词根词缀记忆/谐音联想记忆 补充/纠错
词根ac 表加强 + company 伙伴 → 陪伴 → …………
谐音记忆a(我)+ ccon(肯)+ pa(陪)+ ny(你) → 我肯陪你 → 陪伴,伴随 → accompany …………
词性拓展记忆 / 词形拓展记忆
accompany / conduct / attend / escort
accompany → 既可指人也可指物。用于人时,侧重关系紧密或同时发生。
conduct → 无论用于人或物均指引导带领。 …………
I accompanied he on the piano.
Please accompany me on the trip to my hometown.
He has a company.
I accompanied him on the piano。
More job opportunities will also accompany the projects.
According to the company, as "first-view" photographers, audiences will have the unprecedented opportunity to accompany Stafford on his thrilling expeditions, coming face-to-face with exotic wildlife and experiencing the exhilaration of surviving in the untamed African savannah.
This series comprises three episodes where the audience will be playing the part of Stafford's photographer, accompanying him on his journey through East Africa.
They come, relax, enjoy food, shopping and accompany their kids.
Peter McBride, chairman of Fonterra, who visited Beijing and Shanghai last week as part of a business delegation accompanying New Zealand Prime Minister Chris Hipkins, hailed "healthy" bilateral ties between the two sides.
"They will provide services for all participating delegations, accompanying officials, technical officials, media and Asian Games staff," said Zhu Fugen, dean of the automotive department of the institute.
As Pui stated, "We need to give jewelry more emotional significance, so that it is not just mere decoration but can carry more meaning and accompany consumers on their growth journey.
Accompanying French President Emmanuel Macron's state visit to China, Airbus CEO Guillaume Faury also signed with the Tianjin Free Trade Zone Investment Co Ltd and Aviation Industry Corp of China Ltd, an agreement to expand its A320 family final assembly capacity with a second line at its site in Tianjin, which is expected to be put into operation by the end of 2025.
The drop in January-November profits was mainly driven by declining profits in the steel and oil processing sectors and two key COVID-19 vaccine enterprises, NBS senior statistician Zhu Hong said in a statement accompanying the data.
""It can not only accompany children throughout their developmental years, but also make high technology intuitively understandable and interesting for elder people.
In "HOME+", family scenes, such as education, meeting guests, sports and accompanying family members, will be placed in the community.
"We are accompanying our clients in accelerating the transition to the circular economy, as well as helping build an industrial ecosystem that favors circularity," Michelle Jou, president of the polycarbonates segment at Covestro, said.
It comes with 128 tones, 128 automatic accompanying styles and six rhythms, Zhanjiang Daily reported.
We will continue to explore and accompany the best of Chinese entrepreneurs, creating great companies together," he said.
The loss was due mainly to the COVID-19 outbreak and accompanying epidemic control measures, the report said.
"The accompanying regulatory filing did not unveil the amount of capital NetEase will raise nor the timing of the listing.
Accompanying the special transport team were more than 40 employees from China Mobile and its partners, who were burdened with heavy optical cables and struggling to inch higher amid bone-chilling -20 C temperatures.
The Avatar Framework kit can empower other companies to quickly have multiple AI capabilities on their products, such as functioning as an voice-activated AI assistant to control home appliances or smartphones, being a chatbot to accompany consumers, or singing songs, drawing pictures or designing clothing patterns, said Li Di, who is in charge of the development of Xiaoice at Microsoft's Software Technology Center in Asia.
We are playing an increasingly important role in the process," Kingdee Chairman Xu Shaochun said at the news conference accompanying its 2019 interim results announcement on Wednesday.
We want London to accompany you on that great journey, a journey which you have navigated with diligence and intelligence and quite extraordinary hard work," he said.
Born and growing up in a poor family, the 34-year-old entrepreneur left his family for studies since primary school, making him crave for more time to accompany his parents.
But the latest figures, said Euromonitor's Hennely, "suggest the brand has entered a new phase, and Mr Bertelli's accompanying statement finally acknowledges the importance of the 'new generation' for the future of the group.
Hu Xiaodong, a senior director working at Ant Financial, said the two companies will cooperate to provide users not only with trading services, but an accompanying service covering full life-cycle.
Growing numbers of urban professionals enjoy escaping the mainland for international vacations, while migrant workers are increasingly forgoing trips home to skip the financial burden of the gifts expected to accompany their arrival.
"In many cases, we are well equipped in being a great partner participating in the Belt and Road Initiative and we can also benefit from that," Rice said during a previous interview during his trip to China as part of the business delegation accompanying US President Donald Trump on his state visit.
Airbus' senior executive will accompany French President Emmanuel Macron on the state visit to China as the aircraft maker seeks new customers to buy the company's A380, Financial Times reported on Monday.
While most of the 29 US companies accompanying Trump during his state visit to China last week were from the energy, environmental protection and commodity sectors, SAS was one of the few tech companies.
Gutierrez was accompanying US President Donald Trump during his state visit to China this week.
"China's opening up drive is also encouraging companies like GE to participate in the development of markets outside China," said Rice, who is accompanying US President Donald Trump on his visit to China.
GE Vice-Chairman John Rice, who is accompanying US President Donald Trump on his visit to China, said the projects in the pipeline, that are "in the billions (dollar)", will "include the combination of content from China with content from the United States".
More accompanying measures will come through to increase banks' incentives such as required reserve ratio reduction or tax benefits for associated lending, she said.
The accompanying spouses and family members of experts who are transferred within the foreign-invested enterprises in the Shanghai FTZ are allowed to enjoy the same period of entry and temporary stay as the experts, according to the new measures.
At present, in the face of the economic pressure brought about by insufficient domestic demand and accompanying risks, stabilizing growth itself is the biggest risk prevention job for China and should be given top priority.
It has also intensified scrutiny and strict verification of accompanying documents for food imports from other regions of Japan, especially aquatic products including edible aquatic animals.
On Thursday, while meeting with senior French corporate executives accompanying French President Emmanuel Macron on his visit to China, Wang encouraged French enterprises to take a long-run view to continuously expand investment in China, oppose "decoupling and breaking chains" and safeguard the stability of the industrial and supply chains between China and Europe.
Waigaoqiao should feature a globally significant cruise industry cluster with an accompanying complete supportive system, high-end manufacturing and various consumption resources by 2035, it said.
About 100 German businessmen applied to accompany Scholz on his visit to China and 12 corporate executives were allowed, including those from Siemens, Merck, Deutsche Bank, BASF and BioNTech, which cover industries such as manufacturing, chemical, pharmaceutical, and food.
There is no doubt that US monetary and fiscal policies and the accompanying tremendous liquidity are very important causes of inflation in the US and the world as well.
"We used to accompany our foreign clients to order goods in person, but now we have to observe and describe the products in detail for them.
Zhao Qinghe, a senior NBS statistician, said in a note accompanying the data that China's economic growth stayed on track for continuing recovery in January in the face of complicated economic conditions and sporadic COVID-19 cases, although economic activity cooled slightly.
As for reducing total debt volume and accompanying interest rate adjustments, no arrangements have been made yet.
"Cameroon is on the fast track of development, and China is accompanying it," Ayissi said.
In an article accompanying the revised data release, Fang Xiaodan, a former NBS official, said household income in the first half has continued the steady growth seen in the first quarter while household consumption has accelerated.
"For South Korean millennials who are looking to experiment with new categories and taste China's national drink, it's the perfect beverage to accompany barbecues with a bunch of friends," Zhang said.
In addition, commercial banks are required to provide accompanying financing to projects supported by special loans, with the loan's risk classification unchanged.
On the other hand, they should have the ability to provide post-investment services and accompany the long-term growth of the invested enterprise," Mou said.
"Many middle-aged and elderly Chinese travelers have a need for safety and convenience, so they choose to take group tours that offer a guide who can accompany them right from the start, at departure time in China," Liu said.
A college student on weekdays and part-time delivery driver on weekends, 26-year-old Lin Ran said the most surprising order he received was to accompany a 68-year-old to a doctor's visit.
I got an order from a lady who offered to pay me about 400 yuan ($59) to accompany her father to the hospital," Lin said.
Aside from accompanying seniors to medical appointments, there is also a growing number of orders asking for assistance with bathing and housecleaning.
In the first quarter of 2022, the search volume of "accompanying the elderly to the hospital" on Meituan increased by 424 percent year-on-year, and the relevant order volume increased by 95 percent year-on-year.
An experienced captain will also be assigned to participate in accompanying the flight and an expert flight instructor will be assigned to supervise the flight prior to the international pilot's solo flight mission.
Nam is now a valued team member at the Hainan skydiving outfit, supporting the other instructors by accompanying tourists on their jumps over Sanya.
Parents can enjoy some leisure time over an afternoon tea in the hotel while staff members accompany their children, China Tourism News reported.
It costs 1,099 yuan ($164) per adult or 1,999 yuan for an adult and accompanying child to take a day trip to Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport and visit the double-decker A380, the world's largest commercial aircraft.
For example, to earn additional income, Thai Airways has sold a fried dough known locally as pa tong go, accompanying it with steamed purple custard.
I used to accompany visiting friends and relatives to various places of interest in the city.
Wang flew to major cities worldwide, such as Frankfurt, Rome and Boston 22 times to guide Chinese tour groups, support giant Chinese tech companies to launch new products and accompany a top-tier actor to shoot for magazines abroad.
The fundamentals for enterprises' recovery are not yet solid, Zhu Hong, a senior NBS statistician, said in a statement accompanying the data release.
Internet users discuss everything from the latest hanfu trends and places that make perfect hanfu photography backdrops, to the best accessories to accompany outfits.
Du is one of the beneficiaries of delta integration and accompanying tourism development.
"It's nice to have some sounds, such as audio books which accompany me when I am alone.
Embarrassed to say no, I decided to accompany her anyway.
This also frees up parents, who can save the time and energy previously spent accompanying their children to lessons.
Alpha Egg helps parents by accompanying their children.
"Such robots play a key role in accompanying children.
Shirley said she is fortunate that her husband Brian loves Dabao no less than her, and she wishes Dabao would also accompany her children when they grow up.
While fitness enthusiasts value how the online apps track their sports data and plan out their training, those who aim to lose weight mainly rely on the apps to serve as a private tutor to guide, encourage and accompany them during training, Chen said.
Appearing on the screen via an app, Echo, with vivid facial expressions, is able to accompany users to practice English and Chinese conversations and give suggestions on dimensions such as pronunciation and grammar.
Content productivity and targeted marketing capabilities will be greatly improved, and accompanying user services will become standard," he said.
When you are too busy to pick up your children from school or accompany your parents on their trips, all you need to do is to pick up your phone and type the starting place and destination, and you will have an exclusive chauffeur pick up your children and take them safely to or from school, or to be with their parents on a pleasant trip.
Accompanying the exhibition at Tsinghua University, the BMW China Culture Journey partners with the SDX Joint Publishing Company to create the intangible cultural heritage pop-up showroom at Sanlitun from Nov 29 to Dec 1.
Next week, Malmstrom will accompany European Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker to Washington, as he tries to persuade Trump to drop steel and aluminum tariffs and avoid duties on cars.
The automaker's Buick brand debuted the Velite 6 plug-in hybrid and accompanying electric vehicle at the Beijing auto show in April.
I am particularly pleased to accompany Daimler on its way to becoming the world's leading electro-mobility provider.
To accompany this new goal is a brand new logo, which Hongqi said is inspired by a flying red fl ag, as well as an ambitious product plan utilizing its global research and development system.
Apart from granting loans to 111 tech innovation companies, the banks also partnered with 14 equity investment institutions, which made accompanying equity investments totaling 1.76 billion yuan, said Zhou.
As the era of new industrial changes rushes forward, we are well aware of the unprecedented challenges that accompany huge development opportunities," said Meng Hao, vice-president of mobile application at Google key account division.
International society must collaborate when faced with risks and challenges accompanying the development of AI so as to continuously improve the level of AI global governance.
Accompanying this trend is the rapid growth of the tablet market.
It also has a virtual platform to accompany the physical event, scheduled to end on Thursday.
This year, the MWC Shanghai will welcome international attendees and audiences, with a virtual platform to accompany the physical event.
Companies are looking to inject fresh enthusiasm into kids who are learning musical instruments, as well as their parents, who often devote much time and energy in accompanying their children to lessons.
This year, MWC Shanghai will welcome international attendees and audiences, with a virtual platform to accompany the physical event.
The robots can offer guidance on some outbreak-related questions, take temperatures of patients, and accompany them to dance, which has helped the patients have a relatively good mood when being hospitalized in isolation, CloudMinds added.
Robots are becoming increasingly popular in China as they check body temperature, deliver food and drugs, help disinfect offices and wards and accompany children and patients via voice interaction and body movements.
Accompanying rising real interest rates are headwinds on corporate earnings and private investments.
In a statement accompanying the release on the new rule, the ministry made it clear that the primary purpose of the new measures is to promote fair competition among auditors, and the new rule shall apply to all accounting firms.
The ministry said in a statement accompanying the guideline the document aims to better adapt the CPA profession to China's high-quality growth.
Accompanying the rebound in foreign inflows was a market rally beating many overseas peers.
The COVID-19 epidemic and the accompanying market volatility have come as a "wake-up call" for the young generation, said Ho.
But this increase in asset prices cannot be sustained if there is no accompanying growth in real production.
Accompanying the global financial turmoil is the looming concern of global recession, against which major developed economies have an increasingly narrower space in conventional policies.
The per-capita income is high in these areas, and the accompanying purchasing power laid the foundation for Macao tourism.
In addition to financial and professional services companies like HSBC, KPMG and PwC, innovative fintech firms including Anthemis, Amplyfi, and Ebury are also accompanying him to China.
Snowball Finance is partnering with Ant Financial to not only provide trading services, but an accompanying service covering the full investment life cycle, according to Hu Xiaodong, senior director at Ant Financial.
According to China Meteorological Administration, the impact of the heavy snowfall is approaching its end, but a strong cold wave accompanying the snow is moving north to south and affecting the central and eastern parts of China.
Iriana is accompanying Indonesian President Joko Widodo, who will attend the opening ceremony of the 31st summer edition of the FISU World University Games and visit China.

四级Accompany her roommate to the classroom.



四级Accompany Mr Gartner to the Linate airport.



六级More to the point, he had yet to settle on a subject for the personal essay accompanying the application.



考研Within the complex social structure of the scientific community, researchers make discoveries; editors and reviewers act as gatekeepers by controlling the publication process; other scientists use the new finding to suit their own purposes; and finally, the public ( ' , including other scientists) receives the new discovery and possibly accompanying technology.



考研In my own research, complaints from women about their husbands most often focused not on tangible inequities such as having given up the chance for a career to accompany a husband to his, or doing far more than their share of daily life-support work like


2010年考研真题(英语二)阅读理解 Section Ⅱ

四级Accompany Mr Gartner to the Linate airport



四级Although April did not bring us the rains we all hoped for, and although the Central Valley doesn’t generally experience the atmospheric sound and lightning that can accompany those rains, it’s still important for parents to be able to answer the youthful questions about thunder and lightning.



四级” He or she can be sure that the overseas effort is central to the company’s plan for success, and that promotions often follow or accompany an assignment abroad.



四级Chinese parents attach great importance to the choice of their child’s name, as the name tends to accompany the child for his or her entire life.



四级Those extemal factors include the difficulties accompanying low-wage work or structural discrimina-tion based on race,gender, or ability.