词根词缀记忆/谐音联想记忆 补充/纠错
词根represent 作…的代表 + ative 有… …………
串记记忆他represent(v.代表)我们representation(n.描绘、陈述)这些representat …………
词性拓展记忆 / 词形拓展记忆
delegate / deputy / representative / agent / substitute
del …………
be representative of 代表
representative government 代议制政府
sales representative 销售代表
representative democracy 代议制民主
class representative 班级代表
representative of 代表
House of Representatives 众议院
as the representative of 作为的代表
overseas shopping representative 海外购物代表
student representative 学生代表
congressional representative 国会代表
pharmaceutical representative 药学代表
drug representative 药物代表
drug company representative 药品公司代表
good sales representatives 优秀的销售代表
business representative 营业代表
representative sample 代表性样品
union representative 工会代表
representative works 代表性作品
diplomatic representative 外交代表
permanent representative 常驻代表
business representatives 商业代表
image representative of a product or a brand 产品或品牌的形象代表
We elected Eric as their representative.
They have a representative sample.
We sent a representative to the meeting.
She is the representative of our company at the conference.
The elected official is a representative of the people's interests.
In a democracy, citizens elect representatives to make laws on their behalf.
He serves as a liaison between the management and the employees, acting as a representative for both parties.
The artist's work is often seen as representative of the impressionist movement.
The survey results are not entirely representative of the entire population.
Our sales representative will be in touch with you to discuss your requirements.
She was chosen to represent her country in the international debate competition.
The novel is considered a representative example of postmodern literature.
The committee is composed of representatives from various departments.
Mo Wenxiu, legal representative of WRSF, also a member of the 12th National People's Congress Standing Committee, said that the foundation aims at helping students strengthen personal qualities, emphasize collaborative abilities, broaden international perspectives, and highlight practical innovation, so as to continuously cultivate top-notch innovative talents with strong patriotism and broad international perspectives.
The 2023 Report on the Development of Chinese Enterprises in the UK, which was compiled by the China Chamber of Commerce in the UK for the fourth consecutive year, is based on an extensive survey of 87 Chinese companies and detailed interviews with 13 representative companies.
In our future brand building, Hengyuanxiang will integrate the cultural elements to create products that are both international and representative of China," he said.
The company, among the 26 out of over 4,000 enterprises, and the only representative from Oceania, was invited to the opening ceremony of the sixth CIIE on Nov 5.
As a representative project, in the factory of Dong'e Ejiao - China's renowned donkey-hide gelatin producer - the neatly arranged rooftop photovoltaic panels reflect the blue sky under the sunlight.
"China, now the biggest overseas market for Muji in terms of both sales revenue and profit, is an important market for Muji's global business," Nobuo Domae, president and representative director of Muji, told China Daily in an interview on the sidelines of the sixth China International Import Expo that concluded earlier this month.
"In order for our exporters to integrate and start selling faster, the REC is developing new support measures and improving existing ones — from finding partners through our representative office in China and assistance in negotiations to organizing logistics and reimbursement of costs for transportation of products.
Yuki Kusumi, representative director and president of Panasonic, said China is one of the most important overseas markets for Panasonic, while highlighting that the company will continue to increase investment in the world's second-largest economy.
松下代表董事兼总裁Yuki Kusumi表示,中国是松下最重要的海外市场之一,同时强调该公司将继续增加对世界第二大经济体的投资。
As a major representative of Shandong province's intangible cultural heritage,xa0Wucheng hand-knottedxa0carpets have a long history of traditional manufacturing skills.
The Chief Representative of Iraqi Airways in China Ali Zaid Qanbar Al-Tameemi attended the resumption ceremony at the airport.
"A recent report by Israeli mobile marketing analytics company AppsFlyer said gaming is a highly representative industry for Chinese companies' overseas businesses, as mobile games steadily took up 64.9 percent of all the Chinese apps going overseas over the past four years.
"Oliver Treneman, a representative of London Gateway and park development director at DP World London Gateway, extended a warm welcome to Chinese companies entering the London Gateway logistics park, which occupies nearly 1 million square meters and that is expanding its development of warehousing and distribution facilities.
“伦敦门户代表、DP World London Gateway园区开发总监Oliver Treneman热烈欢迎中国企业进入伦敦门户物流园区,该园区占地近100万平方米,正在扩大仓储和配送设施的开发。
A representative of the customers, Wang Hongwen, director of Cargo Move Ltd, praised the team at Crystal Logistics in his speech and expressed appreciation to their attention to detail, efficiency, reliability, care and precision.
Driven by the global consensus on carbon neutrality, the photovoltaic industry, as the most representative and competitive renewable energy source, continued to experience rapid growth in 2022.
In April 2023, the Bali Tourism Board of the Republic of Indonesia signed a strategic cooperation agreement with CITS Overseas Economic Cooperation Co Ltd to set up a Bali Tourism China representative office in Beijing.
Wu Fan, head of the China Representative Office of the Bali Tourism Board of Indonesia and chairman of CITS Overseas Economic Cooperation, said in an interview the launch of the social media accounts marks the all-around development of China's new media business.
The China representative office of the board will soon hold a series of tourism promotion meetings and cultural exchange forums.
In 1994, Airbus China was established and a representative office was opened in Beijing.
The announcement was made at the "Building a Smart Talent Ecosystem, In South Asia, For South Asia" held at its South Asia representative office in the Bangladesh capital on Monday.
Guangdong governor Wang Weizhong and Amin Nasser, president and CEO of Saudi Aramco, attended the signing ceremony, which was witnessed by Wang Shouwen, deputy minister of commerce and China's international trade representative, and by Wang Jiangping, vice-minister of industry and information technology.
"We are confident that XCMG, as a representative of'Made in China', will steadily grow in the US and provide more high-end products and localized service to our customers.
Jens Hildebrandt, chief representative of the Delegation of German Industry and Commerce in Beijing, said: "The Chinese market is of paramount importance to many German companies .
德国工商代表团首席代表Jens Hildebrandt表示:“中国市场对许多德国公司来说至关重要。
"China has become our main market and strategic partner," said Victor Maroto, a representative of Chilean shippers.
“中国已成为我们的主要市场和战略合作伙伴,”智利托运人代表Victor Maroto说。
"Carlos Watson, representative of the FAO in China, said that the country is at the forefront of efforts to help developing nations meet their own development goals.
"I am determined to make good-quality and representative building bricks with Oriental beauty to showcase our ancient culture and traditions," Liu said.
After decades of development, DSM has seen itself grow from a representative office to a company that brings over 9 billion yuan ($1.3 billion) in annual revenue, with 18 plants spread out across China.
Bettina Schoen-Behanzin, Freudenberg Group regional representative for Asia, said: "The innovation department will create a corresponding innovation network through scouting activities and establish collaboration with startups, companies, universities and institutes in China.
Freudenberg集团亚洲区域代表Bettina Schoen Behanzin表示:“创新部门将通过侦察活动创建相应的创新网络,并与中国的初创公司、公司、大学和研究所建立合作。
Ant Group's Chairman and CEO Jing Xiandong has stepped down as legal representative and chairman of Alipay (China) Network Technology Co Ltd, the digital payment unit of Ant Group.
In 2020, Jing took over the legal representative position of Alipay from Peng Lei, one of the 18 founding members of Alibaba.
Yao Lin, former chairman of Aluminum Corp of China, a Beijing-based centrally administered State-owned enterprise, has become the legal representative of the new company, according to Tianyancha, a Chinese corporate information provider.
Yao Lin, former chairman of Aluminum Corporation of China, a Beijing-based centrally administered State-owned enterprise, has become the legal representative of the new company, according to Tianyancha.
As the representative of cross-border e-commerce, B2B and B2C businesses have recorded exponential growth in the past decade, and developed into the "new normal" of export foreign trade.
CNOOC Ltd, the exploration and production arm of CNOOC, the country's top offshore oil and gas driller and one of the largest independent oil and gas exploration and production companies in the world, currently holds a 9.65 percent working interest in the Mero block, alongside operator Petrobras (38.6 percent), and partners Shell PLC (19.3 percent), TotalEnergies (19.3 percent) and China National Petroleum Corp (9.65 percent), and Pre-Sal Petroleo SA holds 3.5 percent as the Federal Union representative in non-contracted areas.
中海油有限公司(CNOOC Ltd)是中海油的勘探和生产部门,是中国最大的海上石油和天然气钻探公司,也是世界上最大的独立油气勘探和生产公司之一,目前与运营商巴西国家石油公司(38.6%)以及合作伙伴壳牌石油公司(19.3%)、TotalEnergies(19.3%和中国石油天然气集团公司(9.65%),Pre-Sal Petroleo SA作为非合同地区的联邦代表持有3.5%的股份。
The program, launched in July last year, is about to complete its third and final stage and is expected to be ready for production by the end of August, according to Xu Xiaobing, chief representative of the carbon neutrality division at China Baowu Steel Group's Xinjiang Bayi Iron & Steel in the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region.
"US Representative Jim Jordan of Ohio, a member of the Freedom Caucus of conservative House Republicans, said he hoped the deal would go through.
The COVID-19 pandemic and downward economic pressure are weighing on internet companies, said Shen Meng, director of boutique investment bank Chanson & Co, adding as the representative of new technologies, internet companies should push forward innovation in technological R&D and expand application scenarios of emerging technologies.
China's second- and third-tier cities are expected to provide more talent and opportunities for foreign enterprises in the future, said Guy Dru Drury, chief representative of China NE SE Asia for the Confederation of British Industry (CBI).
英国工业联合会(CBI)中国东北东南亚首席代表Guy Dru Drury表示,中国的二三线城市有望在未来为外国企业提供更多的人才和机会。
"I am happy to take over the ship, and I hope it will soon enter service," said Steen Haurum, a DFDS representative at Guangzhou Shipyard.
“我很高兴接管这艘船,我希望它能很快投入使用,”DFDS在广州造船厂的代表Steen Haurum说。
Electric vehicle startup Nio, as a representative carmaker of battery swapping, has three models that can swap batteries or charge up.
As a representative of private enterprises, Chinese machinery giant Sany Group said that private enterprises in the country, while enjoying benefits provided by society, should create wealth for society in return through scientific innovations.
"Being (one of the) most representative German enterprises, we want to become one of the bridges to continue deepening the connection between China and Germany," she said.
The Hengda Real Estate Group's leadership reshuffle also includes its general manager and legal representative, with Zhao also taking over the two titles, said the notice published on the corporate information platform dated on Tuesday.
Zong, who was born in 1945, serves as the legal representative of the company's arm for venture capital investment, according toxa0Tianyancha, a business information provider.
Ivan Didanovic, the representative of VRM company from Slovakia, said that means more pilots, crew members and other personnel will be badly needed.
"The tea, as one of China's most representative products and culture, has a great opportunity to expand overseas to become a global brand, especially amid China's rising power and globalization trend," said Nayuki's founder, Peng Xin.
"This partnership is important because parents, caregivers and children all have much to gain from play-based learning and positive parenting," said Cynthia McCaffrey, UNICEF representative to China.
The museum is the embodiment of history and culture, and 5G is the representative of modern technology.
"Based on the current progress and schedule, works under contract are expected to be completed before Nov 9," said Qiang Lianhe, chief representative of the project.
They already filed applications for a business license, said a Geely Technology representative on Wednesday.
A representative for Gap declined to comment.
This year, Eni Group has set up a new representative office in Beijing to further expand its green and low-carbon energy cooperation domain.
Speaking at the event, CGGC representative Li Lijie, said they are glad and thankful that the Namibian government awarded them the contract to further develop the country's rail infrastructure.
"The acceptance and success of the brand in the country, together with the users showing interest in more Xiaomi's products on our social networks, led us to make the decision to establish a flagship store in the country," Xiaomi's representative in El Salvador, Ricardo Dominguez, said at an opening ceremony.
MEBO International, the US company of MEBO Group, attended the ongoing China International Import Expo (CIIE) for the third time as a typical representative of regenerative medical technology.
Having placed a permanent sales representative in China last year, Sesajal aims to grow further confidence among its Chinese customers.
The smiley face on the bag is one of the most representative visual icons for Coca-Cola China's "WeCare" value proposition, aiming to bring a virtual "smile" to the real world and promote sustainable lifestyles.
Powered by Alibaba's cloud computing infrastructure and the internet of things technologies, the facility is representative of the New Manufacturing concept introduced by its founder Jack Ma in 2016.
The aspiration of the "ecological civilization" advocated by Xi aims to accomplish a balance between economic development and protection of ecosystems, said Dechen Tsering, United Nations Environment Program regional director and representative for Asia and the Pacific.
As people today are living in a world with a dramatic increase in access to information and communication, the mode of knowledge acquisition is vastly different from those of previous generations, and the internet has undoubtedly become a nucleus of information, said Marielza Oliveira, director of UNESCO's Beijing cluster office and UNESCO representative to China, Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Japan, Mongolia and Republic of Korea.
The ceremony was attended by Freeport of Riga CEO Ansis Zeltins, Baltic Container Terminal CEO Gerard Sammut, Economic and Commercial Counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Latvia Shen Xiaokai, and Deng Haijun, representative of the chairman of SANY Europe GmbH.
To illustrate her point, Qu cited the experiences of her colleague, Nie Qiang, director of the network assurance and technology department at Huawei's Hubei representative office.
As a representative of Chinese mild flavor liquor brand, Fen Chiew Group has seen its sales revenue reach 11.88 billion yuan ($1.7 billion) in 2019, an increase of 25.79 percent year-on-year.
Despite the outbreak generating a number of uncertainties in global trade and logistics activities beginning in January, the group's European branch has maintained close contact with the representative office of the China (Tianjin) Port Free Trade Zone's administrative committee in Europe and Airbus' Hamburg, Germany plant to ensure safe and smooth operations in Europe.
"We have taken strict measures and made emergency response plans to prevent cases infected from outside the project," said Zhang Wei, CREC's chief representative for the Indonesian market.
Shang Zhizhong, chief representative of the CREC Hungarian branch, said "The CREC believes in a community with a shared future for mankind and is convinced that through solidarity and mutual assistance, we will prevail over this pandemic.
Liu Qiangdong, the billionaire founder of Chinese e-commerce giant JD, has resigned as the legal representative, executive director and general manager of Beijing Jingdong Century Trading Co Ltd, the main operating entity of JD.
Xu Lei, chief executive officer of JD Retail, who is responsible for the development, operation and strategy of the company's retail business, took over as the executive director, manager and legal representative.
"Liu's resignation as legal representative of most of the companies affiliated to JD does not mean that he will leave the company.
Sibusiso Thembinkosi, legal representative of Latex Industries, said HIV/AIDS is a major challenge facing South Africa.
"As a representative of the Chinese manufacturing industry, we felt we should lend a hand in this situation and use all our strength to produce the much-needed masks," said Wang Chuanfu, president of the company.
The latest announcement of Maoyan showed that a representative of FountainVest was appointed by the board as a nonexecutive director.
According to the report by Xinhua News Agency on Tuesday, a branch or a representative office of Banco XCMG will be established in Brazil's biggest city Sao Paulo during the first quarter of this year.
In an email to The New York Times, Representative Peter DeFazio, a Democrat from Oregon and chairman of the House Transportation Committee investigating Boeing, said: "If it was my call to make, Muilenburg would've been fired long ago.
As a representative of China's private companies, Li said China's ongoing industrial upgrading boom will push innovative companies to seek bigger space in the market.
The firm also established a China Business Innovation & Investment Representative Office in Shanghai from the beginning of the year.
An Alibaba representative didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.
Javier Vicedo, chief representative of China and North Asia region for the European Union Aviation Safety Agency, said more European helicopter businesses are seeking opportunities to build partnership with Chinese counterparts and beef up their investment in the Chinese market.
A representative of Hikvision said in a statement to China Daily that the company has been engaging with US administration officials over the past year to clarify misunderstandings about the company and address their concerns.
"Punishing Hikvision, despite these engagements, will deter global companies from communicating with the US government, hurt Hikvision's US business partners and negatively affect the US economy," the representative said.
Zhang, a former clothing sales representative, knew the trade and the manufacturing side.
CFLD attended as the country's only representative of social capital promotion via PPP at the international financial body's headquarters in Washington DC on Sept 18.
Thanks to the precise match-making, the procurement of barley from Shanghai Zangri Agriculture Technology, a main barley producer in Tibet, jumped from 300 metric tons in 2017 to 1,500 tons so far this year, said company representative Wu Zhiyue.
Each private investor is entitled to a seat, Yunnan Unicom has one seat and the last seat is for the representative of Yunan Unicom's employees.
The delegation, accompanied by Yu Jianfeng, chairman of CNNC, included Cornel Feruta, acting director-general of IAEA, Zhang Jianhua, deputy director of the China Atomic Energy Authority, Liu Hua, deputy minister of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, and Wang Qun, China's ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary and permanent representative to the United Nations and other international organizations in Vienna.
The automobile industry is representative of Chinese enterprises trying to digitalize their operations, transform traditional business models and find new growth, said Accenture.
By cooperating with a game development group of WeChat, a social network app developed by Tencent, the WFP is able to introduce its nutritious meal program to more people and get them involved in charitable activities, said Qu Sixi, WFP China representative.
On Tuesday, Xie Zhenhua, China's special representative for climate change affairs, said China would support an effort by the United Nations secretary general and its climate change envoy to convince countries to update their nationally determined contributions, or NDCs, set out in the agreement.
"It's a smart business move on Tencent's part," said Eddie Cane, former UMG label representative.
Based on the current regulations in China, the representative offices of foreign law firms can only provide information explaining the influence of the Chinese legal environment.
Sinopec has seven overseas business representative offices in Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Australia.
Representative Doug Collins told a hearing on Friday that Alibaba is doing the most to curb fake products by employing cutting-edge technologies to scan for and detect counterfeits and working closely with brand owners.
At the launch event held in the Avenues Mall in Farwaniya Governorate, the largest shopping mall of Kuwait, Jiang Guang'ao, general manager of Consumers BG Kuwait Representative Office, said the Huawei Mate 20 X is a revolution in technology and innovation in the world.
To date, the company has set up 69 representative offices and distribution service offices around the world.
In November 2016, the China CITIC Bank officially opened its Sydney representative office.
The ceremony was graced by more than 200 guests, partners, tenants and officials, including Indonesia's Minister of Industry Airlangga Hartarto; Governor of West Java Ridwan Kamil; Minister-Counselor of the Economic and Commercial Counselor's Office of the Embassy of China in Indonesia Wang Liping; Chairman of Commission 6of the People's Representative Council, Indonesia Dito Ganinduto; Deputy Chairman of the Indonesia Investment Coordinating Board Wisnu Wijaya Soedibjo; and Regent of Karawang Regency Cellica Nurrachadiana.
Some Ofo's top executives, including the firm's legal representative Chen Zhengjiang, founder Dai Wei, co-founder Yang Pinjie and general manager Chen Jing, have been blacklisted by courts for not fulfilling payment obligations and banned from excessive spending, according to a previous report.
The group corporation with a board of directors is an authorized investment entity and can establish subsidiaries, branch companies and representative offices in line with business development needs, the statement said.
On June 12, a Shanghai court put Chen Zhengjiang, legal representative of Ofo's operating company Dongxia Datong (Beijing) Management Consultancy, on a blacklist after the firm refused to pay 120,000 yuan ($17,351) to an applicant named Wu Jinke.
Chen, former head of Ofo's hardware supply department, took over Dai We to become the firm's legal representative last year.
In contrast, only four retailers made it to the top 50, whereas Oriental Pearl became the only representative to be chosen in the cultural sphere.

考研The basic compact underlying representative government, wrote Chief Justice John Roberts for the court,” assumes that public officials will hear from their constituents and act on their concerns.

首席大法官约翰·罗伯茨(John Roberts)在法庭上写道,代议制政府的基本契约“假定公职人员将听取选民的意见,并根据他们的关切采取行动。


六级Extracurricular activities reflect the differences in child rearing in the Pew survey, which was of a nationally representative sample of 1,807 parents.



考研But it has already sparked significant controversy, with the Unite Sates trade representative opening an investigation into whether the tax discriminates against American companies, which in turn could lead to trade sanctions against France.


2020年考研真题(英语一)阅读理解 Section Ⅱ

考研The jury is also said to be the best surviving example of direct rather than representative democracy.


2010年考研真题(英语二)阅读理解 Section Ⅱ

六级Well, as your union representative, I have to warn you that it would take quite a while to force management to replace the old machines and attempt to get you transferred may or may not be successful.



考研Because representative government presupposes an informed citizenry, the report supports full literacy; stresses the study of history and government, particularly American history and American government; and encourages the use of new digital technologies.



考研Because representative government presupposes an informed citizenry, the report supports full literacy; stresses the study of history and government, particularly American history and American government; and encourages the use of new digital technologies


2014年考研真题(英语一)阅读理解 Section Ⅱ

四级I've got a feeling that trade union representative is behind this.


2016年12月四级真题(第一套)听力 Section B

四级A Moon Express representative declined to comment on the story, but noted that the company is very optimistic about its proposal.


2018年6月四级真题(第一套)听力 Section A

六级But Pennsylvania State Representative Scott Petri says governments simply do not have enough money to extend unemployment insurance.


2016年6月六级真题(第一套)听力 Section C

四级Well, at 3:30, you're seeing our sales representative there and then you're free till the evening.



六级I sat several feet away from an advertising sales representative with a similar name.



六级“We are trying to create awareness in high schools across the countries,” said Westerman, an Allstate representative, “we focus on changing how teens think behind the wheel.



四级A friend of mine (a sales representative for a chemical company) was making twice the salary of her college instructors her first year on the job—even before she completed her two-year associate degree.



四级” says Alaska State Representative Scott Ogan.

”阿拉斯加州众议员Scott Ogan说。


四级Replace your name on your resume with a generic (泛指的) identifier, such as “Intranet Developer Candidate,” or “Experienced Marketing Representative.

将简历上的姓名替换为通用名称(泛指的) 标识符,如“Intranet开发人员候选人”或“经验丰富的营销代表”。


四级These comments from a customer service representative show how an inclusive attitude can improve sales .



四级Only one representative, Jad Tabet from Lebanon, tried to raise the issue.



四级One of the Mothering Justice organizers went to the office of a state representative to talk about the lack of affordable childcare—the vestiges(痕迹) of a system that expected mothers to stay home with their children while their husbands worked.

“母亲正义”的一位组织者前往一位州代表的办公室,谈论缺乏负担得起的儿童保育——遗留问题(痕迹) 一种期望母亲在丈夫工作时留在家里照顾孩子的制度。