词根词缀记忆/谐音联想记忆 补充/纠错
词根riv 河流 + al 有生命的 → 河两岸争水的人 …………
联想记忆rival → river + all → 河边都是竞争对手 → rival n. 竞争对手 vt. 与… …………
词性拓展记忆 / 词形拓展记忆
compete / contend / contest / rival
compete → 普通用词,含义广泛。既可指体育活动等活动中争取优胜的相互竞争,也可指为了自己的利益与他人竞争。
contend → …………
词根记忆 / 词缀记忆
rival n 竞争者(riv=river河,由”河”引申为”流动,跑,一起跑=竞争)
personal a 个人的(person人)
continerta a 大陆的(contonent大陆)
exce …………
put on a rival show 上演对手戏
main rival 主要竞争对手
without a rival 没有对手
rival ... in sth. 竞争对手
rival sb. in sth. 在某事上与某人竞争
rival sth. in sth. 与…竞争
rival sb. for sth. 与某人竞争某物
rival sth. for sth. 与某物竞争
a rival agency 竞争对手机构
Eric polled four times as many votes as his rival.
Tom prayed down his rival.
Apple and Samsung have been rivals in the smartphone market for years.
In the Olympic 100m sprint, Usain Bolt's main rival was Asafa Powell.
The two political parties are fierce rivals, often disagreeing on key issues.
Ford and Chevrolet have a long history as rivals in the American automotive industry.
Google and Microsoft are rivals in the tech industry, constantly competing for market dominance.
In the world of chess, Magnus Carlsen and Fabiano Caruana are considered top rivals.
Coca-Cola and Pepsi have been beverage rivals for decades, battling for consumer preference.
Barcelona and Real Madrid are not just football clubs, they're historic rivals with a deep-rooted rivalry.
Amazon and Alibaba are major rivals in the global e-commerce landscape.
In the world of gaming, PlayStation and Xbox have been rivals, each trying to outdo the other with new features and exclusives.
China is Boeing's second-largest market and the largest for its European rival Airbus in terms of the number of aircraft delivered, according to the two jet makers.
Chinese e-commerce giant JD said on Friday it won a lawsuit against its rival Alibaba Group Holding Ltd, which was fined 1 billion yuan ($140.6 million) for monopolistic behavior.
S&P Global Ratings and Fitch Ratings, rival agencies of Moody's, both confirmed on Wednesday that there have been no changes in their ratings on China.
Alibaba Cloud, the cloud computing unit of Chinese tech heavyweight Alibaba Group Holding Ltd, unveiled on Friday its open-source 72 billion-parameter version of Tongyi Qianwen, the artificial intelligence-powered large language model and a potential rival to OpenAI's ChatGPT.
Chinese tech heavyweight Baidu Inc will roll out the latest version of its large language model, Ernie 4.0 — seen as a potential rival to ChatGPT — by the end of this year, and further intensify its efforts in generative artificial intelligence technology, said the company's top executive.
中国科技巨头百度公司高管表示,该公司将在今年年底前推出其大型语言模型Ernie 4.0的最新版本,并进一步加大在生成人工智能技术方面的努力。该模型被视为ChatGPT的潜在竞争对手。
But Yu said at present no competitor is yet able to rival Starbucks on scale as well as supply chains.
Chinese tech heavyweight Alibaba Group Holding Ltd said on Wednesday that more than 200,000 enterprises have requested beta testing for Tongyi Qianwen, the company's latest artificial intelligence-powered large language model, a potential rival to OpenAI's ChatGPT.
Chinese tech heavyweight Alibaba Group Holding Ltd on Tuesday unveiled its artificial intelligence-powered large language model — Tongyi Qianwen — which it plans to integrate into all of its applicable businesses, joining the chatbot race to offer a potential rival to ChatGPT.
周二,中国科技巨头阿里巴巴集团(Alibaba Group Holding Ltd)推出了其人工智能驱动的大型语言模型——统一中文(Tongyi Qianwen),该公司计划将其整合到所有适用的业务中,加入聊天机器人竞赛,为ChatGPT提供潜在的竞争对手。
China is Boeing's second-largest market and the largest for its European rival Airbus, according to the two jet makers.
Currently, China stands as the second-largest market for Boeing, and the largest for its European rival, Airbus.
In the face of fierce international competition, those in favor of the deal say it will allow Hamburg to continue to vie for Chinese trade and maintain pace with rival ports, some of which are partly owned by COSCO reported Reuters.
The soaring energy price, the Russia-Ukraine conflict together with supply chain interruption "lead to politicalization of any issue with 'systemic rival' like China," she said, referring to European Union's policy in past years describing China as a cooperation partner, economic competitor and systemic rival.
Thanks to close cooperation with Chinese partners, Airbus has lifted its market share in China to 53 percent, outpacing rival Boeing Co. "The further investment and extension of assembly capability of Airbus in Tianjin shows its recognition of China's investment environment and its confidence in the growth potential of the civil aviation market in China," said Zou Jianjun, a professor at the Civil Aviation Management Institute of China.
Domestically, CDFG commands 86 percent of the market share, 20 times higher than its closest rival, according to consultancy Frost &Sullivan.
Homegrown coffee chain Luckin Coffee opened 1,221 new outlets in 2021, taking the total number to 6,024 and surpassing its rival Starbucks China.
本土咖啡连锁店Luckin coffee在2021年开设了1221家新门店,总数达到6024家,超过了其竞争对手星巴克中国。
It has also given Airbus another boost over its US rival Boeing.
In China, Li-Ning competes with domestic rival Anta Sportswear Group that has also embarked on a strategy of owning multiple brands to boost sales.
Smartisan launched Bullet Message, a messaging app to rival WeChat in 2018, but it failed to sustain its initial success.
Nayuki's move came a month after its biggest rival Heytea said it will not unveil any new drinks priced over 29 yuan and promised not to raise the prices of its existing products this year.
But Trump, whose company is building a rival to Twitter called Truth Social, said he will not return to Twitter.
但特朗普表示,他不会重返推特。他的公司正在打造一个名为Truth Social的推特竞争对手。
The continuation of Fila's strong momentum is unrealistic, as the brand faces mounting competition from rival sports brands and global fashion brands.
The phones are designed to help Oppo stand out amid intense competition with rival players including Apple Inc and Honor Device Co Ltd. Pete Lau, chief product officer of Oppo, said the only way to truly make valuable innovation is through self-research that goes deep into the bottom layer of communication, chip, and material technologies to solve key problems.
这些手机旨在帮助Oppo在与苹果公司和Honor Device Co有限公司等竞争对手的激烈竞争中脱颖而出。Oppo首席产品官Pete Lau表示,真正做出有价值创新的唯一途径是通过深入通信、芯片和材料技术底层的自我搜索来解决关键问题。
In the past decade, Airbus' continued investment in China has helped lift its market share in the country to about 53 percent and steal a march over its US rival Boeing Co. "The increase in the delivery capability of Airbus' final assembly line in Tianjin shows the attractiveness of the China market for Airbus and the company regards Tianjin as an important facility," said Zou Jianjun, a professor at the Civil Aviation Management Institute of China.
Rival Instagram, which came in second with 545 million downloads last year, said earlier this week it was introducing trials for a similar subscription service to "help creators earn recurring monthly income. "
He said he anticipates future pullback by Tencent from Pinduoduo and 58. com, a local life services platform, to be "highly likely", and that rival companies might need to join in the fray.
Zhuang said JD's synergy with the entire WeChat system has nearly peaked and it is losing out growth potential to rival Pinduoduo, which boasts the largest monthly active users in China's e-commerce territory and banks on strong social ties to make bulk deals at affordable prices.
The P50 Pocket is expected to square up against the Find N that rival Oppo unveiled last week.
预计P50 Pocket将与竞争对手Oppo上周推出的Find N展开较量。
Moreover, Douyin's rival Kuaishou acquired online payment firm Easylink Payment Co Ltd last year.
McDonald's will take on rival Burger King when it launches a plant-based burger called the "McPlant" in November in a bid to appeal to vegans and consumers who want more choice.
Airbus' continued investment in China in the past decade has helped lifted its market share in the country to about 53 percent now and steal a march over its US rival Boeing Co.
Currently, China stands as the largest market for Boeing and its European rival Airbus.
Tencent's latest move will directly rival iCloud services of Apple Inc. Apple's services, which include paid iCloud storage, Apple Arcade, Apple TV+, Apple Music and AppleCare, reported the segment grew by 33 percent to a new record high worldwide in the third fiscal quarter of 2021.
Airbus' continued investments in China have helped it to increase its market share to 52.5 percent in the country and steal a march over its US rival Boeing Co.
Sales revenue of the beauty and personal care market of Southeast Asia is expected to reach 304.8 billion yuan ($47.1 billion) in 2025, with a compound annual growth rate of 9.3 percent, which will rival that of the Chinese market.
The Airbus A320 final assembly line in Tianjin, which has been in operation for more than 12 years and is the third single-aisle assembly line for Airbus after Toulouse in France and Hamburg in Germany, has helped Airbus increase its market share in China to about 53 percent and steal a march over its US rival Boeing Co.
"Such an adjustment is also viable thanks to WeChat's strong social gene that sets itself apart from rival services like Douyin or Kuaishou.
The issue largely refers to the company's practice of forcing merchants to sell on Alibaba platforms exclusively and preventing them from selling on rival e-commerce websites.
The move came after the authority launched an investigation in December into Alibaba for alleged monopolistic conduct, which refers to forcing merchants to sell on Alibaba's platforms exclusively and preventing them from selling on rival e-commerce websites.
The move came after the authority launched an investigation last week into Alibaba for alleged monopolistic conduct, which refers to forcing merchants to sell on Alibaba's platforms exclusively and preventing them from selling on rival e-commerce websites.
The issue largely refers to the company's practice of forcing merchants to choose either Alibaba's platform or its rival site to sell their products instead of being eligible to work with both, potentially crowding out competitors.
Boeing and its European rival, Airbus SE, have been jostling to increase market share in China, but they also face rising competition from the country's planemaker Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (COMAC).
The Tianjin facility, which has been in operation for 12 years, has helped Airbus increase its market share in the country and steal a march over its US rival Boeing Co.
TikTok said earlier in a statement that it will stick to globalization despite difficulties, including the intense international political environment and rival Facebook's plagiarism and smearing.
Formerly the financial and risk business of Thomson Reuters, the company serves more than 40,000 institutions in approximately 190 countries and is usually seen as a rival to Bloomberg.
The scratch resilience of Gorilla Glass Victus is also four times better than rival products.
Luckin Coffee, the homegrown rival to Starbucks, has 4,000 stores, but is facing an uncertain future after an accounting scandal in April.
Huawei telecom gear accounted for more than 50 percent of the bids, while its domestic rival ZTE Corp had more than 20 percent, said Zhang, who is also the head of the research institute at China Unicom, a major telecom carrier.
Luckin Coffee Inc, the so-called rival to Starbucks in China, has exposed itself to the risks of delisting and even bankruptcy due to severe fabrication of sales data, experts said.
The company, a so-called rival to Starbucks Corp in China, said on April 2 the internal probe revealed the aggregate sales amount associated with the fabricated transactions from the second quarter of 2019 to the fourth quarter of 2019 amounted to around 2.2 billion yuan.
His long-time rival Pony Ma, founder of technology leader Tencent, is in 22nd place with a personal wealth of $44 billion.
"The impact would have been on consumers and businesses, and the UK wouldn't have a digital infrastructure to rival the US, Japan, (South) Korea, and China, when it comes to the networks of the future," Howett said.
"The impact would have been on consumers and businesses, and the UK wouldn't have a digital infrastructure to rival the US, Japan, Korea, and China, when it comes to the networks of the future," Howett said.
The move intensified a battle with rival Meituan Dianping, which is backed by Tencent Holdings Ltd, in China's fiercely competitive on-demand services market.
"In comparison with rival products, our platform's edge lies in our full stack of technology support, the capacity to serve all industries and our open attitude toward all partners," said Lu Qi, president of marketing and sales at Huawei's enterprise business group.
American Airlines, one of Boeing's best customers for more than 10 years, said it was close to buying several hundred planes from rival Airbus.
Last year, Alibaba formed its local services company last year by merging food delivery app Eleme and review site Koubei, intensifying a battle with Tencent Holdings Ltd-backed rival Meituan-Dianping for dominance of the Chinese on-demand delivery market.
Smaller rival Yunda Holding reported much stronger business growth.
com, said the listing of Murban futures contracts is a move by the oil producers and traders to rival well-established crude oil bench marks such as Brent and West Texas Intermediate.
He also said it would be some time before it can be gauged whether the Murban futures contract can rival other mainstream crude oil bench marks.
Compared with its rival, Toman noted that Dole already boasts 20 years of history in the Chinese market and is well-known for the good quality.
Rival Airbus delivered 571 jets January to September this year.
All 555 high street stores that were operated by United Kingdom travel giant Thomas Cook before it went out of business on Sept 23 could be bought by rival company Hays Travel in a move that could save up to 2,500 jobs, the BBC reported on Wednesday.
Priced from 5,698 yuan ($806), NEX 3 5G features a 6.89-inch display offering a screen resolution of 2256 x 1080 pixels and offers 99.6 percent screen-to-body ratio, better than its rival products.
SoftBank Corp. and KDDI Corp. , NTT's rival carriers, started selling Huawei's P30 lite smartphones on Aug 8 after delaying sales from May, with both companies saying that applications by US tech giant Google LLC would be available on the phones, including those running Android operating systems.
European rival Airbus SE reported 69 deliveries last month, including 52 A320neo and A321neo jets that compete with the MAX.
It was approved in late-June, followed by a 5G model by its rival ZTE Corp that was approved this month.
He Gang, president of Huawei's consumer business group, said Mate 20X is the world's first model to support both stand-alone and non-stand-alone 5G networks, signifying wider use scenarios than rival products that support only non-stand-alone 5G networks.
The firm has cooperated with third-party e-commerce services like Taobao run by Alibaba Group Holding Ltd, and mobile e-commerce platform Youzan, which is backed by Tencent Holdings Ltd. Kuaishou is favored by people living in China's third and fourth-tier cities, while rival Douyin is popular among young people in first and second-tier cities.
A top executive at China-headquartered technology giant Huawei has invoked the example of market rival Nokia's Chinese joint venture to say that the assessment of cybersecurity should not be based upon the location of mobile equipment vendors' headquarters.
"The case concerns Qualcomm chipsets of the third generation ("3G") standard between mid-2009 and mid-2011, and the European Commission found the US chip giant's intention was to eliminate Icera, its main rival - a growing threat at the time - to Qualcomm's chipset business in the market segment offering advanced data rate performance.
Publication of the review has been delayed and is now expected to come after UK Prime Minister Theresa May is replaced by Boris Johnson or his Conservative Party leadership rival Jeremy Hunt.
Publication of the review has been delayed, and is now expected to come after UK Prime Minister Theresa May is replaced by Boris Johnson or his Conservative Party leadership rival Jeremy Hunt.
"With this transformation, Mengniu is now eyeing the global market to produce dairy products that can rival top ones in the foreign markets.
In the meantime, both Vodafone and UK rival EE have forged ahead with 5G launches that keep Huawei kit in non-core areas of their networks.
Responding to questions on whether the company is worried about the environment overseas, with rival Huawei banned from providing 5G services in the United States due to security concerns, Xiao said, "The cybersecurity issue is not related to a single or specific vendor, it is a common issue for everybody – vendors, operators as well as regulators".
With more spacious cabin space than its rival models, the aircraft design offers the possibility to accommodate the seating layout of 12-29 seats which can be flexibly configured with relatively independent functional areas according to the individualized requirement from customers, the company said in a press release.
In a competition with the new coffee industry rival Luckin Coffee and pressured by the popularity of the tea drinking trend, Starbucks has sped up the development of product varieties and service diversity in recent months.
Its major internet rival Tencent Holdings Ltd is listed in Hong Kong.
PARIS, France - Boeing suffered a fresh setback at the opening of the Paris Airshow on Monday as the US planemaker's engine supplier revealed a delay affecting its all-new 777X jet, while Airbus targeted the middle of the market with a rival plane.
Chinese fresh food startup Miss Fresh announced on Thursday its plan to ring up 100 billion yuan ($14 billion) in revenue by 2021, making no secret of its desire to compete strongly against rival platforms backed by other major tech giants such as Alibaba Group's Hema Store and JD's Daojia.
•Air conditioner giant Gree charged long-time rival Aux of producing defective products on Monday afternoon•Aux denied Gree's allegation and sued Gree on the same day•The State Administration for Market Regulation, China's top market regulator, announced a probe on Tuesday•Aux on Wednesday said all its products randomly checked passed the tests 100 percent in the past three years, and asked the market regulator to verify its products to clarify the matterIn response to long-term rival Gree's claim of Aux producing defective products, the company on Wednesday posted a statement on its official Sina Weibo account, saying that all the samples adhered to relevant standards in random checks carried out by market regulators from 2016-2019.
The camera promises a year-long battery life, outshining rival products that only have a two-month battery life.
Shares in Luckin Coffee, Starbuck's Chinese rival, fell below their initial public offering price on Wednesday, just days after its debut on the Nasdaq, triggering concerns over its profitability and long-term growth.
On Friday, rival Starbucks hit another all-time high, closing at $78.91, up more than 35 percent from a year ago, giving the company a market cap of nearly $96 billion.
NEW YORK — Shares of Luckin Coffee, a fast-growing rival to Starbucks in China, rose 20 percent in their US stock market debut Friday.
Moreover, smaller rival Lyft Inc's shares plunged this week after its first earnings as a public company.
The retailer, viewed as a strong rival for Starbucks in China, intends to list under the symbol LK on the Nasdaq.
Beijing-based company charts ambitious plan to take on bigger rival StarbucksBeijing-based Luckin Coffee Inc, the ambitious coffee chain startup that is challenging Starbucks in China, filed for an initial public offering with the US Securities and Exchange Commission on Monday.
The firm aims to overtake its rival Startbucks in store and cup numbers in China, said Luckin Coffee's founder Qian Zhiya at a news conference in January.
But in an era where Chinese consumers are becoming increasingly health-conscious, the company will have to focus more on driving growth in the non-soda category to stay ahead of its rival PepsiCo.
In US social and mainstream media, the jacket is celebrated as the "Amazon Coat", a potential rival to premium brand Canada Goose.
The announcement came shortly after its rival China Unicom said it had posted a 457.8 percent hike in net profit for 2018 to 10.19 billion yuan, as a result of strong data revenue growth and benefits from the company's mixed ownership reform.
Also on Tuesday, smaller rival STO Express said in a stock exchange filing that its revenues from the express delivery business rose 77.7 percent to 896 million yuan last month.
Back in 2017, TikTok acquired the US-based rival Musical.
TikTok was then able to merge its already huge user database with its old rival’s, producing a user base in the hundreds of millions.
When unfolded, the Mate Xxa0screen is larger than that of a Samsungxa0Galaxy Fold, and thinner than its rival when closed.
The move also comes after WeChat Payment, Alipay's rival, started to charge service fee for credit card payment in August last year.
The Shanghai-based financial service provider has been promoting its mobile payment service via its app to rival Alipay and WeChat as more and more Chinese pay by their smartphones.
During the past few years, bike-sharing fever has swept across China, but it faces an uncertain future recently, especially after Mobike's cash-strapped rival Ofo Inc came under fire for stalling on deposit refunds.
This contrasted with the approach taken by its biggest rival Alipay, which is actively branching out overseas through the rollout of nine local payment wallets.

六级Several opponents have recently emerged, ranging from rival tech giants such as Microsoft and Amazon to small bodies representing authors and publishers across the world.



四级Local media reports suggest Calbee and its main rival Koike-Ya are halting almost 50 products.

当地媒体报道称,Calbee及其主要竞争对手Koike Ya暂停了近50种产品。

2018年12月四级真题(第一套)听力 Section A

四级The idea is that competition between rival operators would lead to better service at airports.


2016年6月四级真题(第二套)听力 Section A

四级Rival firms competed with each other to follow where he led.



四级Competition from rival companies.



六级'I scored the winning goal in soccer against our arch- rival’ 'My grandfather served in World War II, and I hope to be just like him someday.



六级After all, more than 200 years separated Einstein from his nearest rival, Isaac Newton.



六级In Einstein’s day, there were only a few thousand physicists worldwide, and the theoreticians who could intellectually rival Einstein probably would fit into a streetcar with seats to spare.



四级I think it certain that in decades, not centuries, machines of silicon (硅) will arise first to rival and then exceed their human ancestors.

我认为可以肯定的是,在几十年而不是几百年后,硅机器(硅) 将首先崛起,与他们的人类祖先竞争,然后超越他们。


四级His insistence on putting users first, and focusing on elegance and simplicity, has become deep-rooted in his own company, and is spreading to rival firms too.



四级Avis, a car-hire firm, has a share in a sharing rival.



考研In the last half of the nineteenth century “capital” and “labour” were enlarging and perfecting their rival organizations on modern lines.