串记记忆想要发表同意agree的意见,至少得到达能拿学位的程度degree. …………
词性拓展记忆 / 词形拓展记忆
agree / accord / coincide / conform / correspond
agree → 侧重指经过比较后的 …………
agree about 在上达成一致意见
agree about the price 就价格达成协议
agree in person and number 在人称和数上一致
agree on (upon) 在..上达成一致意见
agree to 同意,答应,赞成,承认
agree with sb 赞成,与.…一致,符合
agree with 同意
agree on 同意
agree to 同意
agree with sb. 同意某人的意见
agree upon 同意
agree to do sth. 同意做某事
agree to do 同意这样做
agree that ... 同意...
agree to one's plan 同意某人的计划
agree with one's opinion 同意某人的意见
agree with one's idea 同意某人的想法
agree to one's suggestion 同意某人的建议
agree with one's analysis 同意自己的分析
agree in 同意
agree to sth. 同意某事
don't agree with 不同意
while witnesses agree that... 而目击者同意...
to agree with 同意
they can't agree 他们不能同意
to agree with sb. 同意某人的意见
I agree with you.
They agree about that propose.
She agrees to attend the wedding.

六级I know these are tide times," she added, "but everyone agrees on the importance of safeguarding our employees and members of the public who come into the building.


六级Virtually all experts agree that the fee-for-service system—doctors are rewarded for the quantity of care rather than its quality of effectiveness—is a primary reason that the cost of care is so high.


六级virtually all experts agree that the fee-for-service system— doctors are rewarded for the quantity of care rather than its quality of effectiveness — is a primary reason that the cost of care is so high.


六级Most agree that the solution is to push doctors to accept fixed payments to care for a particular illness or for a patient's needs over a year.


考研He agreed to join because he “found the foresight behind the establishment of the SBoRE to be novel, unique and likely to have a lasting impact.


考研Young people who are still getting started in life were more likely than older adults to prioritize personal fulfillment in their work, to believe they will advance their careers most by regularly changing jobs, to favor communities with more public servi


四级I must say I agree with you about there being bad feelings in the works.


考研Not everyone will agree with the authors'policy ideas, which range from mandating more holiday time to reducing tax incentives for American home buyers.


考研A growing number seem to agree.


四级Most college professors agree the kind of exam they choose largely depends on the subject.


六级What do scientists seem to agree upon, judging from the first two paragraphs?


四级It is usually agreed that a German, Karl Benz, built the first motor car in 1885.


高考Even president obama's mother-in-law, marian Robinson, has agreed to leave Chicago and into the White House to help care for her granddaughters.


四级If parents and children share interests and values and agree on child rearing practices and religious 33 commitment, they are likely to enjoy each other's company.


六级All the wise heads agree: there're no quick or easy answers.


考研But most find it difficult to agree on what a “general education” should look like.


六级Essentially, I could not agree more with the authors,"said Svante Pääbo, a biologist and director of the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Germany.


四级Some team members find it hard to agree on questions like membership and the team's purpose.


考研Now comes word that everyone involved---Democrats, Republicans, the Postal Service, the unions and the system's heaviest users --as finally agreed on a plan to fix the system.


六级Some communities have agreed to share online—geneticists, for example, post DNA sequences at the GenBank repository ( ' , 库), and astronomers are accustomed to accessing images of galaxies and stars from, say, the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, a telescope that has observed some 500 million objects—but these remain the exception, not the rule.

一些社区已经同意共享在线遗传学家,例如,在GenBank存储库(“,库), 天文学家习惯于从斯隆数字巡天望远镜(Sloan Digital Sky Survey)获取星系和恒星的图像。斯隆数字巡天望远镜已观测到约5亿个天体,但这些仍然是例外,而不是规则。

四级We are far from reaching the peak, Cornetti agrees.


高考Although the job takes a significant amount of time, most students agree that the experience is worth it.


六级Of the 300 employees participating in the study, those who experienced high levels of telepressure were more likely to agree with statements assessing burnout, like I've no energy for going to work in the morning, and to report feeling fatigued and unfocused.


四级The author has come to agree that food shortages could ultimately lead to the collapse of world civilization.


考研But most find it difficult to agree on what a "general education" should look like.


四级Chefs agree that diners in Hong Kong are embracing the modern British trend.


六级All researches agree that close to 25 billion devices, things and sensors will be connected by 2020 which incidentally is also the moment that millennials are expected to make up 75 percent of our overall workforce, and the fully connected home will becom


四级In a study of 120 teams of senior executives, he discovered that less than 10% of their supposed members agreed on who exactly was on the team.


考研In contrast to France’s actions, Denmark’s fashion industry agreed last month on rules and sanctions regarding the age, health, and other characteristics of models.


六级In exchange for this, the rights holders agree not to sue Google in future.


高考I certainly could enjoy the exercise, but I've agreed to go with Alice to buy some clothes.


考研finally, figures close to the France government have murmured, euro-zone members should agree to some fiscal and social harmonization: e.g., curbing competition in corporate-tax rates or labour costs.


高考Bertocchini agrees and hopes her team's findings might one day help employ the enzyme to break down plastics in landfills.


四级Veiseh agrees: It is like having these open wounds – they are just a part of you, he says.


四级Finally, they all met an agree to wear ski-clothing to work the next day.


六级historically, scientists have objected to sharing for many reasons: It is a lot of work; until recently, good databases did not exist; grant funders were not pushing for sharing; It has been difficult to agree on standards for formatting data; and there i


六级The client company generallygives the advertising agency an agreed budget, a statement of theobjective of the advertising campaign known as a brief and an overall advertising strategy concerning the message to be communicated to the target customers.


四级Why do the 4-H girls agree to follow the park project through to complete.


六级Most people in the business would agree that consecutive interpreting is the more stressful.


四级Members of the 4-H club agreed to follow the project through to completion, because they receive satisfaction from the results of constructive work.


四级She does not quite agree with what the man said.


四级Donohue, now a history teacher, agrees that it helped during certain parts of her education: I can definitely remember what I learned on certain days at school.


四级In the end, the superintendents agreed to provide the data we sought, which is, after all, public information.


四级At the beginning of seventh grade, we assessed the students' mind-sets by asking them to agree or disagree with statements such as Your intelligence is something very basic about you that you can't really change.


考研I do completely agree that fears are just the product of our luxuriant imagination.


六级Historically, scientists have objected to sharing for many reasons: it is a lot of work; until recently, good databases did not exist; grant funders were not pushing for sharing; it has been difficult to agree on standards for formatting data; and there is no agreed way to assign credit for data.


高考In any case, despite so much evidence to the contrary, many managers still agree to theory X.


考研It is stuck because the euro zone's dominant powers, France and Germany, agree on the need for greater harmonization within the euro zone, but disagree about what to harmonies.


四级It's an important subject I agree, but I am not in the mood for anything depressing.


四级If it is hard enough to define a team's membership, agreeing on its purpose is harder still.


高考The director agreed to add it to the playing list.


考研Everyone around us seems to agree by the way they cling to their phones, even without a signal on a subway.


六级When we're too collaborative, we want everyone to agree with a decision before we proceed.


六级Scientists agree that key player in this scenario is the West Antarctic ice sheet, a Brazil-size mass of frozen water that is much as 7000 feet thick.


考研But while young and old mostly agree on what constitutes the finish line of a fulfilling life, they offer strikingly different paths for reaching it.


六级Essentially, I could not agree more with the authors, said Svante Pääbo, a biologist and director of the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Germany.


六级What can be done about mass unemployment? All the wise heads agree: there're no quick or easy answers.


考研The parliament also agreed to ban websites that “incite excessive thinness” by promoting extreme dieting.


四级The editor is frightened by this news, but he is more frightened by the idea of losing his newspaper, so he agrees to sign.


高考Afterwards, she and her father secured their first business meeting with a supermarket owner, who finally agreed to sell Moore's product—cancandy.


高考We must realise that keeping appointments or being punctual is a contract that is silently agreed and we are expected to respect this contract.


四级It's nice to have people agree, but you need conflicting perspectives to dig out the truth.


高考Anis who owned a restaurant agreed to hide some books.


四级However, they generally agree with the idea that inequality in the information society is fundamentally different from that of an industrial society.


六级Although many researchers broadly agree that public access to raw data would accelerate science, most are reluctant to post the results of their own labors online.


六级Of the 300 employees participating in the study, those who experienced high levels of telepressure were more likely to agree with statements assessing burnout, like "I've no energy for going to work in the morning", and to report feeling fatigued and unfo


六级For the first time, the world's nations agreed to keep global warming well below 2 ℃.


六级But that isn't why the government—under pressure from cancer charities, health workers and the Labour party—has agreed to legislate for standardised packaging.


四级The people with HSAM I've interviewed would certainly agree that it can be a mixed blessing.


四级In a healthy relationship, you don't have to agree about money, but you have to talk about it.


四级Well, to pick up where we left off last time, I believe we agreed that creativity is a mysterious idea.


考研As a condition of receiving state approval for the sale, the company agreed to seek permission from state regulators to operate past 2012.


高考Furthermore, as many teachers agree, children understand far more when parents watch TV with them, explaining new words and ideas.


四级An X-rays technician is refusing to do her job until the firm agrees to replace its out-dated equipment.