词根词缀记忆/谐音联想记忆 补充/纠错
词根choose(v.选择)+ice(名词后缀,表示行为 …………
词性拓展记忆 / 词形拓展记忆
by choice 自愿的
without choice 无分别地,不分好歹地
make a choice 做选择
have no choice but to do 除了…别无选择
at one's own choice 可随意选择
multiple-choice question 选择题(一般指单选题)
optimal choice 最优选择
choice choices 上等的选择
with choice 审慎地
multiple choice 多项选择权
make choices 做出选择
have no choice but to do 别无选择,只能做
make a choice 做出选择
by choice 根据选择
better choice 更好的选择
have no choice but do 别无选择
an either-or choice 非此即彼的选择
out of choice 不可选择的
have no choice but to ... 别无选择,只能...
of one's choice 自己的选择
be spoiled for choice 被宠坏了
have no choice but to 别无选择,只能
no choice but ... 别无选择,只有...
make a wise choice 做出明智的选择
make the optimal choice 做出最佳选择
choices for facilities 设施的选择
choice of modules 模块的选择
healthy choices 健康的选择
have no choice but to do sth. 别无选择,只能做某事
first choice 第一选择
have more choices 有更多的选择
take the choice of 选择
have no choice but to do ... 别无选择,只能做...
make one's choice 做出自己的选择
strategic choice 战略选择
make a random choice 随机选择
make the choice of 做出以下选择
dress choice 服装选择
make deliberate choices 做出慎重的选择
make green choices 做出绿色选择
It's a good choce.
I didn't regret the choice I had made.
Which is your choice?
We don't have a choice!

高考When the polluting industries argue that we've lost the battle to control carbon pollution and have no choice but to adapt, it's a nonsense designed to make the case for business as usual.


高考An engineer named Ellis Chesbrough convinced the city that it had no choice but to build the pipes above ground and then cover them with dirt.

一位名叫埃利斯·切斯堡(Ellis Chesbrough)的工程师让城市确信,它别无选择,只能在地面上建造管道,然后用泥土覆盖。

高考The woman gives the man so many choices.


四级We have no choice in the matter.


考研Asked about his choice of career, he says at high school he considered medical school before switching to electrical engineering.


高考It had also given me a choice, either to leave that page blank or to keep writing the story with hope.


高考A warm drink of milk before bed has long been the best choice for those wanting a good night's sleep.


六级my IDP walks her or him through the process of setting short-term goals directed toward accumulating new skills and experiences important for that career choice


高考Forms will be available in school and online for them to indicate their choices and return to school.


考研Younger children should feel like they're choosing their home—without actually getting a choice in the matter, said Adam Bailey, a real estate attorney based in New York.

纽约房地产律师亚当·贝利(Adam Bailey)说,年幼的孩子应该觉得他们在选择自己的房子,而实际上却没有在这件事上做出选择。

高考Small color choices bring with them the significant benefit of being easily changeable.


六级Even five years ago most people faced a choice.


六级No business likes to admit that it sells addictive poison as a lifestyle choice.


六级Oprah was a widely popular choice


高考To people who are used to the limited choice of apples such as golden delicious and royal gala in supermarkets, it can be quite an eye opener to see the range of classical apples still in existence, such as decio which was grown by the romans.

对于那些习惯于在超市里选择有限的苹果的人来说,比如golden delicious和royal gala,看到仍然存在的一系列经典苹果,比如罗马人种植的decio,会让他们大开眼界。

四级When given the choice of either eating food or drinking water, the mice went for the food, the researchers found.


考研A young man can decide on a likely spouse on his own and then ask his parents to arrange the marriage negotiations, or the young man's parents may make the choice of a spouse, giving the child little to say in the selection.


六级in different parts of the countrybefore a final choices made prior to a national campaign.


四级They help them relate their choice to its intended use.


四级SimpliSafe, winner of our Editor's Choice distinction, utilizes a special system that's capable of separating incidental RF interference from targeted jamming attacks.


高考First, clean it and season it with your choice of spices.


四级A greater choice of courses, and, of course, better football teams.


四级The name "Healthy Choice" was chosen for the positive implication it held for consumers.


考研The same dramatic technological changes that have provided marketers with more ( ' , and more diverse) communications choices have also increased the risk that passionate consumers will voice their opinions in quicker, more visible, and much more damaging ways.


四级One who has integrity is bound by and follows moral and ethical (道德上的) standards even when making life's hard choices, choices which may be clouded by stress, pressure to succeed, or temptation.

一个正直的人受到道德和伦理的约束并遵循道德和伦理(道德上的) 标准,即使是在做出艰难的选择时,这些选择可能会被压力、成功的压力或诱惑所蒙蔽。

四级We must learn to recognize risks, because if we can't see the risks we're taking, we can't make responsible choices


考研So when young people are critical of an over-tweeting president, they reveal a mental discipline in thinking skills - and in their choices on when to share on social media.


四级Craftsmen have helped educate consumers to make wise choices.


六级If you can afford to buy prestige, that's your choice.


四级How do you decide on the best choice for the difficult message you've got to deliver?


高考But consumers do have a choice.


四级The name Healthy Choice was chosen for the positive implication it held for consumers.


高考Sorry, I just wish they didn't give me so many choices.


四级Guiding people to make rational choices about food.


六级Schoololeavers may moan, but they have little choice but to embrace university and the student debt that comes with it.


四级So like any other business, you have to make choices.


高考Big cities generally have heavy traffic and expensive parking, but there you have a choice of taking public transport, which is cheaper than driving.


高考Milk is also sugar-free and additive-free with nutritionists recommending skimmed milk as the best choice before bed as it is the least fattening.


四级To give customers a wider range of choices.


四级But individual choices have an intense cumulative (累积的) effect.

但个人选择有着强烈的累积效应(累积的) 效果。

六级In any case, if I could do it again, I'd still make the same choice.


四级Red meat, which used to be the most popular choice for dinner, is no longer an American favorite


高考So at dinner time, you'd have a lot of choices.


六级Teenagers of today often turn to their parents for advice on such important matters as career choice.


考研We are still at the beginning of this revolution and small choices now may turn out to have gigantic consequences later.


四级Either way, we have choices about how we respond to it when it comes.


考研"Not choice, but habit rules the unreflecting herd," william Wordsworth said in the 19th century.

威廉·华兹华斯(william Wordsworth)在19世纪曾说过:“不是选择,而是习惯支配着无反省的群体。”。

高考If you work out bright and early in the morning, you will be more likely to stick to healthy food choices throughout the day.


高考Color choices in this range are a step up from the small ones in two major ways.


六级Today, a visit to a lighting store reveals a stunning array of choices.


高考Making right career choices is crucial to personal success.


四级In contrast," the researchers continue, "many regulations that don't assume people make rational choices have been successfully applied to control alcohol, a substance — like food — of which immoderate consumption leads to serious health problems.


高考Building owners were faced with a choice: either change the first floors of their buildings into basements, and the second stories into main floors, or hoist the entire buildings to meet the new street level.


六级To classify parenting as a personal choice for which there is no collective responsibility is not merely to ignore the social benefits of good parenting; really, it is to steal those benefits because they accrue (不断积累) to the whole of society as today's children become tomorrow's productive citizenry (公民).

将育儿归类为没有集体责任的个人选择不仅仅是忽视良好育儿的社会效益;事实上,这是为了窃取这些好处,因为它们会累积(不断积累) 对整个社会来说,今天的孩子将成为明天富有成效的公民(公民).

六级If you want to change his course, you have only a few choices: you can stop him, transferring ( ' , possibly painfully) some of his kinetic energy ( ' , 动能 ) to your own body, or you can approach alongside and slowly apply pressure to gradually alter his course.

如果你想改变他的路线,你只有几个选择:你可以阻止他,转移(可能是痛苦地)他的一些动能,动能 ) 或者你可以靠近他,慢慢施加压力,逐渐改变他的路线。

四级We wanted to give people an opportunity to actually see the calories before they purchase the food and make a decision, an informed decision that if they want to make a healthier choice, if they want to eat fewer calories, they can.


四级Sometimes, however, they will face a choice between lives.


四级I imagine that what my parents were trying to teach me was to take responsibilities for my actions and my choices.


高考Before choices are finalised, parents/careers will be asked to.


高考Understanding technological trends is very important for correctly designing economic policies, both at the national and the international levels, and for making the right career choices at the individual level.


高考Regardless of your choice of course, you'll develop your language ability both quickly and effectively.


六级It is quite easy, with all that choice, to change a light bulb.


六级It is as if there is something fun and liberating about making someone else's choice.


四级simpli Safe, winner of our Editor's Choice distinction, utilizes a special system that's capable of separating incidental RF interference from targeted jamming attacks.


四级The Healthy Choice product line was carefully tested with consumers before being introduced to the general public.


六级Why does the author object to classifying parenting as a personal choice


四级According to Charles Harper, chairman of ConAgra, the Healthy Choice line of frozen dinners began with his own heart attack.

据康尼格拉公司董事长查尔斯·哈珀(Charles Harper)称,冷冻晚餐的健康选择始于他自己的心脏病发作。

四级The beach resort is a good choice.


四级To ensure we make responsible choices


六级Today's teenagers admire their parents and welcome parental guidance about important matters such as career choice—though certainly not Mom and Dad's advice on matters of personal taste, such as music or fashion.


考研In Cambodia, the choice of a spouse is a complex one for the young male.


六级That may be because they have had plenty of younger ones to choose from, partly thanks to the post-war baby-boom and partly because over the past few decades many more women have entered the labour force, increasing employers' choice.


六级An investigation found that many of the super-rich were baffled by the infinite choices their money made available.


六级Thus, while printing enormously increased access to books by making cheap, high-volume production possible, it also reduced choice.


六级I imagine that what my parents were trying to teach me was to take responsibilities for my actions and my choices.


四级They help people make rational choices


高考Medium color choices are generally furniture pieces such as sofa, dinner tables or bookshelves.


六级Graduate students and postdocs, who often are working on their lab head's grant, may have no choice if their supervisor or another senior colleague opposes sharing.


考研In other words, the choice to share news on social media may be the heart of the issue.


六级The most popular option: write on a topic of your choice.


高考You accidentally reveal to entire company what menu choices you would prefer at the staff christmas dinner, or what holiday you'd like to take.


六级That sounds like a great thing, but as a recent study has shown, too many choices can make us confused, unhappy, even paralyzed with indecision.


四级A rat or pigeon might not be the obvious choice to tend to someone who is sick, but these creatures have some 26 superior skills that could help the treatment of human diseases.


六级and the choice of commencement speakers often reflects a balance of institutional priorities and aspirations


考研The survey they asks whether they worked less than 35 hours in that week because they wanted to workless than full time or because they had no choice.


四级We must be honest about our actions and avoid excuses, if we fool ourselves into believing we're not doing anything wrong, we can't see the real choice we're making - and that leads to bad decisions.


高考Both my parents had a great influence upon my choice of work.


六级If I want to continue ahead with this dream of only my own business, I have no other choice.


四级He studied the designs of various choices


六级It's also your choice if you want to go out at night, but you will be foolish to let that affect your class performance during the day.


高考If you want to take an underground journey, which place is the best choice?