词根词缀记忆/谐音联想记忆 补充/纠错
词根ag 做;代理;引导 + ent 表人 → 做的人  …………
串记记忆这个代理人(agent)每天在代理机构(agency)处理议事日程(agenda) …………
词性拓展记忆 / 词形拓展记忆
delegate / deputy / representative / agent / substitute
del …………
词根记忆 / 词缀记忆
ag=do, act, 表示”做,代理做”
agi …………
search agent 搜索代理
travel agent 旅行社代理人
estate agent 地产经纪人
real estate agent 房地产经纪人
recruiting agent 招聘代理人
biocontrol agents 生物防治剂
causative agent 致病菌
intermediary agent 中间代理人
economic agent 经济代理人
advertising agent 广告代理商
infectious agent 传染性病原体
agent of decay 衰变剂
biotic agent 生物环境因子
cleaning agent 清洗剂
house agent 房屋经纪人
chemical oxidising agent 化学氧化剂
real estate agents 房地产经纪人
chemical agent 化学试剂
a real estate agent 房地产经纪人
secret agent 秘密代理人
exclusive agent 独家代理人
front desk agent 前台代理
trade agent 贸易代理人
double agent 双重代理人
ticket agent 票务代理人
reducing agent 还原剂
bargaining agent 谈判代理人
oxidizing agent 氧化剂
letting agent 出租代理人
agent technology 代理技术
biological agents 生物制剂
Agent Carter 卡特特工
travel agent's 旅行社的
export agent 出口代理商
land agent 土地代理人
He is their agent.
She is an an insurance agent.
Thanks to the help of the system, the call volume that can be handled by a customer service agent has increased nearly a hundred times and the probability of issues being solved promptly has increased by 60 percent.
Additionally, the personalized intelligent agent customization capabilities for GLMs are now live.
Loqtorzi is the first US FDA-approved agent for NPC patients, and is a next-generation, programmed death receptor-1 monoclonal antibody, commonly known as PD-1 antibody.
French pharmaceutical company Sanofi announced on Tuesday that Dupixent, the world's first targeted biological agent for atopic dermatitis (AD) treatment, has been approved by China's National Medical Products Administration to treat moderate to severe AD in infants and children aged between six months old and five years old.
It means that the innovative injection has become so far the first and only targeted biological agent approved for the treatment of moderate to severe AD covering all age groups from infancy to adulthood.
It is also the first therapeutic biological agent of its kind to be used in infants and young children aged six months and above.
As a customs clearing agent for international filmmakers, Solanki commutes from home to the main airport in Nairobi using the expressway, amid a guarantee of speed, convenience, security and comfort.
PDA is widely used as an epoxy curing agent, an ingredient in hot melt adhesive formulations, diisocyanates and in other related applications.
According to Reed, Sanofi has prioritized multiple potentially transformative therapies in areas of high unmet patient need, including Dupixent, the world's first targeted biological agent that has been approved for treating moderate-to-severe atopic dermatitis, Fitusiran and Efanesoctocog alfa (BIVV001) for treatment of hemophilia, Amlitelimab for treatment of inflammatory disorders, Amcenestrant for treatment of breast cancer, RSV Vaccine Nirsevimab, and Tolebrutinib for treatment of multiple sclerosis.
据Reed介绍,赛诺菲已将多种潜在的变革性疗法优先用于患者需求未得到高度满足的领域,包括世界上第一种被批准用于治疗中重度特应性皮炎的靶向生物制剂Dupixent,用于治疗血友病的Fitusiran和Efanesoctocog alfa(BIVV001),用于治疗炎症性疾病的Amlitelimab,Amcenestant治疗乳腺癌症,RSV疫苗Nirsevimab和Tolebrutinib治疗多发性硬化症。
The move marks China Meheco becoming the domestic agent of the new COVID-19 pill.
Dupixent, the world's first targeted biological agent for atopic dermatitis treatment by Sanofi, is also being showcased at the French company's booth again this year.
The agent's new indication for teenagers aged between 12 and 17 received market approval in China two months ago.
Another major exhibit by the company is its world‘s first erythroid maturation agent called Luspatercept, which reduces patients' transfusion burden and is the first treatment advancement in myelodysplastic syndromes in more than a decade.
An innovative targeted biological agent developed by French pharmaceutical company Sanofi was recently approved by the National Medical Products Administration to treat moderate to severe atopic dermatitis in teenagers aged 12 and above.
A dispute over the nucleating agent patent between GCH Technology Co Ltd and the US-based Milliken & Company, which specializes in innovative solutions across the textile, flooring, specially chemical and healthcare industries, has been closed, according to sources with the Chinese company.
According to the statistics of Sublime China Information, the domestic market share of GCH nucleating agent products increased from 9.52 percent in 2017 to 15.12 percent in 2019, which drove the domestic market share of imported nucleating agents to fall from 81.34 percent to 77.94 percent in the same period.
Nucleating agent is a kind of polymer material additive used to improve the crystallinity and speed up the crystallization rate of incompletely crystallized resin materials such as polyethylene and polypropylene, which can effectively improve the optical properties, mechanical properties and product stability of resin products.
The deal authorized Tians Pharmaceutical to serve as Yutoku's agent in China, and to sell the latter's patches on Chinese e-commerce giant JD.
Soon after the fake ads were exposed, the administration investigated Qihoo 360, a Chinese cyber security company, and headquarters of the search engine, and found that the enterprise did not review content uploaded by the agent responsible for the ads, the report said.
Besides pointing out that the company had violated the Chinese Advertising Law, the administration has also forwarded evidence of the agent's suspected violations to the local market regulator for further investigation, it added.
The latest peer-reviewed study from RLX Technology (RELX) published in the Journal of Applied Toxicology showed the cooling agent WS-23 widely used in e-cigarettes has limited impact on experimental animals at the tested dose.
The study showed that there were no deaths in any of the groups treated with the cooling agent in the acute and subacute inhalation studies, with no remarkable changes occurring in body weight, organ weight, hematology and serum biochemistry, and no toxic effects in histopathologic analysis.
WS-23 is a well-known synthetic cooling agent widely used in food, medicine and tobacco.
As a commonly cooling agent in e-cigarette liquids, WS-23 has led to concerns about the inhalation toxicity with the popularity of e-cigarettes in recent years.
"By combining Centaline's thorough understanding and experience in property agent business together with Fangdd's strengths in technology and online business, we expect Yuancui to achieve better development in the future," said Shih Wing Ching, founder and chairman of Centaline Group.
Nasdaq-listed Fangdd reported its gross merchandise value grew 9.4 percent from a year ago to 55.9 billion yuan ($8.2 billion) in the third quarter, and its accumulated active agent broker number rose 22 percent year-on-year to 276,600 during the same period.
Fosun Tourism re-launched Thomas Cook as an online travel agent this year.
A product from the company, the world's first targeted biological agent to treat moderate to severe AD in adults that made its China debut during CIIE last year, will be highlighted for a second time this year.
- China's real estate brokerage platform Beike posted strong revenue growth in the first half of 2020 amid the COVID-19 epidemic thanks to its expanding agent network and online services.
By the end of June, some 456,000 brokers had joined the company's Agent Cooperation Network, which aims to boost cross-store and cross-brand collaboration in the sector.
Sinopec Jianghan Salt Chemical Hubei Co Ltd exported 10,256 metric tons of a disinfecting bleach agent to over 10 countries including Italy, France and Australia, despite the company is also facing pressure in resuming production as it is located in hard-hit Hubei province.
Maoyan is a leading ticketing service provider, having served as the general ticketing agent for multiple events and live performances of top-tier artists, including Jay Chou.
The injection that patients are suggested to take every two weeks is the first biological agent approved in China to be used for female RA patients both during pregnancy and lactation if clinically needed.
Citi China received the Type-A license to act as a bond settlement agent in China's interbank bond market in 2017.
"Local businesses usually act as agents to sell foreign products, which is a norm in China," said Lian Jia, general manager of the healthcare division at Cardinal Health China, adding the company will act as the agent for the sale of domestically developed innovations and invest in joint research efforts with a Chinese company.
Investigators believe vitamin E acetate, an oil used as a thickening agent in food, dietary supplements, skin creams and present in some vaping products, may be the cause of the of the lung damage.
The world's first, and so far, the only targeted biological agent approved in the United States and Europe to treat atopic dermatitis among adult patients also made its China debut during the CIIE.
A Phase III clinical trial of the targeted biological agent by Sanofi showed that 80 percent of patients achieved obvious symptom relief after being injected with the targeted therapy of 16 weeks, taking an injection every two weeks.
The biological agent was approved to be introduced to a hospital within the Boao Lecheng International Medical Tourism Pilot Zone in South China's Hainan province in February.
The targeted biological agent has been approved and launched in 40 countries and regions, including the US, the European Union and Japan.
It has an insurance agent team of more than 1.4 million people all over the country.
And it will provide exclusive agent for every super partner on the platform to help the super partner make decisions and amplify the effect of their contents.
According to media reports, Poland's counter-intelligence service on Friday detained Wang and a Polish former senior intelligence agent in Warsaw on suspicion of spying.
"Six rare-disease drugs and new vaccines from the company made their debut at the expo, including Dupixent, the first and only targeted biological agent approved in the US and European Union for the treatment of moderate to severe atopic dermatitis in adults.
Thailand and Japan are the two hottest outbound destinations for Chinese travelers, according to Ctrip, which is also the largest online travel agent in Asia and the second-largest in the world.
Chinese mainland online travel agent Tongcheng-eLong is expected to list on Hong Kong stock market in December to raise $1 billion (694 million yuan) via its initial public offerings after a hearing at Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Ltd on Oct 25, news portal Sina said on Tuesday.
On Oct 11, Tongcheng-eLong has signed agreement with Air Asia to start deep corporate that allowed the online travel agent users check and book air tickets on Air Asia's platform and can use flight miles to redeem Air Asia's member points.
UK housing expert and buying agent Henry Pryor noted that the transaction differs from recent foreign investments in high-profile property assets, including the sale of iconic London high-rise towers known as the Cheesegrater and the Walkie Talkie, which both went to Chinese buyers last year.
Annual salaries are between $50,000 and $60,000, plus benefits, according to Paul Gour, a business agent with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 7.
The salaries are between $50,000 and $60,000, plus benefits, according to Paul Gour, a business agent with International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 7.
The life and health insurance boosted its new business embedded value by 32.6 percent year on year and increased its sales agent force by 24.8 percent to 1.4 million, according to a statement the insurer filed with Shanghai Stock Exchange.
BeiGene will acquire Celgene's commercial operations in China and assume commercial responsibility for Celgene's approved therapies in China and the pipeline agent CC-122.
Earlier this year, the British innovation agent Innovate UK funded the launch of a new platform to support UK companies providing technical solutions to wind farm issues for Chinese partners.
"Most of the Chinese house rental firms usually charge five months' rents at one go-one month rent as deposit, three months rent payable in advance and an extra one as agent fee, posing a heavy burden for new tenants.
"Dingding, an online-to-offline app that was launched in 2015, made a market splash by claiming no agent fees.
In China, COFCO's imported wine arm is the exclusive agent of Vina Maipo, one of CYT's brands.
The airline's plane TV 9899 departed from Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport at 6:16 pm local time (1016 GMT) and touched down at Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA), Kathmandu at 7:15 pm local time (1315 GMT), according to a press statement issued by Himalaya Airlines, general sales agent of Tibet Airlines.
"This is the world's first lipstick that is dyed by coloring agent made from rare earths, which contains no toxic elements," said Wang Ming, a master at the center.
"The coloring agent we produce is totally environmentally friendly," said Chi Jianyi, director of the center.
Eric Zhao, an associate director at real estate agent Savills, said Wanda's new purchase has opportunities and challenges.
Fujian Tendering Center Co, Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "the Tendering Agent"), entrusted by Fujian Zhongmin Offshore Wind Power Co, Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "the Tenderer" or the "Bid Inviter"), now holds a domestic public tendering for procurement of wind turbine generator units and accessory equipment for Phase II of Putian Pinghai Bay Offshore Wind Power Farm for deciding the successful bidder.2.
If it is required to purchase the tendering documents at any other place, postage charges of RMB 50 Yuan shall be payable additionally, and in such cases the purchase price for such tendering documents shall be remitted into the account of the agent and the scanned copy of remittance evidence shall be sent to email address of the tendering agent and the purpose of remittance, name of entity, contact person, address and telephone number, email address , etc.
Tenderer: Fujian Zhongmin Offshore Wind Power Co, LtdAddress: 14F Binhai Building, 1099 Licheng Avenue, Chengxiang District, Putian, Fujian ProvinceContact person: Wu FengyunTendering Agent: Fujian Tendering Center Co, LtdAddress: Room 631 Building C, Tendering Mansion, No 68 of Hongshanyuan Road, Gulou District, Fuzhou, Fujian ProvinceEmail: 87554218@sina.
A Chinese new material firm has spent 500 million yuan ($72 million) to buy exclusive rights to a new climate-friendly technology to produce foaming agent, which is widely used in refrigeration and building materials.
The technology was independently developed by a research team with Shandong University of Technology and has been appraised by the State Intellectual Property Office as a "revolutionary discovery" to produce polyurethane foam agent free of CFCs, which are harmful to the ozone layer and a source of greenhouse gas.
The CFC-free foaming agent has also been certified by the American Chemical Society as a new material.
The new technology has also driven Linzi city government to make polyurethane foam agent production a key industry, eyeing annual output of 100,000 tons.
"The global demand for polyurethane foam agent is about 5.7 million tons a year, as it is widely needed in making products ranging from household necessities such as sofas, mattresses, car seats and refrigerators, to building materials such as heating pipelines, external wall insulation and decoration materials," he said.
In just four years, he has become the agent for two Georgian wine producers in China and established nearly 10 partnerships in Beijing, Tianjin, Hainan, Fujian, Shandong, Xinjiang and other provincial-level regions.
Chopra exhibited building materials and home decoration products at the fair, and this year his firm also got the honor of becoming the first sole agent of the Indian Pavilion.
Innovation-based successOver three decades, Mindray Bio-medical Electronics Co Ltd grew from an agent for imported medical devices into China's biggest medical solutions provider.
Innovation-based successOver three decades, Mindray Bio-Medical Electronics Co Ltd grew from an agent for imported medical devices to China's biggest medical solution provider.
"The Silk Road is always preferable to the tank road, and I truly hope that the Belt and Road Initiative will regain its role as the agent of socioeconomic development in Asia, Africa, Europe and any other continent that wishes to join hands to work together for peace," said Michele Geraci, former deputy minister of economic development of Italy.
According to the draft submitted for comment, commercial banks' personal pension business mainly includes personal pension savings, consulting and account business, as well as the sales of agent personal pension products, such as wealth management products, insurance plans and mutual funds.
For Joy, another friend of mine who is an agent of several Belgian and German chocolate brands, an important lesson she learned from the pandemic is to plan ahead.
"As an agent, I used to buy goods from companies in advance and then sell them to customers.
I became a purchasing agent for family members and friends and even got a gold card membership," said Su, with over 10 bags in hand, sharing her experience on WeChat.
"The American-owned supplier of gases for industrial uses is heavily investing in projects of liquid hydrogen which can be used, for instance, in hydrogen fuel cell automobiles, and Hydrogen metallurgy, a technology that applies hydrogen instead of carbon as a reducing agent.
"Communications with our customers showed that both home sellers and homebuyers are becoming more optimistic," said Wang Guohui, a senior agent with Sinyi Realty in Shanghai.
At the booth of Sanofi, innovative biological agent Dupixent made its global debut for the indication of chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases.
The company said it is the first and only biological agent that can significantly reduce the incidence of moderate to severe acute exacerbation.
The biological agent was also showcased for its asthma indication for the first time in China.
Dupixent is the first and only targeted biological agent approved for the treatment of atopic dermatitis, a common immunoinflammatory disease characterized by chronic itching and skin injuries, and covers all age groups.
After the policy was announced, there were over 700 additional secondhand housing listings across the city on a single day — Thursday — according to data from Beike, a real estate service agent focusing on sales of used properties.
Recently seen upswing supported by latest raft of favorable policies targeting sluggish sales of residential unitsJust two weeks after Beijing launched policy incentives to warm up the property market, real estate agent Wu Lei felt the change.
Ever since major cities in China launched policy incentives in late July to warm up the realty market, housing agent Wu Lei's phone has turned into a 24/7 hotline, with a deluge of inquiries on property purchase being made every day.
Some 155,016 housing units are up for sale in Beijing now, up by 4,000 since the new policy announcement, an agent with Homelink was quoted as saying by China Securities Journal on Tuesday.
… In fact, I was too busy to have a whole meal through the weekend," a property agent in the capital city's Fengtai district was quoted as saying by the Securities Times.
"China relies heavily on importing pectin, which we need," Liu said, adding that the pectin, widely used as gelling agent and stabilizer, is an important additive in food and medicine, including such things as yogurt, soft sweets, pills and countless other products.
China-built SGR offers efficient, affordable mobilityNAIROBI-As a veteran insurance sales agent, Farahana Mghoi used to spend seven hours on matatus, the public service vehicles in Kenya, from her hometown of Voi in southeastern Kenya to Nairobi, to meet a potential client.
"Gary Wong, the fish farm owner and former real estate agent born to a fishing family, kindled his faith in the industry by learning advanced fish farming techniques and about species from various places during his travels.
Shanghai and Ningbo are 50/50," said Xu, a shipping agent based in Jiangsu province who gave only his surname.
For Wang Jianfeng, a former travel agent in Beijing, the year 2019 was busy.
A report from online travel agent Tujia showed that high-quality independent courtyards in suburban Beijing are welcomed by consumers, with average price up 70 percent on a yearly basis, reaching 1,345 yuan ($211) per night during the Near Year's holiday, which lasts from Jan 1 to 3.
The official website of the Shanghai Real Estate Trading Center announced on Oct 26 it would start a home trading service requiring no involvement from a property agent.
He has motivated potential homebuyers to visit up to 400 stately old apartments and houses in the past year-almost three times an agent's normal workload.
Li said getting a property leased requires less time and effort from an agent than selling an expensive property, allowing faster turnover.
A sales agent who has been in the property business since 2004, Shanghai native Zhou Xuan, 37, started to post articles on a WeChat public account starting in 2014.
"Usually, transactions involving old apartments take a long time and require the agent to be involved from the very beginning until the final stages.
Chen Sheng, president of the China Real Estate Data Academy, said that aside from being a social media influencer, the best agent must first become an expert on housing.

高考For years I dealt with my travel agent only by phone.


2016年高考英语全国卷2 完形填空 原文

高考I sometimes wished to find another agent.


2016年高考英语全国卷2 完形填空 原文

高考In any unsafe situation, simply press the button and a highly-trained agent will get you the help you need.


2018年高考英语北京卷 单项填空 原文

高考One agent recommended a house in particular.


2015年高考英语天津卷 完形填空 原文

高考Rani, my faceless agent whom I'd never met in person, got me rock-bottom prices on airfares, cars, and hotels.


2016年高考英语全国卷2 完形填空 原文

高考The studio powers didn't like his agent.


2017年高考英语全国卷2 阅读理解 阅读B 选项

四级But the most cutting-edge tool under development is the "teachable agent" —a computerized character who learns, tries, makes mistakes and asks questions just like a real-world pupil.

但目前正在开发的最尖端的工具是“可教代理”(teachable agent)——一个像真实世界的学生一样学习、尝试、犯错误和提问的计算机化角色。

2018年6月四级真题(第三套)阅读 Section C

考研Many of the aspects of home-buying aren't a consideration for children, said Tracey Hampson, a real estate agent based in Santa Clarita, Calif.


2019年考研真题(英语二)阅读理解 Section Ⅱ

六级A real estate agent, attracted to his current job because he loves fixing up old homes, describes buying properties that need a little tender loving care to make them more saleable.



四级Meanwhile, if you want to buy a cheap house with an uncertain future, apply to a house agent in one of the threatened areas on the south coast of England.



四级When the real estate market began to change, it was because we had a diverse agent pool that we were able to stay in the real estate market much longer than others in the same profession.



四级But the most cutting-edge tool under development is the "teachable agent"—a computerized character who learns, tries, makes mistakes and asks questions just like a real-world pupil.



四级The agents' questions compel student tutors to think and explain the materials in different ways, and watching the agent solve problems allows them to see their knowledge put into action.



考研Since much of the variation is due to genes, one more agent of evolution has gone.



考研He searched it with no success but was attracted by the site’s “personal search agent”.



考研But although a search agent worked for Redmon, career experts see drawbacks.



考研” Instead, the best strategy is to use the agent as a kind of tip service to keep abreast of jobs in a particular database; when you get E-mail, consider it a reminder to check the database again.



考研When CareerSite’s agent sends out messages to those who have signed up for its service, for example, it includes only three potential jobs—those it considers the best matches.



考研Although happily employed, Redmon maintains his agent at CareerBuilder.



考研Working with a personal search agent means having another set of eyes looking out for you.