词根词缀记忆/谐音联想记忆 补充/纠错
词根Thurs(Thor's day 雷神托尔之 …………
词性拓展记忆 / 词形拓展记忆
on Thursday在星期四
last Thursday 上周四
I make appointment with a doctor on Thursday.
Spring Festival is on Thursday this year.
I will be a rainy day this Thursday.
I have a meeting on Thursday at 9 AM, so I need to prepare the presentation beforehand.
Thursday is my favorite day of the week because it's followed by Friday.
We'll launch the new product on Thursday, hoping for a successful start.
Let's plan to have dinner together next Thursday, say around 7 PM?" (我们计划在下周四晚上7点左右一起吃晚饭怎么样?
I usually do my grocery shopping on Thursdays after work.
The deadline for submitting the report is this Thursday; please make sure you finish it on time.
On Thursdays, the local library hosts a book club discussion from 3 to 5 PM.
I can't believe it's already Thursday; this week is flying by!" (真不敢相信已经是星期四了,这一周过得真快!
The gym offers a discounted rate for members who attend the spinning class on Thursdays.
We're expecting a storm on Thursday, so remember to bring an umbrella to work.
Chinese oil and gas producer CNOOC Ltd vows to continue increasing reserves and production in 2024, as global oil and gas demands steadily grow, the company said on Thursday.
ai obtained a cross-provincial demonstration application permit on Thursday from three government bodies, including the Tianjin Municipal Transportation Commission, marking the first time a permit of this type has been granted to self-driving heavy-duty trucks.
The company launched its new flagship store at WF Central, a shopping mall, in Beijing on Thursday, taking the total number of its outlets nationwide to 13.
周四,该公司在北京购物中心WF Central开设了新的旗舰店,使其在全国的门店总数达到13家。
During a press release on Thursday, 15 new energy port facilities manufactured by Sany Marine Heavy Industry Co Ltd were showcased.
Germany-based chemicals maker BASF announced the launch of a thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) facility on Thursday, its second plant to come on stream at the 10-billion-euro ($10.9 billion) Verbund site being built in Zhanjiang, Guangdong province.
The new plant will better enable BASF to meet growing demand in the Asia-Pacific, especially in the industrial, e-mobility and new energy sectors, said Martin Jung, president, performance materials, BASF, at a ceremony in Zhanjiang on Thursday.
巴斯夫公司性能材料总裁Martin Jung周四在湛江举行的仪式上表示,新工厂将使巴斯夫能够更好地满足亚太地区日益增长的需求,特别是在工业、电子交通和新能源领域。
Huawei Technologies Co unveiled a new version of its self-developed operating system HarmonyOS on Thursday, as the Chinese tech company speeds up efforts to cut reliance on foreign technologies and build an indigenous software ecosystem amid US government restrictions.
华为技术公司(Huawei Technologies Co)周四发布了其自主开发的操作系统HarmonyOS的新版本,这家中国科技公司在美国政府的限制下加快了对外国技术的依赖,并建立了一个本土软件生态系统。
Dai Wei, deputy secretary-general of the Internet Society of China, on Thursday called on Chinese internet enterprises and every link in the industry chain to embrace and support the HarmonyOS ecosystem.
China National Petroleum Corp, the country's largest oil and gas producer and supplier, made historic breakthroughs in the scale of new energy development last year, with renewable power generation capacity surging 3.4 times that of 2022, the company said on Thursday.
China Petroleum and Chemical Corp, also known as Sinopec, has reached an agreement with UK oil and gas giant BP to deepen their cooperation in the exploration of new energy transformation opportunities during the World Economic Forum in Davos, the company shared on Thursday.
On Thursday, German chemical giant BASF announced the launch of a thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPU) facility, the second plant to come on stream at the 10 billion-euro Verbund site under construction in Zhanjiang, Guangdong province.
The new plant will better enable BASF to meet the growing demand in the Asia-Pacific region, especially in the industrial, e-mobility and new energy sectors, said Martin Jung, president, performance materials, BASF, at a ceremony in Zhanjiang on Thursday.
巴斯夫性能材料总裁Martin Jung周四在湛江举行的仪式上表示,新工厂将使巴斯夫能够更好地满足亚太地区日益增长的需求,特别是在工业、电子交通和新能源领域。
South Korean technology company Samsung Electronics Co Ltd unveiled its latest flagship smartphones, the Galaxy S24 series, with enhanced artificial intelligence capacity on Thursday, as the company aims to widen its stake in the highly competitive premium smartphone market.
韩国科技公司三星电子(Samsung Electronics Co Ltd)周四发布了其最新旗舰智能手机Galaxy S24系列,该系列具有增强的人工智能能力,该公司旨在扩大其在竞争激烈的高端智能手机市场的份额。
Power generation capacity last year reached 320 million kilowatts, with renewable energy accounting for 110 million kW, representing 35.5 percent of the total, said company spokesman Huang Qing during a news conference in Beijing on Thursday.
Helsinki, Finland-based Amer Sports Inc, the maker of Wilson tennis rackets and owner of outdoor product brands such as Arc'teryx, which was bought about five years ago by a consortium of Tencent, Anta Sports and founder of Lululemon for $5 billion, has filed for an IPO on the New York Stock Exchange on Thursday.
The announcement was posted on the official website of the Shanghai Jinshan district government on Thursday.
China Baowu Steel Group Corporation on Thursday signed investment agreements with the Shandong provincial government on the takeover of the state-owned Shandong Iron and Steel Group Co Ltd.
US aircraft manufacturer Boeing delivered a new B787 Dreamliner plane to Chinese private carrier Juneyao Airlines on Thursday in Seattle, the plane maker's first delivery of wide-body aircraft to Chinese mainland carriers in nearly three years.
Emergency assistance provider International SOS said on Thursday it intends to intensify efforts toward serving Chinese clients on risk management amid their overseas venture, which has been increasing over recent years.
According to a risk outlook report released by SOS on Thursday, alerts related to climate-related medical and safety issues have increased in 2023 compared to the same period last year, with medical alerts rising by 80 percent.
Founder and Chairman of New Oriental Yu Minhong apologized on Thursday and said the dispute was supposed to be "an internal matter" but exposed big management holes within East Buy.
Courier firm to open its largest sorting center in Kuala Lumpur next monthSupply chain and logistics services provider BEST Inc said on Thursday that it will open its largest sorting center in Southeast Asia — in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia — next month.
Annual natural gas production at PetroChina Southwest Oil and Gasfield Co, a subsidiary of China National Petroleum Corp, has exceeded 40 billion cubic meters on Thursday, a record high, said the company.
Operated by Titan Airways, headquartered at London Stansted Airport, the route is carried by A330-300 all-cargo aircraft three times a week on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.
The direct flight from Shanghai to Cairo will be available every Monday, Thursday and Saturday.
The flight return from Cairo will depart every Monday, Thursday and Saturday (local time) as well.
The Hainan government and Volkswagen Group China will consolidate and expand their existing cooperation on the automotive industry and mobility projects under a framework agreement for comprehensive cooperation signed on Friday during the 2023 World New Energy Vehicle Congress, which was held from Thursday to Saturday in Haikou, South China's Hainan province.
FedEx Express, one of the world's largest express transportation companies, signed a memorandum of understanding with the Guangdong Airport Authority on Thursday to form a strategic collaboration, with a groundbreaking ceremony held for the FedEx South China Operations Center.
On the inaugural day of this year's COP 28 on Thursday, the State Grid Corp of China released its latest action report on further advancing green and low-carbon energy transition, aiming to outline its commitment to pushing forward the process.
The 28th session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, or COP28, started on Thursday afternoon in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, with the State Grid representing the country's energy sector.
PCAOB, the organization overseeing the audits of all US-listed companies, announced the penalties on Thursday.
Direct flights from Jinan Yaoqiang International Airport to Sydney will be operated every Monday, Thursday and Saturday.
Chinese smartphone manufacturer Nubia Technology on Thursday unveiled its latest handset for gaming and Esports enthusiasts, the Red Magic 9 Pro series, as the company aims to grab a bigger slice of the mid-range to high-end mobile phone market.
周四,中国智能手机制造商努比亚科技推出了最新的游戏和电子竞技爱好者手机Red Magic 9 Pro系列,该公司旨在在中高端手机市场占据更大份额。
EgyptAir flight MS951 was welcomed with a water salute at Shanghai Pudong International Airport on Thursday, according to the Shanghai Airport Authority.
The flight return to Shanghai from Cairo will depart every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday (local time).
Chinese tech heavyweight Alibaba Group Holding Ltd announced on Thursday night it will not proceed with the full spin-off of its cloud unit due to uncertainties caused by the recent expansion of US export controls on advanced computing chips.
中国科技巨头阿里巴巴集团控股有限公司(Alibaba Group Holding Ltd)周四晚宣布,由于美国最近扩大对先进计算芯片的出口管制带来的不确定性,该公司将不会全面剥离其云部门。
Chinese smartphone vendor Oppo on Thursday unveiled its latest operating system known as ColorOS 14 and its in-house artificial intelligence large language model AndesGPT, in its latest push to hone technological prowess amid intensified competitions.
周四,中国智能手机供应商Oppo推出了其最新的操作系统ColorOS 14和内部人工智能大语言模型AndesGPT,这是其在竞争加剧的情况下磨练技术实力的最新举措。
The Shanghai-Cairo flight will be operated every Monday, Thursday and Saturday (local time).
In a statement on Thursday, China Southern Airlines said it will not cancel the low-priced tickets, and that passengers can travel normally.
Global accounting firm Deloitte launched the 2023 China Best Managed Companies program (BMC) on Thursday, which is part of its efforts to inspire enterprises for long-term and sustainable development.
Foxconn Technology Group, the world's largest electronics manufacturing contractor, on Thursday night denied online rumors claiming it needs to pay 180 billion yuan ($24.6 billion) in tax, and that the land - which is equivalent to 20,000 football fields - it uses will be taken back by Chinese mainland government due to recent investigations.
Developer's woes not affecting economic stability, experts sayRisks resulting from China Evergrande Group's debt problems are currently controllable and will not affect the overall stability of the nation's economy, experts said on Thursday.
On the occasion ofxa0China's 27thxa0Sanitation Workers'xa0Dayxa0on Thursday, State Grid Taizhou Power Supply Company worked with the local sanitation service center to send warm-hearted holiday gifts to sanitation workers.
Starting on Thursday, the Japan Mobility Show 2023 The event, which opened on Oct 26, will run until Nov 5 at Tokyo Big Sight, the largest international exhibition center in Japan.
从周四开始,2023年日本移动展。该活动于10月26日开幕,将在日本最大的国际展览中心东京Big Sight持续到11月5日。
China Petroleum & Chemical Corp, also known as Sinopec, saw its third-quarter net income climb 37.7 percent year-on-year to 17.94 billion yuan ($2.5 billion), backed by higher oil-product sales and higher refinery output, the company said on Thursday.
Tim Cook, CEO of Apple Inc, said the company adheres to the direction of economic globalization and is confident in the prospects of the Chinese market while meeting with Chinese Vice Premier Ding Xuexiang in Beijing on Thursday.
China should continue strengthening cooperation and exchange with parties involved in the BRI in technological innovation, while exploring the potential for green and low-carbon cooperation, said Dai Houliang, chairman of China National Petroleum Corp, during the third Belt and Road Roundtable for Energy Cooperation held in Beijing on Thursday.
Chinese tech company Oppo unveiled its latest foldable smartphone Find N3 series on Thursday, in its latest push to expand its overseas presence and crack the high-end market to compete with Samsung.
周四,中国科技公司Oppo推出了其最新的可折叠智能手机Find N3系列,这是其扩大海外业务、打入高端市场与三星竞争的最新举措。
Clariant, a Swiss specialty chemical company, announced on Thursday the opening of its new production facility for halogen-free flame retardants in Daya Bay, Huizhou, to further facilitate the company's expanding footprint in China.
The first centralized wind power project in Bangladesh, the Cox's Bazar wind power project, is connected to the grid and started power generation on Thursday, said its operator China's State Power Investment Corp.
The company has been actively seeking opportunities to expand its clean energy portfolio and contribute to reducing the world's carbon footprint amid the global transition to cleaner energy sources, Huang Qing, a company spokesman, said during a news conference in Beijing on Thursday.
Saudi Arabian oil company Aramco said on Thursday that the company has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Nanshan Group Co Ltd, Shandong Energy Group Co Ltd and Shandong Yulong Petrochemical Co Ltd to facilitate discussions relating to the possible acquisition by Aramco of a 10 percent strategic equity interest in Shandong Yulong Petrochemical Co Ltd.
The autonomous driving unit of Didi Global Inc on Thursday announced an investment from Guangzhou Automobile Group Co Ltd, which is expected to help the company accelerate research and development and the commercialization of its services.
Trading in shares of the group and its affiliated companies was suspended on Thursday, with the company announcing that Xu, its board chairman and executive director, is subject to mandatory measures in accordance with the law due to suspected illegal activities.
Xu, board chairman and executive director of China Evergrande Group, is under investigation for suspected illegal activities and has been subjected to lawful enforcement measures on Thursday following the suspension of the company's shares from trading that day.
They made the comments as Hui Ka Yan, Evergrande's founder, who is also known as Xu Jiayin on the Chinese mainland, has been subject to mandatory measures in accordance with the law due to suspected crimes, according to a statement to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange late on Thursday.
An overseas creditor of Evergrande told securities news platform CLS that trading of bonds already involved in the restructuring plan could resume on Thursday night, but it remained unknown whether the trading of overseas debts could resume normally and whether the restructuring plan needs to be renegotiated.
On Thursday, Evergrande released a separate filing regarding the status of its subsidiary Hengda Real Estate Group.
xa0Xu Jiayin, board chairman and executive director of China Evergrande Group, is under investigation for suspected illegal activities and has been subjected to lawful enforcement measures, the company said in a notice to investors published on the Hong Kong Stock Exchanges' website on Thursday.
China Evergrande Group said that the trading of its shares on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange has been suspended from 9:00 am on Thursday, and will remain suspended until further notice.
China Eastern Airlines, the C919 China-made passenger aircraft's first global customer, announced Thursday to ink a deal with C919's manufacturer Commercial Aircraft Corp of China to buy another 100 C919 aircraft, the largest single order in the history of the homemade jet, according to the Shanghai-based carrier.
Among them, five jets will be delivered in 2024, then ten aircraft per year are to be delivered between 2025 and 2027, then 15 C919s annually from 2028 to 2030, and finally 20 jets in 2031, said China Eastern in a press release to media on Thursday.
Airbus on Thursday broke ground on its second final assembly line in North China's Tianjin municipality as the European aircraft manufacturer seeks expansion on the Chinese market.
Shanghai-based China Eastern Airlines will start to operate direct flights between Shanghai and Istanbul of Turkiye on Thursday, which is the first of its kind between the two cities by a Chinese airliner.
The first flight will take off at 1.30 am on Thursday from the Shanghai Pudong International Airport, and arrive at Istanbul Airport after 12 hours flying.
The Shanghai-Istanbul flight will be operated every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday (local time).
A new high-speed railway in Fujian province will start service on Thursday, slashing travel time between the major cities of Fuzhou and Xiamen to less than an hour, China State Railway Group said on Tuesday.
Ren made the remarks during a conversation with Liu Yadong, dean of the school of journalism and communication at Nankai University, in July and its script was published on Thursday.
The company will also continue promoting the industrial utilization of hydrogen energy, continuously increasing the scale of geothermal resource development and utilization and accelerating the transformation into a comprehensive 'oil, gas, thermal, electric, and hydrogen' energy company, it said in the 17th annual CNPC Corporate Social Responsibility Report released in Beijing on Thursday.
- Airbus Helicopters signed a Letter of Intent for strategic cooperation with Wanjiang Financial Leasing Co Ltd during the 6th China Helicopter Exposition in North China's Tianjin municipality on Thursday.
Moutai announced the partnership with Dove on Thursday, just 12 days after it teamed up with China's largest coffee chain Luckin Coffee on a liquor-coffee drink which sold 5.42 million cups and reached sales of 100 million yuan on launch day.
周四,茅台宣布与多芬合作。就在12天前,茅台与中国最大的咖啡连锁店Luckin coffee合作开发了一款白酒咖啡饮料,该饮料在发布当天售出542万杯,销售额达到1亿元。
Chinese internet giant NetEase on Thursday denied allegations that a programmer's suicide was caused by threats from a human resources worker over a coding bug.
"China Eastern is scheduled to receive its third C919 in October, and a few more new flights are going to be launched before June next year, to enable more Chinese passengers to take flights on the Chinese-developed passenger aircraft," an executive in charge of the airline's aircraft operations was quoted as saying by local media Jiefang Daily on Thursday.
Since Thursday, the second C919, which was delivered to China Eastern on July 16, joined the first one for daily flights between Shanghai and Chengdu, according to information on the public domain.
In an unrelated development, a model of the narrow-body C919 jet has been put on display at the three-day 2023 Inclusion Conference on the Bund that started in Shanghai on Thursday.
Tencent Holdings, a leading homegrown technology company, debuted its much-awaited universal large language model Hunyuan on Thursday, as Chinese enterprises strive to gain a foothold in the global artificial intelligence race.
中国领先的本土科技公司腾讯控股(Tencent Holdings)周四推出了备受期待的通用大语言模型“混元”,中国企业正努力在全球人工智能竞赛中站稳脚跟。
Hunyuan can support a wide array of functions, including creating content and images, text recognition and generating relevant meeting minutes, Tong said at the Tencent Global Digital Ecosystem Summit on Thursday.
Chinese social media and video gaming giant Tencent Holdings launched the long-expected universal large language model on Thursday, upping the ante for the artificial intelligence race amid the popularity of ChatGPT.
Hunyuan, with a strong Mandarin comprehension and creation capabilities, has already been integrated into the company's various business lines such as WeChat, cloud, advertising, gaming, financial technology, online conferences and documents, Tong said at Tencent Global Digital Ecosystem Summit on Thursday.
The company invests 25 percent of its revenue a year in R&D, which is industry leading with that investment level, and a key in R&D in China is the incubation of the early ideas, said Ben Basil, president and general manager of Lilly China, during an exclusive interview with China Daily when the company hosted the Lilly China Science Day themed "together to innovation" in Shanghai on Thursday.
礼来中国总裁兼总经理Ben Basil在接受《中国日报》专访时表示,该公司每年将25%的收入投资于研发,这在投资水平上是行业领先的,在中国研发的一个关键是早期想法的孵化。
- China State Railway Group Co Ltd said Thursday that it achieved better-than-expected business performance in the first half of 2023.
A batch of Chinese companies and research institutions on Thursday opened their artificial intelligence-powered large language models to the public after receiving approval from Chinese authorities.
Baidu announced on Thursday that its large language model Ernie Botxa0will be fully open to the general public starting from Thursday.
百度周四宣布,其大型语言模型Ernie Botxa0将从周四开始全面向公众开放。
Chinese artificial intelligence pioneer SenseTime said its large language model application SenseChat officially opens to the public for registration on Thursday after it was approved by authorities.
Shein, a global online marketplace for fashion, beauty and lifestyle products, announced a strategic partnership with Forever 21's operator, Sparc Group, on Thursday, as the company seeks a larger brick-and-mortar presence in the United States.
全球时尚、美容和生活方式产品在线市场Shein于周四宣布与Forever 21的运营商Sparc Group建立战略合作伙伴关系,该公司正在寻求在美国扩大实体业务。
The comments came with the rising demand for salt products following Japan's discharge of nuclear-contaminated water into the Pacific Ocean on Thursday.
The searches for the key word "salt" surged 377 percent on JD Super from midnight to 11 am on Thursday, compared with the same period in July, while the transaction volume of edible salt skyrocketed 498 percent during the brief period, the company said.
Construction on the second phase of Universal Beijing Resort is expected to be launched as a new landmark for consumption, Beijing Daily reported on Thursday.
Chinese oil and gas producer CNOOC Ltd achieved an 8.9 percent increase in total net production during the first half of this year, reaching an all-time high in net daily production across its domestic and international assets, the company said on Thursday.
中国石油天然气生产商中海油(CNOOC Ltd)周四表示,今年上半年,该公司的总净产量增长了8.9%,其国内和国际资产的净日产量创下历史新高。
The company filed for the protection under Chapter 15 of the US bankruptcy code on Thursday in a US bankruptcy court in Manhattan, New York.
Asia's first cylindrical floating production, storage and offloading facility, designed and built by China, finished hull construction on Thursday, a breakthrough in the nation's deepwater, ultra-large offshore oil and gas equipment development, said industry experts.
Country Garden anticipated a loss of between 45 billion yuan ($6.23 billion) and 55 billion yuan for the first half this year, with capital flow under pressure for the moment due to the deterioration of sales and refinancing environment, said the company's H1 financial report issued on Thursday night.
Chen listened to information about the business operations, demands and suggestions of six foreign enterprises, including Airbus and Volkswagen, on their key investment projects in Tianjin during the symposium on Thursday.
Chinese short-video platform Kuaishou announced on Thursday it will ramp up investments to provide data flow support for more than 7 million premium content creators in the next year, and help its creators obtain over 100 billion yuan ($13.8 billion) in income.
Chinese property developer Country Garden anticipated a loss of between 45 billion yuan ($6.23 billion) and 55 billion yuan for the first half this year, the Hong Kong-listed real estate company announced on Thursday night.
Chinese tech heavyweight Alibaba Group Holding Ltd delivered better-than-expected financial results for the April-June period on Thursday, with total revenue standing at 234.16 billion yuan ($32.3 billion), up 14 percent year-on-year.
Julia Zhu, secretary general of Beijing Starbucks Foundation, said on Thursday in Beijing that the project is expected to focus on supporting to build female friendly, disabled friendly, animal friendly and elderly friendly communities.
We are confident that our strategies for premiumization, digitalization and expansion will continue to be effective," said Jan Craps, CEO and co-chair of Budweiser APAC, in an interview with China Daily on Thursday.
百威亚太区首席执行官兼联席主席Jan Craps周四在接受《中国日报》采访时表示:“我们相信,我们的高端化、数字化和扩张战略将继续有效。
Apple will donate to relief efforts for areas impacted by the terrible flooding in Beijing and the surrounding Hebei province, said Apple's CEO Tim Cook on his Weibo account on Thursday.
"We are focused on growing Unilever's ice cream business both globally and in China, with continuous innovation being the key to driving brand preference with consumers," Close said during an interview with the media on Thursday.

考研States will be able to force more people to pay sales tax when they make online purchases under a Supreme Court decision Thursday that will leave shoppers with lighter wallets but is a big financial win for states.


2020年考研真题(英语一)翻译 Section Ⅲ

四级Rescue efforts were underway Thursday morning for 17 miners who were stuck in an elevator below ground at Cargill rock salt mine near Lansing, New York, according to Marcia Lynch, Public Information Officer at Tompkins County’s Emergency Response Department.

据汤普金斯萨克郡紧急响应部门的公共信息官员玛西娅·林奇(Marcia Lynch)介绍,周四上午,17名矿工被困在纽约兰辛附近的嘉吉岩盐矿地下电梯中,救援工作正在进行。


六级I know I promise to drive you to the airport next Thursday, but I'm afraid something has come up.



六级President Abraham Lincoln, during the Civil War, issued a proclamation setting aside the last Thursday in November for the holiday.


2018年6月六级真题(第一套)阅读 Section A

四级Rescue efforts were underway Thursday morning for 17 miners who were stuck in an elevator below ground at Car gill rock salt mine near Lansing, New York, according to Marcia Lynch, Public Information Officer at Tompkins County's Emergency Response Departm

据汤普金斯县应急部门的公共信息官员玛西娅·林奇(Marcia Lynch)介绍,周四上午,17名矿工被困在纽约兰辛附近的卡吉尔岩盐矿地下的电梯中,救援工作正在进行

2016年12月四级真题(第一套)听力 Section A

高考The reason I'm calling is that we'd like to offer you the position you were interviewed for last thursday.


2019年高考英语全国卷2 听力 原文

高考Minimum quiet hours in all campus residences are 11:00 pm to 8:00 am Sunday through Thursday.


2015年高考英语天津卷 阅读理解 阅读A 原文

高考This evening, as on every thursday night, psychologist maud lehanne is leading two of France's favorite pastimes, coffee drinking and the "talking cure".

和每个周四晚上一样,今晚,心理学家莫德·莱哈内(maud lehanne)将主持法国最受欢迎的两项消遣活动:喝咖啡和“谈话疗法”。

2015年高考英语全国卷1 阅读理解 阅读D 原文

考研Under the ruling Thursday, states can pass laws requiring out-of-state sellers to collect the state's sales tax from customers and send it to the state.


2020年考研真题(英语一)翻译 Section Ⅲ

考研The Supreme Court's opinion Thursday overruled a pair of decades-old decisions that states said cost them billions of dollars in lost revenue annually.


2020年考研真题(英语一)翻译 Section Ⅲ

考研Last Thursday, the French Senate passed a digital services tax, which would impose an entirely new tax on large multinationals that provide digital services to consumers or users in France.


2020年考研真题(英语一)阅读理解 Section Ⅱ

四级Twelve regions were listed as unsafe on Wednesday, on Thursday, eight remained.


2019年12月四级真题(第二套)阅读 Section B

四级On a train last Thursday, I sat opposite a man who was so fat he filled more than one seat.



四级” Twelve regions were listed as unsafe on Wednesday, on Thursday, eight remained.



四级C. , and is launching in San Fran-cisco Thursday.