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词根un 打开,解开,弄出 + fold 折叠 → 展开 …………
词性拓展记忆 / 词形拓展记忆
对比记忆 / 类比记忆 / 形近词记忆
unfold / open
unfold → 主要指把原来包好、卷好或叠好的东西再打开。
open → 普通用词,指把原来关起来或盖紧的东西打开。
unfold one's plan 披露某人的计划
unfold one's arms 张开某人的双臂
unfold a map 展开一张地图
fold the clothes 叠衣服
how event unfold 事件如何发展
unfold the paper 展开纸张
to unfold the paper 展开纸张
He unfolded his story to us.
She unfolds a map and shows us where she lives.
The pandemic continue to unfold across the world.
Sentence: I unfolded the map to find our way.
Translation: 我摊开地图来寻找我们的路线。
Sentence: She slowly unfolded her story, revealing details bit by bit.
Translation: 她慢慢地讲述她的故事,一点一点地透露细节。
Sentence: The flower unfolded its petals in the warmth of the sun.
Translation: 花朵在阳光的温暖下展开了花瓣。
Sentence: The baby unfolded his tiny fists and reached for the toy.
Translation: 婴儿松开了他的小拳头,伸手去拿玩具。
Sentence: He unfolded the newspaper and began reading the headlines.
Translation: 他展开报纸,开始阅读头条新闻。
Sentence: The mystery was finally unfolded when the truth came to light.
Translation: 当真相大白时,这个谜团终于揭晓了。
Sentence: The sofa bed unfolds to provide an extra sleeping space.
Translation: 沙发床可以展开,提供额外的睡眠空间。
Sentence: The plan was carefully unfolded during the meeting.
Translation: 计划在会议中被仔细地阐述。
Sentence: The scientist unfolded a new theory about the origin of the universe.
Translation: 这位科学家提出了一种关于宇宙起源的新理论。
Sentence: The politician unfolded his election campaign strategy.
Translation: 政治家展开了他的选举竞选策略。
It will unfold by building up a presence across relatively affluent first-tier cities like Beijing and Shanghai before penetrating second or third-tier cities at the right time.
This is even more true in these first few months of 2022, seeing a tragic conflict unfold in Europe – building consensus between China and the world on development and cooperation is crucial.
The strategy would unfold by building up presence across relatively affluent first-tier cities like Beijing and Shanghai before penetrating into tier-two cities.
"As China's electric car revolution continues to unfold, BHP is excited to be supporting ADC's cutting edge research into this mega-trend," said Huw McKay, BHP's vice-president for market analysis and economics.
"As we consider the vision of making real-time engagement ubiquitous and see how our real-time technologies are beginning to allow offline activities to unfold in an online world, we will continue to work step by step," said Zhao on Friday.
Deborah Dunsire, president and CEO of multinational pharmaceutical company Lundbeck A/S, expects more business opportunities to unfold rapidly in China, the second-largest market for the company.
China's exports accounted for more than 15 percent of the global total in 2021, but a falling trend emerged since the second half of 2022 and continues to unfold.
David Chao, global market strategist for Invesco Asia-Pacific, excluding Japan, said China's consumption rebound will further unfold in a steady manner going forward as consumers gradually spend the large amount of deposits they accumulated during the pandemic, leading the way for China's economic recovery.
"A cyclical economic recovery in China is starting to unfold," said Hong Hao, chief economist at Grow Investment Group.
These positive signs have persuaded a growing number of international investment banks and asset managers to the view that a substantial economic rebound will unfold in China.
Additional policy support to help bolster growth amid COVID-19China has launched a new package of fiscal and monetary support to alleviate difficulties facing market players as part of the country's policy mix that might further unfold in the coming weeks to offset a rise in economic challenges, experts said on Tuesday.
Stronger policy supports are likely to unfold in the coming months to anchor China's manufacturing activity-and alleviation of the cost pressure being faced by small businesses and boost to infrastructure investment will likely be under the spotlight, experts said on Wednesday.
Foreign investment continues to surge in Hainan, China's southern island province, as preferential free trade policies unfold, according to local authorities.
"More opportunities will unfold for foreign businesses as the country strives to expand domestic demand to counter external uncertainties and continues to open its market in 2021, experts said.
This year's Annual Meeting of the New Champions of the World Economic Forum in Tianjin — which was canceled because of the coronavirus pandemic — will unfold next summer in the city, the head of the World Economic Forum in China said.
The intricate artistry of the glassware they brought back from distant lands found a fertile ground in Shanxi's Qixian county, where it took root, flourished and wove its own narrative that continues to unfold to this very day.
"We are glad to see the trend in China, and we expect to unfold more opportunities in China," he said.
The idea of hosting a virtual tour first emerged in April last year, when the pandemic began to unfold in Europe and sealed off incoming visitors from abroad.
Multi-functional mahjong machines, including those with silent mahjong tiles shuffling function, those that can be fold and unfold to save space, and those that can be switched to dining tables are among consumers' favorite products.
Oppo says it's rated for 400,000 folds, which means that, by its estimates, the mechanism should last for 10 years if consumers fold and unfold it 100 times a day.
Sihan Bo Chen, China head of the Global System for Mobile Communications Association, an international global telecommunications industry body, said, "Although views differ considerably on how the metaverse will unfold in the future, there is one thing for sure in that 5G will play a very important part in realizing the vision.
Wu Shuyuan, a senior analyst at Beijing-based market research firm Sigmaintell, said sales of foldable devices might be hampered by supply chain disruptions, high costs and sub-optimal hinges of the mechanical design that allows the flexible panel to fold and unfold, restricting them to a niche market position.
"The 5G narrative is just going to continue to unfold as we move forward throughout the decade.
"This 5G narrative is just going to continue to unfold as we move forward throughout the decade.
As the banking turmoil in the United States and Europe continues to unfold, financial markets appear to be more nervous than ever as the US Federal Reserve is expected to announce a potentially pivotal interest rate decision on Wednesday.
Instead, a possible, systemic adjustment in macro policies is in the air, to safeguard that China's steady economic recovery will continue to unfold.
"We caution that as events unfold very rapidly on a daily basis, there is a higher than usual degree of uncertainty around our forecasts and our assessment will evolve over time with new developments. "
Many things continue to unfold.

四级In the 1920s, Swiss psychologist Jean piaget proposed that children's cognitive abilities unfold naturally,like the blooming of a flower, almost independent of what else is happening in their lives.

20世纪20年代,瑞士心理学家让·皮亚杰(Jean piaget)提出,儿童的认知能力自然展开,就像花朵盛开一样,几乎与他们生活中发生的其他事情无关。

2015年12月四级真题(第二套)阅读 Section A

考研A few generative rules are then sufficient to unfold the entire fundamental structure of a language, which is why children can learn it so quickly.



四级"It was luckily in good shape," says Kapsalis, "and we just have to do some minor things in order to be able to unfold it.