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谐音要k他 要要装备 → kit n.成套工具 …………
谐音记忆小孩(kid)喜欢翻工具箱(kit),拿工具做装备(kit)。这说明他很机智(wit),非常适合(fit)玩 …………
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first aid kit 急救箱
first-aid kit 急救箱
tool kit 工具包
survival kit 救生工具包
kit out 成套设备
snack kit 零食包
travel kit 旅行工具包
kit and caboodle 成套设备
shoemaker's kit 鞋匠工具包
riding kit 骑乘工具包
Where is my basketball kit?
They made a model plane out of a kit.
We don't like taking our kit off on screen.
While the ongoing COVID pandemic is a bane of many businesses, for some companies such as test kit manufacturers, it's a boon.
On May 24, it announced that a nucleic acid test kit for detecting hepatitis B, hepatitis C and HIV developed by Sanway Gene, its wholly owned subsidiary, had received certification from a European Union Notified Body, marking the fourth Conformite Europeenne (CE) certification obtained by Sansure Biotech for List A products following the certification of three other products on May 20.
HONG KONG -- A Hong Kong firm has announced the global launch of an antigen rapid test kit developed by a mainland tech company able to identify COVID-19 in 20 minutes.
He Qi Group Foundation (Greater Bay Area) Company said it has reached an agreement with Beijing Jinwofu Bioengineering Technology Company to jointly carry out the global launch of the test kit.
The use of the kit was approved by the national authorities in November 2020.
Hong Kong lawmaker and chairman of He Qi Group Ma Fung-kwok said the introduction of the rapid test kit will improve anti-epidemic efforts and create conditions for economic recovery.
A kit that can test the novel coronavirus and the influenza virus at the same time and produce results in 30 minutes will be submitted for approval early next month, Shao said.
On Wednesday, the new subsidiary also launched a series of brand-new products, including its education platform, SenseStorm, a smart visual robot kit and a variety of educational robot updates, as well as an AI textbook.
Later on, when the human body begins to produce specific antibodies through the immune response, the sensitivity and detection rate of an antibody testing kit could rise to a high level, he said.
In early March, BGI announced the CE-IVD Marking and Free Sale Certificate of its detection kit.
Chinese test kit producers have ramped up production and exports, eyeing increasing overseas demand.
A WeChat group has been set up by the association to help link Chinese test kit providers with overseas buyers.
Wang's company, which has expertise in genetic solutions for cancer treatment, has a detection kit for novel coronavirus using PCR-fluorescence probing that received CE marking in late March.
The RT-PCR kit can produce results in three hours as soon as samples are delivered to the lab, and overseas orders for the kits have been increasing, the Shenzhen-based company said, adding shipments are already heading to 51 countries and regions including Japan, Brunei, Peru, and Thailand, either for donation or sales.
An emergency test lab using the RT-PCR kit for rapid detection and diagnosis of the disease was put into use in Wuhan, Hubei province, in early February, followed by newly built or upgraded ones in 12 cities across China, such as in Shenzhen in Guangdong province Tianjin, Beijing, and Shanghai.
According to the guidelines released by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport on Tuesday, Huawei can operate in the UK, but only on the periphery of 5G infrastructure, and the company's kit will be excluded from the most sensitive parts of UK networks.
"UK mobile operators have worked with Huawei for more than a decade, and the company's kit runs through the nation's 4G networks.
A Huawei ban would necessitate ripping out existing equipment and replacing it with new kit that is compatible with 5G upgrades from different vendors.
"UK mobile operators have worked with Huawei for more than a decade, and the company's kit runs through nation's 4G networks.
A supporting tumor gene detection kit for the system has also been successfully developed, which can be adapted to many types of samples from tissues to body fluids, including glioma, lung, urothelial, breast and thyroid cancers, covering the fields of early screening, molecular pathology diagnosis and medication guidance, the company said.
Now Microsoft unveiled the Avatar Framework, the first AI tool kit developed by the Xiaoice team, in Beijing.
The Avatar Framework kit can empower other companies to quickly have multiple AI capabilities on their products, such as functioning as an voice-activated AI assistant to control home appliances or smartphones, being a chatbot to accompany consumers, or singing songs, drawing pictures or designing clothing patterns, said Li Di, who is in charge of the development of Xiaoice at Microsoft's Software Technology Center in Asia.
Huawei also plans to unveil its own mapping service, known as Map Kit, by October, which will be connected to local mapping services covering 150 countries and regions.
In a letter to Jeremy Wright, the secretary of state for digital, culture, media and sport, member of Parliament Norman Lamb said a ban on Huawei kit "would not constitute a proportionate response to the potential security threat posed by foreign suppliers".
Vodafone confirmed it is maintaining the use of Huawei equipment in non-core parts of its network infrastructure for the 5G rollout, even though Huawei kit could soon be banned if the UK government joins a United States-led boycott of the Chinese company.
In the meantime, both Vodafone and UK rival EE have forged ahead with 5G launches that keep Huawei kit in non-core areas of their networks.
Tech consultancy Assembly Research estimates a full or partial ban on Huawei kit would result in an 18 to 24-month delay in the widespread availability of 5G in the UK, and cost the British economy between 4.5 billion and 6.8 billion pounds.
UK mobile operators have historically used a substantial amount of Huawei kit when updating network infrastructure.
"Last month, The Telegraph reported that the UK government had decided to allow the use of Huawei kit, with various restrictions in place.
Festus Mutisya, a resident of the village of Mwatungo in Kenya's Machakos County, bought a multifunctional solar lighting kit in 2016 during an exhibition in Nairobi.
Two years down the line, the kit has been functioning well, especially during sufficient sunlight when the battery is fully charged," he said.
Both Australia and New Zealand have joined the US in boycotting the use of Huawei kit in 5G networks.
The UK security services have spent months reviewing Huawei's operations after allies of Britain, including the United States, Australia, and New Zealand, effectively banned Huawei kit for what they said were security concerns.
US President Donald Trump's administration is expected to launch a fresh round of lobbying and apply pressure on the British government, urging a ban of Huawei 5G kit.
The United States has put pressure on allies to ban the use of Huawei 5G kit due to security concerns.
Both New Zealand and Australia have joined the US in boycotting Huawei, and the Telegraph report says the UK government intends to omit Huawei equipment from the core 5G network, but it will allow the company to provide kit for wider access network infrastructure.
Huawei is the biggest global supplier of network kit for cellphones and internet companies.
BT also confirmed that it is removing Huawei kit from core parts of a 4G network that it acquired when it took over EE in 2016.
A total of 3,538 buy-side individuals and 982 sell-side analysts participated in the survey, nominating 2,368 companies across 18 sectors based on 10 core areas including timely and appropriate levels of financial disclosure and high quality of corporate documents and investor kit materials.
NEW YORK - China's innovative smart jewelry brand Totwoo launched its first plug-and-play jewelry kit in the United States on Wednesday.
"Totwoo Love" Kit was jointly launched by the Beijing-based firm and the US fashion tech company 360Fashion Network at the SAP Next-Gen Space at Hudson Yards in New York City on Wednesday evening.
The kit will be sold online in the United States by Queen of RAW, the premier online destination for designers to find innovative and sustainable raw materials.
The kit's signature is the "Totwoo Love Code," where two connected users can share their "virtual emotions" in real-time through the Totwoo APP to vibrate and light up, according to the reporter-turned internet entrepreneur.
Chinese electric vehicle firm signs contract with Premier League sideArsenal may be famous for their red and white soccer kit, but their green credentials are the reason for the club’s new partnership with Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer BYD.
"It looks like a makeup kit, so people won't notice if I take a selfie in public.
Are there any other options available in the policy tool kit to revitalize the economy?
But how many more tools are there in the policy tool kit given rising local government debt and a decreasing appetite for home purchases?
"The Chinese government has "ample room" in its policy tool kit to forestall systemic risks, Xie said.
Noting that reform is a critical instrument in the policy tool kit, the meeting stressed adopting reform measures to boost market vitality and further reduce government-imposed transaction costs for market entities.
Cheng Shi, chief economist at ICBC International, said the country is expected to enrich its monetary policy tool kit of lending direct support to small businesses and step up reforms of its financial system to better match small businesses' financing needs this year.
"This type of diagnostic kit is currently out of stock.
Apart from using fewer primary plastics in its packaging, its Australia-imported Kit Kat chocolates will use 100 percent recyclable paper wrappers.
Over eight years of kit maintenance, Yu has noticed that the number of Chinese snowboarders is rising.
Their endeavors to meet huge test kit demand worldwide over the years have also driven them to climb up the industrial value chain, analysts said.
On Aug 22, a genetic variation detection kit co-developed by OrigiMed and German pharmaceutical giant Bayer was approved by the National Medical Products Administration.
The kit uses next-generation sequencing technology to precisely identify the variation of a specific gene in the body.
Sigma Sports, a London-based retailer for high-end road bikes and triathlon equipment, saw its sales of entry-level bicycles skyrocket by 677 percent year-on-year in April 2020, and even bicycle-related accessory and tool kit sales grew by 255 percent year-on-year.
In September 2020, BGI Health Ethiopia inaugurated its first-ever COVID-19 test kit factory in the African continent on the outskirts of Ethiopia's capital, Addis Ababa.
Gene sequencing companies from China are stepping up nucleic acid kit exports as demand for quick, effective solutions to detect the novel coronavirus increases across the globe, experts said on Wednesday.
Chen Lili, a salesman with an East China-based detection kit manufacturer that he declined to identify, said overseas orders have been steadily increasing.
Li Zhuoming, chairman of Guangdong Toy Association, says: "Secondhand toy exchanges are mainly conducted on platforms such as Xianyu, a subsidiary of Alibaba, and Baidu Tieba for collection of toys such as garage kit and models.
Those present at the event were also treated to keynote speeches by high-profile business executives, including Tobias Arndt, general manager of KIT China Branch; Jiang Bo, vice-president of Shandong Luhua Group Co Ltd, and Wang Lu, chairman of Merit Data Co Ltd.
"Hangzhou Ezviz Network Co Ltd, a subsidiary of Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology Co Ltd, has launched a fall care kit for the elderly, which detects falls through cameras and fall detection radars.
ai's seventh-generation hardware and software kit for Level 4 autonomous driving solutions.
ZF held the global premiere of its Modular eDrive Kit at the event, which can cut the development time of new electric drives for up to 50 percent.
The company said the kit also gives car manufacturers a great deal of leeway because it offers the widest possible spread.
It will start shipping its first developer kit in April this year, according to Bloomberg.
This move came right after Huawei announced plans to unveil in October its own mapping services called Map Kit.
The company is looking to have a software development kit out soon so that it can share with content and game developers, meaning that it is an open platform which they can leverage to customize other services.
ai released its first self-driving tech kit, Aries, in May.
Volkswagen will build 10 million electric vehicles on the basis of a new modular e-propulsion assembly kit (MEB), the German carmaker announced on Monday.
"For example, we have 14,000 AR kit apps on the App Store which provides an AR experience for millions of consumers worldwide.
Excluding the Chinese market, the competition between the big three kit vendors is more even, with Ericsson and Nokia at 20 percent, and Huawei at around 18 percent of the market.
The second flight was in Daegu to deliver a package containing a fire emergency kit, a cardiac pacemaker and other emergency rescue equipment.
He Gang, president of the smartphone business at Huawei's consumer business group, said Huawei Research focuses on front-end research, and the company would open two key platform capabilities, namely Huawei Research Kit and Huawei Research Cloud, which will facilitate efficient innovative research processes, accelerate technological breakthroughs and incubate apps innovations.
Specifically, Huawei Research Kit will open its smart terminal sensor capabilities, which will allow scientific institutions to easily recruit consumers to participate in relevant research and obtain high-value real-world research data.
Thexa0British government announced on Tuesday that the UKxa0will ban Chinese telecommunications company Huawei from supplying kit for 5G networks from the end of this year.
"We will appropriately expand fiscal spending by optimizing the tool kit including fiscal deficit, local government special bonds and interest subsidies to ensure funding support for major national strategic tasks," the ministry said in a statement on Thursday after holding a meeting to discuss fiscal work for 2023.
Liu Guoqiang, vice-governor of the PBOC, said last month that the central bank will "open the tool kit of monetary policy even wider", grant ample policy support to the economy and make needed efforts as quickly as possible.
Open market operations and various lending facilities have become increasingly more important in the PBOC tool kit, said Shan.
Cuts in the reserve requirement ratio and shorter-term liquidity rates, as well as additional bill issuance, may be in the tool kit of the People's Bank of China to help keep a stable rate in the banking system, according to Luk.
"Powell described the mood as a midcycle adjustment, and markets are worried that means there isn't much more easing coming," Kit Juckes, a macro strategist at Societe Generale, told Reuters.
Central bank officials said earlier the monetary tool kit has been prepared to deal with rising external uncertainties, including tools for maintaining a stable foreign exchange rate.
In a bearish scenario, which means the US and China trade tensions continue to worsen, measures to stimulate growth could be added to the Chinese central bank's tool kit, according to Robin Xing, Morgan Stanley's chief economist in China.
Kenny Wen Kit, wealth management strategist at Everbright Sun Hung Kai, the Hong Kong securities trading arm of China Everbright Group, agreed with Shum.
Wong Kit Foong, CEO of Lu global.
The potential investment would generate good returns for HNA," said Kenny Wen Kit, a Hong Kong-based wealth management strategist at Sun Hung Kai Financial.
However, China's financial risks are generally under control and the economy is equipped with a solid tool kit to neutralize such threats.

六级Schools or teachers who sign up for the National Math Club receive a kit full of activities and resources, but there's no special teacher training and no competition attached.



考研All he needs to do is shell our $30 for paternity testing kit ( ' , PTK) at his local drugstore - and another $120 to get the results.



考研All he needs to do is shell out $30 for a paternity testing kit at his local drugstore – and another $120 to get the results.


2009年考研真题(英语一)阅读理解 Section Ⅱ

六级They also found that the group using the hands-free kit made 83% more errors in their tasks than those who were not talking.



四级He was fascinated by electronics as a child, building Heath kit do-it-yourself projects, like radios.



考研All he needs to do is shell out $30 for paternity testing kit (PTK) at his local drugstore — and another $120 to get the results.