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词根merch 商业,交易 + ant 表人 → 商人  …………
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merchant n 商人(merch+ant表示人)
merc,merch=trade, 表示”交易”
commerce n 商业(com共同+merce=共同交易=商业)
commercial a 商业的 n. 商业广告(com+merc+ial= …………
merchant bank 商业银行
merchant marine 商船
China Merchants Bank 招商银行
Merchants Bureau 招商局
They sent air forces to protect merchant shipping.
This house is the merchant center of the small town.
The merchants of China are doing their things all of the world.
The subsidiary includes experts from various domains, including commercial, merchant success, product, technical integration, payments operations and marketing.
White Rabbit creamy candy was first manufactured by Shanghai Guan Sheng Yuan Food in 1959 as a salute from Shanghai industrial workers to the 10th anniversary of the People's Republic of China, but its history can be traced to 1943, when a merchant from the Aipixi Candy Factory was inspired by the taste of a British milk candy.
Major agro-product merchant to ramp up R&D investment in local supply chainChina's vast consumer market, with increased demand for high-quality, diversified and nutritious products, as well as emerging new business models, are extremely important and present huge opportunities for Louis Dreyfus Co, its top executive said.
Louis Dreyfus公司首席执行官表示,主要农产品贸易商将加大对当地供应链的研发投资中国庞大的消费市场,对高质量、多样化和营养丰富的产品的需求增加,以及新兴的新商业模式,都极为重要,并为其提供了巨大的机遇。
Ant Group said users of mPay (Macao SAR, China), Hipay (Mongolia), Changi Pay (Singapore), OCBC (Singapore), Naver Pay (South Korea), Toss Pay (South Korea) and TrueMoney (Thailand) will be able to use their familiar home e-wallet on their own phone to enjoy seamless mobile payment experience on the Chinese mainland across Alipay's vast merchant network.
蚂蚁集团表示,mPay(中国澳门特别行政区)、Hipay(蒙古)、Changi Pay(新加坡)、华侨银行(新加坡),Naver Pay(韩国)、Toss Pay(南非)和TrueMoney(泰国)的用户将能够在自己的手机上使用熟悉的家庭电子钱包,通过支付宝庞大的商户网络在中国大陆享受无缝的移动支付体验。
Dai Shan, CEO of Alibaba's Taobao and Tmall Group, said the company had seen a clear trend of merchant growth on Taobao and Tmall in the second quarter, and confidence among merchants in doing business on its online marketplace had increased significantly.
According to Desiree Bollier, chair and global chief merchant of The Bicester Collection, there is a growing desire for people to unwind and explore the outdoors in the aftermath of the pandemic lockdowns.
据The Bicester Collection主席兼全球首席商人Desiree Bollier表示,在疫情封锁后,人们越来越渴望放松身心,探索户外。
Beijing has called for more supportive measures from bailing out small businesses to extending merchant subsidies to ramping up consumption as the resurgence of COVID outbreaks across the country since March weighed on consumption outlook.
Meanwhile, Shopify provides a suite of e-commerce solutions and each online merchant at Shopify is independent, said Pan, adding its cooperation with JD will introduce overseas independent e-commerce brands into the Chinese market and will effectively enhance Shopify's popularity and sales revenue in the world's largest e-commerce market.
E-tailer with focus on lower-tier areas to enhance merchant ties, supply chainHuitongda Network Co, an e-commerce platform targeting merchants and suppliers in Chinese mainland's lower-tier cities and rural areas, is expected to debut on the Hong Kong stock exchange later this month should pre-marketing activity go smoothly.
It said it plans to use the proceeds from the IPO to enhance merchant relationships, supply chains, information technology investment and data capabilities.
It also leveraged merchant deposits, algorithms, data and other technical methods to ensure merchants remained loyal to it.
The company was also found to have taken multiple punitive measures, including charging merchant deposits and employing technological tactics involving data and algorithms, pressuring those merchants to "pick one out of two" to exclude competitors and limit market competition.
Led by Huaxing Growth Capital, the fresh round also includes Baillie Gifford, Loyal Valley Capital, China Merchant Bank International Capital Management.
Following global shipping giants, including MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company SA, CMA CGM and Hyundai Merchant Marine between 2017 and 2019, shipyards are holding orders for 36 mega container vessels with a capacity of 23,000 TEU across the world, according to data from British shipbuilding and marine analysis agency Clarkson Research Services.
- Chinese commercial property giant Dalian Wanda Commercial Management Group Co Ltd has decided to ramp up support for its over 60,000 merchant partners to tide over the novel coronavirus outbreak.
Algerians love the taste from China, and the company's products are a safe bet for any profit-minded merchant.
me and Koubei, a leading local services company of Chinese tech titan Alibaba Group Holding Ltd, said it plans this year to add 15 percent more frontline employees, which are mainly concentrated on product technology, merchant services and business operations, as part of a broader push to drive forward the digitalization of the local services industry.
With the system now in place, Alipay users are no longer required to withdraw cash or perform cross-app money transfer to make payments across Cambodia, the statement said, adding that they can simply complete their purchases by scanning the special QR code available at DaraPay-enabled merchant partners.
"Through this collaboration, Alipay users can now benefit from the convenience, simplicity, and security of our integrated system and merchant partners while enjoying their vacation in Cambodia.
"With DaraPay's more than 3,000 merchant partners, finding a store or service that accepts this integrated mobile payment should not be a trouble, the statement said.
"Whether it is a transaction at a restaurant, cafe, and supermarket or payment for services such as ride-hailing, hotel and entertainment, Chinese tourists can truly benefit by choosing the services of DaraPay's merchant partners," it said.
During a weeklong campaign promoting Malaysian local produce that ended on Sunday, eight top-tier influencers, who regularly host livestreaming shows via Alibaba's Taobao platform, helped facilitate goods sales of 1 million yuan in just three seconds and helped one merchant sell 80,000 bottles of bird's nest in just five minutes, among other incredible feats.
In the construction of New Journey, the shipbuilder received strong technical support from several research institutes, including the Shanghai Merchant Ship Design and Research Institute and the Shanghai Electrical Apparatus Research Institute.
In the construction of the New Journey, the shipbuilder received strong technical support from several research institutes, including the Shanghai Merchant Ship Design and Research Institute and the Shanghai Electrical Apparatus Research Institute.
Louis Dreyfus Company, a global merchant firm of agricultural goods, has agreed to invest $50 million in a concurrent private placement at the IPO price.
Earlier this month, the company said it had agreed with Louis Dreyfus Company Asia Pte Ltd, an affiliate of Louis Dreyfus Company BV, a leading merchant and processor of agricultural goods, to form a joint venture for constructing and operating a coffee roasting plant in China.
”China has the highest proportion of digital wallet users in the world, according to analysis from UK payment company Merchant Machine.
Established in 1999, the company's marine sector covers both naval and merchant ships, and equipment manufacturing.
"These providers must meet certain criteria, including proven capabilities in product development on the WeChat platform, merchant development and maintenance, marketing and a strong local presence, he noted.
Designed by Shanghai Merchant Ship Design and Research Institute, the carrier has seven cargo holds and one liquefied natural gas tank.
In addition, 150,000 merchant partners of Koubei will offer half-price discounts on catering, beauty and hair salons and karaoke bars.
Pintec Technology Holdings Ltd, which operates an online platform that facilitates merchant financing in China, raised $44 million in an initial public offering on the Nasdaq Stock Market in New York Thursday.
Chengdu-based 1919 Wine & Spirits will issue over 39.2 million new shares to a unit of Alibaba at a price of 50.9 yuan, according to the liquor merchant in a statement.
Another function is the "merchant circle", which bundles together traders whose businesses are near one another.
To make a purchase in the UK, Chinese travelers can use their Alipay mobile app to scan a barcode provided by a participating British merchant.
Through the creation of public transport facilities for moving urban freight, we will meet the needs of each individual and merchant for delivery of goods, and improve urban travel," said Chen.
According to a report by the State Bank of Pakistan, there were 1,094 locally registered e-commerce merchants in the country with their merchant accounts in eight local banks by the end of June 2018.
For instance, we prefer to collaborate with partners like China Merchant Bank and JD that have complementary advantagesxa0with us.
"We want to become a bridge connecting young consumers and traditional culture, rather than just being a tea merchant or a tea grower," Li said.
The ship was designed by Shanghai Merchant Ship Design and Research Institute.
"We will continue to deploy our smart retail strategy to empower offline retailers by leveraging our technology services; use case scenarios for payment related services to accelerate merchant and user adoption; invest in AI technologies for applications, such as advertisement targeting, recommendation algorithms, and healthcare," Pony Ma Hua-teng, Tencent's chief executive, said on Wednesday.
A Zhejiang merchant with inborn passion for business, Chen said he wants to make JinkoSolar the leader of the global solar industry.
Besides, our partnership with Ant Financial has helped us to grow our merchant coverage," said Praipattarakul.
The partnership will see Alipay become immediately available as a payment option for Chinese tourists across Pi Pay's merchant network in Cambodia, which consists of over 1,400 businesses, including high-end dinning, haute couture fashion, spa treatment, mini-marts and petrol stations, said a joint statement released at the signing ceremony here.
"We look forward to investing wisely to build our platform and offerings and to fully leverage AI-based and analytics-driven technology, for the benefit of consumers and merchant partners.
Central Group will leverage its immense retail resources, including its physical store network, its wealth of brand and merchant relationships, as well as retail behavior insights from its hugely popular customer loyalty program, "The 1 Card. "
me, said in an open letter that Baidu Waimai has accumulated a rich user base and merchant resources, taking a lead in applying artificial intelligent technologies to food delivery.
Jiang Kui, an industry director at Ant Financial's merchant service department, said the cashier-free experience combines automated visual sensors and facial recognition to reduce error rates.
The MoU will enable Han Feng's merchant partners to accept payment via Alipay, which currently has more than 520 million active users in China alone.
By maximizing Alipay's visibility to the US consumer, we are also bringing our merchant partners access to a new revenue stream," said Jonathan Ni, CFO of Han Feng Inc.
The deal extended its ports and terminals network to the Mediterranean region in Europe, and dovetails with its massive merchant fleet of 1,028 ships.
By 2020 the market will reach a size of one-trillion yuan, so significant market consolidation is expected," said a research note by China Merchant Securities.
[Photo/Agencies]PIRAEUS, Greece - It is the 22nd day on the sea for the merchant vessel (M. V. ) COSCO Netherlands to complete its voyage from China to Europe on a route known as the Maritime Silk Road.
Qin Fen, who is in charge of industries and merchant business at Alibaba.
Despite being remote, it is a land of treasure that faces eastward and has access to the Pacific Ocean," the seafood merchant said.
According to China UnionPay Merchant Services, food and beverage spending increased by more than 20 percent year-on-year in the past seven days.
He Jinqi, a Yiwu merchant who specializes in producing and selling national flags, said since May, when the full list of all 32 teams qualified for the World Cup 2022 was announced, customers started to enquire and place orders.
Nepalese trader hails event for improving his life, giving him chance to pay it forwardJust four years ago, Shankar Koirala could be considered somewhat of an itinerant merchant who would peddle traditional Nepalese handicrafts at trade fairs around the world.
The Palestinian merchant shook his head.
"China is the world's biggest market for us," said the seasoned merchant, who has participated in the CIIE for four consecutive years from 2018 to 2021, with Afghan saffron, Turkish honey, chocolates, and olive and sunflower seed oil on display for visitors.
Michele Cecchi, consul general of Italy in Shanghai, said the CIIE reminded him of the Italian merchant Marco Polo, who centuries ago traveled along the Silk Road not only to pursue economic interests, but also to promote knowledge and friendship between the West and the East.
Based on its merchant resources and JD.
"China has now become the central global market for luxury consumption and consumption in general," said Simon Williamson, chief merchant of Value Retail China, which currently operates luxury outlet villages in the country.
A merchant surnamed Pan said that she could sell up to 4,000 Zongzi a day during the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, and many of the orders were paid via the digital yuan that is convenient and free of transaction commissions.
"A large number of five-star hotels have been built in China since 2008, and about 70 percent of the paintings for interior decoration were produced in Dafen," said Feng Jianmei, a successful merchant based in the village since 2002.
The nighttime consumption recovery index has reached 92.6 this year, indicating the whole year's nighttime consumption is almost the same as last year, according to big data released by the China UnionPay Merchant Services Co Ltd (China UMS) on Wednesday.
Designed by the Shanghai Merchant Ship Design and Research Institute, the super large PCTCs will each have 14 car decks, and the multilayer car decks can load various new energy vehicles powered by energy sources such as hydrogen, compressed liquefied natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas.
The vessel was built by CIMC Raffles, a subsidiary of Chinese logistics and energy equipment maker China International Marine Containers (Group) Co Ltd. Zhang Zhuo, deputy director of the product development department at the innovation center of Shanghai Merchant Ship Design and Research Institute, said that the industry grapples with a shortage of car-carrying vessels due to the surge in Chinese new energy vehicle exports, leading to increased shipping costs for international transport.
The greatest strength of China's shipbuilding industry lies in its capabilities, said Huang Jiantao, an analyst at the Shanghai Merchant Ship Design and Research Institute, a unit of China State Shipbuilding Corp. Chinese shipyards have been expediting their shift toward green and intelligent shipbuilding while bolstering independent design and industry-supporting capabilities, especially in the areas of building liquefied natural gas (LNG) carriers, car carriers, core components and new materials, said Huang.
Indian merchant Navin negotiated with this company at the fair in 2019 and again enthusiastically negotiated stainless steel wire business at the booth.
Users of mPay (Macao SAR, China), Hipay (Mongolia), Changi Pay (Singapore), OCBC (Singapore), as well as Naver Pay and Toss Pay from the Republic of Korea (ROK), and TrueMoney (Thailand) will be able to use their familiar home e-wallets on their phones and enjoy seamless mobile payment experiences in the Chinese mainland across Alipay's merchant network.
The park is jointly funded by Louis Dreyfus company (LDC), a Europe-based merchant firm involved in agriculture, food processing, international shipping and finance, Donlink Group and Guangdong Haid Group Co. LDC's Chairperson Margarita Louis-Dreyfus and Michael Gelchie, chief executive officer of LDC, expressed their confidence in the good development trend, superior business environment and broad market prospects of Guangzhou.
Furthermore, the platform also partnered with Shopline, the service provider of a global smart merchant platform, to offer sourcing and import services to more than 500,000 of its business users, leveraging the group's overseas network and supply chain capabilities and jointly create a cross-border e-commerce channel for driving the growth of Asian retail market and establishing an ecosystem for online businesses.
The merchant had to pay for the false description," said Tao Xingbin, deputy director of the office.
He noted with thanks to the country's complete shipbuilding system, China is able to build all types of ships in the field of merchant shipping, which can keep up with the market demand.
Meanwhile, market cultivation in some third and fourth-tier cities has been initially completed, and the upper echelon of the afternoon tea market at the merchant end has also been formed.
The e-coupons, covering hot springs, homestays, and skiing, will likely increase consumption with government subsidies and merchant discounts.
According to the survey, when using prepaid cards, 48 percent of the respondents said they have encountered situations where the merchant refused to refund the fee after the issuance of the card.
Wang said that she once lost her carwash prepaid card and the merchant refused to issue another one, despite having her information.
Our purchases are significantly more digital than they were in the previous year," said Robert Hoffmann, CEO of Concardis and Nets Merchant Services, the European payment service provider.
They will be concentrated in fields like product technology, merchant services and business operations.
In the domestic market, Dai Tangtao, a flower merchant in Southwest China's Yunnan province, said that "due to the virus outbreak, our business is not as good as that of last year.
Dai Tangtao, a flower merchant that attended the electronic flora auction trading in Dounan Flower Market on Monday, said: "due to the virus outbreak, our business is not as good as that of last year.
During a weeklong campaign promoting Malaysian local produce in September, eight top-tier influencers, who regularly host livestreaming shows via Alibaba's Taobao platform, facilitated the sales of merchandise worth 1 million yuan in just three seconds and helped one merchant sell 80,000 bottles of bird's nest in five minutes, among other incredible feats.
To make it simple to grasp, Evans defined the newly coined concept as "the digitization of entire retail value chain for the benefit of the merchant and the consumer.
In 2016, Niu signed an agreement with a merchant from South Korea.
He provides herbal medicines every month to the merchant whose company processes them into cosmetics and health products.
Liu Wenping, an analyst with China Merchant Securities, said echelon utilization is more feasible in that the mainstay power battery made of lithium iron phosphate does not contain high-value metals like cobalt and nickel.
"Up to 80 percent of the business owners on this floor, for example, are selling products via livestreaming, and sold items often pile up on the floor for delivery every day," said Shen Songying, a merchant in Haining, also an owner of a clothing factory.
The company said that users of overseas digital wallets, such as HiPay of Mongolia and Changi Pay of Singapore, will be able to use their domestic mobile e-wallets to enjoy a seamless payment experience on the mainland across Alipay's vast merchant network.
The first auto insurance policy paid in the e-CNY was sold on June 10 under the cooperation of China UnionPay Merchant Services, China Construction Bank and Sunshine Insurance Group.
Since its commercial launch on Aug 6 last year, Express (Hangzhou) Technology Service Co, also known as Express Company, has partnered with 18 major Chinese banks to issue more than 50 American Express-branded renminbi credit card products, reached mobile wallet parity coverage through partnerships with the four top mobile wallet providers and partnered with 21 Chinese banks and local non-bank payments institutions to quickly expand the company's domestic merchant coverage.
Emerging fintech companies are using Citi's platform to help merchant clients expand their business overseas, collect cross-border payments, and send the money back to their bank accounts in China as quickly as possible, and settle a payment in renminbi at the best exchange rate, Zhang said.
Unlike consumer-facing mobile wallets like Alipay, the Hong Kong-listed Huifu mainly serves business-to-business scenarios, including merchant payment solutions and fintech enabling services to internet finance providers and commercial banks.
Union Pay International (UPI), the company's subsidiary focusing on global business, announced on Thursday that its payment service covers over 550 merchant locations and nearly 29 million ATM machines in 174 countries and regions.
There are 270 million overseas merchant locations that accept Union Pay cards.
UPI incentivizes outbound tourists to pay with their Union Pay card by offering discounts of up to 30 percent at tens of thousands of merchant locations across 80 travel destinations.
Shanghai-based Huifu is primarily engaged in merchant payment and financial technology enabling services, such as account management services and data-driven value-added services.
It continues to improve its benefits for overseas cardholders, providing privileges including merchant discounts, a tax refund service, and a VIP service for Chinese visa application.
Xie Yaxuan, chief economist with China Merchant Securities, said the central bank's decision to reduce market interventions will be a supportive factor.