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词根词缀记忆/谐音联想记忆 纠错 +补充
词根all(所有、全体)+low(低)→所有人都点头表示 …………
词性拓展记忆 / 词形拓展记忆
allow / let / permit / leave / authorize
allow → 普通用词,侧重听任、默许或不加阻止。在正式场合可用来 …………
My mom allow me to play outside.
Please allow me to pose several questions.
Allow me to introduce myself.

高考For them, riding with Wilson has allowed them to complete their education — but according to Wilson, he benefits just as much from the experience.


考研As you will come to see ,knowing that mental heath is always available and knowing to trust it allow us to slow down to the moment and live life happily.


考研Rested in the Pacific Ocean, Mauna Kea's peak rises above the bulk of our planet's dense atmosphere, where conditions allow telescopes to obtain Images of unsurpassed clarity.


四级Agreeable people boost your confidence and allow you to relax and feel comfortable.


四级Lewis didn't see a "no parking" sign, but he has expected that his parking were allowed there.


高考Never allow dogs or other pets to run freely in areas of nesting bird, other wildlife, or where signposted.


六级Our attitudes allow us to turn mistakes into opportunities, and loss into the chance for new beginnings.


考研Officials must not be allowed to play favorites in providing information or in arranging meetings simply because an individual or group provides a campaign donation or a personal gift.


四级The New York State parks system wants to turn off the falls on the American side some time in the next two to three years to replace two 115-year-old stone bridges that allow pedestrians, park vehicles and utilities access to Goat Island.


六级The robots also lean the most efficient and safest passages, and allow engineers and farmers to analyze and better optimize the attributes and tasks of the robot, as well as provide a live stream giving real-time feedback on exactly what is happening on t


四级That said, our test driver believed the bus was going to slow or stop to allow us to merge into the traffic, and that there would be sufficient space to do that.


四级The objective of this debating game is not to win but to get to the truth that will allow you to move faster, farther and better.


高考When choosing everyday products such as toothpaste, we appreciate a cool-looking device that allows us to easily squeeze the toothpaste onto our brush.


四级Fantasy proneness could be considered a tendency to imagine and daydream, whereas absorption is the tendency to allow your mind to become absorbed in an activity – to pay complete attention to the sensations ( ' , 感受) and the experiences.

幻想倾向可以被认为是一种想象和白日梦的倾向,而专注则是一种让你的大脑专注于某项活动的倾向,即完全关注感觉(“,感受) 还有经验。

六级Perhaps many teachers have too little time to allow students to form and pursue their own questions and too much ground to cover in the curriculum.


考研However,the Justices said that Arizona police would be allowed to verify the legal status of people who come in contact with law enforcement.


六级Interactive television advertising, which allows viewers to use their remote controls to click on advertisements, has been pushed for years.


四级It's a hobby that I've stuck with and it continues to help me cope with stress at work, provide a sense of order in hectic days, and allow my brain time to solve problems.


高考Items that are not allowed in student rooms include: candles, ceiling fans, fireworks, waterbeds, sun lamps and wireless routers.


考研This allows the TSA wants to enroll 25 million people in PreCheck.


高考This allows them to respond more appropriately to the user.


四级Hiring more classroom teachers and allowing them to teach in their own way.


考研It allows us to see the beauty that surrounds us each moment in nature,in culture,in the flow of our daily lives.


考研Elected leaders must be allowed to help supporters deal with bureaucratic problems without fear of prosecution for bribery.


六级Publishing data and code allows your science to be reproducible.


四级They allow the animal to rely on sunshine for its nutrition.


四级Fantasy proneness could be considered a tendency to imagine and daydream,whereas absorption is the tendency to allow your mind to become absorbed in an activity – to pay complete attention to the sensations and the experiences.


高考Thus I have been allowed to gain access to their living environment.


六级We need to understand what motivates people, what it is that allows them to make change, says Professor Neil Adger, of the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research in Norwich.


高考Many airlines now allow passengers to print their boarding passes online to save their valuable time.


四级Pedals apparently has an injured leg or paw that doesn't allow it to walk comfortably on all fours, according to experts.


六级Congress needs to find the courage to allow Medicare to pay preferentially for treatments proven to be superior.


高考If you exercise out of doors,your body will learn to breathe more deeply,allowing even more oxygen to get to your muscles and your brain.


高考By mentioning Muhammad Ali's words, the author intends to tell us that motivation allows great athletes to be on the top.

通过提及穆罕默德·阿里(Muhammad Ali)的话,作者打算告诉我们,动机可以让伟大的运动员登上巅峰。

考研It allows us to have perspective on our lives - the ability to not take ourselves too seriously, to laugh at ourselves, to see the bigger picture, and to see that things will work out.


高考A lunchtime escape allows her to keep a boss from tapping her on the shoulder.


六级And even before then, scholars warn, the demand for resources in an energy-hungry world could raise pressure to renegotiate Antarctica's treaties, possibly allowing more commercial endeavours here well before the prohibitions against them expire.


高考Among the bag makers' arguments: many cities with bans still allow shoppers to purchase paper bags, which are easily recycled but require more energy to produce and transport.


考研One idea is to allow people to study law as an undergraduate degree.


高考It would allow much room for free thinking.


四级The big change is the availability of more data about people and things, which allows physical assets to be divided and consumed as services.


四级Last year, supporters pushed for Pedals to be moved to a shelter, but New Jersey officials have said they won't allow the bear to be captured and transferred to the facility.


高考Nurses should recognize their own personal and cultural construction of silence so that a patient's silence is not interrupted too early or allowed to go on unnecessarily.


高考It ran for just under seven kilometers and allowed people to avoid terrible crowds on the roads above as they travelled to and from word.


高考It allows one to work in the natural environment.


六级Allow, there are many different styles of Jazz.


六级We, of course, need to pay attention to youngsters who are filled with discontent and hostility, but we should not allow these extreme cases to distort our view of most young people.


考研But unlike their absolutist counterparts in the Gulf and Asia, most royal families have survived because they allow voters to avoid the difficult search for a non-controversial but respected public figure.


四级Just as peer-to-peer businesses like eBay allow anyone to become a retailer, sharing sites let individuals act as an ad hoc ( 临时的) taxi service, car-hire firm or boutique hotel (精品酒店) as and when it suits them.

正如eBay等点对点业务允许任何人成为零售商一样,共享网站也允许个人充当一个临时的临时的) 出租车服务、汽车租赁公司或精品酒店(精品酒店) 当它适合他们的时候。

六级The robot who rescues Spooner's life in I, Robot follows Asimov's zeroth larobots cannot harm humanity as opposed to individual humans or allow humanity to come to harm—an expansion of the first law that allows robots to determine what's in the greater go


考研If the bar exam is truly a stern enough test for a would-be lawyer, those who can sit it earlier should be allowed to do so.


四级Of the 36 states that allow the death penalty, 30 permit the execution of minors.


考研But now most colleges save for many selective campuses, allow all undergraduates, and even graduate students, to get their low grades forgiven.


考研Mental health allows us to view others with sympathy if they are having troubles ,with kindness if they are in pain,and with unconditional love no matter who they are.


高考Hod Lipson, a professor at Columbia University, said, "Food printing could allow consumers to print food with customized nutritional content, like vitamins."

哥伦比亚大学(Columbia University)教授霍德·利普森(Hod Lipson)说:“食品印刷可以让消费者印刷含有定制营养成分的食品,如维生素。”

考研In fact, allowing non-lawyers to own shares in law firms would reduce costs and improve services to customers, by encouraging law firms to use technology and to employ professional managers to focus on improving firms’ efficiency.


四级In the United States, 36 states currently allow capital punishment for serious crimes such as mur der.


四级Because boys generally have more acute vision learn best through touch, and are physically more active, they need to be given "hands-on" lessons where they are allowed to walk around.


四级In general, you will want to do strength training two or three days a week, allowing recovery days between sessions.


高考It is true, however, that working at home makes people much more efficient, because it allows workers to take care of annoying housework while still getting their jobs done.


高考We allow them to be left around because we've been ignorant of their value.


高考Because of changes to methods of working, new designs allow for expansion or movement of desks, storage, and equipment within the workstation.


四级It allows for economic efficiency, and when we buy things from places that have lower production costs than we do, we benefit.


六级Thus the more imbalanced we become due to overworking, the more value there is in activities that allow us to return to a state of balance.


六级Because of their smaller size, most keep hours that allow people to enjoy themselves, then have some quiet after midnight, as opposed to large major cities like New York, where the buzz of activity is ongoing.


四级Allowing only two students to enter at a time.


六级Policymakers should not allow low energy prices to derail the clean energy transition.


高考Items like T-shirts that allow volunteers to be recognized publicly for their contributions can help strengthen role identity.


四级They have allowed me the opportunity to seek jobs in international contexts and help me get those jobs.


考研Airborne technologies, such as different types of radar and photographic equipment carried by airplanes or spacecraft, allow archaeologists to learn about what lies beneath the ground without digging.


六级It's important to allow readers and reviewers to see exactly how you arrive at your results.


考研Social media allows users to experience news events more intimately and immediately while also permitting them to re-share news as a projection of their values and interests.


四级It allows girls under 18 on the runway.


四级Additionally, they should be allowed to teach, and be rewarded for doing it well.


考研It might also be hard for airlines to coordinate the departure times and destinations of passenger aircraft in a way that would allow them to gain from formation flight.


高考The hospital has recently obtained new medical equipment, allowing more patients to be treated.


考研Rested in the Pacific Ocean, Mauna Kea’s peak rises above the bulk of our planet’s dense atmosphere, where conditions allow telescopes to obtain images of unsurpassed clarity.


考研com, which allow users to combine pictures, words and other media in creative ways and then share them, have the potential to add stickiness by amusing, entertaining and enlightening others.


考研In the last decade or so ,advances in technology have allowed mass-market labels such as Zara ,H&M, and Uniqlo to react to trends more quickly and anticipate demand more precisely.


六级This conversational robot companion has cameras in its eyes, which allow it to track patients and use appropriate facial expressions and body language in its interactions.


高考And if a predator can move on to another species that is easier to find when a prey species becomes rare, the switch allows the original prey to recover.


高考Light pollution is largely the result of bad lighting design, which allows artificial light to shine outward and upward into the sky.


六级Effectively, the ban will include the registration of new cars in the country as they will not allow any gasoline powered vehicle to be registered after 2030.


六级These designers established the modem dress code, letting playsuits and other activewear outfits suffice for casual clothing, allowing pants to enter the wardrobe, and prizing rationalism and versatility in dress, in contradiction to dressing for an occasion or allotment of the day.


四级Somewhat nostalgically, he quotes John Maynard Keynes' justly famous words of praise to the bookstore: "One should enter it vaguely, almost in a dream, and allow what is there freely to attract and influence the eye."

他引用了约翰·梅纳德·凯恩斯(John Maynard Keynes)对书店的名言,略带怀旧之情:“一个人应该在梦中隐约进入书店,让那里的东西自由吸引和影响眼球。”

高考Fortunately, after a brief stay in hospital, Ben was well enough to be allowed to leave and later the family met up for dinner.


高考He was just saying: "I'm king of this forest, and here is your reminder! " Once his message was delivered, he allowed me to stay and watch.


高考Even when the machines are recycled and the harmful metals removed, the recycling process often is carried out in poor countries, in practically uncontrolled ways which allow many poisonous substances to escape into the environment.


四级In the United States, 36 states currently allow capital punishment for serious crimes such as murder.


六级Access to foot traffic and proximity to transit allow the type of entertainment-oriented businesses such as bars and restaurants to stay open later, which attracts both younger, creative workers and baby boomers nearing retirement alike.


六级Also, Venice, the city eternally threatened by the sea, where every morning wooden pathways have to be set up to allow tourists to reach their hotels.


考研Enraged by Entergy’s behavior, the Vermont Senate voted 26 to 4 last year against allowing an extension.


高考Seventeen states allow parents to get an exemption豁免, sometimes just by signing a paper saying they personally object to a vaccine.

17个州允许父母获得豁免豁免, 有时只是签署一份文件说他们个人反对疫苗。

六级It allows for failures.


考研The administration was in essence asserting that because it didn't want to carry out Congress's immigration wishes,no state should be allowed to do so either.


六级The ROWE participants were allowed to freely determine when, where and how they worked – the only thing that mattered was that they got the job done.


六级He thinks the best way to help the long-term unemployed is to allow private citizens to invest in local companies that can create more jobs.


高考But during the past decade declining rainfall has allowed him to plant highly profitable crops.


考研Ground surveys allow archaeologists to pinpoint the places where digs will be successful.


考研Too often we believe that, a new job, bigger house or better car will be the magic silver bullet that will allow us to finally be content, but the reality is these things have little lasting impact on our happiness levels.




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