词根词缀记忆/谐音联想记忆 补充/纠错
谐音死鬼扑它 → 这是写剧本的剧情 → scri …………
词根记忆script , scribe →写:
script n .剧本;
manuscript n  …………
词性拓展记忆 / 词形拓展记忆
对比记忆 / 类比记忆 / 形近词记忆
scrip / scribe / script / scripture / scrimp
scrip n.纸条;纸片;便条;临时凭证
scribe n.抄写员;作家;划线器v …………
alphabet / letter / character / script
alphabet → 指整个字母系统或一种语言的字母表,不表单个字母。
letter → 指单个的字母。
charact …………
词根记忆 / 词缀记忆
scripture n 经典著作(script写,文学)
miniature n 小画像,缩影(mini小)
legislature n 立法机关( …………
movie script 电影剧本
regular script 楷书
cursive script 草书
seal script 篆书
script writer 编剧
running script 行书
cursive script 草书
tape script 磁带脚本
performance script 表演脚本
clerical script 隶书
script doctor 脚本医生
seal script 篆书
regular script 楷书
running script 运行脚本
I fail to recognize his cursive script.
The invitation was written in seal script.
There is no script for one's life.
Ren made the remarks during a conversation with Liu Yadong, dean of the school of journalism and communication at Nankai University, in July and its script was published on Thursday.
After the US restrictions, Huawei was forced to switch its platform, according to a dialogue script published on Tuesday.
"We aim to target existing content curators, who either have written literary works in their spare time, or are themselves film and television script writers, or even who have interest in writing but have not yet started," said Chen.
"The script is replete with lots of Chinese humor the characters will need to deliver," she added.
Su, who writes with oblique pens, is good at Engrosser's Script fonts.
Video editors: Zhao Shiyue, Chen Liubing and Zhao TingtingVideo Script: Yu XiaomingSupervisors: Zhang Chunyan and Zhao Tingting
But central and western provinces such as Shanxi, Yunnan, Henan and Guizhou are rewriting China's trade script.
The latest dispute started after the editorial team of East Buy said on Dec 6 that the script used by Dong during livestreaming was written by the team and not by the star alone.
Later, both Sun and Yu, the founder of New Oriental, as well as Dong, apologized for the incident and clarified that the script used for the livestream was written by both the editorial team and Dong.
"Considering the high viewership in the United Kingdom, Australia and North America, Paramount has pre-purchased the overseas broadcasting rights for the fourth season of the series in the script development stage," Yang Xiaoxuan, vice-president of iQIYI, said during the forum.
"A lot of script publishers came to us to cooperate.
LARP games, the most popular of which is jubensha, usually involves a "whodunnit" murder mystery script.
A number of short-distance tours are offered as bundles with offline social games, such as Jubensha, literally translated as "script homicide" -- a role-playing murder-mystery game that is growing in popularity among young people.
China's hit game jubensha, literally translated as "script homicide"-a role-playing murder mystery game-has risen in popularity during Spring Festival, as many people chose to stay put to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
Having a better understanding of consumer needs, we also plan to work with professional script writers to create original scripts.
Wang Xin, founder and head of Blackcat Creative Studio, said the sector is at an early stage of development, and more efforts should be made to provide better script content, services and create a better environment for scriptwriters.
Ruan Rui, CEO of YHKT Entertainment, said the animation is at the script writing stage and will be shot with 3D technologies.
The oracle bone script, which originated 3,000 years ago, is closer to us than you think.

高考On February 5, submit a first draft of your essay, performance script, or documentary highlights.


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