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词根en 使… + forc 力量;强壮的 + e →  …………
词性拓展记忆 / 词形拓展记忆
对比记忆 / 类比记忆 / 形近词记忆
enforce / reinforce / force / divorce
The enforced law reinforced that forced divorce is forbidden.
词根记忆 / 词缀记忆
enforce v 强行,实行(en进入+force=进入力量=强行)
force n 力量,强制力
forceful a 有力的(force+ful)
enforce v 强行,实行(en进 …………
enforce control over advertising 对广告实施控制
enforce a law 执行法律
enforce a ban 执行禁令
Don't enforce your will on the others.
They recommend that me enforce this practice rigidly.
They enforce decision rights in processes.
The company has decided to enforce a strict no-smoking policy in the office.
The police are enforcing traffic laws strictly to ensure public safety.
The teacher enforced punctuality among her students by making them arrive on time every day.
The school principal enforced a dress code to maintain a professional atmosphere.
The government has enforced new environmental regulations to reduce pollution.
The boss is enforcing a zero-tolerance policy for workplace harassment.
Parents enforce bedtime routines to ensure their children get enough rest.
The company's HR department enforces employee privacy policies strictly.
The judge enforced the court order, requiring the defendant to pay back the debt.
The head coach enforced discipline within the team, holding regular training sessions and setting high standards.
"On Thursday, the US Commerce Department said it will not enforce an order to ban TikTok "pending further legal developments," citing a recent ruling by the US District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.
This is because many of the companies do not have assets in the US, which means their assets cannot be frozen by the court to enforce compensation for investors.
Shenzhen, Guangdong province-based DJI, the world's largest commercial drone manufacturer by market share, said its drones have been used in some European countries-such as France, Spain and Italy-to effectively enforce lockdowns or spray disinfectant in residential areas as part of a broader drive to contain the spread of the contagion.
Police in Nice, France, with the help of Drone06-a French company specialized in shooting aerial pictures and acquiring geospatial data-have deployed DJI's Mavic 2 Enterprise drones with its mounted loudspeaker to enforce lockdown measures, according to DJI.
Moreover, a police department in the US state of California is set to use drones equipped with loudspeakers and cameras to enforce coronavirus lockdown.
Costco's first Shanghai outlet opened on Tuesday, drawing so many customers that the company had to enforce a crowd limit just two and a half hours after it opened.
In a statement posted at its website, Changan Ford said that it would "fully respect and firmly enforce the penalty.
He also suggested that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) enforce antitrust laws by undoing the Instagram and WhatsApp acquisitions and ban future acquisitions by Facebook for several years.
"The basis of the class action is that Uber failed to enforce its drivers had proper accreditation and therefore gained an unfair advantage over companies and drivers that did adhere to the law.
Apple later continued to sell the affected iPhone models as the patent infringement ruling only applies to models running the old operating system, leading Qualcomm to ask a court in Fuzhou to enforce the injunction on Thursday.
Further steps will be taken to enforce the requirement of treating domestic and foreign-funded enterprises equally in government procurement activities, said Fu Jinling, head of the economic construction department of the Ministry of Finance.
Ding Chun, director of the Center for European Studies at Fudan University, said that China-Europe bilateral investment still faces challenges ahead as the European Union rolls out a flurry of policy tools, such as the FDI Regulation and International Procurement Instrument Regulation, to enforce more stringent foreign investment review and export controls.
"The meeting emphasized the need to further enforce the system of provincial governors assuming responsibility for the "rice bag "and city mayors for the "vegetable basket", and conduct timely market reallocation.
The EU said that Chinese measures unduly restrict the possibility to enforce intellectual property rights in China and are inconsistent with China's obligation under the Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights, also known as TRIPS.
Premier urges sound measures to boost employment among college graduatesPremier Li Keqiang has called for parallel steps to stabilize economic growth and prevent inflation, saying that the foundation of the ongoing economic recovery is not yet solid and greater efforts must be made to enforce policy measures that have already been rolled out.
Since the IP management department has no power to enforce an administrative mediation agreement, if one party refuses to perform or fails to perform the mediation agreement, the other party may apply to the local people's court for enforcement, according to that system.
The China Securities Regulatory Commission said on Wednesday that it will encourage listed companies to ramp up share buybacks, improve the mechanism to support private companies' bond financing and enforce new regulations to keep the channel of overseas listings open.
Efforts to establish and enforce legal systems, strengthen and standardize export control, and actively engage in international exchanges and cooperation, have helped to enhance mutual trust and dispel misunderstandings, promote international coordination on export control, and continuously improve the international export control governance.
He noted in particular that recent efforts by authorities to improve and better enforce anti-monopoly laws and regulations, strengthening regulation over some sectors, are called for to promote the sound development of the market economy in China.
Most local governments are enthusiastically implementing national reforms designed to enforce the commercial rule of law and to improve the ease of doing business.
Measures will be taken to strictly enforce the filing system of brokerage institutions, while fully carrying out real-name registration of brokers.
The spokesperson said the CBIRC will enforce prudential regulatory standards for property development loans and home mortgage loans, prevent business loans from illegally flowing into property, and guide banking and insurance institutions to ramp up support for affordable rental housing.
Natural gas will be a major "transitional energy" to achieve the government's carbon neutrality target, and CNOOC will further enforce the company's supply capacity of natural gas during the 14th Five-Year Plan period to ensure that low carbon energy accounts for more than 60 percent of the company's total energy production.
"The ministry will guide local authorities to enhance supervision, improve sample collection methods and enforce biosafety measures," Chen said.
Local governments and entities should enforce housing market regulations strictly, rather than taking any chances on relevant policy relaxation.
The commission said the impact on gas consumers should stay within a reasonable range and it would enforce guidance to ensure a stable gas price.
During a US Senate committee hearing on Wednesday, Raimondo reportedly emphasized that the US Commerce Department needs more ways to enforce its export controls.
The administration said it will continue to enforce the Anti-Monopoly Law, ensure fair competition in the market, create a sound business environment, promote high-quality economic development, and protect consumers' legitimate interests.
The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology said that it will also enforce stricter supervision and inspection on new energy vehicle manufacturers, as well as penalize companies that do not comply with the new regulations.
Twitter's Board Chair Bret Taylor said the company is committed to closing the deal on the price and terms agreed upon with Musk, and plans to pursue legal action to enforce the merger agreement.
"Stepping into the future, it is important to enforce peace and progress together into a new world that cherishes the target of the same economic goal, thus uplifting the lifestyle and preserving the culture of all human races," Wong said.
- The US Commerce Department said Thursday that it will not enforce an order to ban popular video-sharing app TikTok "pending further legal developments," citing a recent ruling by a federal district court.
Without the registration-based system, it would be difficult to either enforce stricter delisting rules or reform how the securities regulator functions, let alone intensifying crackdown on legal breaches and strengthening investor protection, Xiao said at a separate forum recently.
Next, the commission will enforce strict administrative penalties in accordance with the law, tighten market discipline, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of financial consumers, and urge banks and insurance institutions to operate in compliance with laws and regulations to defuse financial risks, it said.
Government at various levels must fully enforce tax cuts and fee reduction policies and refrain from increasing corporate burdens despite budgetary imbalances, he added.
Move to level playing field for foreign, domestic institutional investorsChina may soon enforce the revised rules for qualified institutional investor programs and allow foreign access to almost all major financial assets, leveling the playing field for domestic and foreign institutional investors, officials and experts said.
China's securities regulator on Sunday pledged to accelerate the improvements of related regulations to strictly enforce provisions in the revised securities law, which will come into effect on March 1, 2020.
On the other hand, regulators should optimize and strictly enforce delisting rules, and ensure that companies with low efficiency exit the market.
The meeting also decided to speed up the approval process for medicines from overseas, enforce measures to lower the prices of cancer drugs and address the shortage of certain drugs.
The main objective in signing this MOU is to enforce the collaboration of all parties to enhance Macao as an unique center of green finance, to bring in investment and projects from the Chinese mainland and Portuguese-speaking countries as well as regions involved in the Belt and Road Initiative, and to reinforce the role of Macao as an international environmental cooperation platform.
"We urge the administration to reconsider and instead work with our trading partners to enforce the rules and advance targeted trade remedies,"Dean Garfield, president and CEO of the Information Technology Industry Council in Washington said in a statement:"As the administration considers how it will address these serious issues, we encourage it to act consistent with international obligations and in close collaboration with other countries.
The agencies that enforce the debt-to-equity swaps will be reinforced.
Discipline inspection commissions at all levels are mandated to diligently fulfill their responsibilities and rigorously enforce discipline.
The rules propose tougher penalties for malpractices, such as faking donation and transplantation data, overriding the national system that automatically distributes donor organs and failing to enforce results of the system.
All related departments should enforce rigorous adherence to their discretionary power over administrative penalties and scale up rectification of arbitrary and unwarranted fines, it was stated at the meeting.
Central Party and state institutions should be more aware of their identity as political institutions, enforce stricter political discipline and rules, and improve the capacity for political judgment, thinking and implementation of Party members and cadres to ensure the faithful implementation of all tasks set out at the Party's 20th National Congress, he said.
Highlighting the significance of the five-year outline, the CPC Central Committee asked Party committees and leading Party members' groups at all levels to properly implement the outline and strictly enforce the Party regulations.
"Zhai said a landmark reform occurred in July 2019 when the central authority announced that a national science and technology ethics committee would be established, heralding the start of a series of efforts to enforce uniform and comprehensive regulations concerning ethical review.
"The new guideline is a step in alignment with China's current principle in rolling out ethical reviews and gathers four government departments together to formulate and enforce a standard set of rules," she said.
Efforts must be made to improve Party conduct and enforce Party discipline with a strict tone, and consistently tackle the problems of formalities for formalities' sake, bureaucratism, hedonism, and extravagance, the meeting said.
With full implementation of the guiding principles of the 20th CPC National Congress as a central task, efforts should be made to enforce strict political oversight to uphold the authority and centralized, unified leadership of the CPC Central Committee, the meeting said.

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