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iron alloy 铁合金
Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc.
The window has been changed into the aluminum alloy.
The alloy has excellent thermal stability.
This car's body is made of lightweight aluminum alloy, which makes it fuel-efficient and durable.
The aircraft manufacturer uses a high-strength titanium-alloy for the fuselage, ensuring structural integrity.
She wore a delicate silver alloy necklace, adorned with precious gemstones.
The jewelry designer combined gold and palladium to create a unique alloy for her latest collection.
The cookware is made from a non-reactive alloy, perfect for cooking acidic foods without fear of corrosion.
The architect chose a corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy for the exterior cladding of the building.
The spacecraft's heat shield was composed of a special ceramic-alloy that could withstand extreme temperatures.
The bicycle frame is an alloy of steel and titanium, providing both strength and lightweight benefits.
The coin is minted in a mix of copper and zinc, forming a durable and affordable alloy.
The scientist investigated the properties of different metal alloys, hoping to find new materials for industrial applications.
The venture will feature research and development of technologies using new materials, special electronics materials, nonferrous metals and alloy materials with high performance.
The company is active in the production, sales, research and development of alumina, primary aluminum and aluminum alloy products.
It has also successfully developed high-quality nickel-based alloy products and exported the products to Europe.
Nanshan Aluminum, located in east China's aluminum hub of Longkou, is an industrial giant in high-end aluminum alloy plates and advanced aluminum coils and sheets.
Gao said China does not want to see the World Trade Organization trade remedy measures abused or used for protectionism, after the US launched anti-dumping and anti-subsidy measures against Chinese steel wheels and claimed on Wednesday that general-purpose aluminum alloy plates from China received government subsidies.
Raw iron, nickel or chromium have little value individually, but once they are mixed together, the alloy will acquire special characteristics such as being stainless or very strong.
"In September 2017, BSMC's Ni36LNG alloy, which is used on liquefied natural gas or LNG ships, was authenticated by the France-based marine engineering company Gaztransport et Technigaz SA, making it the world's second supplier of the thin-filmed alloy for LNG ships.
The alloy later won the accreditation certificates issued by two major ship classifiers, the Beijing-based China Classification Society and France-based Lloyd's Register, the world's oldest ship classifier, marking another step for the application of the special steel in LNG ships.
"The technical team of our company has made great efforts to ensure the alloy's physical and mechanical stability at super low temperature," said Zhao Xin, deputy director of the company's technical department.
"Zhu said China is currently oversupplied with low-end commodity-grade metals such as aluminum, but in supply deficit for high-end products, such as high-end aluminum alloy for auto, airplanes, yachts and others.
The company, located in Chinese aluminum hub Longkou county, boasts an annual capacity of about 100,000 tons of high-end aluminum alloy plates and 250,000 tons of advanced aluminum coils and sheets.
"The project will help to advance the domestic manufacturing level of high-temperature alloy materials and core components for aircraft engines, and push forward the localization of aircraft components.
"Indonesia is a key area for our foreign business because Shenwu's technologies are the right fit for helping to explore the country's resources," said DengLast year, the company jointed forces with Sangai Raya Nickel Alloy Co Ltd from Indonesia to help build a $700 million plant to process low-grade red ore of nickel and brown coal.
The amount of homemade alloy used in the C919 is not much because Chinese special steel and alloy makers' research, quality control and cost control processes are not as mature as foreign competitors', according to a report in China Metallurgical News.
The Long March 7 Y2 included TISCO's stainless steel, electromagnetic pure iron, high-strength alloy structural steel and other materials.
A worker makes alloy wheel at a CITIC Dicastal Co Ltd plant in Qinhuangdao, Hebei province.
A worker checks quality of alloy products at Dongguan Eontec Co Ltd in Guangdong province.
A typical alloy is almost 1.5 times harder than stainless steel and about 2.5 times stronger than titanium.
According to Liquidmetal, Apple Inc recently extended its 2015 deal to keep the rights to an innovative alloy that the tech giant needs for its production processes.
For example, it took the company one year to find a way to replace its steel chassis with an aluminum alloy alternative to make the trailer lighter and thus more fuel efficient, he said.
XI'AN - In the production workshop of Sirui Advanced Copper Alloy Technology Co Ltd, based in Xi'an, capital of Northwest China's Shaanxi province, a batch of high-tech metal materials was ready for export.
"We decided to ship the batch of products to Germany, France, and other places via Chang'an China-Europe freight trains after making a comprehensive evaluation of customers' price terms and logistics conditions," said Ma Guoqing with Sirui Advanced Copper Alloy Technology.
He entered the workforce in 1982 at the Northeast Light Alloy Fabrication Plant in Harbin, Heilongjiang province, and was transferred to the Southwestern Aluminium Fabrication Plant in Chongqing in 1999.
"Since the RCEP agreement took effect, the tariff rate of alloy steel plates we imported has declined from 3 percent to zero, with a total tariff concession of over 300,000 yuan, which has greatly reduced our production and operation costs," said Qu Xiaoqun, business manager of Yantai Tiezhongbao Steel Processing Co Ltd, a marine engineering platform equipment manufacturer which imports alloy steel plates from Japan.
Qu said that the company benefits from the RCEP agreement and other supportive policies, and domestic trade orders of the company are expected to increase dramatically this year and alloy steel imports from Japan will increase by about 70 percent.
Zhong Jun, general manager of Zhongtai Group, another Shenyang-based private company producing titanium alloy parts, said that the firm's sales revenue has doubled for four consecutive years as market demand for such industrial parts has surged, in particular from companies in China's aerospace, maritime engineering, chemical and rail transit sectors.
"A variety of long-term anti-corrosive materials, such as titanium alloy pipes, heat-resistant alloy pipes and super duplex stainless steel pipes, have been used," Pan said, emphasizing that these made the Bacalhau a low-maintenance vessel and would allow it to meet its 30-year designed life without any dry-docking requirements.
Output value, exports surge amid demand for novelty vehiclesAt the production workshops of Guizhou Winning Toys Co Ltd, a toy manufacturer based in Bijie, Southwest China's Guizhou province, employees are busy making a large number of high-end alloy model vehicle toys such as excavators and formula racing cars.
The country's annual demand for stainless steel is expected to rise to 30 million tons in 2025, given its 24-million-ton consumption in 2019, according to participants at a recent forum on stainless steel and special alloy materials held in Jiangsu province.
"With the advantage of traditional manufacturing, we now take scientific and technological innovation as the core driving force," said Liu Haifu from a plant of Northeast Light Alloy Co. Ltd. in Harbin, capital of Heilongjiang Province.
In the first half of this year, orders for its high-end alloy increased 26.3 percent year on year, while sales of high-end alloy products soared 59.8 percent.
He made the remarks at a recent event celebrating the establishment of the Zhongguancun Stainless and Special Alloy New Material Industry Technology Innovation Alliance, a non-profit organization jointly formed by 59 institutions and enterprises in stainless and special alloy sector, including research institutes, universities, raw material suppliers, stainless and special alloy product manufacturers, users and logistics companies.
Gan Yong, director of National Advisory Committee of Experts on New Material Industry Development, and former vice-president of Chinese Academy of Engineering, said the development of stainless and special alloys are critical for China's manufacturing update, and he hopes the establishment of the alliance will boost innovation and new material research and development in China's stainless and special alloy industry to ensure domestic supplies.
For instance, the application of 5G mobile phones will result in higher demand for precise copper alloy sheets.
The aluminum-magnesium alloy supply chain program signed between Jingang Energy Group Co Ltd and the Shanxi Transformation and Comprehensive Reform Demonstration Zone was the biggest deal, involving a 10-billion-yuan investment.
Ningbo Xusheng Group, a Chinese supplier of components for Tesla, plans to replicate its industrial chain in Mexico to produce aluminum alloy auto parts after Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk decided to build a new Tesla factory near Monterrey in northeastern Mexico.
Apart from featuring up to 24 intelligent driving assistance functions, the new Mufasa customized editions offer personalized enhancements for users, including a black roof luggage rack and sporty black alloy wheels.
Its 19-inch and 20-inch alloy wheels are offered to Chinese customers exclusively.
It can sprint from zero to 100 km as the model uses the lightweight aluminum alloy to make suspension front and rear control arm.
Doctorate holder Hu Bin at the technical center has developed a high-performance cast aluminum alloy, which has greatly improved ductility and tensile strength.
Compared with conventional cast aluminum alloy used by General Motors, the HuCrAlloy is 40 percent lighter.
Its main car body is made of carbon fiber reinforced polymer, about 250 to 350 kg lighter when compared with an aluminum alloy body, which helped BMW reduce the i3's weight to 1,224 kg.
Aluminum alloy and high-strength steel parts were applied to reduce the weight while also strengthening the body.
This generation brought about the first large-scale production car in the world to be made almost completely of light alloy.
Each set includes three 8-gram gold commemorative coins, five silver coins and one two-color copper alloy coin.
The two-color copper alloy coin has a par value of 10 yuan.
The PBOC assigned eight commercial banks to issue the copper alloy commemorative coins, according to Luo Rui, head of the Currency, Gold and Silver Bureau, PBOC.

六级The resulting steel appears to achieve a combination of strength and toughness that is comparable to that of modern steels that are very rich in alloy content and, therefore, very expensive.


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