英音 [eɪdʒ]   美音 [eɪdʒ]  
单词释义 纠错+ 生词本
n.(Age)人名;(瑞典)阿格;(日)扬 (姓);(西、荷)阿赫
词根词缀记忆/谐音联想记忆 纠错 +补充
串记马戏团的鹦鹉,一岁的age(年纪),会说人的 …………
对比记忆 / 类比记忆 / 形近词记忆
age / epoch / era / period / times
age → 常指具有显著特征或以某杰出人物命名的历史时代或时期。
epoch → 正 …………
I don't know his age.
We are in the age of information.
They are from the Ice Age.

六级In recent years, the death rate among American centenarians—people who have lived to age 100 or older—has decreased, dropping 14% for women and 20% for men from 2008 to 2014.


四级The average age of first marriage has risen steadily for decades.


六级In a 2005 study, psychologist Laurence Steinberg of Temple University and his co-author, psychologist Margo Gardner, then at Temple, divided 6 people into three age groups: young adolescents, with a mean age of 14; older adolescents, with a mean age of 19

在2005年的一项研究中,坦普尔大学的心理学家劳伦斯·斯坦伯格(Laurence Steinberg)和他的合著者、当时在坦普尔大学的心理学家玛戈·加德纳(Margo Gardner)将6人分为三个年龄组:青少年,平均年龄14岁;年龄较大的青少年,平均年龄19岁

高考After all, many older people don't begin to experience physical and mental decline until after age 75.


高考With farmers over the age of 65 outnumbering farmers younger than 35 by six to one, and with two-thirds of the nation's farmland in need of a new farmer, we must clear the path for talented people willing to grow the nation's food.


高考At the age of 18, he moved to the united states.


四级Take, for instance, the age at which people make commitments such as buying a house, getting married, having children, or starting a career.


高考I had an early start at the age of nine with a role in a 1990s TV series, but it wasn't until I finished film studies that I pursued my career as an actress.


六级The Mediterranean groups had lower mortality rates in all age brackets and from all causes, particularly from heart disease.


高考Most of our volunteers are aged 17-24.


考研In the internet age, at least in theory, this fraction can be much reduced.


高考All this fun is available for ages 9 to 18.


高考"I thought it would be useful for him to learn Chinese at an early age" Joseph Stocke, the managing director of a company, says of his 2-year old son.

一家公司的董事总经理约瑟夫·斯托克(Joseph Stocke)谈到他两岁的儿子时说:“我认为他在很小的时候学习汉语会很有用。”。

六级Just having a strong teacher for one elementary year left pupils a bit less likely to become mothers as teenagers, a bit more likely to go to college and earning more money at age 28.


考研A Knight Foundation focus-group survey of young people between ages 14 and 24 found they use.


四级Participants were balanced across the three groups for age, sex, educational background, severity and duration of depression, and use of antidepressant.


六级"middle school is an important age because students have enough math capability to solve advanced problems, but they haven't really decided what they want to do with their lives," said Loh.


四级with this variety will come the end of the close association of age and stage.


高考The baseline here is average global temperature before the start of the industrial age.


六级Cognitive decline is the loss of ability to learn new skills, or recall words, names, and faces that is most common as we age.


高考The cloisters museum and gardens is a branch of the metropolitan museum of art devoted to the art and architecture of Europe in the middle ages.


四级Life Reimagined paints a picture of middle age that is far from gloomy.


考研It is difficult to the point of impossibility for the average reader under the age of forty to imagine a time when high-quality arts criticism could be found in most big-city newspapers.


六级99 Occupational stress increases the risk of heart attack and diabetes, accelerates the aging process, decreases longevity, and contributes to depression and anxiety, among numerous other negative health outcomes.


高考New compulsory age-appropriate relationship and sex education lessons in England should help equip children to deal with the growing demands of social media.


六级The wireless age is expanding to include not just our phones, tablets, and laptops, but also our cars, homes, and even whole communities.


高考Wildlife has been greatly threatened in the modem age.


考研The conflict has been surfacing since 2002, when the corporation bought Vermont’s only nuclear power plant, an aging reactor in Vernon.


四级This is especially interesting when you consider that younger people are generally more interested in travelrelated technologies than older onesWhen it comes to driverless cars, differences in attitude are more pronounced based on factors not related to age.


四级life Reimagined paints a picture of middle age that is far from gloomy.


高考The first is that antitrust authorities need to move form the industrial age into the 21st century.


四级Emailing the neuroscientist and memory researcher Jim McGaugh one day, she claimed that she could recall every day of her life since the age of 12.

有一天,她在给神经学家兼记忆研究者吉姆·麦格(Jim McGaugh)发电子邮件时声称,她能回忆起12岁以来的每一天。

四级In a three-stage life, people leave university at the same time and the same age, they tend to start their careers and family at the same age, they proceed through middle management all roughly the same time, and then move into retirement within a few yea


高考Oh, that's good news! We haven't seen them for ages.


高考In total, 25% of india's working-age population has no education.


高考Wang collected more than 7 million abandoned bricks of different ages.


高考At age five, this dull task brought me such joy.


高考Of course! It's been ages since we met last time.


四级So far, participants have ranged in age from 2 to 85.


六级Benjamin Franklin produced some of his best writings at the age of 84, and Pablo Picasso put brush to canvas right through his eighties.

本杰明·富兰克林(Benjamin Franklin)在84岁时创作了一些最优秀的作品,巴勃罗·毕加索(Pablo Picasso)在80多岁时就开始画笔。

高考By 2000 the average age was 65.


高考While the sun's rays can age and harm our skin, they also give is beneficial Vitamin D.


四级However, merely having contact with children does not guarantee happiness in old age.


高考As a matter of fact, we can see this principle at work in people of all ages.


四级Of course, I had heard that genius could show itself at an early age, so I was only slightly taken aback that I had achieved perfection at the tender age of 14.


六级Though he didn't come from a farming family, from a young age tim Joseph was fascinated by the idea of living off the land.


四级The researchers are currently analyzing the study participants' health and lifestyle to see which factors might influence age-related cognitive changes.


高考But, Kate, I still think old age should be about peace and relaxation.


四级If you age more slowly over a longer time period, then you are in some sense younger for longer.


六级In thousands of ways, social workers help other people—people from every age, every background across the country.


四级In 1962, 50% of Americans were married by age 21.


六级This is a grand challenge for our age and it may require an "irrational" response.


六级The children who had the lowest self-control when they were age three to ten, later on had the most health problems in their thirties, and they had the worst financial situation.


高考By the time they started secondary school—at age 11—children were already far more aware of their image online and felt under huge pressure to ensure their posts were popular, the report found.


六级But telling them that eating lots of high-fiber foods could reduce the risk of breast cancer before middle age, that's a powerful message.


高考One is that these instincts appear at a very young age before most parents have started to train children to behave socially.


考研As many people hit middle age, they often start to notice that their memory and mental clarity are not what they used to be.


高考At age 68, he retired from the post office, but he never stopped serving the community.


四级Today, there is a serious question about this issue: Should there be a minimum age limit for executing criminals? In other words, is it right for convicted murderers who kill when they are minors—that is under the age of 18—to receive the death penalty?.


四级I've found that my handiwork with yarn has helped my arthritic fingers remain more dexterous as I age.


四级It usually draws different rections from different age groups.


六级The wireless age is expanding to include not just our phones, tablets, and laptops, but also our cars, homes, and even whole communities.


四级By age 15, he had become an apprentice (学徒) to Sylvain Bailly, a well-known dessert chef with a successful bakery in one of Paris' most fashionable neighborhoods.

到15岁时,他已成为一名学徒(学徒) Sylvain Bailly,一位著名的甜点厨师,在巴黎最时尚的街区之一拥有一家成功的面包店。

高考If those island nations not far above sea level are to survive, the maximum temperature rise, since the start of the industrial age, should be 0.


考研At RoMan Manufacturing, a maker of electrical transformers and welding equipment that his father cofounded in 1980, Robert Roth keep a close eye on the age of his nearly 200 workers.

在罗曼制造公司(RoMan Manufacturing),罗伯特·罗斯(Robert Roth)密切关注着近200名工人的年龄。罗曼制造公司是他父亲在1980年共同创立的变压器和焊接设备制造商。

六级Still, there are good reasons to make positive changes in how we live and what we eat as we age.


六级You will face problems in the aging of the population that have never been faced before.


六级But by 2014, the death rate from Alzheimer’s Disease for this age group have more than doubled, increasing from 3.8% to 8.5%, making the progressive brain disease the second leading cause of death for centenarians.


四级Today, the legal driving age for a car in the UK is 17.


考研It was not until the mid-1980s, when amplifying age and sex differences became a dominant children's marketing strategy, that pink fully came into its own, when it began to seem inherently attractive to girls, part of what defined them as female, at least


四级At the time of the first interview, at least one of the partners was over the age of 50.


六级You probably remember that human infants are less developed physically than other mammals of the same age.


四级On the other hand, indicators of a person's accumulated knowledge—like performance on tests of vocabulary and general knowledge—kept improving with age, according to findings published in the journal Neurobiology of Aging.


高考According to the passage, why did snowmen become a phenomenon in the middle ages?


考研Neither of these patterns is borne out by the analysis, suggesting that the structures of the languages are lire age-specific and not governed by universals.


四级Even in the age of open-plan offices and social networks some work is best left to the individual.


高考Thanks to the advanced technology, we live in an age of bettered communication.


高考The report data shows that pleasure reading levels for younger children, ages 2-8, remain largely the same.


四级This turn of events is fueled primarily by the dramatic drop in the share of young Americans who are choosing to settle down romantically before age.


四级A golden or lucky birthday is when one turns the age of their birth date.


高考In a society that tends to measure everything in terms of dollars and cents, we learn form a young age to consider the costs of our decisions in financial terms.


四级In a multi-state study of assisted living , for instance, University of North Carolina researchers found that a host of variables—the facility's type, size or age; whether a chain owned it; how attractive the neighborhood was—had no significant relationship to how the residents fared in terms of illness, mental decline, hospitalizations or mortality.


四级Psychologists have shown that babies apparently expect their world to comply with the laws of physics and cause and effect as early as two months of age.


四级The findings shed light on normal age-related changes in mental function, which could aid in understanding the process of dementia ( ' , 痴呆), according to the researchers.

这些发现揭示了与年龄相关的精神功能的正常变化,这有助于理解痴呆症的发病过程,痴呆), 根据研究人员的说法。

高考As the average age of the population increases, there are more and more old people to care for.


高考The report into youngsters aged from 8 to 12 was carried out by children's commissioner Anne Longfield.

儿童专员安妮·朗菲尔德(Anne Longfield)对8至12岁的青少年进行了调查。

六级From a very early age, some children exhibit better self-control than others.


考研Factors such as the place and period in which we are reading, our gender ethnicity, age and social class will encourage us towards certain interpretation but at the same time obscure or even close off others.


考研In contrast to France’s actions, Denmark’s fashion industry agreed last month on rules and sanctions regarding the age, health, and other characteristics of models.


六级The misconception of resilience is often bred from an early age, parents trying to teach their children resilience might celebrate a high school student staying up until 3am to finish a science fair project.


考研In contrast to France's actions, Denmark's fashion industry agreed last month on rules and sanctions regarding the age, health, and other characteristics of models.


高考The passage starts with the story of cervantes to show that age is not a barrier to achieving one's goal.


高考Now similar concerns ares being raised by the giants that deal in data, the oil of the digital age.


高考In today's information age, the loss of data must cause serious problems for a company.


高考In 1900, people died at the average age of 30.


高考Restarting antitrust for the information age will not be easy but if govemments don't wants a data oconomy by a few giants, they must act soon.


高考Interviews were repeated at ages 25, 31 and 47.


高考Freedom's challenge in the digital age is a serious topic.


四级On the first of January, new regulations will come into effect which eliminate an annual leave bonus for people who put off marrying until the age of 23 for women and 25 for men, the South China Morning Post reports.


四级In a multi-stage life, you could be an undergraduate at 20, 40, or 60; a manager at 30, 50, or 70; and become an independent producer at any age.




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