词根词缀记忆/谐音联想记忆 补充/纠错
词源a 一 (个),为不定冠词an在发展过程中出 …………
联想记忆刚开始张嘴说话发音但又不知道说什么的时候肯定会发出"额”声音,而且这个第一个字母,所以发“额”的声音 → a …………
对比记忆 / 类比记忆 / 形近词记忆
a / an / the
a 一个,用于以辅音开头的单词,如 a dog 一只狗.
an 一个,用于以元音开头的单词,如 an apple 一个苹果.
the 那个,特指,如 the President 总统.
from A to Z 彻底完全,从头到尾
in a word 总之
a lot of 大量 很多
a little 一点
a variety of各种各样
a period of time 一段时间
as a matter of fact 事实上,事实上
as if 犹如
a great deal of 大量的
as far as ... be concerned 就…而言
so far as ... be concerned 就…而言
as long as 只要
as opposed to 与
as a result 因此
such as 例如
as for 至于
as well as 以及
as usual 和往常一样
as to 关于
a series of 一系列
a fraction of 一小部分
as a result of 由于
as well 也
a bunch of 一堆
as far as 远至
in a rage 怒不可遏
as a whole 作为一个整体
so long as 只要
in a word 总而言之
as though 好像
catch a glimpse of 一瞥
a bit of 有点
in a sense 在某种意义上
get a glimpse of 一瞥
make a concession to 向…让步
have a break 休息一下
a number of 一些
make a difference 有影响
draw a conclusion from 从中得出结论
play a role in 在
as a means of 作为一种手段
a variety of 各种各样的
be considered as 被认为是
a few 少许
be regarded as 被视为
put a premium on 给…加保险
a couple of 几个
play a part 扮演一个角色
at a loss 不知所措
view ... as 查看…为
in a row 在一行
as soon as 一旦
a sweeping ruling 全面的裁决
a range of 一系列
quite a few 不少
at a time 一次
a lot of 很多
take a chance 碰碰运气
a bit 一点
a matter of ...的问题
play a part in 在…中发挥作用
so as to 为了
a piece of cake 一块蛋糕
serve as 充当
a host of 许多
for a while 一段时间
ride a bike 骑自行车
have a cold 感冒了
a string of 一串
a set of 一套
a pink slip 解雇通知书
a little 一点
all of a sudden 突然地
once in a while 偶尔
a little bit 一点点
a majority of 大多数
in a way 在某种程度上
the same as 与…一样
take a page from 从中获取一页
make a snowman 堆雪人
a handful of 一把
a ban on 禁止
a great number of 大量
as yet 到目前为止
have a look 看一看
a pair of 一双
just a minute 等一下
fly a kite 放风筝
Have a good day! 祝您今天过得愉快!
a silver lining 一线希望
a large number of 大量的
play a role 扮演角色
a sort of 一种
a case in point 一个恰当的例子
go for a walk 去散步
be known as 被称为
a group of 一群
have a fever 发烧
take a risk 冒着风险
take a shower 洗澡
take a walk 散散步
once upon a time 从前
have a good time 玩得愉快
have a stomachache 胃痛
make a profit 赚钱
in so far as 在以下范围内
at a glance 一目了然
a kind of 一种
known as 被称为
as regards 关于
turn a blind eye to 对…视而不见
take a trip 去旅行吧
a great deal 很多
a ... -storey building …层楼
a lot 很多
a large sum of 一大笔
to a certain extent 在一定程度上
a body of 一群
a bad harvest in agriculture 农业收成不好
make a model plane 制作模型平面
as follows 如下所示
a big deal 一个大问题
keep a close watch on 密切关注
see a film 看电影
go on a picnic 去野餐
a ... storey building 一幢…层楼
take a deep breath 深呼吸
take a break 休息一下
a train of 一连串的
define as 定义为
a great many 很多
take a dancing class 参加舞蹈课
at a stretch 在一段时间内
as good as 和…一样好
a sequence of 一系列
Have a good time! 玩得愉快
take ... as 将…作为
a balanced diet 均衡的饮食
see ... as 参见
a 3-D film 三维电影
return a favor 帮个忙
count as 计数为
as it happens 正如它发生的那样
as often as 经常
a multitude of 大量的
in a hurry 匆忙
a balance of nature 自然的平衡
in a manner 在一定程度上
reach a consensus 达成共识
a good many 很多
a sea of 大量的
a bag of flour 一袋面粉
a 20-minute bicycle ride 骑自行车20分钟
function as 用作
a growing number of 越来越多的
as often as not 尽可能经常
draw a conclusion 得出结论
a gentleman's agreement 绅士协议
take a stand 表明立场
a wide range of 广泛的
be at a standstill 处于静止状态
play a trick on 开玩笑
regard ... as 视为
brand ... as 品牌…作为
regard as 视为
get a bad rap 受到不好的惩罚
differentiate between A and B 区分A和B
a bachelor's degree 学士学位
a good deal 一笔不错的交易
a back number 后面的号码
not so much ... as 还不如呢
catch a cold 感冒了
even as 即使是
tell a lie 说谎
come to a close 接近尾声
take a toll on 对…付出代价
A Christmas Carol 圣诞颂歌
can't hold a candle to 拿不住蜡烛
make a deal 达成协议
take a loss 蒙受损失
place a burden on 给…加上负担
run a risk 冒风险
take a message 留言
in a dilemma 进退两难
a box of crayons 一盒蜡笔
reading a book 阅读一本书
by a large margin 大幅度地
act as 充当
take a delight in 尽情享受
in a small way 以小的方式
a barrage of 接二连三的
might as well 也可以
a ... decrease a…减少
turn a deaf ear to 对…充耳不闻
with a view to 以期
take a toll 付出代价
perceive ... as 感知…作为
go on a diet 节食
a ... increase a…增加
a list of 列表
pose a threat to 对…构成威胁
as a matter of 作为一个问题
make a bet 打赌
not have a leg to stand on 没有一条腿可以站立
a collection of 一系列
to a certain degree 在一定程度上
as far as I know 据我所知
in such a case 在这种情况下
a spell of 一阵
draw to a close 接近尾声
take a hand in 参与进来
have a hand in 参与其中
just as 正如
a bag 一个袋子
a bargain 讨价还价
a flash in the pan 昙花一现
take a fancy to 喜欢
turn a deaf ear 充耳不闻
a bachelor degree 学士学位
read a newspaper 看报纸
take a tough line 采取强硬态度
climb a hill 爬山
a bad use 不好的用途
in a form 以某种形式
a big potato 一个大土豆
as a rule 作为一项规则
go to a drawing club 参加绘画俱乐部
make a wish 许个愿
had a cold 感冒了
so far as 只要
a waste of 浪费
a 3 million sponsorship deal 300万赞助协议
do a good job 做好工作
a 10-dollar bill 一张10美元的钞票
view ... as ... 查看…为...
place a premium on 对
a barrel of laughs 一桶笑声
lead a ... life 过着……生活
to a great extent 在很大程度上
quite a lot 相当多
go back a long way 走很远的路
make a complaint 提出投诉
a succession of 一连串的
on a vacation 正在度假
a pile of 一堆
in a position 处于某个位置
take a stand on sth. 对某事采取立场
make a decision 做出决定
have a point 有道理
a period of 一段时间
as the old saying goes 正如老话所说
pay a price for 为…付出代价
have a gift for 有一份礼物
a beach person 海滩上的人
see a doctor 去看医生
on a large scale 大规模地
a bag of potatoes 一袋土豆
on a daily basis 每天
take a nap 小睡一会儿
a bean 豆子
be in a rut 墨守成规
a fat pay rise 大幅加薪
a mass of 大量的
be hailed as ... 被誉为...
a basic human urge 人类的基本欲望
at a rate 以一定的速度
a bear 熊
have a picnic 举行野餐
a lack of 缺乏
a piece of 一块
a bed 一张床
strike sb. as 打击某人
with a vengeance 复仇
quite a lot of ... 很多...
a large quantity of 大量的
keep a hold on 保持冷静
milk a cow 挤牛奶
ride a horse 骑马
a basket of ... 一篮子...
as soon as possible 尽快
row a boat 划船
commit a crime 犯罪
not so ... as 不如
on a diet 节食
a balloon 气球
a bell 铃
a pair of scissors 一把剪刀
a back issue of a magazine 杂志的后刊
get a surprise 得到惊喜
as much as 和……一样多
a banana 香蕉
a part of 的一部分
at a profit 有利可图
a passing fad 一时的流行
a back issue 后事
set a premium on 在…上设置溢价
a back issue of a newspaper 报纸的后刊
reckon ... as 估计……为
prefer A to B 喜欢A而不是B
have a nap 小睡一会儿
get a nap 小睡一会儿
go for a picnic 去野餐
a body of sth. 一堆东西
three times a week 一周三次
be on a diet 节食
He looks like a soldier.
She is a teacher.
My boy knew his subject from A to Z.