联想记忆16世纪,大航海时代,殖民主义发展,大量的“战事,战斗”,让被殖民国家开始有所“行动”;这一殖民主义发展对世 …………
词性拓展记忆 / 词形拓展记忆
in action 在行动中
take action 采取行动
action movie 动作片
go into action 付诸行动
drive into action 投入行动
take action to do sth. 采取行动做某事
action point 作用点,作用点
class action 集体诉讼
a plan of action 行动计划
actions that could be taken by sb. 某人可以采取的行动
action film 动作片
an encounter action 遭遇战
industrial action 劳工行动
be out of action 失去作用
government action 政府行动
action on 上的操作
legal action 法律诉讼
collective action 集体诉讼
come into action 采取行动
take effective action 采取有效行动
take strong action 采取有力行动
the 10-Chapter Soil Pollution Action Plan 十章土壤污染行动计划
individual action 个人诉讼
action plan 行动计划
to align strategies and actions 协调战略和行动
the student action coalition 学生行动联盟
out of action 不起作用
mutual action 相互作用
swing into action 投入行动
company actions 公司行为
a course of action 行动方针
reflex action 反射作用
take legal action 采取法律行动
take action against ... 对…采取行动...
unilateral action 单方面行动
cause of action 诉讼原因
put ... into action 付诸行动
Actions speak louder than words. 事实胜于雄辩
bring ... into action 使…付诸行动
joint action 联合诉讼
disciplinary action 纪律处分
action sport 动作运动
call for action 要求采取行动
jump into action 投入行动
spring into action 突然行动起来
take immediate action 立即采取行动
put sth. into action 付诸行动
take tough action to ... 采取强硬行动...
translate ... into action 将…转化为行动
major action 重大诉讼
action for infringement of patent 专利侵权诉讼
piece of the action 诉讼的一部分
chemical action 化学作用
action points 动作点
typical action hero movie 典型的动作英雄电影
China's Policies and Actions for Addressing Climate Change 中国应对气候变化的政策和行动
stop action 停止动作
food crisis and implementation of the Comprehensive Framework for Action 粮食危机与《全面行动框架》的实施
all talk and no action 只说不做
full of action scenes 充满了动作场面
mechanical sieving action 机械筛分作用
humanitarian actions 人道主义行动
the courage and swift action 勇气和迅速的行动
biological diversity protection action 生物多样性保护行动
translate sth. into action 将某事转化为行动
translate the common interest into common action 将共同利益转化为共同行动
take punitive actions 采取惩罚性行动
China's biodiversity action plan 中国生物多样性行动计划
the action plan on air pollution prevention and treatment 大气污染防治行动计划
demand action 请求诉讼
Say it with action.
We have to take action.
I regret my bad action.

考研Quotas get action: they "open the way to equality and they break through the glass ceiling, " according to Reding, a result seen in France and other countries with legally binding provisions on placing women in top business positions.


高考To explain this phenomenon, the researchers explored the degree to which a good performance by a team requires its members to coordinate their actions.


考研We need progressive policies that shape collective action and rein in polluting businesses, alongside engaged citizens pushing for change.


高考Positive thinking and action result in success.


四级So we will side with the majority of the people of Philadelphia who oppose this tax and take legal action to stop it.


高考These actions have greatly affected the ecological balance.


四级One simple check would be to program a robot to check the correct course of action with a human when presented with an unusual situation.


考研However, Allen believed that the unconscious mind generates as much action as the conscious mind, and while we may be able to sustain the illusion of control through the conscious mind alone, in reality we are continually faced with a question: “Why cannot I make myself do this or achieve that? ”Since desire and will are damaged by the presence of thoughts that do not accord with desire, Allen concluded : “ We do not attract what we want, but what we are.


六级The action stems from a federal court order issued on Tuesday requiring Apple to help the Federal Bureau of Investigation to unlock an iPhone used by one of the two attackers who killed 14 people in San Bernardino, California, in December.


六级To show the urgent need for the government to take action.


四级They need to rid their minds of sentimentalism: the most successful teams have leaders who are able to set an overall direction and take immediate action.


六级Rosen says he hopes Congress will take action.


高考Taylor's swift action helped her teammates calm down.


六级The recent trend toward early decision and early action among selective colleges and universities has pushed the traditional deadline of January up to Nov.


考研In particular, they called for forging closer collaborations with western state governments, which are often uneasy with federal action, and with the private landowners who control an estimated 95% of the prairie chicken's habitat.


六级In 2005, the Authors Guild of America, together with a group of US publishers, launched a class action suit (集团诉讼) against Google that, after more than two years of negotiation, ended with an announcement last October that Google and the claimants had reached an out-of-court settlement.

2005年,美国作家协会(Authors Guild of America)与一群美国出版商共同发起了一场集体诉讼suitxa0(集团诉讼) 针对谷歌,经过两年多的谈判,去年10月谷歌与索赔人达成庭外和解。

四级The food industry has, in general, been firmly opposed to such direct government action.


四级Successful team leaders know exactly where the team should go and are able to take prompt action.


六级And for this to happen, we may need action on a global scale.


六级But the status quo can be problematic, since a change in the course of action can sometimes be important and lead to a positive outcome.


高考Since then, many scientists have thought that our actions do make a difference.


考研The Federal circuit's action comes in the wake of a series of recent decisions by the Supreme Court that has narrowed the scope of protections for patent holders.


四级To avoid fooling yourself, watch out for excuses and try this test: Ask how you would feel if your actions were public and anyone could be watching over yourshoulder


高考Somehow in this or that man's thought such an idea lives though unconsidered by the world of action.


高考Corrado, a translator for the army during wwii, was killed in action in Europe.


六级That's not to say that risk is always good, but it is related to taking action, whereas decision fatigue assuredly leads to inaction and the possible chagrin of a decision maker who might otherwise prefer a new course but is unfortunately hindered.


四级They need to rid their minds of sentimentalism ( ' , 感情用事): the most successful teams have leaders who are able to set an overall direction and take immediate action.

他们需要摆脱感情用事(',感情用事): 最成功的团队都有能够确定总体方向并立即采取行动的领导者。

六级At this time there is nothing to take action on since the analysis has yet to be completed.


考研This might mean implementing policy such as a plastic tax that adds a cost to environmentally problematic action, or banning single-use plastics altogether.


高考That action turned the block into somewhat a wheel.


六级Participation grows through friends and networks and if "you realize that's how they're growing, you can start to take action" and bring in other students, he said.


考研Emerging in the late sixties and reaching a peak in the Seventies, Land Art was one of a range of new forms, including Body Art,Performance Art, Action Art and Installation Art, which pushed art beyond the traditional confines of the studio and gallery.


六级A retired member of the Public and Commercial Services Union, she is setting up one of 1,100 action groups with the support of Climate Solidarity, a two-year environmental campaign aimed at trade unionists.

作为公共和商业服务联盟的退休成员,她正在气候团结组织(Climate Solidation)的支持下成立1100个行动小组之一,这是一项为期两年的针对工会成员的环境运动。

六级What do we learn about the class action suit against Google


高考All of this makes the actions of the homeless tom smith even more remarkable.


高考The end result is that we feel like we can't focus or that we're focused on the wrong things, and so we take less action, make less progress, and stay the same when we could be improving.


考研In 2010, leading congressional Democrats and Republicans sent letters to the AAAS asking that it identify actions that could be taken by “federal, state and local governments, universities, foundations, educators, individual benefactors and others” to “maintain national excellence in humanities and social scientific scholarship and education”.


六级The market for products designed specifically for older adults could reach $30 billion by next year, and startups want in on the action.


六级Some critics blame affirmative action – students admitted with lower test scores and grades from shaky high schools often struggle at elite schools.


四级keeps someone from taking action


六级As I said, structural unemployment isn't a real problem, it's an excuse—a reason not to act on America's problems at a time when action is desperately needed.


六级The action should beconsistent with the firm's guidelines and may include reassigning the employees to new jobs, suspending them temporarily, or firing them.


六级Nick Perks, project director for Climate Solidarity, believes this sort of activity is where the future of environmental action lies.


四级But the report, he said, "will harm the cause for action on both climate change and disasters because it is so deeply flawed (有瑕疵的).


六级Prime Minister Cameron has been reluctant to take action.


六级Government action is key to solving economic problems.


六级The World Meteorological Organization points to Cuba and Bangladesh as examples of countries that have successfully reduced the loss of life caused by natural disasters by taking preventive action.


六级What remained controversial after the class action suit ended?


六级This situation is more serious, and the supervisor may need to take action


考研Prior knowledge and interest influence what we experience, what we think our experiences mean, and the subsequent actions we take.


四级So far, visitors to the theme park have been excited to see the birds in action.


六级The Child Poverty Action Group says 9 out of 30 in every classroom fall below the poverty line.


六级Take your average trade union member, chances are they will be politically motivated and be used to collective action —much like Erica Gregory.

以你的普通工会成员为例,他们很有可能出于政治动机,习惯于集体行动——就像埃里卡·格雷戈里(Erica Gregory)。

六级The team plans to return to around a dozen of the buildings to assess progress and consider further action.


四级Director of Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation Chris Murray described it as an "urgent call to action".

卫生计量与评估研究所所长克里斯·默里(Chris Murray)将其描述为“紧急行动呼吁”。

考研In contrast to France’s actions, Denmark’s fashion industry agreed last month on rules and sanctions regarding the age, health, and other characteristics of models.


高考Elsewhere in asia even more astonishing actions are being taken.


考研since his "action" is in the past, the photograph is its sole embodiment.


考研A "town of culture" could be not just about the arts but about honoring a town's peculiarities-helping sustain its high street, supporting local facilities and above all celebrating its people and turn it into action.


六级nick Perks, project director for Climate Solidarity, believes this sort of activity is where the future of environmental action lies.


考研They argue that government action is necessary to curb Britain's addiction to unhealthy food and help halt spiraling rates of obesity, diabetes and heart disease.


六级Affirmative action should be held responsible


六级All right, Jane,let's put it into action.


六级Action to restore appropriate price incentives, notably through corrective carbon pricing, is urgently needed to lower the risk of irreversible and potentially devastating effects of climate change.


四级These emails are often informative rather than personalized correspondents requiring a response or action.


四级Do sufficient testing before taking action.


六级I imagine that what my parents were trying to teach me was to take responsibilities for my actions and my choices.


六级Take your average trade union member, chances are they will be politically motivated and be used to collective action— much like Erica Gregory.

以你的普通工会成员为例,他们很有可能出于政治动机,习惯于集体行动——就像埃里卡·格雷戈里(Erica Gregory)。

四级Cheating Hurts Other, Too Cheaters often feel invisible, as if their actions "don't count" and don't really hurt anyone


考研Last year, Europe Commission vice President Viviane Reding issued a call to voluntary action.

去年,欧洲委员会副主席维维安·雷丁(Viviane Reding)发出了自愿行动呼吁。

六级A supervisor's action toward a poorly performing worker can affect the attitudes of other employees


高考But you can't be successful when there's a lack of trust in a relationship that results from an action where the wrongdoer takes no responsibility to fix the mistake.


六级Some performance evaluations require supervisors to take action.


六级Participation grows through friends and networks and if you realize that's how they're growing, you can start to take action and bring in other students, he said.


考研Rosenberg, the recipient of a Pulitzer Prize, offers a host of example of the social cure in action: In South Carolina, a state-sponsored antismoking program called Rage Against the Haze sets out to make cigarettes uncool.


六级But now, as then, powerful forces are ideologically opposed to the whole idea of government action on a sufficient scale to jump-start the economy.


六级But it was the ones that mentioned the actions of neighbours that drove down power use.


四级I imagine that what my parents were trying to teach me was to take responsibilities for my actions and my choices.


六级When supervisors give employees an unfavorable evaluation, they must decide whether to take any additional actions.


高考Take no further action if they can find a kitemark.


四级When it's time to make the leap, they take action and immediately drop what's no longer serving their purpose.


六级One study shows that our neighbours' actions are influential in changing our behaviour.


考研Rosenberg, the recipient of a Pulitzer Prize, offers a host of examples of the social cure in action: In South Carolina, a state-sponsored anti-smoking program called Rage Against the Haze sets out to make cigarettes uncool.


六级Whether all that attention has translated into sufficient action is another question.


考研The Federal Circuit’s action comes in the wake of a series of recent decisions by the supreme Count that has narrowed the scope of protections for patent holders.


高考I was performing this action of waiting until it later became a habit.


高考If you have somewhere you want to go, something you want to accomplish, someone you want to become...take immediate action.


六级The Paris climate agreement finalised in December last year heralded a new era for climate action.


高考One can never be sure that it is not on the point of breaking out into action only sure that it will do so sometime.


四级We must be honest about our actions and avoid excuses, if we fool ourselves into believing we're not doing anything wrong, we can't see the real choice we're making - and that leads to bad decisions.