词根词缀记忆/谐音联想记忆 补充/纠错
词根as 表加强 + sur 肯定+ ance 表状态  …………
词根记忆as=一再 + sur=sure肯定 确定+ ance表名词,状态、行为 → assurance n.确保 …………
词性拓展记忆 / 词形拓展记忆
certainty / assurance / conviction
certainty → 指在客观上和主观上都无一丝一毫的怀疑。
assurance → 侧重依靠个人力量、本能、方法或对其他人或事的完全信任,强调有信心。
conviction →  …………
We can say with considerable assurance ... 我们可以相当肯定地说...
with assurance 有保证地
endowment assurance 养老保险
life assurance 寿命保证
quality assurance 质量保证
have full assurance of 有充分的保证
shake sb.'s assurance 动摇某人的保证
have easy assurance of manner 很容易保证态度
make assurance double sure 保证双重保证
give sb. an assurance that ... 向某人保证...
have an easy assurance of manner 举止很有把握
make assurance doubly sure 使保证加倍可靠
security assurances 安全保证
He answered the questions with assurance.
He gave me assurance in black and white.
It is the only global medicines quality assurance programme.
Highlighting that cross-border e-commerce plays a prominent role in trade between China and ASEAN, he said that the BRI has turned regional connectivity into a reality, providing assurance for achieving sustainable economic development in the region.
As energy stands as a vital foundation and driving force for global economic and social development, the assurance of a secure and reliable energy supply, coupled with the promotion of green and sustainable development, is a matter of global common interest.
The majority of the professionals implicated in the answer-sharing performed work for the firms' assurance practices, according to the PCAOB.
Both firms are required to review and improve their quality control policies and procedures to provide reasonable assurance that their personnel act with integrity in connection with internal training.
The Hong Kong bourse's move to further lower the listing threshold for technology companies demonstrates its determination to attract technology companies to go public on the Hong Kong capital market, said Walter Zhang, assurance markets leader for PwC North China.
普华永道华北保险市场负责人Walter Zhang表示,香港交易所进一步降低科技公司上市门槛的举措表明了其吸引科技公司在香港资本市场上市的决心。
Boasting an investment scale of more than 900 million yuan ($130 million), the base covers an area of nearly 57,000 square meters and is equipped with a complete set of advanced production facilities and quality assurance systems.
Chen Jia, an independent researcher of international strategy, said: "After the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, China demonstrated excellent economic resilience and supply chain assurance capability.
Driven by the Shanghai Stock Exchange's STAR Market and the Shenzhen bourse's ChiNext board, Chinese mainland TMT enterprises remained relatively active in the capital market in the first six months of 2022, said Walter Zhang, assurance markets leader for PwC North China.
普华永道华北区保险市场负责人Walter Zhang表示,在上海证券交易所STAR市场和深圳证券交易所创业板的推动下,2022年前六个月,中国内地TMT企业在资本市场上保持相对活跃。
With the fine-tuning of the registration-based IPO system, the listing and issuance of shares on the Shanghai Stock Exchange's STAR Market and the Shenzhen bourse's ChiNext board are expected to be active in the first half of this year, said Emily Liu, PwC Chinese mainland assurance partner.
普华永道(PwC)中国内地保险合伙人刘慧卿(Emily Liu)表示,随着注册制IPO制度的微调,上海证券交易所STAR市场和深圳证券交易所创业板的股票上市和发行预计将在今年上半年活跃。
The pair will also cooperate in areas across supply and quality assurance, marketing activities, cost reduction and after-sales services.
""Initiatives such as the GSMA 5G Cybersecurity Knowledge Base, designed to help stakeholders understand and mitigate network risks, and NESAS, an industry-wide security assurance framework, are designed to facilitate improvements in network equipment security levels across the sector," he added.
In the first quarter, we opened our Quality Lab to further strengthen our quality assurance and control capabilities, and started developing our second and third exclusive production plants to enhance our production capabilities.
Though COVID-19 may continue to have an impact on global cross-border investment in the short term, more cooperation as well as competition are possible among businesses from China and the United States in the area of digital economy this year, according to a report from EY, a global professional services firm specializing in assurance, tax and management consulting.
According to a report in the English daily The Times of India, the US company had sent an assurance email to all its customers, but most of them are unsatisfied and feel cheated by the company.
As a Big Four global accounting firm, PwC provides assurance, advisory and tax services to companies and governments all over the world.
Chan Chun Sing, the Singaporean trade and industry minister, said in June that mutual assurance and confidence to put in place effective COVID-19 prevention and control measures are important in fast lane arrangements such as the one between China and Singapore, and he looks forward to making progress with more countries.
To illustrate her point, Qu cited the experiences of her colleague, Nie Qiang, director of the network assurance and technology department at Huawei's Hubei representative office.
"There is no assurance that we will be issued licenses that we may apply for on a timely basis or at all, which could limit our ability to operate and adversely impact our revenues in China," Lam Research added.
This in turn promotes assurance and transparency".
LVMH cautioned in a brief statement that "there can be no assurance that these discussions will result in any agreement.
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Chinese enterprises and their peers in developed countries complement each other with broad prospects for cooperation in infrastructure, energy, environmental protection and finance, according to EY, a company that provides advisory, assurance and tax services.
"Last month, the Huawei Cyber Security Evaluation Centre Oversight Board that monitors Huawei activity in the UK, said in a report it can only provide "limited assurance" that all national security risks stemming from Huawei's involvement in the UK's critical networks can be "sufficiently mitigated long-term".
The report said the board can only provide "limited assurance" that all national security risks stemming from Huawei's involvement in local networks can be "sufficiently mitigated long term".
“I fully agree with recent recommendations - governments and mobile operators should work together to agree upon Europe's assurance testing and certification regime,” he said.
"Although there is no permanent treatment for hepatitis B now, with the upgrading of antiviral drugs, chronic hepatitis B patients, who receive long-term treatment, can have better medication options, with a very low drug resistance rate and better safety assurance, reducing the risk of liver cancer," said Ren Hong, head of the Second Affiliated Hospital at Chongqing Medi-cal University.
In July this year, the oversight board said it could provide "only limited assurance" that all risks to national security from Huawei's involvement in UK networks have been sufficiently mitigated.
"Jackson Laboratory will achieve this goal through having complete assurance and control of the entire supply chain of our mice, from production in the US to arrival at clients' sites in China, thereby ensuring quality and timeliness," he said.
Deloitte entered the Chinese market in 1917 and has around 16,000 employees throughout the country today, delivering a full range of audit and assurance, consulting, financial advisory, risk advisory and tax services.
Each order will receive a tamper-proof packaging seal to ensure Starbucks strict quality and food safety assurance.
In partnership with leading quality control companies, including Switzerland-based SGS, Lloyd's Registered Quality Assurance (LRQA) and Intertek in the UK, it has continued to upgrade the group's quality control and management system as well as its industrial chains.
"Titan Security Key gives you even more peace of mind that your accounts are protected, with assurance from Google of the integrity of the physical key," Jennifer Lin, product management director at Google Cloud said an official blog post Wednesday.
For the joint venture, Avia Group will bring licenses, technologies and engineers, while local partners will be expected to take responsibility of infrastructure supply assurance, it said.
They need to understand the rules and processes, to figure out how best to invest and to deploy capital, and to ask advice around operational strategy and financial performance reporting assurance.
The two factories, covering a land area of 13 hectares, are supported by shared facilities and high-techs to ensure high standards from quality assurance to manufacturing efficiency.
"PwC China Assurance Partner Jean Sun said improving profitability and ensuring long-term development were the key goals for family businesses.
It also bought the Belgian banking operations of Dutch insurer Delta Lloyd NV, Belgian insurer Fidea Assurance and Dutch insurance company VIVAT.
"This will stabilize foreign investors' expectations," Zhu said, adding that the assurance and firmness of China in opening up and attracting foreign investment will provide much-needed certainty in the face of the unpredictability in today's world.
China hopes the US will take concrete steps and deliver on its assurance that it will not seek to contain or suppress China's development or to decouple from the country, as a stable and growing China is good for the US and the whole world, Shu said.
Given the increased benefits and flexibility available to foreign companies seeking to enter or expand in the Chinese market, Henkel Group believes that China is cultivating an improved business environment, fortifying the assurance for foreign companies to expand within its market, said Rajat Agarwal, vice-president of the German industrial conglomerate.
As the private sector stabilizes, it is expected to provide assurance to China's economic growth, especially in the face of mounting downward pressures, said Zhang Fei, vice-president of the China Institute for Reform and Development based in Haikou, capital of Hainan province, at a sub-forum of the 89th International Forum on China Reform held in the city over the weekend.
Chen said, "Mutually beneficial economic ties between the world's two largest economies would be in the interests of both countries and their consumers, fostering stability and assurance in an ever-changing and turbulent global landscape.
To my great assurance, it was a good harvest, and I remember it very quickly sold out," he said.
Such numbers and the assurance that China will pursue economic stability and expand domestic demand have given foreign investors and observers much confidence in the Chinese economy.
"We believe that China will continue to be the world's largest market for new aircraft over the next two decades, and that gives us assurance," Xu said.
Experts: Message to help cushion market players' worries about growth prospectsPresident Xi Jinping's pledges to develop a unified, open, competitive and orderly market system and to support businesses provide significant assurance to market players, particularly private businesses, to dispel their worries and bolster market confidence, according to experts and business leaders.
Experts and businesses leaders see this as a message of clear confidence and assurance that anti-monopoly efforts aimed at certain sectors will be conducive to sound overall growth, and the country's private sector will be given incentive to grow in a healthy and enabling environment.
This led to a large amount of capital flowing into areas like 5G, the internet of things, artificial intelligence and industrial internet," said Janson Yang, Chinese mainland assurance partner of global accounting firm PwC.
"For civil aviation safety assurance, aviation professionals must undergo strict and professional training and obtain corresponding qualifications and licenses before they can officially undertake their positions.
The new artificial intelligence wave triggered by the launch of AI chatbot ChatGPT is expected to bring about new investment opportunities for TMT sub-sectors, such as semiconductors, games, software and internet, said Aileen Mo, PwC Chinese mainland assurance partner.
With the authorities' vigorous support for technological innovation, the country's economy witnessing robust recovery, as well as the adoption of registration-based IPO system across the board, PE and VC investments in China's TMT industry will show vitality again, Susan Deng, PwC Chinese mainland assurance partner.
Ren said China sees its energy self-sufficiency rate reaching more than 80 percent in 2021, which has provided solid energy assurance for high-quality social and economic development.
The central government's assurance of enacting more favorable policies for the rental housing sector will motivate developers to attach equal importance to selling and leasing properties, said Yu.
"That would translate to an assurance that unhealthy or irrational price swings will be preempted, making affordable housing in sought-after cities a realizable dream, particularly for young homebuyers.
"If land and home price hikes occur later, the government will adopt rigorous measures to regulate the housing market, which should play a better role as an economic stabilizer and provide greater assurance to economic development during China's 14th Five-Year Plan (2021-25) period.
Sino-US trade friction and Beijing's regulatory tightening on domestic bank and non-bank lending have led to foreign funds finding prices that are now lower and assets are more available, giving a further boost to foreign investors, said Sally Sun, PwC China Assurance Partner.
"Shopping notes and live streaming are popular among online shoppers, belonging to the spectrum of 'online influencers who make a product hot sold online', but the mechanisms of their content approval and supervision are not perfect, resulting in both false data and false advertising in promotion and goods of 'three Nos' (goods with no date of production, no qualified assurance and no tagged manufacture). "
"Since the official launch of STAR Market, a number of scientific and technological innovation enterprises have been listed successfully, and are expected to enter the dividend period of investments and exits," said Vincent Cheuk, PwC China South assurance markets leader and Southern China private equity group leader.
Qin Lihong, co-founder and president of NIO, said Hungary's open, pro-investment environment is an important assurance for the company's European factory and helped in quickly putting it into operation; so, the carmaker will further increase investment in Hungary.
The Audi China Quality Assurance Team has built an internal digital platform, including a mobile app, personal computer webpage and back-end system, which takes workflow automation to a new level and promotes a paperless office.
Volkswagen Anhui said the proving ground is part of its R&D facility, which units development, quality assurance, vehicle prototype manufacturing and comprehensive testing under one roof.
"We will continue to consolidate our safety assurance capabilities, expand our business portfolio and accelerate the construction of a service ecosystem related to ride-hailing, such as finance and leasing," he said.
On the contrary, as the last link in the quality assurance system, a normalized recall mechanism is an effective means to improve the product and the market," Zeng noted.
Musk has described the infamous privatization tweet - including his assurance that funding for going private was secured - as an attempt to be transparent.
To attract customers, the center has introduced its own quality assurance system with the help of third-party quality assessment organizations.
With the authorities' vigorous support for frontier fields such as artificial intelligence, quantum information and integrated circuits, and an accelerated push to bolster the construction of 5G networks, industrial internet and big data centers, PE and VC investments in China's TMT industry will show vitality again, said Walter Zhang, assurance markets leader for PwC North China.
"With China's strong support for technology innovation, semiconductors, 5G construction, big data centers, artificial intelligence, internet of things centers, companies in both the upstream and downstream of the industry chains have become investment hotspots," said Emily Liu, PwC Chinese mainland assurance partner.
Walter Zhang, assurance markets leader for North China, said the country's TMT industry staged a rebound in the second half of last year, and the metaverse, which has become a key topic in the digital economy, will bolster the development of the technology, AI and gaming industries.
"With China's strong support for technology innovation, semiconductors, 5G construction, big data centers, artificial intelligence, the IoT (internet of things) centers, companies in both upstream and downstream of the industry chains have become investment hot spots," said Emily Liu, PwC Chinese mainland assurance partner.
Meng revealed that with regards to cybersecurity, Huawei has always held both cybersecurity and privacy protection to be of paramount importance by maintaining a comprehensive end-to-end cybersecurity assurance system.
China Mobile also cautioned investors that there is no assurance that its review request and stay request will be successful.
Janson Yang, PwC Chinese mainland assurance partner, said: "As the pandemic eases, the government has proposed a goal of building data centers in the first half of 2020.
Emily Liu, PwC Chinese mainland assurance partner, said as various favorable policies are put into practice and the pandemic eases in China, the firm expects PE/VC activity to pick up this year.
Emily Liu, assurance partner for the Chinese mainland at PwC, said the pilot program of registration-based floats at Shenzhen's ChiNext board was officially launched in June this year.
Lai Chee Kong, EY's assurance partner, said IPO activity will remain high in the second half of this year, thanks to China's measures to stabilize economic growth.
Li Kang, assurance partner with a professional services provider, said 19 Chinese companies have successfully listed in the United States in the first half of this year, up 375 percent year-on-year.
Li Kang, assurance partner of professional services provider EY, said a strict filing timetable has been set under the mechanism.
Lai Chee Kong, EY's assurance partner, said that IPO activities will remain at a high level in the second half of the year thanks to China's stabilizing economic growth and more economic stimulus packages in the pipeline.
In recent years, China's leading banks have invested billions of yuan annually in financial technology, with a large proportion of their investments dedicated to the application of AI, said Ma Dongfeng, a partner at EY, a global leader in assurance, consulting, strategy and transactions, and tax services.
"The across-the-board registration-based IPO system will further improve issuance efficiency and listing predictability across the domestic stock market, as well as provide a more stable financing environment for enterprises and better support innovative tech companies," said Walter Zhang, assurance markets leader for PwC North China.
Looking ahead, the listing of domestic innovative TMT companies in the US is expected to recover in 2023, said Aileen Mo, a PwC China assurance partner.
As understood by Felix Fei, EY Assurance partner, the development of "hard technology", which has become a major national strategy in China, has nurtured structural changes in the A-share market in recent years.
Some may seek relisting in Hong Kong by being merged or acquired by a special purpose acquisition company after delisting from the US stock market," said Li Sijia, an audit and assurance partner at Deloitte.
The A-share IPO activity may pick up momentum in the second half of the year following the continuous reform of the registration-based IPO mechanism, said Stephen Hu, audit and assurance partner of Deloitte China.
The listed banks reduced the weighted average NPL ratio to 1.37 percent at the end of 2021 from 1.5 percent at the end of 2020, said EY, a firm providing consulting, assurance, tax and transaction services.
A-share IPOs, which are not totally immune to geopolitical tensions and global uncertainties, are still worth a close look since volatility has been rising in global stock markets, said Hu Ke, Deloitte China's audit and assurance partner.
The report said a secondary listing has a meager impact on the share price and market value of TMT companies, except for the minor decline caused by the macro environment, said Li Kang, EY China assurance partner and China North head of TMT IPO service.
All these efforts provided assurance that China will hold the bottom line of avoiding systemic financial risks, the CBIRC said.
What is important is that issuers adopt the same green bond framework for both onshore and offshore bonds since this consistency will give assurance to overseas investors in RMB-denominated green bonds and make it a price discovery exercise rather than an ESG (environmental, social and governance) assessment exercise, said Freddy Wong, head of Asia-Pacific for Invesco Fixed Income.
The Shanghai Stock Exchange's STAR Market is being continuously refined and improved, said Emily Liu, assurance partner for the Chinese mainland at PwC, while emphasizing "core science and technology enterprises with advanced technologies will remain the focus of STAR Market listings in the second half of 2021".
Walter Zhang, another PwC Chinese mainland assurance partner, said Chinese mainland TMT companies continued to put forth strong performance in global capital markets, and Hong Kong has become a popular market for Chinese mainland concept stocks seeking secondary listings.
Emily Liu, assurance partner for the Chinese mainland at PwC, noted the STAR Market is being refined and improved continuously, and the science and technology enterprises with advanced technologies will remain the focus of STAR Market listings in the second half of 2021.
Investors have been cautioned that there is no assurance that its review request and stay request will be successful, China Mobile added.
Theodore Deng, an assurance partner of PwC China, attributed this outlook to the sound performance of the Chinese economy and the further strengthening of economic recovery due to the emergence of the COVID-19 vaccine.
While the volume and types of WMPs valued on a net asset basis increased significantly, the balance of WMPs with assurance of expected returns on investment fell 17 percent year-on-year to 13.27 trillion yuan at the end of 2019.
This led to a year-on-year decrease in net profit growth for 28 banks listed on the A-share and/or H-share markets during the first six months, out of 52 listed banks analyzed by PwC, a world leading accounting, auditing and assurance firm.
New credit assurance mechanism to help reduce bond defaults of enterprisesChina has established a bailout fund with a fundraising target of 100 billion yuan ($14.24 billion) to support centrally administered State-owned enterprises short on cash in order to avoid possible bond defaults, said the country's top State-assets regulator.
Supported by 32 central SOEs, such as State Grid Corp of China, the credit assurance fund to date has raised 10 billion yuan.
Many of them also have a global footprint that appeals to foreign investors," said Harry Han, assurance partner at multinational professional services firm EY.
As the new securities law took into effect since March, promoting registration-based system with information disclosure as the core, it highlights the improvement of the multitiered capital market system, including stock exchanges, other national securities trading venues and regional equity markets, said Jane Yang, EY Assurance partner.

考研But take a longer view and there is a surprising amount that we can say with considerable assurance.