词根词缀记忆/谐音联想记忆 补充/纠错
词根advant 前面 + age 状态,情况,身份及其 …………
谐音记忆advantage=俄的旺体质=俄国人体质健旺是他们的优势=优势,优点 …………
词性拓展记忆 / 词形拓展记忆
advanced / disadvantage / advantage
The advanced van has disadvantages as well as advantages.
advan …………
词根记忆 / 词缀记忆
advantage n 利益,好处
advant=ahead (前面)
advantage n 利益,好处
avant n 先峰
advantage n 利益(ad+vant来到+age)
take advantage of 利用
have an advantage over 有优势
take full advantage of 充分利用
gain an advantage over 比…取得优势
compensating advantage 补偿性优势
have an advantage over sb. 比某人有优势
competitive advantages 竞争优势
take advantage of ... 利用
take advantage of sth. 利用
competitive advantage 竞争优势
advantage over 占优势
absolute advantages 绝对优势
have the advantage of 具有以下优点
to advantage 占优势
take advantage of something 利用某物
gain an unfair advantage over 获得不公平的优势
have an advantage 有优势
comparative advantage 比较优势
prominent advantage 突出的优势
to one's advantage 对某人有利
economic advantage 经济优势
to take advantage of 利用
take advantage of college resource 利用高校资源
analyze the advantages and disadvantages 分析优缺点
have the advantage of sb. 占某人的优势
have an advantage of sb. 占某人的便宜
advantages and disadvantages 优点和缺点
have the advantage over sb. 比某人有优势
turn sth. to one's advantage 使某人受益
get the advantage over sb. 比某人占优势
get an advantage over sb. 比某人占优势
get an advantage of sb. 占某人的便宜
get the advantage of sb. 占某人的便宜
decisive advantage 决定性优势
have an advantage over ... 有优势
give sb. an advantage in terms of ... 在…方面给予某人优势...
take advantage of one's position 利用自己的地位
use sth. to your advantage 利用某物对你有利
have commercial advantages 具有商业优势
industries with local advantages 地方优势产业
take full advantage of lucky discovery 充分利用幸运的发现
an apparent advantage 明显的优势
win an advantage over 赢得优势
bring into play our respective advantages 发挥我们各自的优势
show sth. to good advantage 显示某事的优势
Speed is your advantage.
His advantage turned against him.
The Chinese team enjoyed the height advantage.

四级Politicians are happy to take advantage


六级But today, on the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, let's take a moment to consider a less obvious advantage: the potential for smartphone technology to revolutionize behavioral science.


六级Although calls to share data often concentrate on the moral advantages of sharing, the practice is not purely altruistic ( ' , 利他的).


六级Municipal bonds,also secure,are offered by local governments and often have advantages such as tax-free interest.


四级One advantage of sharing is that owners earn money from renting out items not made full use of.


四级What could have been considered the beginning of a descent is now a potential turning point—the turning point you are most equipped to take full advantage of.


高考Advantages small talk can help people form new friendships.


高考There is no doubt that this candidate's advantage lies in his ability to communicate with foreigners in English.


四级They want to take advantage of the medical care system.


六级Legislation and court decisions have made it legally possible in most states for parents to educate their children at home and each year more people take advantage of that opportunity.


六级Take advantage of the train links


六级But in order to take advantage of these common-sense solutions, Americans will have to put aside their own attachment to the idea of smaller government and less regulation


四级And what's the other advantage of English?


高考Andrew Miller thinks social media needs more attention than banks mainly because it remains unknown how users' data will be taken advantage of.

安德鲁·米勒(Andrew Miller)认为,社交媒体比银行更需要关注,主要是因为尚不清楚用户的数据将如何被利用。

考研This suggests that dimmer bulbs burn longer, that there is an advantage in not being too terrifically bright.


六级They acknowledge that, in a few cases, home schooling offers educational opportunities superior to those found in most public schools, but few parents can provide such educational advantages.


高考If you are a fruit grower — or would like to become one — take advantage of apple day to see what's around.


六级Mothers are far more likely than fathers to take advantage of this law,But extended leaves and part-time employment are known to be harmful to careers—for both genders


考研Second, paper checks have the advantage that they provide receipts, something that many consumers are unwilling to give up.


高考There might be people who will cycle just to get a free meal, but generally I don't think people will take advantage of our programme, ".


考研Many first-generation students "struggle to navigate the middle-class culture of higher education, learn the 'rules of the game, 'and take advantage of college resources," they write.


六级Many dairy farmers were persuaded to switch to grass-fed when they saw its advantage in terms of profits.


四级In daily life, forgetting actually has clear advantages.


四级Over the centuries, Etna's lower slopes have been shaped by human hands to take advantage of rich soils for growing grapes, apples and nuts.


六级What advantage does robotic parking have according to the developers?


六级Psychologists are finding that hope plays a surprisingly vital role in giving people a measurable advantage in rounds as diverse as academic achievement, bearing up in tough jobs, and coping with tragic illness.


四级Her main reason for returning to academia mid-career was to take advantage of the greater freedom to choose research questions.


考研We have no land ethic yet, but we have at least drawn nearer the point of admitting that birds should continue as a matter of intrinsic right,regardless of the presence or absence of economic advantage to us.


六级It is also of concern that the misguided advice that students should speak only English is given primarily to poor families with limited educational opportunities, not to wealthier families who have many educational advantages.


六级what explains the American advantage?


六级Our research universities have been the key to developing the competitive advantages that help Americans produce 25% of all the world's wealth.


高考The disadvantages of new technology outweigh its advantages.


六级In other experiments, Lupyan and Swignley found that uttering the name of a common product when on the hunt for it helped quicken someone's pace, but talking about uncommon items showed no advantage and slowed you down.


四级Readiness to take advantage of new opportunities will make it easier to create one's desired future.


六级Now some experts are proposing that we should take advantage of the teen brain's keen sensitivity to the presence of friends and leverage it to improve education.


四级The ability to draw upon every available tool and insight—picked up from science, arts, and technology—to solve the problems of the future, and take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves, will be helpful to them and the United States


高考We assume that a large brain makes huge advantages.


考研Complex international, economic, technological and culture change could start to diminish the leading position of English as the language of the world market, and UK interests which enjoy advantage from the breath of English usage would consequently face new pressures.


四级According to Abigail James, one of the advantages of single-sex schools is boys can choose to learn whatever they are interested in.

据阿比盖尔·詹姆斯(Abigail James)说,单性学校的优势之一是男孩可以选择学习他们感兴趣的任何东西。

四级A new technology is unlikely to take the place of an old one without a clear advantage.


四级While it may sound like an advantage to many, people with this rare condition often find their unusual ability burdensome.


六级Parenting approaches of working-class and affluent families both have advantages.


四级One additional advantage of the interactive digital textbook is that students can download relevant critical comments.


高考West hasn't tested his idea on larger blocks, but he thinks rolling has clear advantages over sliding.


六级Ego aside, a third advantage is that the emotional neutrality of indifferent relationships has been found to enhance critical evaluation, to strengthen one's focus on task resolution, and to gain greater access to valuable information.


六级Campuses willing to adopt convenient schedules along with more focused, less-expensive degrees may find that they have a competitive advantage in attracting bright, motivated students.


高考The students benefiting most from college are those who are totally engaged in academic life, taking full advantage of the college's chances and resources.


高考Small farmers may gain some advantages over big ones.


四级The most import advantage of the school meeting is that it shows the children that the school is really their's


六级It proves the advantage of TV advertising.


六级However,while talking is largely subconscious and rapid, writing is deliberate and slow, Over time,writers took advantage of this and started crafting long-winded sentences such as this one:The whole engagement lasted above 12 hours, till the gradual retreat of the Persians was changed into a disorderly flight, of which the shameful example was given by the principal leaders and……" No one talks like that casually — or should


六级According to scientists, what is another advantage given to girls by nature?


六级I think about some of the students who took advantages of their opportunities in a university.


高考But humans enjoyed all of these advantages for a full 2 million years during which they remained weak and marginal creature.


六级Do some strategies give children more advantages than others in institutions? Probably they do.


六级Students may take advantage of online resources to learn to solve math problems.


考研David Graddol concludes that monoglot English graduates face a bleak economic future as qualified multilingual youngsters from other countries are proving to have a competitive advantage over their British counterparts in global companies and organizations.

David Graddol总结说,由于来自其他国家的合格多语种年轻人被证明在全球公司和组织中比英国同行具有竞争优势,单语英语毕业生面临着暗淡的经济前景。

四级In Shanghai, a young couple at a marriage registration office told the paper that they decided to register their marriage as soon as possible to take advantage of the existing policy because an extra holiday was a big deal for them.


六级I wonder if you could say then in a few words what the advantages are for a girl at a single-sex school


高考Parents should actively urge their children to take advantage of the opportunity to join sports teams.


六级You might have thought any tool which enables a writer to get words on to the page would be an advantage


高考My father always told me that an education was one of the greatest advantages I could have, one that would always stay with me.


高考Taking advantage of the new technologies, scammers can aim at victims precisely.