle adverts that use disputed statisticsTo tackle the issue of electric vehicles' ranges falling short of what is advertised, a practical range test standard based upon China's roads is expected to come out to reassure the public and shore up the healthy development of the industry.
"Tang, director of the ministry's market and information technology department, took the opportunity to advertise the 14th Dingxi Potato Expo, an annual event held in the namesake city in Gansu province since 2008 by the local government in partnership with the agricultural ministry.
"She added that in recent years, some products endorsed by celebrities haven't been as good as advertised, "which has affected the normal market order and caused widespread social concern.

高考These advertise the presence of chicks to adults; they might also encourage our chick to start calling as well.


2017年高考英语全国卷1 阅读理解 阅读B 原文

高考A local farmer told them the dog sounded like one advertised as lost in the local paper.


2019年高考英语全国卷2 完形填空 原文

四级But I advertise a lot on radio and in local newspapers.



六级Manufacturers of products that claim to be environmentally friendly will face tighter rules on how they are advertised to consumers under changes proposed by the Federal Trade Commission.



考研These labels encourage style-conscious consumers to see clothes as disposable-meant to last only a wash or two, although they don’t advertise that –and to renew their wardrobe every few weeks.



考研These labels encourage style-conscious consumers to see clothes as disposable一meant to last only a wash or two, although they don't advertise that一and to renew their wardrobe every few weeks.


2013年考研真题(英语一)阅读理解 Section Ⅱ

考研Skin moisturizers are advertised as part of morning beauty rituals, slipped in between hair brushing and putting on makeup.


2010年考研真题(英语二)阅读理解 Section Ⅱ

考研If you see an article consistently advertised, it is the surest proof I know that the article does what is claimed for it, and that it represents good value.