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词根nutri 滋养 + ent …药 → 营养品 →  …………
谐音记忆nutrient牛吹它 → 营养品广告,一般都吹牛说它有多好。
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nutrient n 营养品
nutrition n 营养,滋养(nutrit+ion)
nutritious a 有营养的(nutrit+ious)
malnutrition n 营养不良 …………
soil nutrient balancing 土壤养分平衡
nutrient deficiency 营养缺乏
The Fish is a source of many important nutrients.
Fruits contain available nutrient elements.
The books are the nutrient of the whole world.
Furthermore, water and fertilizer are applied directly to the roots of the crop through the water-fertilizer integration technology, therefore the nutrient utilization rate is also improved," said Hu.
During the fourth China International Import Expo held in Shanghai in early November, the company put on display many signature and popular products, such as sport nutrient series Herbalife 24 and immunity booster Best Defense.
11月初,在上海举行的第四届中国国际进口博览会上,该公司展出了许多标志性和受欢迎的产品,如运动营养系列康宝莱24和免疫增强剂Best Defense。
In the food sector, categories with perceived health benefits, such as nutrient supplement-related ones, have led and will continue to champion the growth in China, said Derek Deng, a partner at Bain& Co. A dietary guideline issued by the State Council pointed out that the Chinese are encouraged to halve animal-based protein input by 2030 to improve health levels and reduce environmental pressure.
Data from the China Shopper Reporter 2019, released jointly by Kantar Worldpanel and Bain & Company, said food categories with perceived health benefits, such as nutrient supplements, led the growth in the industry.
According to the company, its self-developed software and the nutrient-dosing recipes can increase yields by 40 percent while reducing water and nutrient use by 90 percent and 70 percent, respectively.
"This is the first edible oil product in China to carry a label containing information like formula ratio and nutrient composition.
DSM’s Human Nutrition & Health Division is committed to addressing China’s pressing problems from nutrient deficiency in children to a higher quality of living as we age.
In January 2022, Kenya and China signed two protocols aimed at facilitating bilateral trade in avocados and aquatic products, setting the stage for the export of anchovies, popular worldwide for their rich nutrient content.
The products on show will include nutritional health food and nutrient supplements, rehabilitation aids, sleep technology, professional massage equipment and barrier-free facilities.
In addition, there is fishing, including combating illegal fishing, aquaculture, coastal and marine tourism, and action against ocean nutrient pollution, particularly related to agriculture and wastewater management.
He pointed out that the primary driver for such growth in biochemical fertilizer in China is the expected adoption of nutrient use efficiency (NUE) technology, which helps plants grow faster and healthier.
With specially designed water channels, nutrient solutions can be circulated to the roots of the vegetables every 15 minutes, leaving the rest of the water filtered concentrate for next circulation, according to a Xinhua report.
Lin explained that the whole system is called a "planting brain", which integrates water and fertilizer, precision planting, nutrient management, pest control, agricultural regulation and monitoring and precision harvesting, largely enhancing agricultural production efficiency.